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Backwater Nexus. Denpup's House and Primus Sanctuary. Sponsering A Zombie

Hormah: *makes Den's phone ring*

Nika: *calls it a bad word* *oh, and pitches it for good measure*

Denpup: *glad she started putting custom ringtones for people, and that she got her phone case upgraded to be Wheeljack-Proof* *will retrieve the phone and answer it* Hey, Hormah. 'Sup?

Hormah: //Ye still arter wantin' ta sponsor a zombie?//

Denpup: Sure.

Hormah: //Good, 'cause I found the one I was arter lookin' fer.//

Nika: *BLEEP at baby brother*

bittyDB: *cheerful BLEEP right back*

Denpup: *ignoring the kids* The one you were looking for?

Hormah: //Yep. Y'got time t' come see 'er?//

Nika: *throws large plushie at baby brother*

Denpup: Yeah, just lemme wrangle the kids and we'll be right over.

bittyDB: *yap yap yap!*

Hormah: *as Nika lifts the big plushie and looks under it* //See ye, t'en, b'y.// *click*

Nika: *so much bleep of surprise that brother's not squish*

bittyDB: *gonna kissie you, Sissy!*

Denpup: *snerks and moves to pick up bittyDB and Nika, and then go get Natalie from where she's working on homework*

Natalie: *looks up as her door opens and explosive Nika commentary makes her birds flutter excitedly* Do you need me to keep an eye on them, Mom?

Denpup: We're going to bug Hormah. Wanna come with? *grin*

Natalie: *perks and closes her book* I'll get my scooter!

Nika: *wriggle. Grump*

bittyDB: *yap yap yap!*

Denpup: We could always PINpoint there.

Natalie: *looks around, blinking* But if we take a ride, Nika'll go to sleep.

Nika: *expresses a very low opinion of that idea*

bittyDB: *reaches for Pookie and yaps*

Denpup: Hmm... That might work better.

Pookie: *Squeak squeak squeak!*

Natalie: *back with ponytail in hair, backpack on back, and arms out for baby sister so that Den can get ready*

Denpup: *gives a Nika, will move to put her shoes on*

Natalie: *runs lightly down the stairs to the front door, and then bravely engages in the battle of seatbelting Nika in*

bittyDB: *yaps about Pookie getting on Mom shoes*

Denpup: *scoops Pookie up and offers him to bittyDB*

bittyDB: *arms around pony middle. Hug!*

Denpup: *shoes on, will bring bittyDB and Pookie out to the bike*

Nika: *sitting and conversing deeply with her little skelly. So much grievances being aired to her best friend!*

Natalie: *has the scooter folded out of the back of the backpack and is holding it absently as she chats with Mrs. Tiggywinkle*

Denpup: *will get bittyDB and Pookie buckled in and get yapped at*

Mrs. Tiggywinkle: Is it time to play the game at the mall again?

Denpup: No, we're going to go bug Hormah this time.

Mrs. Tiggywinkle: Ohhh. Tell her hello for me? And Mr. Rap and Mr. Ravage too?

Natalie: *looks up at the windows* Mom, did you forget Cody?

Denpup: ... Scrap. *will go retrieve the bat*

Nika: *big giggles are cut off as Den shuts the door*

Cody: *looks up from where he's waiting by the upstairs door. Quiet talk*

Denpup: Sorry about that, Cody. *will offer to pick the bat up*

Cody: *happy reachings with his wings as he talks. Has never been left behind without being tucked into his cage with his soft bunny, so it never ever occurs to him to worry about being forgotten*

Denpup: *picks the bat up and tucks him into her lowered hood*

Cody: *snuggles and holds on, being careful not to put his wings over Mama's eyes*

Denpup: *will bring Cody out to the bike too*

Nika: *isn't cussing. She's snoring*


Natalie: *encouraging him*

Denpup: *soft snerk*

Natalie: *looks up and grins* She's asleep.

Denpup: I see that. *grin* Let's get going.

Natalie: *pulls down the front cover and zips it, then runs and jumps on her scooter and starts out for the sanctuary*

Denpup: *on the bike and peddling after her*

bittyDB: *SING!*

Smallfoot: *sitting in front of the entrance steps, playing a game in the dirt with Bbbrl and Cloudtrader. Looks up and waves as Den's family approaches*

Denpup: *will park her bike before she waves back. wiped out once trying to wave at someone, never again. Not even on a three-wheeler*

Bbbrl: *bouncing as he watches her, but he's intent on the game and so doesn't come to say hi*

Cloudtrader: *waving* Natalie, come play with us!

Denpup: *will get Nika and bittyDB out of their seats carefully, mindful of CodyBat*

Natalie: *looks at her mom*

Nika: *limp, though not letting go of her skelly*

bittyDB: *hugga pony!*

Denpup: Go ahead. I've got your siblings. *smile*

Natalie: *grins* I can bring Nika with me, or we can leave her in the minivan and park it by the game?

Denpup: *blink* Oh. Alright. Let's do that last one, then.

Natalie: *helps tuck baby sister back into the seat on the Kangaroo trike, and then carefully steers it over beside the other kids*

bittyDB: *backfires and yaps about it*

kids: *various surprised or amused reactions*

Denpup: ... Did you get into red paint again?

bittyDB: *stops yapping and makes an ickyface at the thought*

Denpup: Didn't think so... *will bring bittyDB into the Sanctuary*

Ravage: *ferociously gnawing Rap's hands as that worthy bot tickles his belly* *savage snarling and cussing*

Rap: *laughing too hard to hear*

Denpup: *phone out, getting footage of this*

bittyDB: *expression of shocked enjoyment at those shenanigans*

Ravage: *finally gets loose and shoots away down the hall, still cussing sulfurously*

Denpup: Wait, Ravage! I've got a message for you!

Ravage: *ooo. Good thing his mun doesn't know how to write Russian!*

Denpup: *dryly* Nice. You kiss your femme creator with that mouth?

Rap: *laughingly, as he turns around* He don't got no mama.

bittyDB: *no Mama? Whimper*

Denpup: *grin for Rap* I know. I was being a brat. Anyway, Mrs. Tiggywinkle wanted me to tell him hi for her. *cuddles bittyDB*

Rap: Awww. How's Mrs. T. doin'?

Denpup: She's doing well. She said to tell you hi, too.

Rap: *big grin, and then looks toward the entrance to the hall*

Hormah: Ye here ta shoot the bull 're see a zombie, Den?

Denpup: Who said I can't do both? *grin for Hormah* And Mrs. T. said to tell you hi, too.

Hormah: *deedles a chuckle, then waves back to the bitty in Den's arms and turns to go back down the hall*

Denpup: *moves to follow her* You haven't put this new one in the zombie pen? *curious*

Hormah: She don't like crowds. *gently opens the door to Smallfoot and Mira's room, one hand absently going to the little green sparklet that's sleeping on her back beside Tarop-Tim*

Mira: *quiet clicks, snuggles Mama and Tarop-Tim, but doesn't wake*

Denpup: *quietly* Aw.

Hormah: *walks into the room a little way, and then nods to the corner*

Denpup: *will look to the corner, cuddling her son*

zombie: *dark blonde hair standing on end slightly as she sits in a rocking chair there in the corner. Her strong-boned face is intent as her blue or grey eyes focus on the Optimus Prime doll that she's clumsily putting into a dress*

Denpup: ... *softly* That's another me.

Hormah: Yup. Hadta make certain she didn' have no family afore I could git 'er sponsors.

Denpup: *quietly* Poor kid.

Hormah: *soft snort* T'at Smallfoot takes care 'o 'er.

zomDen: *looks up and blinks blankly toward the strange voice, her doll falling to the floor*

Denpup: *nod* Good. *attention going to zomDen, gentle clicks*

zomDen: *blank gazing, and then she focuses on the little figure in Den's arms. Stumbles to her feet and puts her hands out. One of those hands is missing a couple fingers*

Denpup: *quietly, to Hormah* What reality did she come from?

Hormah: Same as most've 'em.

Denpup: *small nod* Ah...

bittyDB: *yapyapyap to the NotMama*

zomDen: *wants this doll. Tries to take it*

Denpup: *quietly and firmly* No.

zomDen: *tries again, only to stumble back as the doll wriggles and kicks at her* *blank expression manages to look confused*

Hormah: *gets the soft Optimus and shows it to her*

zomDen: *takes that doll and tries to put the dress on it*

Denpup: *to Hormah* Does she need any other dolls?

Hormah: She kin only remember one at a time. *gently shoves the zombie toward the rocking chair*

Denpup: *small nod* Alright. Does she need anything else?

Hormah: *shrugs as she helps zomDen into the chair and reminds her how it rocks* Jes' the cash fer 'er feed 'n care.

Denpup: 'Kay. I can afford that.

Hormah: *hunkered there as zomDen rocks* She don' got any hurts 'sides the usual t'er feet, so she's some cheap.

zomDen: *just rocking and holding the doll and dress now*

Denpup: How'd she lose her fingers?

Hormah: Came t'at way. Was already healed, too. *takes the hand gently so that Den can see it better*

zomDen: *can still rock, so she doesn't pay attention to the hand examining*

Denpup: Huh. So it might've happened pre-zombification.

Hormah: Nah. Was after. *shows the marks that shows this*

Denpup: Oh. Huh. *contemplative look*

zomDen: *looks around, and then happily takes the piece of food she sees the big person holding* *starts to nom*

Pookie: *somebody is nomming?*

Denpup: *softly to Pookie* Shhhh.

Hormah: Even got good teeth.

Denpup: *soft snerk* Well, that's good, at least.

Hormah: Somebody was arter takin' care 'o 'er afore she come down wit' t'at crud, but t'ere wasn' nobody lookin' fer 'er no more.

Denpup: Aw.

zomDen: *BAAARP* *blink*

Denpup: *startled snerk*

bittyDB: *cheer!*

Pookie: *squeak!*

Hormah: *snerks and gently wipes zomDen's hands and face*

Denpup: And I'm guessing she's not fussy about eating?

Hormah: Nope. Dat's why the roaches 's gone.

Denpup: ... ew.

Hormah: *snerk*

Denpup: So do I just bring the money by each week? Or monthly?

Hormah: Whichever one suits ye, b'y. *gets zomDen interested in the doll again*

Denpup: I can do weekly. How much each week?

Hormah: Hundred should do 'er.

Denpup: 'Kay. *nod* ... *pause* And how many people can she tolerate being around at a time? *remembers getting uneasy in crowds back in her home reality, and not really enjoying holidays at her parents home*

Hormah: Ye gits more'n two in here to once 'n she huddles in a corner 'n moans. Don't seem t' realize bitties is people.

Denpup: So she's got enough sentience to recognize situations that she doesn't like. Does she recognize friendly people if they visit often enough?

Hormah: *shakes her head* Only t'ing she really shows any other reaction to's bitties 'n dolls.

Denpup: *small nod, considering* So she'll respond to food, small bots, dolls, and crowds... Does she react to books?

Hormah: Nope.

Denpup: Oh. *another nod* What about blankets?

Hormah: Nope.

Denpup: Poor kid really is a shell of her former self, if she doesn't react to much more than those four things.

Hormah: S'more'n most the ot'ers responds to.

Denpup: ... Good point.

Hormah: *picks up the doll dress and gives it back to zomDen*

zomDen: *tries to put the dress on the doll*

Denpup: *small smile as she watches that effort*

Hormah: *quietly* She ain't got t'at on yet. *looks at Den*

Denpup: *quietly* She'll get it someday.

Hormah: *shrugs* Maybe.

Denpup: *wallet out, and five twenties pulled from it*

Hormah: *reaches down to get the bills, and then looks up and hisses at someone in the doorway*

Pi: *sound of a scram*

Denpup: ... Extra kid show up?

Hormah: *quizzical frown* Eh?

Denpup: I heard someone scamper.

Hormah: *snorts and shrugs* T'at Pi bein' a stunned *deedlebeep*.

Denpup: *snort* Isn't he always? *hands the money over*

Hormah: *takes the bills and puts them in her pocket, then hands Den a big button that proclaims her a zombie mommy* Eh. Most times.

Denpup: *sticks the pin on her hoodie* He's getting to be a teenager, isn't he?

Hormah: *snorts as she gets to her feet* Nope! Jes' a stinkin' kid.

Denpup: *soft snerk* Alright then.

Hormah: *gently herds Den out of the room, snerking softly as Cody talks to her*

Denpup: My Natalie is playing with some of your kids.

Hormah: I knows. Ye wants me t' send 'er home when t'ey're done?

Denpup: Yeah. I'll get bitty and Nika home.

Hormah: *herds her to the main room, and then walks over to get something from the cupboard*

Binky: *comes over to stick his nose on Den* *no tire around his neck today*

Denpup: *will give scritchies as bittyDB yaps happily*

Cody: *nervous little sound as that big nose bumps him*

Binky: *quizzical chrrr*

Denpup: *soothing sounds for CodyBat, will gently push at Binky's muzzle*

Binky: *backs up and hunkers nicely, his head turning as he watches Hormah come back*

Hormah: He bein' annoyin'?

Denpup: Cody was just a bit uncertain about him.

Hormah: Ah. *stoops to give Den a ragged chunk of reddish brown stuff*

Denpup: *blink* What's this?

Hormah: *grin* Umboshi taffy.

Denpup: Ooooo. *grin*

Hormah: Give 'er a try. *hand out to yank her pet close and pound on him*

Denpup: *will have a bite of the taffy. And pucker at the sourness*

bittyDB: *laughs at Mamafunny*

Pookie: *squeak!*

Hormah: *snorts at the greedy little pony, then sobers and looks at Den* Den wit' the heart's gone.

Denpup: *looks up from having another bite of nom* Aw. Did she go quietly, or did she get pulled away like Ironhide and Denver?

Hormah: *holo of a woman sleeping in a nest on a warm and soggy world*

Denpup: *soft snerk* She'll like that.

Hormah: *nods* T'em JD t'ere figgered she was needin' it.

Denpup: *nod* I'm guessing that world's pretty peaceful?

Hormah: No sec prison world fer all t'em losers as shoplifts from stress 'n all t'at. *in other words, it's a quiet place for people to get their poop straightened out*

Denpup: Ah. *nod* Gotcha.

bittyDB: *beeps, asking Mom about that other Mom in the picture*

Denpup: *to bittyDB* That's another me, kiddo. *pause* One who has a tattoo on a surgery scar.

Hormah: *soft snort and makes a holo of the whole tatt library of that Den*

Denpup: *soft snerk* So it seems I'm not the only one who commemorates life events that way.

Hormah: The doctors put t'em last two on.

Denpup: Heh. Well, I bet she appreciates the humor in 'em.

Hormah: *deedles a chuckle and nods*

bittyDB: *massive yawn, and then a fussy sound as he rubs his nose on Pookie*

Denpup: *heard that yawn and the fussy sound* I should get going though. I'll be back next week.

Hormah: *nods* Good sleep, me son.

Binky: *beep*

Hormah: *snerks and gives her pet a noogie*

Denpup: You too, when you go. *grin*

Hormah: *snorts and then gets up and heads for the hall, muttering about kicking that kid's aft*

sparklets on her back: *don't even twitch*

Denpup: *will head out, let Natalie know she's going home and that the girl doesn't have to go home now if she doesn't want to*

Natalie: *sweet grin* I still have to finish my homework. I was just saying goodnight to these guys.

Denpup: *blink* Oh. Okay then. *will move to get bittyDB and Pookie secured in the minivan*

Smallfoot: *waits till sparklet and pony are settled, and then shyly gives Den a gentle squeeze in her hand without lifting the woman*

Denpup: *gives hugs!* See you next week, Smallfoot.

Smallfoot: *little smile* *lets go of Den*

Bbbrl: *big squish hug! is hugging Den for himself AND Cloudtrader*

Cloudtrader: *cheer!*

Denpup: *hugs all around!*

Natalie: *does some hugging too, and then folds her scooter out and looks at her mom*

Denpup: See you next week, Bbbrl, Cloudtrader.

Bbbrl: Okay! Good sleep! *turns and scoots up the steps, big ears flat with glee*

Denpup: *soft chuckle, will soon be peddling for home*

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