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dv, ntbv, RSv, and the Nexus. Perceptor and Kia's Facility, WRB Arena, and The Black Dog. Boxing

Bumblebee: *making her usual daily call to Kriti*

Tyme: *unshutters sleepy brown optics and peeks at the beeping laptop from where she was conked out in Big Sissy's lap. Beeps back, and then gives a bitty chuckle*

Kriti: *chuckles at Tyme's beep, will pick her up and carry her over to the laptop* Hello?

Bumblebee: *blinks at her screen* //...Bitty?//

Kriti: *expression brightens* MamaBee!

Bumblebee: *looks so confused and worried* //What happened??//

Tyme: *explains. In a lot of clicks and beeps*

Bumblebee: *stares at the talkative little three foot tall baytech sparklet*

Kriti: Perceptor and Kia think that when the reality sealed off this time, there was a discrepancy in the timeflow.

Bumblebee: *optics brighten with distress* //Reality sealed off? But, baby, I just talked to you last night.// *and now she's wibbling*

Kriti: *quietly, doorwings drooping a bit* It might have been just last night for you. But here, it was almost thirty years ago. We didn't even have Nexus access.

Bumblebee: *stricken* //Oh, Bitty, I'm sorry.//

Kriti: *quietly* It was easier this time. I knew you'd get through someday. *slight quirk of a grin* Plus, I was busy keeping an optic on Torque since he and Bronx are trouble magnets.

Bumblebee: *hand to mouthplate* //Were you cut off from your home reality too?//

Kriti: *nod* *bit of a 'wing flutter* All four members of Blue Crew were cut off from our home reality.

Bumblebee: //...Blue Crew?//

Tyme: Oh yeah! :D

Kriti: *chuckle* The Captain, The Cowboy, The DJ, and The Lady. Megs, Torky, Sounders, 'n me. We're Travelers.

Bumblebee: *blinking at the little black and silver bitling cuddled against Kriti* //Travellers? You mean, for Charlie?//

Kriti: *nods* And Primus.

Tyme: *salutes gravely, those brown optics twinkling*

Bumblebee: //...Whoa. Um... who's that?//

Kriti: One of my baby sisters. Tyme. She's Blackie and PapaJazz's.

Bumblebee: *mouth moving in a grin* //Tyme, huh? But bots in that reality had big kids.//

Kriti: Perceptor came up with a sparklet tank mod. Kids start out little now, and from what Kia said, the pain can be overridden. *chuckles* Tyme's full name is Sweet Lady Tyme.

Tyme: *purrs and cheeps at sound of her name*

Bumblebee: //You mean... he made it so that femmes get pregnant like human ladies do?// *then grins* //That is such a Jazz name.//

Kriti: Yup. *more chuckle, optics twinkling as she clicks to Tyme*

Bumblebee: *starts to say something else, but then stops as she hears a door swish open and closed moments before large silver hands lift Kriti up gently from behind. Blinks and stares upward at that silver giant with the deep blue accents and the serious blue optics*

Megatron: *nuzzling Kriti*

Kriti: *happy nuzzle*

Bumblebee: *moves mouthplate. Blinks. Gets mate*

Jazz: //Megatron, whaddya think you're doin'?// *sounds so amused*

Megatron: *pauses and looks at the computer. Slight smile* Snuggling.

Kriti: *tips her head back a bit* They finally got a signal through. *happy*

Megatron: That's good. I'm glad. *gently sets her down* I better go call Blaster.

Kriti: Alright. I'll pester Torque. He was starting to get a bit homesick.

Megatron: I'll tell him. *stoops to give her a peck, and then turns and strides from the room*

Kriti: *bit of a blush and a soft little squee*

Jazz: *throat clearing sound from the screen*

Tyme: *looks toward the familiar sound, then laughs and chatters*

Kriti: *startled squeak* O_O

Jazz: *amused twinkle in his optics* //You got some explainin' ta do, young lady.//

Kriti: *so much blush* We're just courting.

Jazz: *grin escapes, and it's gentle* //Yer sure then, Bitty girl?//

Kriti: *nods, optics serious* I'm sure. I've been sure for the past five years.

Jazz: *grin widens now* //Baby, you were courtin' that boy when I saw you last.//

Kriti: *razz* Nothin' wrong with a long courtship.

Jazz: //Nope. But that ain't five years.// *wink*

Kriti: *more razz, blushing just a bit more*

Jazz: *laughs much. But then sobers* //You need your mama there now?//

Kriti: *quietly* I've got a match in less than an hour. Wouldn't mind a bit of pre-fight advice.

Jazz: *straightens, his arm going around Bumblebee's waist as she comes up beside him to look at the screen* //What kinda fight?//

Tyme: *chuckles and makes victory fist*

Kriti: Boxing.

Jazz: //Who against?//

Kriti: A human-controlled boxing robot named Zeus. He's the champion of champions in his reality, but almost lost to another bot named Atom.

Bumblebee: *perks* //Atom and Zeus? Sounds like something off 'Astroboy'.//

Jazz: *optics narrowed slightly* //So what's this Zeus like? What're his controllers like? ...Kin punchin' a puppet be any fun?//

Kriti: *describes Zeus, his controllers, and his owners* If you get a chance, look up 'Real Steel' in the Nexus. That'll give you a better idea of the kind of reality it is.

Jazz: //So yer lookin' ta take a spoiled punk down a few pegs.//

Bumblebee: *grin* //He's seen that movie, Bitty.//

Kriti: Pretty much. :3

Jazz: *thinks, having a quick look at the movie as he does* //Well, yer made'a stronger stuff than he is. So jus' go punch his head off.//

Kriti: *pulls a face at the idea* But that'd be no fun at all. And it wouldn't be nearly as epic if I didn't at least put on a good show for the crowds.

Jazz: //He's the champ right? 'N his owner's got a bad 'tude?

Kriti: His owner's a b-word.

Jazz: *nods* //Punch his head off as soon as the bell rings.//

Kriti: I'll be using my holoform to shadowbox though... It'd look suspicious.

Jazz: *snerk* //Well yeah. But still. Destroy 'im in one punch. Then boogie.//

Kriti: *laughs* How about bellydancing?

Jazz: //Nah. For a victory dance you gotta shake your boo-tay.//

Kriti: Well, I'll be dancing down the aisle to the ring anyway.

Jazz: *nods* //'N then victory dance in the ring. It'll burn that stuck up brat's aft.//

Tyme: *plays a snatch of sassy music. One of her Daddy's mixes*

Kriti: *grin*

Jazz: //Yeah!// *lets go his mate to shake his booty victoriously*

Bumblebee: *gonna hide her blush now*

Soundwave: *is that green mech who just entered the room* *starts playing a similar mix, which is also another Jazz special. Is trying to get Kriti's attention and remind her that they have to get going soon*

Jazz: //Sounders! You're... green? What's with the do rag, mech?//

Soundwave: *nods and chuckles softly, the sound warm and friendly* Stylish.

Jazz: //Whoa! New voice, too.//

Kriti: Not that we get to hear it very often. *so amused*

Megatron: *looks in behind his brother* It's time to go, Kriti.

Torque: *in the background* Little Bit's gonna make him into little bits!

Kriti: *bit of a pout, before she's sending coordinates to Bumblebee and Jazz* That's the reality and location of the match. There should be room near the loading area to park.

Jazz: *big grin* //We'll be there, Bitty.//

Kriti: *doorwings up as she grins* Alright. See you there. *touches the screen for a moment*

Jazz: *odd fingers touch back gently, and then the screen goes dark*

Perceptor: *trying to get to the door* Miss, do you need me to take Lady Tyme? Ooof! Torque, please do be careful.

Kriti: Yeah. *moves to bring Tyme to Perceptor, will snerk when she sees how muddy Torque is this time* *quietly, as she offers the sparklet* MamaBee called.

Perceptor: *perks* Oh did she? Thank goodness. Was all well with her and her family?

Kriti: *softly* It was only a day ago in her reality.

Perceptor: *nearly drops Tyme* Are you serious?

Kriti: *nod* *quieter* I don't even want to think about how long it might've been back home.

Torque: I can find out! *scoots past Kriti and Perceptor*

Megatron: Call on the way. We're going to be late.

Torque: Aww.

Soundwave: *game buzzer noise. Moves to head for the door*

Perceptor: *quick hug for Kriti* Please be careful, my Miss.

Kriti: *hug* I always am. *even when she takes big risks, she only does so after considering all the possible options. Despite being a bit notorious for diving headlong into things, she does in fact think it through first*

Perceptor: *smiles and lets her go, then steps out of the way*

Kriti: *gently teasing* You sure you and Kia don't want to come watch? I can get ya right up in the front row.

Perceptor: *gently* I'm certain, my Miss. I have much to do, and Kia must attend to Aria's teething pains.

Kriti: *small nod* I'll let you know how it goes.

Soundwave: *herds Torque closer for the trip*

Perceptor: *nods, then staggers slightly as Megatron gives him a friendly tap*

Megatron: *hand on Kriti and other on Soundwave* *slight smile for Kriti* Engage.

Kriti: *visor down* *brings Blue Crew to the fight*

Megatron's chest: *as they vanish* MOUFIE! EEEEEEAH!

A different reality, at the WRB arena

Megatron: *tall, serious, blue-eyed guy steps out of a tank that's cloaked to look like some kind of tour bus. Has a tiny yellow robot in his arms*

bittyBee: EEEEEEYA! *hyper!*

hKriti: *is that pretty blonde in a sparkly outfit that's stepping out behind him. as her main body mirrors her movements* She just woke up, huh? *moves to cluck her tongue for Bumble*

Torque: *is that tan and navy pickup truck that's parked nearby. And the cowboy that's getting out of it*

Soundwave: *Escalade mode!* *and a thug-looking guy to go with!*

hMegatron: She just finished eating my cookie cache. *shakes head, though there's a grin haunting his eyes and the corners of his mouth*

bittyBee: KICK AFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! *points to hSoundwave*

hSoundwave: *boombox is a go, and blasting the mix PapaJazz put together for the walk up to the ring*

Kriti and hKriti: *bustin' a move right there in the parking lot!*

a few stragglers making last-minute bets: *boggling at the volume, but then they're cheering as they see "Little Bit" and her controller*

bittyBee: *enthusiastic punching of the air* Kick aft! Kick aft! Kick aft! *busts a move right there in hMegatron's arms*

Kriti and hKriti: *booty shaking is a go!*

cheering: *getting louder as they enter the arena!*

bittyBee: Kick aft! Kick aft, kick aft, KICK AFT, KICK AFT! *waves imperiously at the humans they're passing*

hSoundwave: *cranks the volume on his boombox as "Little Bit"'s fans join bittyBee's chants*

hKriti: *dirty rotten stinker of a grin as she impishly points to the VIP section where her opponent's owners are sitting. Thumbs down to them!*

Kriti: *mirroring her holoform's movements exactly, the lights of the arena glinting off her armor and visor*

bittyBee: *loses her mind with excitement!* KICK AFFFFFFFFT!

crowd: *roars*

Kriti and hKriti: *heading for the ring where Zeus is waiting*

hSoundwave: *scanning the crowd behind the big sunglasses he's sporting*

hMegatron: *proceeds "Little Bit" and her controller, then stands in the middle of the ring and holds bittyBee in the air*

bittyBee: *arms up*

crowd: *roars again!*

bittyBee: *points to Zeus, and then pats her bitty booty!*

crowd: *half of them are cheering, the other half is boo-ing*

bittyBee: *points right at Farra Lemcova and Tak Mashido* Poor woozers! *now where did she hear that, Kriti?*

hKriti: *unrepentant grin as she hears that* *strikes a pose that her main body mirrors. Is totally hamming it up for the crowd*

announcers: *talking about the tiny robot, and how Little Bit's owner really knows how to play the crowd*

hSoundwave: *bit of a frown as he looks to where Farra Lemcova is sitting* *relays the haughty woman's words about pulling out if this starts looking like another mess like with Atom over the private team frequency* //Might try pulling out.//

hMegatron: *glances at him* //What?//

hSoundwave: *slight nod towards Farra* //Coward.//

hKriti: *as she waves to the crowd and moves to head outside the ring* //It'll be so much worse for her if she does pull out. I'll make sure of that.//

hMegatron: *whispers to bittyBee, and then holds her up again* //Get him. Like the other Jazz said.//

bittyBee: *chicken noises at Lemcova and Mashido. Flapping stubby arms and crowing*

Little Bit fans: *jeering at Lemcova and Mashido now*

hMegatron: *lets bittyBee jeer a little more, then gets out of the ring and takes his place beside it*

bittyBee: *gonna suck her thumb now. And flip the bird. Though hMegatron grabs her hand so nobody can see*

hKriti: *swinging her arms a bit, as is the 'Bot herself* *far too relaxed* *quietly* She did it again, didn't she?

hMegatron: She did.

hKriti: Bumble, you know Percy and Kia don't like that. *watching the ring now*

bittyBee: *says something NASTY in Autobot*

hSoundwave: *hand over bittyBee's mouth*

hTorque: *facepalm* *will look around, scoping out the crowd to see if there's a chance of winning by popularity*

bell: *rings!*

hKriti: *hands up, in a relaxed stance*

Kriti: *ditto* *keeping an optic on Zeus and waiting for him to make the first move*

Zeus: *steps forward, and then goes on the offencive with those pile driver arms*

Kriti and hKriti: *moving like liquid and going in for the kill with a powerful uppercut*

bittyBee: *is that little whistling sound in the shocked silence that follows "Little Bit's" hit* *as the head of Zeus lands in the crowd* BAM!

Zeus: *thud*

announcers: *sounding just a bit stunned* KO! KO! Little Bit has KO'd Zeus!!!

Kriti and hKriti: *booty shaking!*

hSoundwave: *blasts the music!*

Farra Lemcova: *on her feet and shouting about foul play!*

ref: *rules that "Little Bit" has won!*

bittyBee: *runs out into the ring and starts her chant!*

hKriti: *bellydancing now!* *and a saucy headtilt and wink for hMegatron*

Kriti: *moving in sync with her holoform, right up to the slight head tilt at hMegatron*

hTorque: *waving his hat around like a loon*

hMegatron: *into the ring and scoops hKriti into his arms. Big hug!*

bittyBee: Kick aft, kick aft, kick aft!

hKriti: *laughing and cheering*

hSoundwave: *changes the music*

music: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"

hMegatron: *lifts hKriti up and sets her on his shoulder, is grinning widely now and holding up the trophy belt he's just been handed*

hKriti: *more laughter and arm waving*

Kriti: *keeping the act up*

bittyBee: *so much bitty boogie!*

Lemcova and Mashido: *leaving with their retinue, their backs straight with fury*

hKriti: *to Farra Lemcova* Don't let the door hit your $%$#%$#%# on the way out! *cackle*


hKriti: *laughs and facepalms*

hMegatron: There are two Jazzes here. *looking toward the back of the stands, where two guys in dreds are joyously slapping each other around*

hKriti: *looks and grins* PapaJazz and Jazz, looks like.

hMegatron: And I see Bumblebee's holoform, too.

bittyBee: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAHHHH! *runs to hTorque, squealing all the way*

hTorque: *scoops bittyBee up and puts her on his shoulder in an imitation of hMegatron*

hKriti: *quietly* They said they'd be here. I'm glad they were able to make it. *grin*

hMegatron: *as he carries her down the aisle between screaming fans* Did you really think they wouldn't? *looks up at her, the love clear in his strong face*

hKriti: *quietly* I wasn't sure they'd be able to. I'm glad I was wrong to worry.

hMegatron: *gently squeezes her leg, and then lets her down to dance*

hKriti: *dances, her movements as fluid and graceful as her fighting*

Later, at the Black Dog

bittyBee: *shadowboxing with her reflection on a napkin dispenser* Yeeyah!

Kriti: *sharing the footage of the fight via hologram*

dvJazz: *grinning as he leans forward to watch that* That is sweet, Bitty!

Jazz: *can hazz Lady Tyme. Is watching her sleep and peeking at his mate*

Bumblebee: *ignore the mate*

Kriti: I still can't believe Zeus' owner wanted to pull out.

Torque: She won't show his face for awhile. *grin*

Bronx: What's up with that, anyway? *brrrp* o.0

Soundwave: *from where he's people watching* Second major loss.

Waltz: *facepalms at son*

Air Raid: *laughing and telling Bronx he's a loser*

Torque: Naw, 'Raid. Bronx isn't a loser. Farra Lemcova is. The news is all over the 'net there now. *grin*

Kriti: *looks to Torque* You didn't.

Torque: I didn't. *claps Soundwave on the shoulder* His blog's got a lot of activity now.

Air Raid: Alright, she's a bigger loser. But that was the most pitiful excuse for a burp... Oh hi, are you awake?

Brooklyn: *big yawn for Mama, and then a bitty flyer goes to crawl into Kriti's lap*

Kriti: *expression softens as she offers cuddles* Hey, kiddo.

Soundwave: *sits up straighter as he sees someone familiar approaching*

Megatron: *also looks as he senses his brother's alertness*

Jazz Prime: So I heard there's a party goin' on here. *grin*

Kriti: *looks up* Jazzimus!

Air Raid: Three Jazzes all together. The worlds are ending. *laugh*

Fixer: *is the sound of that Decepticon running*

Torque: Mama! *scoots to meet Fixer halfway and scoop her up for a hug*

Fixer: What the... *scowls at the strong young mech who just picked her up, but then hides her face on his shoulder and curses*

Torque: *hug, backrub, fuss over!*

Ratchet: *boggling a bit as he sees that*

Soundwave: *hopeful scanning of the crowd*

Fixer: *wipes away tears, and then turns and shouts toward the door* Blaster, stop trying to pick up femmes and get your sorry aft in here. Look at your sons!

Megatron: *can't help a chuckle at that from where he's playing chair cushion for Kriti as she holds Brooklyn*

Blaster: *denies that he was flirting. You can't prove a darn thing, Fixer!* *acks and then laughs as Soundwave picks him up for hugs*

Megatron: *quietly* Now that we can go back, we have to start seeing if we can't find him someone.

Kriti: *small nod* *softly, as she cuddles Brooklyn* He needs someone who likes it loud.

Megatron: There must be someone who does. *notices Jazz's pleading look to Bumblebee and chuckles*

Kriti: *chuckle* Maybe a Junkion?

Megatron: ...No. Different kind of loud.

Kriti: *laughs*

Blaster: *looking around for his other son, expecting grey paint. Seems a bit confused when he doesn't see that familiar color*

Megatron: *wads up a napkin and throws it at his adopted father*

Blaster: *startled squawk, looks for the source of the napkin ball... and STARES*

Megatron: *just as shiny a silver as the two Jazzes sitting near him, and that silver is set off by trim of a dark metallic blue. But his optics are the same serious blue that the music bot will remember on the strapping youngling he saw last*

Blaster: *moves to approach, boggles as he sees the dark blue femme sitting on Megatron's lap* *and then he's grinning* So you two tied the knot yet?

Megatron: *gentle touch for Kriti's shoulder* There's no hurry. *then looks at Ratchet as Torque brings his parents over* Orion and Viisaus couldn't come?

Ratchet: *quietly* Viisaus isn't up to travel yet. And Orion and Ariel wanted to come, but Wheelie and WakeJumper just went through growth spurts within hours of one another.

Megatron: *nods, his arms slipping around Kriti and Brooklyn. Also quiet* It seems important for Orion to see me like I am now.

Blaster: *patpats Megatron's shoulder*

Ratchet: *about to say something when Jazz Prime interrupts*

Jazz Prime: We c'n send 'im a vidfeed. *grin*

Megatron: *shakes head slowly* Wheelie and WakeJumper need him. *looks up again* How's Hot Rod?

Ratchet: He's stabilized enough to flirt with Flareup.

Megatron: *tips his head to see Kriti's face* Was he doing that before the time loop?

Kriti: *small frown as she thinks, and then she's shaking her head* I don't think so... I think he was still too weak for anything.

Megatron: I wasn't asking about him much, either. *frowns at self, but then turns back to Ratchet* I'm glad.

Ratchet: He's strong enough for short visits. *and it's clear this means a lot to the medic*

Megatron: We'll be visiting soon. *optics go distant for a moment* *quietly* Primus says it's alright.

Kriti: *small grin, snuggle*

Blaster: Man, you're gonna get mobbed by littles! *laughs*

Bronx: So? That happens to him all the time. *turns head* Three Jazzes on the stage.

dvJazz: Hey, Sounders! Hit it!

Soundwave: *blasts one of dvJazz's mixes*

Ratchet: *surprised by Megatron's words about Primus*

Fixer: *also looking at the silver and blue mech oddly*

Torque: *can has Mama. Is a happy young mech* *cuddle, and a whisper of his sparklet purr*

Kriti: *quietly, looking to meet Fixer's optics with her own* We're Travelers. We work for Primus.

Fixer: *blinks* So you're not part of the old reality anymore?

Megatron: We are. But our ties to it have been weak since we started out as sparklets again. Kriti's have been since she was born.

Kriti: *nod* *quietly* Since I was technically born in a Nexus, and not the reality itself.

Fixer: *slight scowl, then glances at Ratchet* Huh...

Ratchet: *nods* *quietly, remembering a time many years ago* I noticed that the parts that went into her shell were missing from Desinex and Showtime's shells when I did their autopsies. There wasn't any sign that the parts had been vaporized, just that they weren't there, despite clearly having been there before. Which is what lead me to suspect that they might be someplace else.

Bumblebee: *turns her head from watching Jazzes dance* I remember when you guys came looking for the bodies.

Ratchet: *nod* It shocked me how little Kriti was back then. She fit in your hand, if I remember right, Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: *nods, her mouthplate moving in a reminiscent grin* She did. She was just a little bitty.

Megatron: *hugs Kriti and little Brooklyn close as he remembers again how the blue femme was born*

Tyme: *sees cuddles and goes to join*

Kriti: *snuggles close and purrs quietly. Yes, she knows what happened to the Megatron that was. It's just that she forgave that mech a long time ago. She knows in her spark that the Megatron that is now is a very different mech from the past one*

Ratchet: *quietly* It's amazing how time, and things beyond our control, can change things.

Megatron: *looks up, his brow plates lifting*

Tyme and Brooklyn: *swat each other a bit, and then snuggle*

Ratchet: Being sealed off from the Nexus and other realities made us more self-sufficient. And it taught us again to never take anything or anyone for granted.

Megatron: *arms tighten slightly around the femme and sparklets he's holding as he nods* Yes. *not sure what else to say*

Kriti: *bit of a stinker grin now* *snuggle* Mine.

Fixer: *spits her drink on Torque and snaps her head around*

Torque: *startled squawk*

Megatron: *forgive him. He has got to laugh at that*

Kriti: *facepalm*

Ratchet: *laughs*

Bumblebee: *is laughing too* *and sending a feed of this to Perceptor*

Air Raid: *grinning and watching*

Bronx: *nearly spit his drink out because of laughing*

Blaster: *gonna rib Megatron a bit* So what're ya gonna do about that, Meggy?

Megatron: I shouldn't do anything till all her mentors can see. *quirks a slight grin*

Blaster: *cracking up now, kthx*

Kriti: Party pooper. *chuckle*

dvJazz: *pauses in mid boogie* Hey, Blaster's havin' fun without us.

Jazz: Huh? *looks*

Jazz Prime: Bhuh? *looks*

dvJazz: *heads over to check out the funny, slapping Soundwave on the back in passing*

Soundwave: *blink blink, moves to see what's so funny*

Bumblebee: *has Perceptor and Kia peering curiously from a holoscreen* Okay, Meggy. We're all here.

tlRatchet: Wait wait, hold on. Alright, ladies. There you go. Call if you need help getting home. *gone, leaving two ghostly blue femmes behind*

Fixer: *frowns at the ghosts* What the slag?

Kriti: *boggles, doorwings UP as she spots those two*

Jazz Prime: 0_0

Showtime: *quietly* Sorry we're late.

Desinex: We would have been here sooner, but we got a bit lost. *bit of a smirk, blue optics sparkling*

Megatron: *giving the two freesparks an uncertain look*

dvJazz and Jazz: *each with an arm around their respective mate as they watch the ghosts*

Perceptor: *boggling*

Ratchet: *intakes hitch*

Desinex: *moves to approach the couple* *gently* Hey now, there's nothing to be worried about.

Showtime: *trailing after her friend and looking, red optics quietly studying everyone she sees*

Megatron: *looks at Showtime and Desinex, his face holding deep sadness and unmistakable memory* *quietly, his gravel voice soft and slightly shaky* I'm sorry.

Desinex: *will gently touch Megatron's hand and concentrate on staying solid enough to do so* *softly, so only Megatron can hear her* We both forgave the mech you were a long time ago, when we went to the Song.

Showtime: *patpatting Ratchet's shoulder now*

Megatron: *sucks in air and nods, then startles slightly*

Primus: *if Kriti would like these two back Primus wouldn't miss a few less fights in the Well*

Desinex: *not so innocent grin- Kriti's grin- as she picks up on that*

Kriti: *peeks at Megatron when she feels him startle* *is just a bit uncertain*

Megatron: *looks back at Kriti, his optics telling her that it would comfort him to know that Showtime and Desinex were restored to those who missed them*

Kriti: *quiet for a few moments as she thinks this over, before she's nodding and snuggling close*

Ratchet: *slight start as he suddenly feels Showtime pat patting his shoulder*

Showtime: *startles at the sudden sensation of being able to feel things again*

Desinex: *startled gasp through intakes that have just kicked back to life after several years of nonexistence* *and now she has to sit down as she's momentarily overwhelmed*

Blaster: *stares, and then grabs the dark blue femme, hoists her aloft with a shout, and then kisses her!*

Megatron: *staring at his mentor*

Desinex: *startles and then she's kissing Blaster back*

Fixer: What the fraggin' pit? *scowl*

Jazzes: *hooting and laughing*

Showtime: *soft catcall from where she's been made to sit by Ratchet*

Bumblebee: *so much blush* Sheeesh, guys. Cut it out already.

Blaster: *paying Bumblebee no mind just now*

Desinex: *breaking off the kiss as her head spins a bit more than she's comfortable with at the moment* *happy little sigh as she rests her head against Blaster's chest*

Soundwave: *quiet, pleased chuckle*

Megatron: *quietly* ...Blaster?

Blaster: *optics a bit bright from the kissing* Hm?

Megatron: What was that?

Fixer: *snorts, but waits to hear the reply*

Blaster: *thinking through the dizzy whee from the kiss* That... was me greeting my girlfriend. Best singer this side'a Stargone. *smug grin*

Fixer: Girlfriend since when?

Showtime: They were going steady before the war. I used to have to chase Blaster out of the backstage area at the clubs Sharpshot performed at.

Ratchet: Why did we never hear anything about this?

Blaster: *cheeky grin* You never asked, Ratch.

Ratchet: *shakes his head* I don't believe that.

Fixer: Whatever. That's not what we're supposed to be focusing on. *looks at Megatron and Kriti*

Kriti: *will move to touch her forehead to Megatron's* Mine.

Megatron: *softly* Wait. *gives the sparklets back to their parents, and then looks at his Prime* Will you say the words?

bittyBee: *pauses in her dancing on the bar to watch, optics large as her little mouthplate works*

Jazz Prime: *chuckles and nods*

Megatron: *gentle big hands lift Kriti by her waist as he stands, and then he settles her on her feet beside him*

Perceptor: *arm around Kia as they watch from the screen*

Desinex: *sits on Blaster and snuggles as they watch*

Jazz Prime: *sharp whistle to get everyone's attention*

Fixer: *tells him what she thinks of that, but then leans back on her barstool and reaches for her husband's hand*

half the bar: *looking now*

Ratchet: *soft chuckle as he reaches for Fixer's hand and gives it a gentle squeeze once he finds it*

Jazz Prime: *grin* Now that I've got your attention... We're here t' witness Megatron 'n Kriti's joinin' in marriage.

bar: *massive cheer!*

Nemesis: *starts setting out glasses*

Jazz Prime: Now I don't know the fancy words Orion would'a used when he was Prime. But I was at one word bondin' ceremony once that stayed with me for a long time.

Megatron: *brows quirk*

Kriti: *blink blink, headtilt*

Jazz Prime: *takes one of those filled glasses and hands it to Megatron, then takes another and hands it to Kriti* Kriti, why are you here today?

Kriti: *so much seriousness in those unusual optics* To claim Megatron as my mate.

Jazz Prime: *equally serious* You sure you want to do that? Mating is for life. It's a responsibility, and a liability. *includes both young bots in that admonishment*

Megatron: *silent nod. He knows that, and wants to go ahead anyway*

Kriti: *firm and earnest nod. She knows that as well, and is certain in her choice*

Jazz Prime: All sparks come from one original whole. And they all long to return to that whole. By taking a mate an Autobot can attain a little bit of the oneness that we all come from and we all return to.

Primus: *hopefully, with less fighting! :D*

Jazz Prime: *blink*

Desinex: *heard that! Hiding her face on Blaster to muffle her snerk*

Kriti: *'wings buzzing a bit as she tries not to snicker*

Megatron: *looks at her with softly shining optics, and then looks back to the Prime*

Jazz Prime: *clears throat* Kriti, do you take Megatron as your mate, to care for, protect, and complete till all are one?

Kriti: *brat grin* It'd take more than Primus to prevent me from doing so.

