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dli and Unknown. Pratt Residence and IGP Ship. Of Fairytales and Heros

Cody: *sitting and looking at Mama with his ears back slightly. Turns his head and looks at the other person there. The see-through one*

Charlie: *looks back at the little dog, and then looks at the woman on the couch* Can you hear me?

Former President Pratt: *softly and tiredly* Yeah.

Charlie: *snorts softly* Good. *scrutinizes her, and then looks toward Cody's warning yip* Have you ever read old fairy legends, Mz Pratt?

Mz Pratt: Been... reading them more lately...

Charlie: Ever read the ones about the hero taken away at the moment of death?

Mz Pratt: *very small nod* Finished that one... last night. *pauses to gather her strength* Seemed... fitting.

Charlie: You have someone to come get Cody?

Cody: *dowhatnow?*

Mz Pratt: *small nod* Dutch... coming to cook dinner...

Cody: *Dad!* *runs to the door to check*

Charlie: *holds out his hands to the former President* Come with me while he's distracted.

Mz Pratt: *will reach for your hands, Charlie. She's not sure what it is exactly, but something about you just makes her feel that she can trust you*

Charlie: *gathers her up carefully, and then steps sideways*

a moment later

Cody: *yelling his little head off as Dutch reaches the door*

Dutch: Ach! Cody! Down, bitte! *trying not to trip over the little dog, who always greets him enthusiastically*

Cody: *one leap is all the greeting he has today, and then he's running toward the street, still yelling!*

Dutch: *says something he knows he'll get scolded for later, will hurry after the little dog* Cody! Come back!

Cody: *frantic casting around for a scent is followed by heartbroken crying. And then he sits down and lets out a long-drawn howl*

Dutch: *catches up to the little dog* Cody, come here... Mz Pratt vill be vorried sick about you! *will move to try and pick Cody up*

Cody: *whimpers and cries as he's lifted, and then howls again, the sound desolate and heartbroken*

Dutch: *soothing sounds as he moves to bring Cody back indoors* Now vhat vas sat all about, hm?

Cody: *flying leap, and then more howling from the atrium*

Dutch: *awks and hurries after the little dog again, making sure to close the front door this time!*

Cody: *sitting by the empty couch, his little front feet up on the doll that has fallen to the floor as he howls. The doll that Mama hasn't let go of for three weeks*

Dutch: ... *pushing the panic button that's by the atrium door!*

a month later

Judge: *quietly and formally declares Denise Pratt dead based on evidence*

Dutch: *very somber and tired-looking as the judge makes that declaration*

India: *stoic where she's sitting next to her longtime friend*

Cody: *curled in Dad's lap, his nose hiding under his tail. Big eyes are sad, but he's stopped waiting at doors for Mama to come get him*

India: *still convinced that there was something that Dutch missed, but knows now is not the time to voice her suspicions. Absently wonders if the Autobots will ever find out about Mz Pratt's passing, and if so, how they'll take the news*

Dutch: *meeps as he rises to his feet and turns to nearly run into a tall blond man with a beard*

India: ... *raised brow at the lack of growling from Cody, but decides to trust the little dog. Animals tend to know when someone is a good person, after all*

man: *quietly, his voice deep and older than the man himself seems* Sorry, Dutch.

Cody: *soft ears perk, and he tilts his head puzzledly*

Dutch: *quietly apologetic* Verzeihen Sie... I did nicht see you sere, sir.

man: *still quiet, as he sees their questioning expressions* It's Optimus. We... were upgraded.

Dutch: ... *boggling now* *quiet shock* Was ist das?

India: ... Upgraded?

Optimus: *nodding even as he glances around warily* Do you mind if we go outside?

India: *quick nod, will move to herd Dutch, Cody, and Optimus to a quiet area outside*

Dutch: *needs the herding. He's still trying to process*

Optimus: *settles on a park bench a few minutes later, his eyes steady on the couple that he's come to meet* We're all well, yes. *inhales deeply* Even those who were lost are returning to us.

India: *seriously* Just Autobots?

Optimus: *gently* Mz. Pratt is not with us.

India: *small nod of understanding*

Dutch: *quietly* Se authorities suspected me at first.

Optimus: *nods* That's why Charlie left the farewell note.

India: Charlie is the person who was with Mz. Pratt when she passed?

Optimus: *quietly* She didn't pass. She was taken. Like the heroes in the stories.

India: *shares a startled look with Dutch*

Optimus: *gently* But you won't see her again.

Dutch: *wibble*

India: *back to that quiet stoicism as she nods her understanding*

Optimus: *gentle squeeze for Dutch's shoulder* Cody wants to go for a ride in the suitcase scooter.

Dutch: *wibbly snerk*

Optimus: *slight smile as he rises to his feet*

India: You never did say where your people are, sir. *is including the soldiers and their families in that statement*

Optimus: *looks at her, the smile growing just slightly and holding wry humour* Fairyland.

India: ... *raised brow, studying the Autobot Commander to see if he's being serious or not*

Optimus: *slight bow, and then he steps sideways and vanishes*

India: *looks to Dutch, who is boggling at that disappearance* *decides quickly, will move to call for a cab to bring the spooked man and his dog home*

another place

light: *slowly intrudes on Mz. Pratt's awareness, bringing with it the knowledge that she's warm, damp, comfortably wrapped up, and in her birthday suit*

Mz. Pratt: *blearily blinking as she begins waking up, then she's startling awake... only to find that she's not having trouble breathing, and the dizziness that she'd been feeling when she'd sat down on the couch in the atrium is gone*

sounds: *softly running water, and air being circulated somewhere* *her wrappings seem to be terry towels* *or rather, one large terry towel*

Mz. Pratt: *going to try turning her head. Is kind of comfortable in her wrappings, even if that's all she's got on right now*

room: *comfortable light reveals a room that's small but not cramped, and empty except for whatever she's laying on and moving images on the walls that depict a world that seems to be covered by a shallow sea, dotted here and there with tiny islands, some of which have a tree on them*

Mz. Pratt: *quiet, curious sound, will continue to look around, trying to figure out where she is. She can remember talking to someone...*

bed: *is a rounded metal frame hung with mesh and piled liberally with thick, pale pink terry towelling*

wall: *wait, there's a spot over there that hasn't got the pictures on it*

Mz. Pratt: *will carefully try to sit up, still not entirely certain about where she is*

thing on wall: *beeps at her, and then produces a flat package*

Mz. Pratt: *blinks and moves to get out of bed* *pauses only long enough to try and wrap the terrycloth around herself a bit more so she's not streaking*

blanket: *very big and bulky, but she's covered up! And warm and comfy*

Mz. Pratt: *will make her way over to the thing on the wall, still absently wondering where she is*

flat package: *says it's meatplant with Chinese five spice seasoning, black rice, and baby purple carrots*

Mz. Pratt: *blink blink* Meatplant?

food dispenser: *beeps at her words, and then a voice is answering* A delicious, slightly spicy alternate to animal meat. It's from a giant mushroom.

Mz. Pratt: *blink* Huh. Alright. *will move to find someplace to sit and eat* *slight frown as she realizes there's just the bed for furniture, but then she'll shrug slightly and move to sit on it*

food: *warm, fragrant, easy to eat with the included eating tweezers*

Mz. Pratt: *has never really been one to turn away food, so it's not long before she's eaten most of what's in the package. As always, she's eating one thing at a time before moving onto the next food in the package*

dispenser: *beeps as it puts out a cup of something that smells good*

Mz. Pratt: *looks up from eating at the familiar scent of peppermint tea. Chuckles softly and moves to retrieve the cup*

dispenser: Do you want sweetener?

Mz. Pratt: Yes, please. But not too sweet.

dispenser: *produces a little white tablet*

Mz. Pratt: *curiously, as she reaches for the tablet* What kind of sweetener is this?

dispenser: I think you call it xylitol.

Mz. Pratt: That's the stuff that's good for your teeth... *small nod, will add the tablet to the tea*

dispenser: *no further comment at present*

Mz. Pratt: *carefully swirling the cup so the sweetener gets distributed into the tea, will sip at it as she moves to sit back down to finish her meal* *once she's finished eating, she'll look around for where she's supposed to put the packaging*

dispenser: *beeps*

Mz. Pratt: *looks to the dispenser* Is that where I put the packaging?

dispenser: *beeps again*

Mz. Pratt: *will get up and bring the packaging over*

dispenser: *platform drops and lets the packaging drop out of sight* Alright, it says here that you're going to need some conversation. Or do you want quiet right now?

Mz. Pratt: Conversation is fine.

dispenser: Alright, friend. My name's Natalie. What would you like to talk about?

Mz. Pratt: Well... I'm kind of curious about where I am. I know this isn't Washington D.C.

Natalie: Oh no. It's not. You're on your way to Hydrus.

Mz. Pratt: Hydrus?

Natalie: It's a world where people are sent to relax. Most of them have done very low level crimes, but your record says you just need some peace and quiet for awhile.

Mz. Pratt: ... *puzzled* Does that have anything to do with why I'm feeling better than I was before?

Natalie: Oh. That's probably your new heart.

Mz. Pratt: ... *blink blink, will move her blanket enough that she can inspect her chest* ...Huh. *just found the surgery scar* I don't remember the surgery...

Natalie: You've been in medical stasis since the surgery. The doctors wanted your body to have time to heal.

Mz. Pratt: ... That's like a medically induced coma, I'm guessing?

Natalie: Yes, though the methods are different. You've been floating in a tank for a little while. One of the doctors made a note that she liked your tattoos.

Mz. Pratt: Oh. *surprised, then she's chuckling softly* I used to get asked about them a lot.

Natalie: The skin of my people don't take tattoos, but we girls like to use decorative paint, especially on our head scales. So body art's always kind of interesting.

Mz. Pratt: *soft chuckle as she realizes that she's not seeing stitch threads, she's seeing stitch tattoos* And it looks like I've got some new ink, too?

Natalie: *kindly voice is warm* Yes, your psych profile suggested that they'd make waking up with a scar easier for you.

Mz. Pratt: *more chuckle* I look like a rag doll that had heart surgery. *very amused by the look of the tattoo, and the little bow at the bottom of the scar*

Natalie: *soft chuckle of her own* Would you like to go out into the common area later? The other people might not be very talkative.

Mz. Pratt: Sure... but I'll need something to wear, first.

Natalie: Oh. Here. *strips of material of a lighter weight than her blanket drop into the dispenser* If you press it together really hard, it sticks together.

Mz. Pratt: Ooo, cool. *will get the strips and work on fashioning herself something to wear. Will soon have something resembling a simple top and skirt*

Natalie: The planet's the same temperature as your room. That's it on the screens.

Mz. Pratt: Okay. *small nod of understanding*

Natalie: Studies have found that a lot of sentient people are soothed by a warm, damp environment.

Mz. Pratt: That makes sense. It's easier to breathe when the air's not all dried out, and cold environments are pretty uncomfortable, too.

Natalie: And the first place we've ever lived was warm and damp, too.

Mz. Pratt: So it'll be like you're coming home, then. *small smile*

Natalie: *chuckles* Well, I won't be going planetside.

Mz. Pratt: Oh.

Natalie: I'm a member of the ship's crew. A lieutenant in the Intergalactic Police.

Mz. Pratt: Wow. Bet that gets interesting sometimes.

Natalie: *heartfelt laugh* You have no idea. This ship just helped in the evacuation of an entire reality.

Mz. Pratt: *blink. Blink!* *quietly* Wow.

Natalie: *quietly* You can say that again, friend.

Mz. Pratt: *about to ask another question, ends up yawning instead, and grumbling about it quietly*

Natalie: *gently* You're still recovering.

Mz. Pratt: *quietly* Yeah...

Natalie: Do you need anything?

Mz. Pratt: I should probably go to the bathroom before I sleep.

Natalie: Oh right! *sounds embarrassed for forgetting* There's a button beside the dispenser.

Mz. Pratt: Alright. *will move to press the button, chuckling softly as she watches a door slide open to reveal a little cubical with the necessary facilities*

Natalie: I apologize for forgetting, but my people don't go very often. *embarrassed little chuckle* Don't worry, I can't see you when that door's open.

Mz. Pratt: Alright. *will move to use the facilities* *once she's done, she'll emerge and look for where to close the door*

door: *slides shut once she's out of the cubical*

Mz. Pratt: *blink* Oh. Well, that works. *chuckle*

Natalie: *echoes the chuckle* Good rest, friend.

Mz. Pratt: Thank you, Natalie. *will move to climb back into bed* *will rearrange the blanket/terrycloth until she's got a comfortable nest and enough of the material to wrap herself in, then she'll close her eyes with a soft sigh* *is soon asleep*

((Co-written with [personal profile] random_xtras))