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tfanVerse, Nexus. Perceptor's Lab and the Black Dog. Bob Goes Home

Continued from here

Bob: *has instructed Perceptor on PINpoint use, and is now gently laying Kup on the slender science unit's own berth. Is absently aware of the local Cloudtrader's innocent glee at being close to a bot of his own construction*

Perceptor: *can't help the slight smile that creeps onto her face*

Kup: *looks completely and utterly content where she's currently laying, even if parts of her are hanging off the berth*

Bob: *runs a hand held scanner over Kup, then nods and puts the tool away. Steps back and looks at Perceptor, waiting to see what she wants him to do now since he mentioned before they left the Nexus that he was coming home to this reality to stay* *there is hope in those soft optics, and much uncertainty held in check by determination*

Perceptor: *curious about the scanner, but at the moment, there is something more pressing to attend to* Bob, do you require quarters?

Bob: *quietly* I do. *shyly looks down at his feet*

Cloudtrader: *remember those giggles you sometimes thought you heard, Perceptor? Here was another*

Perceptor: *as she tries to locate the source of the giggles* I can make arrangements. Do you have a preference in location?

Bob: *peeks at her and watches her. Quietly* What are you looking for?

Perceptor: Cloudtrader. I heard him giggling.

Bob: *as he sees the little freespark put a hand on her* Do you feel a soft tingle in your circuits?

Perceptor: *pauses for a moment, and then she's nodding*

Bob: *softly, looking at his feet again* That means he's touching you. With most freesparks it would be uncomfortable, but Cloudtrader's happy.

Perceptor: *so curious now, wants to know about free sparks!* Hmm... *slight headtilt as she tries scanning*

Bob: *still softly* She's trying to see you, Cloudtrader.

Cloudtrader: *distinct squee, and then more happy static*

Perceptor: *smile grows ever so slightly at the static*

Cloudtrader: *and there he is! The faint outline of a little white and sky blue Seeker with big blue optics and a happy grin*

Perceptor: *so surprised, but then there's that curiosity as she studies the little Seeker* *gently* Hello, Cloudtrader.

Cloudtrader: *reaches to touch her hand* -Hi!- *loves you!*

Perceptor: *surprised blink, and a slight headtilt. Feelings of love seem to be something she has only recently been introduced to*

Cloudtrader: *grin changes to surprise, and then the little incorporeal Seeker is hugging her hard and loving for all he's worth*

Perceptor: *trying to make sense of what she's picking up from the Seeker ghost*

Bob: *gently* What is it?

Perceptor: *quietly* I do not understand... *just a bit confused feeling. Still doesn't fully get the whole 'emotions' thing, despite hers starting to come back to her after vorns of not having them*

Bob: What don't you understand, Perceptor? *steps closer with interested concern*

Perceptor: *quiet for a few moments as she tries to find words for what she wants to explain*

Cloudtrader: -You don't have any feelings?-

Perceptor: *quietly* I had removed the portion of my processor responsible for emotion.

Bob: *gasps, his optics going wide*

Cloudtrader: -This is love! 'Cause I love you!- *more hug and love bomb*

Perceptor: *ducking her head a bit, a very faint blush coming to her face at the love bomb*

Bob: *wibbling now* *softly* Why did you do that, Perceptor?

Perceptor: *quieter* To make more room for data storage.

Bob: *shivers slightly* *quietly* That's scary.

Cloudtrader: -This is happy! 'Cause I'm happy to be your friend!- *GLLEEEEEEE*

Perceptor: *even quieter than before* I thought I was doing the right thing...

Bob: *looks at her for a moment, and then stoops and hesitantly holds out his arms* Primus says you might like a hug.

Perceptor: *not quite sure what a hug is, but is relatively certain it would be a pleasant experience. Will move closer to Bob*

Bob: *strong Seeker arms engulf her in a gentler version of what Cloudtrader is still doing*

Perceptor: *surprised by Bob's gentleness, and feeling a bit of glee, though she's not sure if it's her own or if it's Cloudtrader's*

Cloudtrader: *decides to go see Kup*

Perceptor: *surprised and pleased to discover how safe she feels being held. Is also starting to suspect she may have made a poor choice in removing her emotions*

Bob: *looks down at her seriously, trying to read emotion on her emotionless face*

Kup: *turns over slightly and seems to hug something close*

Perceptor: *quietly content, if the small smile that just slowly came into being is anything to go by*

Bob: I don't think all your emotions are gone.

Perceptor: *slight headtilt*

Bob: *softly and shyly, as he moves to let go of her* You're smiling.

Perceptor: *blinks a bit, surprised at her own actions as she reluctantly lets go of him* I am?

Bob: Well, you were. Now you look a little bit surprised.

Perceptor: *thinking this over for a few moments, then she's asking, quietly* I would like to do more research. Will you help me, please?

Bob: *quirks his brow ridges quizzically* Research on what?

Cloudtrader: *glee so great that it can be felt faintly across the room*

Kup: *smiles in sleep*

Perceptor: I would like research the possibility of my actually having emotion.

Bob: *curious and uncertain look and body language* How do you do that?

Perceptor: *very slight frown as she thinks, before slowly replying* I... am not certain. *rarely admits that sort of thing*

Cloudtrader: *touches her* -Maybe you could kiss him?-

Perceptor: *blink blink, a look of puzzlement coming to her face*

Cloudtrader: *shows a picture of the time he saw Ultra Magnus be ambushed by an elderly silver and white femme* -He liked it, and then they laughed and hugged each other.-

Perceptor: *quietly, not realizing she's speaking out loud* But how does one go about kissing?

Bob: *gives her a startled look as his mind shoots back to what Primus told him he would find back here in his original reality* What sort of kissing?

Perceptor: *blinks* There are different types of kissing?

Bob: Well, there is a kiss on the cheek for hello, goodbye, or reassurance. And then there is a kiss on the mouth that is a sharing of energy that's usually done by those bots who are... *blush* Closer than friends.

Perceptor: *blink blink* *soft 'hmm' sound* Then perhaps that is the activity that Ultra Magnus was participating in...

Bob: *quizzical again* Ultra Magnus?

Perceptor: *small nod, will begin describing the leader of the Autobots*

Bob: Oh. No. I know who he is. Sorry. I meant to ask what he was doing, and when.

Perceptor: Ah... I am uncertain of the 'when', though it did appear Ultra Magnus was kissing a silver and white femme.

Bob: Silver Haze. His mate.

Perceptor: *very slight frown as she puzzles this new information over in her processor*

Bob: *uncertain* You want to do that?

Perceptor: *quietly, as she wonders to herself why her faceplates seem to be heating up* Cloudtrader suggested that I kiss you.

Bob: *glances over toward where the little ghost is 'snoozing' by Kup again, reminding himself that the little one is Innocence, and doesn't know any better* Ah... I suppose... I could do that.

Perceptor: *looks up, distracted from trying to solve the puzzle of why her faceplates are heating up* *quietly* Why did he suggest that though?

Bob: *sees her blush and blushes himself* He probably thought it would be a way to do the research that you wanted to do.

Perceptor: *slight headtilt as she sees his reaction, will move to approach, curiousity in her expression* *quietly* Oh...

Bob: *tries to say something, but winds up ducking his head and blushing hard enough that his cheekplates are turning red*

Perceptor: *even more curious now, will reach up to gently touch the Seeker's cheekplates* *quietly, making note of the change in temperature* Your cheekplates are warm...

Bob: *quietly, forcing himself not to shy away skittishly* Yours are too. It's a side effect of some emotions.

Perceptor: *blink, will move her hand to her own cheek* *brow ridges up* So they are... Which emotions usually trigger such a reaction?

Bob: *quietly lists the emotions, starting with embarrassment and ending as he tries to describe how just looking at someone pretty can make you blush, but that he's not sure what that emotion is called*

Perceptor: *quiet for a few moments as she cataloges this new data for further review, then she's giving a small nod* I see... *no she doesn't!*

Bob: I think I'm blushing... *very slight cringe* Because you're pretty.

Perceptor: *whatever she was about to say, it appears she's forgotten it* *blink* *slowly, as though she's having trouble comprehending this* You... find me aesthetically pleaseing?

Bob: *whole face is red now* *tries to talk, but then gives a nod and ducks his head*

Perceptor: *falls silent as she tries to search her memory files for any other time she might have been referred to as 'pretty'. Slight bewilderment crosses her face as she comes up blank on her search* *softly and hesitantly* I... do not recall having previously been referred to as 'pretty'... *and now she's starting to connect the dots between some of what Bob told her earlier, and her own reactions as she blushes even more than before*

Bob: *peeks at her, circulating deeply to try and settle down his spark's frantic EEEEK dance* *quietly* I'm sorry for that.

Perceptor: *and now she's back to confused, though she's still blushing* *quietly* Sorry for what?

Bob: That... that no one ever told you that you were pretty. It *looks down again* makes me feel sad.

Perceptor: *falls silent again as she puzzles this over in her processor for a few moments. Then she's deciding to focus on something that's just starting to make sense* *quietly, looking down at her hands for a few moments* Is it common for one's core temperature to rise when one observes someone that they find aesthetically pleasing?

Bob: It... it depends on the personality and confidence level of the viewer. *soft gulping sound*

Perceptor: *quieter* The reason I enquire... is because... I find myself reacting in such a manner when I observe you, Bob.

Bob: 0_0 I thought you were embarrassed by the thought of kissing.

Perceptor: *small headshake, is blushing more*

Bob: *tries to speak a couple times. Finally* Oh... *wondering if Perceptor is the one he's been told about, but Primus isn't telling him*

Perceptor: *quietly* I... think I would like to be kissed...

Bob: *soft gasp*

Perceptor: *looks up, startled*

Bob: *soft stammering that doesn't make sense, though he is reaching one hand hesitantly toward her*

Perceptor: *surprises herself by moving a bit closer*

Bob: *shutters his optics and circulates deeply, asking the Greatest Creator for courage as he trembles with fear* *then puts his other hand out too*

Perceptor: *moves even closer, one hand reaching for Bob*

Bob: *steeling himself against the terror that he's doing something wrong, he carefully pulls her into a gentle hug, and then lowers his head a bit, though not enough for her to reach easily. Freezes than, and circulates and prays some more*

Perceptor: *soft, pleased sound as she's pulled into the hug. Will tilt her head slightly as she feels Bob freeze, brow ridges climbing up again*

Bob: *shaking is very noticeable now, especially since he's holding her close* *whimpers to himself internally*

Perceptor: *trying to look at his face now, a hint of worry in her own expression*

Bob: *talking himself through a panic attack, his grip tightening just a bit as he unconsciously seeks to give and receive comfort*

Perceptor: *remembers how happy Ultra Magnus looked when he was being kissed, will stand on the tips of her stabilizing servos to try and kiss Bob and make him happy*

Bob: *soft gasp as he feels that gentle sweet tingle, then automatically responds in kind*

Perceptor: *soft sound that's a mix of surprise and delight, continues to kiss*

Bob: *fear forgotten now as peace and contentment flood his systems. Gently breaks the kiss and looks down at Perceptor, his expression now a softly quizzical smile*

Perceptor: *bit of a shy smile on her face now, mixed with contentment. Thinks she understands now why Ultra Magnus looked so happy about getting kissed*

Bob: *quietly, blushing again as he analyzes what his feelings are telling him* I... I think I love you, Perceptor.

Perceptor: *quietly, as she tries to make sense of how she feels* Is this what it feels like when one is in love?

Bob: *had been sad and lonely, missing the lady he'd been just starting to care about after she vanished, and wanting so much to love someone. The first girl to show an interest would have won his spark* *quietly* I don't know. I want to take care of you and protect you. And make you happy.

Perceptor: *quietly, as she leans against him* I do not wish to move from this location... *not sure she has the words to describe what she's feeling right now*

Cloudtrader: *little circuit tingle* -You feel like you've come home? Isn't this your home?-

Bob: *heard that. Brow ridges lifted*

Perceptor: *very slight headtilt as she considers what Cloudtrader said, and then she's nodding*

Bob: *slightly shaky sigh as he cuddles her close* I... may I. ...Court you?

Perceptor: *quiet puzzlement on her face* What does courting entail? And how would one reciprocate appropriately?

Bob: Ah. Er. *blush* Um. *sternly battles his tongue tied state*

Perceptor: *surprised to find herself thinking that Bob is even more aesthetically pleasing when he's blushing, will reach up to gently touch his cheekplates again*

Bob: *trembling slightly again* *softly* I would give you gifts, and bring you to nice places to visit, and come to see you often.

Perceptor: *very slight headtilt as she considers this, and weighs the costs against what would be logical* *quietly* It would be more cost-effective if we were to become a mated pair at once.

Bob: 0_0

Perceptor: *trying to explain her logic, and finding herself fumbling over her words*

Bob: But... but you don't know me yet.

Perceptor: *blink blink* Is that part of the courting process?

Bob: *gobsmacked* You... you don't want to marry a stranger?

Perceptor: *confused* No... I want to marry you.

Bob: *blinks and stares down at her with wonder*

Perceptor: *feels her faceplates heating up as she studies Bob's wide-opticked, blushing face, her own expression filled with quiet certainty mixed with a bit of happy squee and admiration*

Bob: *softly* ...You're totally sure, aren't you?

Perceptor: *small nod* *quieter* I am quite certain.

Bob: *quietly, sounding a little gobsmacked* Oh.

Perceptor: *quietly* I find you aesthetically pleasing, I wish to know you better... And the thought of you leaving, even for a short period of time, brings a rather unpleasant sensation to my being.

Bob: *swallows, and then carefully lifts her and cuddles her close* I won't go away.

Perceptor: *surprised to find herself relaxing as she's cuddled close* *will do her best to reciprocate, though she's still a bit unsure about proper protocol for such an action*

Bob: *quietly* We need living witnesses that are awake.

Perceptor: *very slight frown* *quietly* I am quite aware of the protocol for bonding, and said protocol generally proceeds much better without witnesses.

Bob: *soft meep!* I... Oh, can't we word bond first?

Perceptor: *blink blink* ... Word bond?

Bob: *surprised* *then* Oh. I guess it is a Decepticon custom here.

Perceptor: *puzzled frown*

Bob: *quietly* For a word bond a mech and femme formally claim one another before at least three witnesses. In some realities where Autobots have adopted the custom there's an officiant and a special ceremony.

Perceptor: *slight headtilt, looks intrigued by the idea*

Bob: *falters* But, well. *hangs head* I don't know anyone here on Cybertron other than you, Kup, and Cloudtrader.

Perceptor: *quietly* I could call Red Alert, and Wheeljack...

Bob: *uncertainly* But that's only two.

Perceptor: *small frown as she thinks* *quietly* If only Kup were awake and sober enough to process the situation... *really would like Kup as a witness*

Bob: *quietly* Could you wait till she wakes up?

Perceptor: *considering, and then she's nodding* Though it could be the next solar cycle before she awakens.

Bob: *gentle rocking on his feet* That's alright, isn't it?

Perceptor: She is currently sleeping off a high concentration of energy and minerals.

Bob: I know.

Perceptor: Ah... *and now she's just a bit uncertain about how to proceed from here on out*

Bob: So... I'm your boyfriend now?

Perceptor: *blink blink* What does 'boyfriend' mean?

Bob: *blushes* What I am. Someone you want to bond with, but haven't yet.

Perceptor: Ah... *small smile, snuggles* Then yes, you are.

Bob: *quiet sigh, and then looks up. And there's that little smile* Cloudtrader's snuggling Kup.

Perceptor: *very soft chuckle as she peeks* Kup looks pleased.

Kup: *actually, she's sleeping quite peacefully, and isn't snoring anymore!*

Bob: *quietly* He says he's lived here for a long time.

Perceptor: *blinks a bit* Here as in dwelling within this facility?

Bob: Yes.

Perceptor: *quiet as she thinks back, and tries to remember when she first noticed Cloudtrader's presence* *blinks a bit as she remembers the little brushes of feelings and murmurs in her mind that have become such a comfort to her, and the little giggles that she's certain she's heard at times*

Bob: *sees the blink and the slight shift in her expression* Perceptor?

Perceptor: *quietly* I know how long Cloudtrader has been here.

Bob: *again the slight smile* He says you need him.

Perceptor: *puzzled expression is a go*

Bob: He says you're sad without your feelings. *pulls her just a little closer in unconscious offer of comfort*

Perceptor: *quietly* That does not seem logical...

Bob: *gently* Cloudtrader is Starscream's innocence.

Perceptor: *blink. Blink!*

Bob: Have you heard of the other Starscream clones? *shutters optics and circulates* They were born on Earth, but some of them were brought here and put into prison.

Perceptor: *nods* I am aware of their existence. I have studied the imprisoned clones. *slight frown as something occurs to her* You are one as well?

Bob: *doesn't lift his optic shutters* Yes.

Perceptor: *quietly* Which emotion do you represent? *trying to think of what noble and good sentiment might have been in Starscream*

Bob: *winces* I'm the first representation of his... his cowardice.

Perceptor: *more of that slight frown* *quietly, with conviction* You are not a coward though.

Bob: *unshutters optics and looks down at her with that small, quiet smile* I am. I just don't let it define me.

Perceptor: *quietly insistant* Then you are not a coward.

Bob: *wibbles slightly at her insistence, and unconsciously seeks comfort by comfortingly rubbing her back*

Perceptor: *cuddles close, wondering to herself if the warm feeling she's getting in her core is a feeling that has a name* *then something occurs to her* *quietly* Have you had a chance to refuel, Bob?

Bob: *slightly startled blink, but then nods* Oh yes. My tank's full.

Perceptor: *very soft 'hmm' as she tries to think of what to do in the meantime, comes up blank on ideas* Alright.

Bob: *and suddenly that little smile has a shy cast to it, and his gentle ruby optics are dancing* *shyly* Do you want more energy? *yes, he has just realized that he may flirt now and he's trying it*

Perceptor: *curious expression is a go as she tries to understand what Bob is offering, suspects he does not simply mean fuel* *small nod*

Bob: *sucks in a shaky gulp of air, and then lowers his head* *is trembling again and quashing fear*

Perceptor: *tips her head slightly to meet his as she realizes what he meant*

Bob: *kiss is so gentle that it feels like the brush of butterfly wings, and then he peeks at her to see what will happen next*

Perceptor: *quietly pleased expression is a go, accompanied by more snuggling*

Bob: *rests his forehead against hers in the Cybertronian gesture of affection, but then startles slightly as both of them are suddenly touched by bubbly feelings and the insistence that they need stasis rest!* What? Cloudtrader? Oh. *looks at Perceptor* You need rest.

Perceptor: *slight start at Cloudtrader's insistence of rest, and then she's checking her chronometer* Oh... It does seem to be quite late in the solar cycle.

Bob: *firms his chin and sets her down on her feet* I... do you want me to come tomorrow?

Perceptor: *quietly, not letting go of him* There is more than enough room here for you to stay.

Bob: *startles and looks around the cluttered and busy looking lab area, then back down at her with wide and uncertain optics*

Perceptor: *looks around, a bit of a frown coming to her face as it just now dawns on her how little free room there really is in the lab* Oh... Oh, dear. *then a thought is occuring to her* *to Bob* Do you have quarters nearby that we could utilize for stasis rest?

Bob: Ah... no. I've never been to Cybertron before. *blush* You were going to find me something, remember?

Perceptor: Oh... *more frown as she tries to think of a solution to the current problem* Yes, I was. But it's far too late in the cycle to do so now.

Cloudtrader: -What about where he came from?-

Bob: *doesn't hear little brother. Is looking toward the storage closet that contains the berth of a happily snoozing Wheeljack*

Perceptor: *hesitantly* What about the location where we met?

Bob: *optics widen as he looks back down at her* I thought you didn't want me to go?

Perceptor: *quietly* Would they have or know of a location where we could participate in stasis rest?

Bob: Oh. Nemesis keeps a safe house. But we don't qualify for that. But I could... *looks at her again* We?

Perceptor: *small nod* We. *isn't letting go any time soon, Bob*

Bob: *smile shows briefly, and it is tremulous* *quietly* I'd come back.

Perceptor: *and there's the quiet insistence again* I'm coming with you.

Bob: *bites his lip uncertainly, but then sees the look in her optics and nods* Alright. Brace yourself.

Cloudtrader: *happy bye byes!*

Perceptor: *will brace herself by way of holding onto you, Bob*

Bob: *arm around her as he brings her back to the Black Dog*

Fireflight: *looks up from where he's sweeping the floor for the night*

Archiva: *also looks over from where she and Moonracer are washing tables* What's wrong, Bob?

Perceptor: *quietly* We are in need of lodging for the down cycle.

Archiva: Ohh. You don't want to go to the sanctuary? *blue optics flick to Bob's face*

Bob: *shakes his head, face heating as he thinks of what Hormah's family would have to say about Perceptor and his own reaction to it*

Archiva: *gentle warning* Well you're not allowed to bond on Black Dog property.

Bob: *sputter!*

Moonracer: *soft giggle*

Fireflight: Unless you live here.

Bob: *worse blush*

Perceptor: *quietly insistent again* We only need someplace to partake of stasis rest.

Archiva: *exchanges a thoughtful glance with Moonracer, then looks back to the couple* You could tuck into a space between crates in the warehouse. I don't think Dinobot and Locket would mind. *glances toward the quiet hissing and grumbling coming from where a table needed repair*

Perceptor: *small nod, looks to Bob for his opinion*

Bob: *quietly* Small organic things sometimes run around in the warehouse.

Perceptor: ... Oh. *not sure how she feels about that*

fDinobot: *as he overhears that conversation* The Brownies harm no one... and the rats... *so smug* Shall not be lamented.

Bob: 0_0;

Fireflight: *innocent interest* Ohhh. Did you eat them, Dinobot?

Bob: *worried glance at Perceptor to see how she's going to react* *holds her comfortingly*

Perceptor: *just a bit confused now, though she'll snuggle closer to Bob, taking comfort in his presence*

fDinobot: *as he works on the table* They were quite... delicious. *sounds so pleased with himself*

Bob: *looks to Archiva* Do you have any blankets we could borrow?

Archiva: Yes. I'll go get them. *turns and heads for the stairs*

fDinobot: *to Bob and Perceptor as he works on the table* I sshall not dissturb you while you rest.

Bob: *softly* Thank you. *then, as he remembers counselling sessions with the once moody raptor bot* How are you, Dinobot?

fDinobot: I am doing well. Thank you for asssking, Bob.

Raven: *soft little sound from where she's snuggling on Daddy's back in her sling*

Bob: *quietly, as he smiles* I'm glad. Hello, Raven.

Raven: *issa sleepy peek from the sling, and then she's yawning a big yawn and snuggling against Daddy again*

Perceptor: *puzzled headtilt*

Archiva: *back then, and offering a bundle of big knitted blankets with Autobot symbols on them* Just curl up wherever you find a space. Dinobot, will you let them in?

fDinobot: I shall. *moves to right the table since he's gotten it fixed*

Bob: *sees the big table move and starts to offer a hand, but Fireflight goes and helps before he can speak* *settles back and lowers the blanket bundle in case Perceptor wants to see them*

Perceptor: *distracted from the voices by the blankets, is curious about the soft coverings*

Bob: We'll lay on some of these to keep off the concrete floor, and cover ourselves with the rest for comfort.

Perceptor: Ah... *small nod* *then her attention's going to fDinobot as the tall Maximal approaches* *boggles and clings to Bob even more*

Bob: *juggles blankets* *softly* Dinobot, this is... *bites his lip and blushes, then looks down at her* This is my girlfriend, Perceptor. Perceptor, this is my friend Dinobot.

fDinobot: *small nod* It iss a pleasure.

Perceptor: *quietly* L-likewise.

Bob: *softly* Dinobot is techno-organic. But his daughter is Transmetal.

Perceptor: *raised brow ridges at the unfamiliar terms* Techno-organic? Transmetal?

fDinobot: *nods as he moves to lead the way to the warehouse* Though her mother iss neither...

Bob: *softly* I'll get you some literature on it tomorrow. *gets the blankets tucked under one arm and puts the free hand on her back as he turns, ready to follow fDinobot*

Perceptor: *small nod, blinking a bit as she sees the tiny form curled up in the sling on fDinobot's back*

Raven: *sleeeepy face has been a go for awhile*

Bob: *soft clicks and a chirp for the sparklet*

Raven: *sleepy chirps and clicks*

Perceptor: *completely and utterly fascinated by what she's seeing*

fDinobot: *soon unlocking the door to the warehouse*

Bob: *looks around and then nods to a small invisible personage who is sitting on top of one of the crates before turning his attention back to Dinobot*

fDinobot: The warehouse will be peaceful tonight. I sshall ssee to it.

Perceptor: *curiously looking around and trying to see if she can spot whoever it was Bob nodded to*

Bob: The pictsies have moved out?

fDinobot: *nods* They found a nice place in the park. The queenmother told me before they moved.

Perceptor: *puzzled expression is a go* Pictsies?

Bob: *looks at her and then blushes* I'll... ah.

fDinobot: Hnn... You... do not wish to know. *said with certainty*

Bob: *nods* He's right.

Perceptor: *perplexed expression is a go*

fDinobot: It iss better not to know.

Bob: I see a space over there, and it's even off the floor. *quick subject change!* Is there anything in those bottom crates that would be hurt by our laying on them, Dinobot?

fDinobot: *looks to see what the crates contents are* I do not believe so.

Bob: *looks to Perceptor to see what she thinks of the space, up on three wide crates and surrounded by higher piles of other crates*

Perceptor: *visually comparing the space to Bob's size, small nod*

Bob: Thanks, Dinobot. *smile for his friend*

fDinobot: *nod* Jusst pay it forward, Bob. *chuckle*

Bob: *knows he won't have trouble doing that* *tries to get Perceptor to let go of him as fDinobot walks away*

Perceptor: *rather reluctant to let go of you, Bob. Is feeling very overwhelmed right now*

Bob: *gently* I need to make the bed, Perceptor.

Perceptor: *small nod, slowly lets go*

Bob: *over to the place. Soon has it nicely lined with blankets. Turns his head to look for Perceptor*

Perceptor: *studying a nearby crate. Hasn't wandered too far, at least*

Bob: *softly* It's ready.

Perceptor: *looks up, small nod, will move to approach*

Bob: *stoops and offers his hands as a step up onto the blanket covered crates*

Perceptor: *accepts the offered help* *quietly* Thank you.

Bob: *also quiet* You're welcome. *straightens after she's up, and then hesitates, blushing*

Perceptor: *reaches for him, a bit of a wibble starting to appear on her face*

Bob: *optics widen with concern as he quickly sits on the makeshift bed and reaches for her* What's wrong?

Perceptor: *moves so she can cling to him* *quietly* There is so much I do not know. *hiding her face now*

Bob: *moves his wing up and settles to lay on his side* That makes you sad? *covers her with blankets and then hugs her gently*

Perceptor: *quietly* I am not sure how it makes me feel... Though my processor is beginning to feel as it did when I consumed the fuel that Kup provided me the cycle that we went to Maccadam's.

Bob: *winces* *softly and soothingly* You're overwhelmed. Resting will help. Here. *pulls the blankets over her head, an action that helps him when he feels overwhelmed*

Perceptor: *quiet puzzlement, though she'll snuggle close to Bob and try to power down for stasis rest*

Bob: *last check of their surroundings, and then tucks himself into the blankets too. Gentle nuzzle for Perceptor, his spark feeling a bit weebly as he realizes fully that he has a mate now*

Perceptor: *very quiet sound as she finally slips into stasis rest, comforted by Bob's presence*

Bob: *sighs and watches over her for a long time in the Brownie rustled silence of the warehouse, his mind busy as he talks to his creator and his Greatest Creator about all the things that friends have told him, and about the situation that he now finds himself in. Settles into stasis soon after hearing fDinobot pass through on the way to his own bed*
((Written with [personal profile] gentle_seekers and [personal profile] random_xtras))