Megatron: *frowns at her, but then faces forward again*

Jazz Prime: *turns to Megatron* Still a chance to back out.

Megatron: No.

Fixer: *soft snort*

Ratchet: *soft chuckle*

Jazz Prime: Megatron, do you take Kriti as your mate, to care for, protect, and complete till all are one?

Megatron: *nod* Yes.

dvJazz: *hides his face on Blackie's helm*

Jazz: *hides on Bumblebee's*

Perceptor: *watching steadily from the screen*

Kriti: *slipping her hand into Megatron's and giving it a bit of a squeeze*

Megatron: *quiet look to the little femme, his optics warm and gentle*

Torque: *giving the couple a double-thumbs up from where he was trying to feed Soundwave a shot*

Jazz Prime: This is where you two exchange drinks, to symbolize your providing for each other from now on.

Megatron: *puts his glass to Kriti's mouth and gently tips it up*

Kriti: *doing likewise to Megatron as she sips from the glass at her mouth*

Jazz Prime: Well, this ain't how Optimus 'n Elita did it, but it sure is cute. *looks at the witnesses for backup on his statement*

Ratchet: *speaking up* I bear witness to this union.

Fixer: I saw it too.

Jazz: They're married!

Bumblebee: Yes.

Air Raid: Shackled good. *laughs*

dvJazz: *bit tearful* I witness.

Blackie: Me too.

Tyme: Blap!

Brooklyn: *must speak up, since other babby sounded off* Meeeee!

Showtime: Saw it.

Desinex: Same here. Now someone get cake so they can shove it in each other's faces!

Fixer: ...What? *scowls at Desinex*

Desinex: Humans do that.

Fixer: That's disgusting.

Blaster: *cake moosh on the Desi*

Desinex: *startled squawk, retaliation is a go!*

Kriti: *hides her face on Megatron and laughs*

Megatron: *laughing too as he sets the two glasses back on the bar, his other arm around his newly bonded word mate* I witness that, Blaster.

Showtime: Saw that, Desi! *grin*

Ratchet: *amused head shake before he speaks up* Well, it looks like we've had two weddings today then.

bittyBee: *mouth full of napkin. Victory fist* Kick aft!

Soundwave: *distracts Torque with one of the shots* I witness.

dvJazz: Sounders talked! That makes it special. *laughs*

Torque: *distracted from drink by trying to get the napkin out of Bumble's mouth*

bittyBee: $#@#@@##@!

Jazz: Whoa! I never head a Bee talk like that before.

Torque: *distracting attempt by offering shiny pennies!*

bittyBee: Ooooo! *reaches for noms, and then faceplants*

Torque: *fusses over the chibi*

bittyBee: *bitty snore*

Torque: *soft "D'aww", careful cuddles, since he's still a bit muddy and mud's a pain in the skid to get out of chibi armor*

Megatron: *reaches for the tiny femme* Want me to put her to bed?

Torque: Yeah. She conked out. *gives bitty*

Kriti: *chuckle*

bittyBee: *slight arm flail as she's transferred* Kick... aft. *never wakes up*

Megatron: *tucks her gently into the compartment near his spark, then closes the panel*

Ratchet: *soft chuckle as he watches* She certainly seems fond of you.

Megatron: She likes Torque best, but she hates scrub brushes. *accepts a drink somebody bought him*

Ratchet: *looks to the muddy mech* I see.

Kriti: *as she gets handed a drink as well* If there's mud to be found, Torque's gonna roll right through it, and in it.

bots: *buying the wedding party round after round!* *some are sending up gifts of money and fuels, too*

Perceptor: *from the screen* //Miss, shall I alert Diehard that you and Megatron will be unavailable for duty for the next few days?//

Fixer: Wait. Aren't you coming home? *frowns at the newlyweds*

Kriti: *to Perceptor* Let Kup know too, 'cause we were gonna help haul materials. *blinks a bit and looks to Fixer with a confused expression*

Megatron: *gently* That reality is our home now, Fixer. *looks from her to Ratchet, to Blaster*

Blaster: Just don't get too overcharged. *chuckle*

Fixer: *distracted from her concern by the need to snark at Blaster* What, you think you have a monopoly on that?

Jazz Prime: *snerks at Fixer's words before looking to the newly word-bonded couple* We'll getcha a berth 'n quarters fer when ya visit.

Megatron: *smiles* Thank you, sir. *accepts another drink, and a box of Seekerscout cookies*

Kriti: *snuggles against Megatron and sips at her drink. Any other time there's drinking, she'd be knocking drinks back with the best of the old farts. But today, she's not interested in that sort of thing*

Nemesis: *holds out a box of botmado mud cans toward Blaster, and another toward Megatron* The Ironhide who lives out by the highway bought you these.

Blaster: *chuckles and accepts the box of cans aimed at him* We'll have ta thank him.

Nemesis: *hands each bridegroom a big gummi steak* He sent those too.

Kriti: *laughs when she sees the size of the gummi steaks*

Desinex: *boggling a bit as she sees new fuels*

Nemesis: *hands out two huge boxes of fancy choccy candies* Those are from the schoolgirl Wheeljack.

Kriti: Wow... *impressed*

Nemesis: *follows that with boxes of cake* Those're from her classmates.

Desinex: *trying to make sense of all of this* *blink blink blink*

Blaster: Sa-weet!

Nemesis: This is from some Ratchet. *buzz powder*

Kriti: *amused chuckle*

Blaster: Buzz powder! :D

Nemesis: And another Ratchet sent this. *yup, those are moonshine cans*

Megatron: *uncertain frown* I'm not sure I should take this.

dvJazz: Percy knows how ta make it good.

Megatron: Oh. Alright.

Kriti: *nod* Perceptor'll turn it into something really good. *so much faith in her foster father*

Perceptor: *smiles from the screen. He's a little teary eyed as he watches the gift giving and looks at ancient, nearly forgotten memories of word bonding celebrations from his past*

Nemesis: *hands over some hammer boxes of energon* That pack of Coneheads over there sent this.

Kriti: *chuckles and waves to the pack of Coneheads in question*

Blaster: Nice!

Desinex: *bit of a grin* *she really has no idea what else to do. Or what should happen next*

gift giving: *continues a bit longer, and the drinks go longer, but then Fixer stands up*

Fixer: *scowls at the rest of the wedding party* I'm tired. You're staggering and you're not even slaggin' standing up. Home and bed, now.

Torque: *sleepy mumbling from the table he eventually got put at, is currently face down on said table*

Soundwave: *so amused at how quickly his teammate got plastered this time, will move to lift the inebriated mech. Looks back and forth between dvJazz and Jazz Prime, isn't sure which way to go*

dvJazz: *pats the youngbot on the back, amused as always at having to reach up to do it* Need a hand with that?

Showtime: *conked out early on, made it through a few rounds, at least*

Megatron: *ready to help bring home anyone who needs help*

Fixer: *pokes Ratchet* Did you hear me?

Ratchet: *just a bit tipsy* Yes, dear.

Bronx: *prying his mate's face off the bar* Come on, 'Raid. You weren't even drinking.

Brooklyn: *grumbles at Daddy for moving the warm Mama she was snuggling*

Waltz: *acquired a Tyme. Will bring her and several boxes of gifts home*

Bumblebee: *hugs Kriti and Megatron* I'll talk to you guys tomorrow, God willing. Okay?

Kriti: *nods as she hugs Bumblebee* Yeah.

Megatron: Yes. *grins at his mother in law* Thank you for the gifts.

Bumblebee: *laughs* Everyone else was doing it. *waves, then takes her Jazz and brings him home after they say goodbye to Bronx*

Kriti: *trying not to wibble as she watches Bumblebee and Jazz depart*

Jazz Prime: *moving to lift Blaster and Desinex*

Soundwave: *impression of a wibble. He knows Torque would probably like to visit everyone back in their reality of origin, but at the same time, he knows where home is.*

Fixer: *sees that wibble* *puts a hand on Soundwave's shoulder* We need to get you a bigger bed at Autobot city, anyway.

Soundwave: *ducks his head a bit, and nods*

Megatron: *gentle hand on his brother* Are you ready to go?

Fixer: *steps back, bumps into tipsy mate, and steadies him*

Soundwave: *nod* *shifts Torque so he won't drop the plastered mech*

Kriti: *patpat for her teammate and friend*

Megatron: *wishes Fixer and Ratchet a good night, and then brings the rest of the family that he lives with home*

Fixer: *looks at Ratchet, then looks at the Prime* Get that tie off your head, Jazz.

Jazz Prime: Aww.

Fixer: You're not a drunken Japanese businessman, so knock it the slag off.

Jazz Prime: Didn't see ya givin' Sounders grief 'bout his accessory.

Fixer: ...Those things are made to go on heads. *slightly uncertain scowl*

Jazz Prime: *bit of a grumblepout*

Ratchet: *will remove the tie from Prime's head*

Fixer: *looks around, and sees one missed box of gift fuel* Is that Blaster and Desinex's?

Jazz Prime: ... Lemme check. *calling dvPerceptor and asking if Megatron and Kriti got all their boxes*

Perceptor: //They believe so, Jazz.//

Jazz Prime: //Gotcha. Thanks, Perceptor.//

Perceptor: //You are quite welcome. Have a pleasant down cycle.//

Jazz Prime: //You too. JP out.// *to Fixer* Megs 'n Itty Bitty think they got all'a their boxes.

Fixer: They just don't want to mess with any more. *grabs the box, looks around* I'm ready. Ratchet?

Ratchet: Someone's gotta grab Showtime... *making his wobbly way over to grab the sleeping femme*

Fixer: Let Jazz do that. You're going to fall on your can!

Jazz Prime: *chuckles and moves to grab the femme, who fits almost perfectly in the crook of his arm*

Ratchet: *blink blink blink* Oh... Okay.

Fixer: *shakes her head, then gives her mate a peck and brings all the bots from her reality home*

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras))