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rwn. Censere's World and Terra. Censere's horde.

Nightwish: *finishes getting the crew to safety, and then comes back to where Megatron is putting the hurt on the DJD and their allies* *calmly wades in and starts wrecking things*

Kaon: *just yelped and got taken for a ride. Is holding onto The Pet's collar with a deathgrip*

The Pet: *avoiding the main combatants, in fact seems to be dragging Kaon away from the fighting in a wide arch, and over behind where the Autobots are. Will sit pretty and look quite pleased when he's near Ultra Magnus*

Torque: *shoving a big mech back as Rodimus rumbles with an equally sizable foe*

Nightwish: *reaches Megatron's side just in time to smash Helex in the face with Deathzarus's arm*

Kaon: *tosses their gun down, is surrendering! Please don't hurt!*

Tarn: *notices that and yells that Kaon is a traitor!*

The Pet: *rolls his optics and transforms*

Dion: *promptly gets him by the leg*

nottapet: *blinks and looks down, before carefully crouching* *gently* This isn't a safe place to be.

Dion: Just let me hang onto you, Dommy. Ratchet 'n Magnus're busy.

nottapet: *blink blink* *looks up, soft snort as he sees that Ultra Magnus is indeed currently occupied with combat*

Kaon: *quietly searching for The Pet, and getting a bit distressed when they can't find their friend*

Viisaus: *knocking a couple heads together and showing that he's definitely no slouch when it comes to rumbling*

Tarn: You'll die, traitor! Right after I've finished Megatron!

Nightwish: *grabs his arm and whirls him around* You're one to talk, Glitch.

Tarn: All who ally themselves with traitors shall be eliminated! *taking a swing at the femme*

Megatron: *dryly, as he blocks a blow aimed for his head from one of Deathzarus' soldiers* Says the mech whose troops are being defeated even as we speak.

Nightwish: *lets the swing connect* Drug addicted loser. *shoves him toward Megatron and then jams her arm up to the shoulder into Tesarus' blades*

Megatron: *rumbling with Tarn now! Just boxed the mech's audios and dropped Tarn with a well-aimed knock to the back of a knee*

Nightwish: *as Tesarus howls with pain* Don't like your own medicine, Scissorsaw? *RIP out blades and then swings two of them*

Tesarus: *kind of got interrupted... by decapitation*

Torque and Rodimus: *causing mayhem for the enemy!*

Drift: *just added to the head count with his swords*

Nightwish: *sees Helex coming at Megatron from the side as the grey mech fights Tarn and two other bots, pitches the head she's holding right into Helex's furnace*

Helex: *just made a very undignified sound as he realized what he just "ate". And now he's on fire, courtesy of Rodimus*

Nightwish: *turns back to see the look of horror on Tarn's face just before the bot's optics go dark* *springboards off Megatron to go apply pain to that hulking 'Con who's rattling Ultra Magnus and stepping on Ratchet*

Ratchet: *trying to keep from getting crushed!*

Viisaus: *moving to assist!*

Nightwish: *on the 'Con's shoulders, she balances lightly and kicks him in the head*

'Con: *off-balance from trying to swing at the femme*

Ratchet: *kinda squished, but now the 'Con isn't stepping on her anymore, at least!*

Nightwish: *second kick has that head flying toward that big bruiser that's grappling with Torque!*

Torque: *headbutts the 'Con, then catches the flying head before chucking it at the guy fighting Drift*

guy: *staggers as it bounces off the back of his helm, and then topples toward the white fighter*

Drift: *getting out of the way just long enough to avoid being squished. Will use the KO'd 'Con as a springboard to launch himself into that group that's harassing Ultra Magnus!*

Dion: *over to the side, clinging to Kaon now* Dommy, eleven o'clock!

nottapet: Not anymore. *just potted that enemy in the face with Kaon's gun*

Dion: *looks around* ...I think we won.

Kaon: *quietly, sounding scared now* Am I in trouble?

Dion: Uh. Dunno. I'm just a sparklet.

nottapet: *quietly* We'll find out shortly. *pauses and looks at the bitty hugging Kaon* How did you know one of my old nicknames?

Dion: *alert look* You're Domi-nus Ambus, right?

nottapet: *nods* *quieter* Though it has been a very long time since I could remember that.

Kaon: *quietly* He promised he'd help me.

Dion: *pat pat for the lady he's clinging to, then looks at Dominus again* I useta be Ultra Magnus.

Dominus Ambus: ... *boggling now* But... *looks to where Ultra Magnus is helping Ratchet up* ... *looks back to Dion, confusion clear on his face*

Dion: That's Mini-mus.

Dominus Ambus: ... *butt on ground now*

Dion: *bucks to steer Kaon over so that she trips and sits on the mech. Then laughs*

Kaon: *squeaks as she trips*

Dominus Ambus: *startled awk*

Ultra Magnus: Dion, what are you doing? *one hand grabs his son, and the other lifts Kaon. ...And then the next moment he's dropping them both as he staggers back a step*

Dion: *runs to see Mom*

Ratchet: *will scoop Dion up, fussing over the youngster quietly*

Kaon: *another squeak as she's lifted and then dropped. Cringes and keeps quiet*

Dominus Ambus: *quietly, sounding a bit stunned* Hello, brother.

Ultra Magnus: *also stunned* You're... alive.

mini-Jazz: *pops out of his nice man's neck joint as nice man starts sounding unhappy, scolding to beat the band*

Dominus Ambus: *startles at that movement*

Ultra Magnus: *absent hand over the little baby pet* Mini-Jazz, hush.

mini-Jazz: *grumpy sound, but hushes*

Dominus Ambus: ...What is that?

Ultra Magnus: A pet from the planet Terra. I'm told the locals there call it a hugmonster. *glances toward a cloaked figure who walks up then* Thanks for leaving that shield down, Censere.

Censere: I am glad I was able to assist, Ultra Magnus. But my duties must be done now. *will move to approach the battlefield, datapad out*

Nightwish: Censere! Your wife says she'll see you soon! *is jogging toward Viisaus*

Censere: *nods to show he heard you, Nightwish. Is recording the names of those who fell in battle*

Viisaus: *getting helped to his feet by Torque and Rodimus, is a bit dazed from getting clotheslined by a retreating combatant*

Ultra Magnus: *watches soberly, and then turns back to the bots on the ground in front of him* Kaon, you've sat on my brother.

Kaon: *cringing now*

Dominus Ambus: *quietly* She didn't hurt me, Minimus.

Ultra Magnus: *frowns and then takes the hand from his pet to gently guide Kaon to a place next to Dominus and help her sit down* What's going on here?

Dominus Ambus: Until approximately thirty solar cycles ago, I was not exactly aware of having ever been a person.

Ultra Magnus: *frowns while absently pat-patting Kaon* What do you mean?

Dominus Ambus: *dryly* "Agent 113" was Prowl's idea of a joke.

Ultra Magnus: *looks like he just smelt something bad* Prowl. *expression changes to confusion* ...Turbofox?

Kaon: *quietly, kind of hugging herself now* Tarn gave me the turbofox...

Dominus Ambus: *squares his shoulders and circulates for a few moments* Tarn and the other DJD aside from Kaon, who arrived after. They found out my identity, and that I was a spy.

Ultra Magnus: *sucks in air* And Prowl knew all this?

Dominus Ambus: If he ever got my last report, then it's likely that he knew I suspected my cover had been blown.

Ultra Magnus: That *illegitimate guy* knows everything.

Dominus Ambus: *boggling a bit at your language now, Ultra Magnus*

Ultra Magnus: *grumpy face is go*

Censere: *coming back from recording names* *is quite surprised to learn that the big blue and tan lady was on his list of the dead, but she's very clearly alive*

Ultra Magnus: *hears his comment on that* She came from the birthing field on Terra. Which reminds me. I have a list here of other bots that have been sent back. *pulls out chip, mood restored by STATISTICS*

Censere: *very surprised, but will nod his understanding* May I see that list, Ultra Magnus?

Ultra Magnus: *hands him the chip* One of the returned is the first bot to bear this name. That's him over there beating out a dent for Rodimus.


Censere: *looks over there, small nod* How soon will you and your crew be departing?

Ultra Magnus: *wryly* As soon as my wife lets our team get up.

Dominus Ambus: ...Wife?

Censere: I see. One moment... *will hurry into his home*

Ultra Magnus: *to his brother* Yes. That's her over there telling Rodimus off.

Dominus Ambus: ... Rodimus?

Torque: *as she moves to make Viisaus sit down next to Kaon* My crazy-colored friend.

Ultra Magnus: *as a clank and yelp echo over the battlefield* That's Rodimus.

Dominus Ambus: Ah...


Nightwish: *wanders over to stand by Megatron and look out over the field*

Megatron: *quiet sigh as he sees all the flowers*

Nightwish: *quizzical look*

Megatron: So many lives lost. *expression is tired and sad*

Nightwish: No one's ever lost, unless they choose to be. *eyes go toward Censere's house*

Megatron: *puzzled look for you, Nightwish. Will follow your gaze* *soft gasp as he sees a form that he hasn't seen in millions of years* *quiet disbelief* Terminus?!

Terminus: *looks at Megatron groggily as he sees the mech hurrying up* What's going on?

Megatron: *hurrying to embrace his old friend*

Terminus: *gentle bearhug as he blinks with confusion* ...Did something happen? Where are we?

Nightwish: *from behind them* WING! *sound of a crash*

Megatron: *trembling and hiding his face on your shoulder, Terminus* I've lost my way.

Wing: *kind of got dogpiled on. Drift tackleglomped him, too!* Awk!

Terminus: *quick glance toward those crashes, but then looks back to Megatron* *gruff worry* What?

Megatron: *intakes hitching as he tries to find his words*

Terminus: *frowning concern*

Megatron: *quietly, optics downcast* I lost my way... and behaved foolishly.

Terminus: *hand on his younger friend's shoulders to push him back and look at him with that searching frown* How foolishly?

Megatron: *circulates air for a few moments before letting it out in a quiet, defeated sigh* I killed...

Terminus: *frown deepens*

Megatron: *quieter* The field of flowers... are all the lives I've had a hand in ending. *so ashamed of his past actions, and filled with remorse as well*

Terminus: *looks around at the waving blossoms* *then turns back to Megatron* *slight smirk* Something's happened, then. Because you don't look any different from the last time you snuck in to force feed me your ration.

Megatron: *blink* *okay, this is NOT what he was expecting* Er... I...

Rodimus: *coming over to get away from Ratchet scoldings, heard that* He's been to a good medic.

Terminus: *turns his head to frown at the brightly coloured bot* Has he?

Rodimus: *nod* And she'll probably want to check you over, too. Ratchet's fussy like that.

Megatron: *one with his face palm* *is thinking "This is why Ratchet scolds you, Rodimus."*

Nightwish: *suddenly there beside Megatron* Let's go, old man. Don't want you left behind. *glances at Terminus and nods to him with a little smirk, then turns and strides toward the others*

Terminus: *gobsmacked expression as he watches her go*

Megatron: *quietly* That is my warden. Her name is Nightwish.

Rodimus: *going to try herding Megatron and Terminus toward the rest of the group*

Terminus: Legs...

Rodimus: *snerks*

Torque: *coming to see what's taking Rodimus so long. Got Viisaus settled with the dented Dominus, and now it's time to go* *quick assessment of the situation, then she's moving to pick up Terminus and Megatron so she can haul them back to the transport*

Terminus: *startled* What the *unprintable*?

Dion: *repeats that from where he's clinging to Ultra Magnus*

Torque: *amused* Nice. Just relax. I'm a Porter in my day job.

Rodimus: *trying so hard not to snicker at Dion's repeating of the bad word, knows he'll get TOLD if he does*

Ultra Magnus: Don't say that around your mother. *quick headcount* We're going to have to send the shuttle back, we've got a lot more going up than came down

Rodimus: I'll stay with the second group.

Ultra Magnus: Just keep down the humour, I don't want to have to answer to Torque for bringing you back in pieces.

Terminus: *looks questioningly at Megatron as he hears a snerk*

Megatron: *quietly, as Torque gently sets him down next to Terminus* Rodimus works closely with Torque. *and it's clear he means more than just what he's said, but he's waiting to explain it further*

Torque: Yeah, Roddy's technically my Governor, but that's just because the records back on Terra haven't gotten updated yet. 'Scuse me though. Gotta go make sure my brother's being good for Ratchet. *will go to keep Viisaus company*

Megatron: *quieter, once he's sure Torque isn't paying attention* Torque is very fond of Rodimus as more than a friend.

Terminus: Like you and the golden-eyed woman with the legs?

Megatron: 0_0 *BLUSHING*

Terminus: *smirks, the rough camaraderie of the mines returning*

Megatron: *still blushing as he studies his hands and thinks about how Nightwish fought alongside him. Will think about this the entire time the shuttle is taking off and returning to the Lost Light*

later, at the start of the down shift

Rung: *looks up as Megatron comes into her office, then smiles at the burly man* Would you like an energon goodie?

Megatron: *headshake* No. Thank you though, Rung.

Rung: *sets the box down on the desk, and then gets up and walks over to put a hand on the armchair* How about a seat?

Megatron: *small nod, will move to sit down in the armchair*

Rung: *quietly, as she settles into her seat nearby* How do you feel?

Megatron: *considering before he answers* Confused.

Rung: *gently* Why?

Megatron: I'm used to having a plan, and a backup plan, and a backup to the backup. But now I find myself faced with a situation that I have no plan for.

Rung: *soothing but calm as she reaches over and picks up a piece of model ship* What situation is that?

Megatron: Regarding Nightwish... *and now he's blushing a bit*

Rung: *calm still* You love her.

Megatron: *more blush as he nods*

Rung: *gently* What is the problem?

Megatron: *quietly* I am not sure how to proceed. And I am not sure that Nightwish would want me to proceed.

Rung: *very soft chuckle* Just let her know how you feel.

Megatron: ... *looks a bit scared of doing so*

Rung: *calm look of confidence for him even as she senses curiosity and hope moving away from the door*

Megatron: *feeling very much like he did all those millennia ago when he was new and everything was terrifying*

Rung: *leans forward and puts a gentle hand on his arm, the gesture conveying affection and support*

Megatron: *circulating and trying to calm down*

Primus: *rush of affection and confidence through Rung's touch*

Megatron: *startled boggling now*

Primus: *sees Megatron. Will be with Megatron. Approves of Megatron*

Megatron: *intakes hitch softly*

Primus: *gentle urging. Go go*

Megatron: *silent and still for a few moments, then he's squaring his shoulders and nodding*

Rung: *sits back* *quietly* You can do it.

Megatron: *another nod, and then he's getting up and going to find Nightwish*


Terminus: *stops making comical faces about his drink and watches as that big brawny woman drags the big bright coloured guy out of the room after kissing his brake shoes off*

Wing: *quiet grin* There goes one. *glances at Vissaus and Drift*

Drift: *calmly, as he stirs his drink with a curly straw as Sharpshot patpats more botmato mud at Viisaus' mouth* We won't see them for at least a week.

Viisaus: *wearing more mud than he's been fed, but he'll visit the washrack later, after Sharpshot has gone to bed*

Showtime: *is that quiet clickerfit as she sits on the lap of the nice blue guy and gives Brainstorm SUCH a stinkeye*

Wing: *nods as Brainstorm flails and actually whimpers about not being able to get close to Quark* The other set won't be bonding. *cocks an eye at the curly straw and snerks*

Terminus: *BRAAAAP* *snerk*

Drift: *blink* Other set? *attention going to where Showtime has just started scolding Brainstorm* *soft snerk* I wonder what got Showtime riled up? She's usually the calm one.

Sharpshot: *chirp?*

Wing: *looks over, his expression softening as he speaks quietly* Brainstorm is obsessed with Quark, but he's still adjusting to his new situation.

Drift: *quietly* Ah... *small nod* And Showtime's apparently counselor-coded, according to Rung and Perceptor.

Wing: Yes. *glances over to see another hilarious face from Terminus* *soft snerk*

Sharpshot: *bitty chortle, more Vissy feeding!*

Megatron: *coming into Swerve's then*

Nightwish: *sitting alone in the corner booth, intent on the datapad in her hand*

Megatron: *paying Terminus' antics at the bar no mind as he approaches Nightwish's booth*

Nightwish: *glance and a slight smile as he settles beside her, then turns her attention back to the datapad that she's coding a trivia game on*

Megatron: *will gently put a hand on her arm*

Nightwish: *startled intake, and then she's lifting those molten eyes to look at him questioningly*

Megatron: *slight nod*

moment later

Ratchet: *comes into Swerve's to see why First Aid hasn't brought Terminus to her yet*

First Aid: *standing with his back to the door as he stands in the middle of the bar and stares at the corner booth*

Ratchet: *quietly* First Aid, what's going on? *has noticed the interest in the corner booth from the majority of the bar's patrons*

First Aid: *startles and turns to look at her, in the process opening her a clear view to that corner booth* Oh! Ratchet. Errr... I'm not sure.

Nightwish: *sitting under Megatron's arm and leaning against him comfortably as the two of them focus on her datapad*

Ratchet: *blink blink!* *soft snerk* *quietly* Let's get Terminus, and then we need to make sure Rodimus and Torque have fuel for when they wake up. *saw the big woman carting Rodimus off to quarters earlier*

First Aid: *quiet snort* Terminus is still drinking.

Ratchet: *shrug* Then we'll just have to wait.

First Aid: *questioning look* Where's Dion?

Ratchet: He and Zarnica are helping Ambulon have a nap on one of the infirmary beds.

First Aid: *look changes to knowing* You sicced the kids on her again?

Ratchet: It works better than a sedation tab.

First Aid: *another soft snort, and then a questioning look at the little Micron lady who just walked over* Hi, Nickel.

Nickel: *grabs his hand and pulls on it* Come see this stuff.

First Aid: Alright. See you, Ratchet.

Ratchet: See you later, First Aid, Nickel.

Nickel: *sticks her little chin out at Ratchet as she drags First Aid toward the far end of the bar*

Ratchet: *soft snerk, will turn her attention to keeping an eye on Terminus so she can bring him to the infirmary*

Ultra Magnus: *calls to her from where he's sitting and waiting for his brother*

Ratchet: -I have to get Terminus to the infirmary. Dominus is on his way over.-

Ultra Magnus: *firmly* -Terminus can have his physical at the start of the upshift. Come sit down and fuel-

Ratchet: *bit of a grumbly sigh, then she's moving to join Ultra Magnus*

Ultra Magnus: *thinks for a moment, and then hits his recently installed trigger to make the Magnus Armour vanish*

Ratchet: *startled squeak!* What the *beep*??

Minimus Ambus: *smirks at her, and then tries getting the waiter drone's attention*

Ratchet: How....

waiter drone: *coming over*

Minimus Ambus: *orders meganoodles in white sauce, and a piece of choccy blitzcake* Your alternate installed a means of installing and removing the armour.

Ratchet: ... Huh. *curious now, will scan you, Minimus*

waiter drone: *goes to get the order*

Dominus Ambus: *has finally found Swerve's bar. Is worrying about Kaon as he comes in, even though he knows she's sleeping peacefully in her infirmary room*

big drone: *looks at the new guy* Ten?

Dominus Ambus: Er... Hello.

drone: *wryly* Ten. *and then questioning again* Ten? *gestures with a hand, asking if the new guy's looking for someone*

Dominus Ambus: Er... I'm looking for my brother...

drone: *nods and points to that booth over there*

Dominus Ambus: *nods* Thank you. *will move to approach Minimus' booth*

Minimus Ambus: *hunkered on the back of the booth, rubbing Ratchet's shoulders* If I have to do it, you do too.

Ratchet: *quiet little sigh* Alright...

Dominus Ambus: ...

Minimus Ambus: Your cables are in a hell of a state.

Ratchet: *shifts position a bit when Minimus finds a particularly tight cable bundle* Says the mech who can't even SAY the word "Relax" without stuttering.

Minimus Ambus: At least I can do it! *attacks that cable*

Ratchet: *wince wince wince, sigh of relief once the tension's been worked out*

Dominus Ambus: *will find somewhere else to sit, to give his brother and his brother's... wife... some privacy*

Minimus Ambus: *sharply* I see you, Dominus. Sit down. *finds another tense cable*

Dominus Ambus: Er...

Ratchet: *in between winces* Don't argue.

Minimus Ambus: Mini-Jazz, fetch Dominus.

Dominus Ambus: *was about to protest again, awks as Mini-Jazz darts out from under the table and begins scoldies!*

Minimus Ambus: Like his namesake, you can't win an argument with mini-Jazz. *has a bad word to say for this cable*

Dominus Ambus: *cringing and scooting for the booth*

Ratchet: *can't help the whimper she did. This cable is one that's given her trouble before*

Minimus Ambus: *grimly* Brace yourself.

Ratchet: *holds onto the table with both hands and braces herself*

Minimus Ambus: *drop kicks the cable*

Dominus Ambus: *startles at that*

Ratchet: *yelp!*

mini-Jazz: *meep! Scared babby!*

Minimus Ambus: *checks the cable with gentle hands*

Ratchet: *circulating and wincing muchly. The cable is still tensioned far too much*

Minimus Ambus: *scowls and stands up on the back of the booth* Ten, come here.

Ten: *looks over, and then approaches* Ten?

Ratchet: *quietly* I'll just ask Ambulon when she wakes up... *knows what's coming now*

Minimus Ambus: *just as quietly* No you won't. Ten, her cable's got a kink.

Ten: *gets lady. Fixes lady*

Ratchet: *more yelp, then she's sagging*

Dominus Ambus: *much boggling*

Ten: *gently sets the lady down*

Minimus Ambus: *arms around her. Quietly* Ratchet?

Ten: *pokes Dominus in the neck, and then walks off*

Dominus Ambus: *awks at the poke to his neck, even though it made the tense cable there relax*

Ratchet: *quietly, as she leans against Minimus* Ambulon could've done that.

Minimus Ambus: Why wait? *looks at his brother* You've met my wife.

Ratchet: *quiet sigh as she rests her optics. Knows it's no use arguing with you, Minimus. You're as stubborn as she is sometimes!*

Dominus Ambus: *small nod of agreement* Yes, I have.

Minimus Ambus: *slight smile as he settles his bum against the back of the seat* And our son.

Dominus Ambus: *another nod* Earlier, yes.

Minimus Ambus: *studies his brother's face, and finds himself no longer in awe of that brother, as though he's finally grown up* *and then he's looking toward laughter and catcalls from the bar* Oh for the...

Terminus and Sunstreaker: *trying to kiss each others' brake shoes off*

Dominus Ambus: ... *facepalming* That is not an in-public activity.

Ratchet: *unshutters an optic* Sic Ten on them.

Minimus Ambus: *frowning absently as he watches the bar* Megatron and Nightwish have them.

Terminus: *happily, as his friend pushes him toward the door* I wanna get in a fight!

Nightwish: Holo-deck's this way.

Megatron: *as he herds Terminus* And after that, you are going to rest. *trying so hard not to grin*

Terminus: Only when she's ready to rest. *points to Sunstreaker, who is stumbling along with her arm in Nightwish's grasp*

Megatron: *absent hum of agreement, glances to Nightwish to see if that's alright*

Nightwish: *amused headshake* Is he always like this?

Terminus: I can hear you.

Nightwish: Good.

Megatron: *soft snort*

Terminus: *scowls and searches the face of the golden-eyed woman, but sees no mockery there. Attention goes back to Megatron to read his face*

Megatron: *quiet amusement at how well Terminus is fitting in already* *to Nightwish* What scene should we set for the holo-deck?

Nightwish: *considers and then smirks* 'Barbarian Brawler'.

Terminus: *comical squeak as Sunstreaker pokes him in the small of the back*

Megatron: *more snort* That seems appropriate.

Nightwish: *shakes Sunstreaker just enough to get funny noises, then laughs with non-mocking amusement*

Sunstreaker: *a bit cross-eyed now, and having to hold onto the nearest solid surface*

Terminus: *another startled sound, and then looks pleased as the golden woman clings to him*

Megatron: *raised brow ridge as he watches the tipsy pair*

Nightwish: *strides ahead to key in the right codes on the holo-deck, then hits the door controls*

barbarian: *looks out, spots Terminus* YOUR MOTHER'S A *deleted*!

Terminus: Oh yeah? *running tackle, Sunstreaker still clinging to him*

Sunstreaker: Want offff the riiiiiiiiide!

Megatron: *one with his facepalm*

Nightwish: *watches all *beep* break loose in there, and then glances at Megatron* You wanna?

Megatron: *considers* We might as well show Terminus and Sunstreaker how it's really done.

Nightwish: *wide grin, and then does her own flying dive into the fray within*

Megatron: *charges in right after her*


Minimus Ambus: *shoves Ratchet's choccy cake to her, and then divides the meganoodles with his brother. Hasn't answered any of Dominus' questions*

Ratchet: *absent sound of thanks, will slowly begin eating her cake*

Dominus Ambus: *calmly* Why are you dodging my questions, Minimus?

Minimus Ambus: *shoves the larger half of the meganoodles over to his brother* It's the middle of the downshift and my wife's exhausted. We can catch up in six hours.

Dominus Ambus: But nobody else seems to be ready to settle down.

Minimus Ambus: *without looking up from his plate* Everyone who counts is. Ratchet, put your hand back on. Besides, Dominus. You may not have noticed the passing of time while you were being Agent 113, but time has passed. Ratchet and I are old. And we need downtime.

Ratchet: *absent mumble about grit in the joints*

Dominus Ambus: ... *small frown*

Minimus Ambus: *takes the hand and blows hard through the wrist, then grabs Rachet's wrist and snaps it back on* It's been several million years, Dominus. *more quietly* Even your wife's moved on.

Dominus Ambus: ... *quietly* Oh.

Ratchet: *tiredly searching for her choccy cake. Doesn't realize she finished it already*

Minimus Ambus: *orders a bigger piece of cake* *to his brother* She and her new husband found someone new on the hotspot of Luna One two months ago. If you cause them any trouble I will make you even sorrier than I intend to make Prowl.

Dominus Ambus: *very small nod*

Sharpshot: *thrrrrpting muchly now*

Minimus Ambus: *looks over there as he takes the cake and gives it to Ratchet. Then actually chuckles* Kup, I don't think she's ready for bed yet.

Kup: *disgruntled* Ratchet'll have my head if I don't get 'er ta bed.

Minimus Ambus: *dryly* Ratchet's scolding a piece of cake.

Kup: o_O Wow. *settles at the bar to talk to Viisaus*

Sharpshot: *huff! Unca didn't understand what she was saying!*

Ratchet: *also a bit cross-eyed at this point*

Minimus Ambus: Eat your cake, Ratchet. *looks at his brother*

Dominus Ambus: *as Ratchet begins eating, he'll look around the bar, a pensive expression on his face*

Showtime: *speaking up quietly from where she's snuggled against Quark* Prowl's not gonna be causin' trouble anymore.

Minimus Ambus: *sharp look toward the little blue sparklet* What's that, Showtime? *slaps his brother's hand out of his plate*

Showtime: Aunty took him to the Core. *nod*

Minimus Ambus: *quiet shock* He's dead? Is the rest of Optimus' crew alright?

Showtime: Sleepin', dreamin'. Op-mus travellin' here. *nodnod*

Minimus Ambus: For how long? *thinking protectively of Rewind and Chromedome and their little one*

Showtime: 'Til all unscrambled 'n nice again.

Minimus Ambus: *doubtfully* Again? Showtime, Prowl has... I'm talking to a baby.

Showtime: Aunty said used ta be nice, then met bad-bad lady who hurt him bad. Holdin' onta hurt long time, 'n stuff.

Minimus Ambus: *automatically glances toward Viisaus and Wing, wondering if the Knights can back this up*

Viisaus: *quietly* Sadly, one bad relationship can color a being's perspective for the rest of their lives.

Minimus Ambus: I see. *glances at his plate, and then shoots his brother a Look*

Dominus Ambus: *expression a bit absent. Is deep in thought*

Minimus Ambus: *sighs and checks his wife*

Ratchet: *slowly working her way through her second piece of cake, optics dim as she works on mostly auto-pilot*

Minimus Ambus: Dominus, go to bed.

Dominus Ambus: *absent sound, didn't hear you, Minimus*

Minimus Ambus: *picks up his chopsticks and throws them at his brother*

Ratchet: *saw that, Minimus! See how she's frowning at you now?*

Dominus Ambus: *startles when the chopsticks hit him*

Minimus Ambus: Go to bed, Dominus. If you stay here Skids and Trailbreaker will try to feed you Old Corroder.

Dominus Ambus: ... *not sure what Old Corroder is, but going by your tone, Minimus, he's not sure he wants to find out anytime soon. Will nod and move to get up* Very well. *pauses* ... I have no quarters.

Minimus Ambus: *gives him a flat look* *slowly, as though speaking to an idiot* Where is Kaon?

Ratchet: *says the infirmary room number, then* 'N don't slaggin' wake anyone up.

Minimus Ambus: Thank you, dear. *talking to idiot tone returns* Did you hear the lady, Dominus?

Dominus Ambus: *thinking to himself that Ratchet may just be the kind of wife his brother needs* Very well. *will move to leave Swerve's*

Skids: *coming in as Dominus is going out* Hey! Buy you a drink?

Dominus Ambus: *headshake, suspects this is either Skids or Trailbreaker* No, thank you. I am very tired, and wish to rest.

Skids: Oh, okay. Have you seen Sunstreaker?

Dominus Ambus: *headshake* I don't know who that is.

Skids: *distracted* Oh hey, Sharpshot's still up. *heading for the bar!*

Dominus Ambus: ... *small headshake, will go to check on Kaon and to see if he can get some rest as well*

Sharpshot: *is in kissiemonster mode!*

Minimus Ambus: *amused snerk as he hears Skids yelp* Ratchet, let's go to bed.

Ratchet: *slow blink, processing... Then she's nodding slowly. Tired lady is tired*

Minimus Ambus: *sighs and PINpoints himself and his wife home*

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras))