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DTC. Daggerspines and the Tavern. Foundlings

Kriti: *much growling where she and Viisaus are pinned down behind a big rock by spell fire and arrows. It was sheer chance that the Infiltrator spotted the elderly Sky Guard just before two wood elves opened fire on them, forcing the younger fighter down from her flight path*

Viisaus: *trying to see if he can spot a path around the rock that won't leave him wanting for cover, but so far, he hasn't been able to see a way*

shot: *THAT one came from BEHIND and ABOVE them!*

Viisaus: *looks in the direction of the shot*

Kriti: *low growl as she does likewise*

sound: *like sharp thunder, came from up there somewhere*

dead elf: *suddenly comes down from behind and above them*

Viisaus: *looks up, ready to fend off an attack from that direction*

Kriti: *checking scents... and looting the dead elf's pockets!*

something: *rustles through the ferns behind them, coming closer. Those ferns aren't tall enough to cover a person...*

Kriti: *low warning growl, getting ready to shapeshift if she needs to*

ferns: *part to reveal a tiny, black-haired girl child with what looks like a long stick of wood and metal* No. Bad.

Viisaus: *blink blink* Oh, goodness.

Kriti: *soft snort* Who are you?

child: *crawls up beside them, and then peeks around the rock as a lightning bolt spangs off it* Shhhh. Wabbits.

Viisaus: *quietly* There are still two wood elves, but they are out of reach of both myself and my companion.

child: *carefully props up that great big long stick and points it up and to one side. Does something to the side of it and that thunder sound happens again!*

elf: *staggers into sight on the limb of that tree up on the cliff, and then topples*

Kriti: *getting ready to shapeshift so she can REALLY start kicking butt!*

child: *ducks as the last elf shoots, and then points her stick that way. More thunder, and a screech of pure shock from the elf up there* *satisfied little sound* Wabbits gone.

Kriti: *snorts, smoke coming out of her nostrils*

Viisaus: *nod of agreement with the child* Indeed.

child: *looks up at Kriti with a little tiny grin, and then turns her attention to sticking small things into the side of her stick* Sharpshot.

Kriti: ... *gonna check the girl's scent*

Sharpshot: *soft sound at the sniffies, and then sticks a tiny finger up Kriti's nose*

Kriti: *awk!*

Kriti: *quickly, to Viisaus* I'm claiming her as family.

Viisaus: *surprised sound* Er... Very well, then.

Sharpshot: *gave a little bitty giggle at the squawk, and now she's doing stuff to her stick again* *pulls on something to make it click, and then looks up* Wabbit. *fires nearly straight upward*

pegataur: *hurtling down from the sky*

Kriti: *shapeshifts and flies up to catch the now-dead pegataur so it doesn't land on Viisaus and Sharpshot*

Sharpshot: *eyes and mouth open with surprise as she watches Kriti*

Viisaus: *gently* Yes, Kriti is a dragon.

Kriti: *will bring the dead critter down next to the pair, then shrink back down to humanoid form* Think Anna'd be able to cook this?

Sharpshot: *careful watching of Viisaus to make sure he's okay with the shape changing. And then there's suddenly a skinny wolf pup sitting there and scratching her ear with vim!*

Kriti: *blink blink*

Viisaus: *soft, concerned sound when he sees how skinny Sharpshot is in her other form*

Sharpshot: *big stretch, and then shifts back and picks up her stick. Attention goes back to the ferns, and she takes a step toward them*

Kriti: *will leave the pegataur and move to offer Sharpshot some of her trail rations*

Viisaus: *will call for his mount, intends to bring both Kriti and Sharpshot back to the tavern*

Sharpshot: *stops with an interested little peep and sniffs at the offered food*

Kriti: I can show you where you can get more food... *will hold the dried meat she's got left from her trail rations where Sharpshot can reach it*

Sharpshot: *daintily takes half of that meat, and then sits down on her little bum to eat. Seems content to stay here for now* *is a careful eater who enjoys every bite for a long time, but the arrival of Viisaus' mount is greeted by a sudden disappearance of the tiny shooter into the ferns!*

Kriti: *quick to follow after her, after telling Viisaus to back off*

Sharpshot: *is just a little puff of scent over there between that big tree and the boulder*

second scent: *might be there?*

Kriti: *soothing sounds. It's safe, no danger*

Sharpshot: *peeeeks* *bitty growl that's not angry, it's just a warning that she's protecting something/one*

Kriti: *more soothing sounds. Knows a nice, warm place that has lots of people who can protect*

Sharpshot: *hunkers there and looks uncertain. Behind her, something whimpers softly*

Kriti: *soft hum. There's a couple of healers at the nice, warm place, too, who can help your friend*

Sharpshot: *looks over her shoulder, and then seriously back up to Kriti* Baba... *pats her stomach* ... bad. *looks at the meat in her hand and scowls at it, anger showing for the first time on that tiny face*

Kriti: *quietly* The healers might be able to help.

Sharpshot: *rocks slightly, bitty face creasing, and then drops her food in the dirt to vanish into that crack between tree and rock*

Kriti: *soft hum. Gets her amulet of recall out, and waits for Sharpshot to return*

Sharpshot: *sound of dragging, and then her little bum appears. Grunt of effort as something whimpers with protest*

Kriti: *will move to see if she can help Sharpshot with whoever she's trying to get out of the cave*

Sharpshot: *squeaks as she feels the hands around her middle, then moves her legs so she can easily be pulled out of the crack*

Kriti: *carefully pulls Sharpshot out of the crack*

Sharpshot: *tiny hands grasped tenaciously on the fur of a black wolf cub so young that his eyes are barely open* Shhh, Baby. Shhh, Ridgeback.

Kriti: *will get both little ones picked up and held close* Let's get you two to the healers, and get you some good food.

Sharpshot: *little wriggle as Ridgeback snuggles, she's reaching for the meat that she dropped*

Kriti: I'll get you more meat. Fresh meat, at that. *will snag the strange stick the girl was using earlier*

Sharpshot: *twists to look up at Kriti's face, frowning worriedly. Then spots the stick and takes it*

Kriti: You'll have to keep a close eye on that. But for now, let's get going. *will bring Sharpshot and Ridgeback to the tavern in a puff of smoke and swirling balls of light*

Ridgeback: *forgive him, Kriti, you've been peed on*

Sharpshot: *trying to comfort her baby without letting go the stick*

Kriti: *hollering for Deepdancer and Ratchet, and Anna, too*

Raoul: *looks toward her voice with a scowl of concern*

Thorin: *runs over to look at the new kids with wide eyes* Who's that, Sissy?

Wheeljill: *from the orchard* It's working! Oh waitno SLAG! DUCK!

Thorin: *doesn't even look toward the resultant boom*

Sharpshot: *dropped her stick in startlement. Angrily* No!

Ridgeback: *crying quietly*

Kriti: *soothing sounds, babydances* That's just Wheeljill. She and her Name Brother and her daughter make things blow up.

Anna: *absent hand on startled belly* What've you got, Kriti?

Deepdancer: *deep scowl as Ironhide hauls her in by the back of her robe*

Kriti: Foundlings. Sharpshot and Ridgeback. *indicates which is which* Ridgeback's very young. *and she's being very protective of the littles*

Ironhide: *sets Deepdancer down and then absently scoops Thorin and his siblings back* Th'y's got fleas.

Deepdancer: A bath'll take care of that. Anna, bring us some buttermilk.

Anna: *pats her belly as she turns to hurry to the bar*

Kriti: Tub room? *waiting for instruction on where to bring the littles*

Deepdancer: Yes, bring them back here. I think the crowd's scaring them. *eyes flick to Ironhide*

Ironhide: *nodding even as she absently baby dances an armload of bitties*

Fizz: *has found Kriti. Feel him tiptoeing on your neck?*

Kriti: *nods and brings Sharpshot and Ridgeback to the tub room*

Deepdancer: *follows as Bluestreak comes over to gently herd the babies from Ironhide* Where'd you find them?

Sharpshot: *suddenly wriggling* No. No! No!

Kriti: *trying to keep Sharpshot from wiggling away* Out in the Daggerspines. Viisaus and I happened to cross paths right before a band of wood elves attacked us.

Sharpshot: *wriggling even more, and starting to growl and whine*

Deepdancer: *concerned scowl as she reaches to take Ridgeback so that Kriti's got both hands for the wrigglier bitty*

Kriti: *hesitantly relinquishes Ridgeback, then she'll turn her attention to speaking soothingly and reassuringly to Sharpshot*

Sharpshot: *flailing now* My... Mine! Mine!

Ironhide: *holds up the stick* Th's?

Sharpshot: *perks* MINE!

Kriti: *blink* You can't take that into the tub...

Ironhide: She jes' didn' wan' 't lost. *to Sharpshot* Ah'll put 't safe 'n th' box.

Sharpshot: *studies the big, red-haired lady with an intent frown, but then nods* Okay.

Ironhide: *grins and goes*

Old Mira: *looks inside* Anna says somebody needs milk?

Deepdancer: *sudden chuckle from where she's gone to start the tub filling* This is what you get for being gone for three days, Kriti.

Kriti: ... Huh? *confused*

Old Mira: *grins too* I popped the day you went out.

Kriti: *blink blink* What'd you name her?

Old Mira: Sheera. *takes little Rideback and then sits on the stool to provide him with milk*

Kriti: *small nod, will check the water temperature*

Deepdancer: *snerks at her softly* I know how babies like their water. *gentle hand swish in the pleasant warm water, and then a surprised cuss as Sharpshot dives in*

Kriti: *startled squawk at the diving in*

Sharpshot: *kicks out strongly, her rags floating around her as she treads water and looks alertly up at Kriti*

Kriti: *relaxing and chuckling softly* We need to get your clothes off so we can get you all cleaned up, kiddo.

Sharpshot: *deep frown of confusion*

Ironhide: *as she comes in with a drake leg in one hand* She don't understand, Bitteh.

Kriti: ... *small frown as she thinks*

Ironhide: *hands Kriti the meat, and then hunkers by the bath to lift the little swimmer out and strip her rags off her* 'Eah, bebeh, les' gitchu readeh.

Sharpshot: *her amazement says clearly that she didn't know those things came off!*

Kriti: *soft hum, will look to Old Mira to see how Ridgeback's doing*

Rideback: *HUMAN bitty! Eating slowly but determinedly, his dark eyes looking up into Mira's as his little toes curl*

Kriti: *small smile, will turn her attention to checking on how Sharpshot is getting along*

Sharpshot: *listening intently as Ironhide talks about clothes to her. Big eyes go to Kriti as she sees her turn*

Ironhide: *also looks at Kriti* Gitcher clot'es off, Bitteh.

Kriti: *nods and moves to disrobe*

Deepdancer: *sweeps out and comes back with a bottle of flea medicine* *to Kriti* Your father's passed out in the corner with Torque and Calypso.

Kriti: *soft snort* Not surprised, with the birth of my cousin.

Old Mira: *soft chortle* A runner set out for the garrison as soon as Dancer announced her.

Ironhide: 'Ope Nemo don' git stuck up theah. *so amused, as she always is now when she says the young War Master's name*

Kriti: *soft snort* I bet he was whooping and hollering the entire way. *moving to climb in the tub as well*

Ironhide: *sniggers* 'E ain't th't good a mountain runner.

Mira: We could hear Kup the second fading into the distance, though.

Fizz: *tiny complains as he's removed with Kriti's helmet*

Sharpshot: *eyes seeking the source of that chittering as she frowns*

Kriti: *soothing sounds* That's just Fizz. He's a flower dragon, and littler than Ridgeback.

Sharpshot: *eyes zero in on the little creature* ...Wabbit?

Kriti: No. Friend.

Sharpshot: *surprised. Eyes go round*

Fizz: *will sit on the hearth and groom his wings, since Deepdancer took all of Kriti's clothes away*

Ironhide: *looks at the expression on her daughter's face* *softly* Y'u wan' me t' git Raoul?

Kriti: *small nod*

Ironhide: *up on her feet and out of the room*

Deepdancer: *shedding over in the corner and giving her clothes and self a dose of the flea medicine*

Old Mira: *gently rubbing some of the medicine into Ridgeback's hair* Good thing you changed, runt. Makes it easier to get ride of those *beep* bugs.

Kriti: *soft hum, will work on getting Sharpshot cleaned up and de-flea'd*

Sharpshot: *wriggles and looks around, little arms and legs swimming even when she's out of the water*

Ironhide: *back in with Raoul*

Raoul: *quiet sound and a hand over his eyes*

Deepdancer: *snorts at him and flips her underthings before putting them back on*

Kriti: *more soft hum. Once Sharpshot's been cleaned up, she'll worry about herself, but for now, her attention is on taking care of the little one*

Raoul: *quietly, as Ironhide hunkers by the tub and props him up* Hey...

Kriti: *quietly* Hey.

Raoul: *dark eyes flick from bitty to bitty, and then back to her, asking questions*

Kriti: They were out on their own in the Daggerspines.

Raoul: *deep frown as he turns to look at Deepdancer*

Deepdancer: *has her under-robe back on, and has hung up the outer one and the cloak* *quietly, as she sees the look* They'll be fine. Congratulations.

Raoul: Can't... bring 'em... your... place.

Deepdancer: *deep frown, and then looks at Kriti* I don't see why not. There're two bedrooms in the place.

Ironhide: 'R we c'ld build s'meth'n' raght bah yers.

Kriti: *tips her head back and thinks*

Raoul: *determined* Somethin'... big... enough.

Ironhide: *understands and looks at Kriti* Y'u ben shiftin' 'n yu'r sleep 'gain?

Kriti: *small nod. It's been getting chilly at night, and she worries about Raoul*

Deepdancer: *worried scowl for the girl*

Kriti: *quietly* We could build another room.

Ironhide: Th't's wh't Ah'm th'nk'n'. *glances toward the sound of movement in the common room and snerks softly* Streakah 'eard us.

Kriti: *soft 'heh'. Knows that the lout's become pretty good at building since that first disaster when he and Showtime were still newlyweds*

Ironhide: *and then startles as a piercing shriek of summons comes from the tavern yard* Slaggit, Flash!

Kriti: *low growl*

Deepdancer: *quiet snort and a mutter about jumpy yahoos*

Old Mira: *gently shouldering her way over to offer a sleeping Ridgeback to Kriti* Here you go, all ready for a bath. *has to get outside. There's building happening*

Kriti: *will nod and reach for Ridgeback after making sure Sharpshot is alright in the tub*

Sharpshot: *swimming again. Totally enjoying the water. At least till that little green kid just slipped over the side and started gator swimming!* *growl!*

Kriti: *soothing sound for Sharpshot* That's just Snarl. He's family.

Sharpshot: *doubtful look as she treads water*

Snarl: *sniffin' at the new kids, will study Sharpshot with on eye, then the other*

Sharpshot: No.

Ironhide and Raoul: *watching and grinning*

Snarl: *frowwwwn, looks to Kriti-Sissy* Babby?

Sharpshot: *grabs the side of the tub with one hand and points with the other* *babby is there!*

Kriti: *soft hum, will let Snarl get a good look at little Ridgeback* Babby is Ridgeback. His older sissy is Sharpshot.

Snarl: *headtilt, much thinking on this, then looks to Ironhide* Kriti-Sissy babbies?

Sharpshot: *indignant squeal* Not Babby sissy! NO!!

Kriti: *startles at the squeal*


Ridgeback: *blinking toward the squeal, little face showing his bewilderment*

Ironhide: *quietly* Babeh smells lahk 'er son.

Kriti: ...

Snarl: ... 'Kay. *just wanted to know if they were family too, has his answer*

Deepdancer: *sharp look for Ironhide* Time cursed?

Ironhide: *shakes her head* Th'y's bot' lab babehs.

Deepdancer: *disgusted snort*

Kriti: *low growl, and a curl of smoke is now coming out of her nose*

Ironhide: Ah'm th'nk'n' she's got instinct tellin' 'er who Ridgeback 's.

Raoul: *frowning*

Sharpshot: *tries to feed soap to Snarl*

Snarl: *turns his head. Knows that isn't noms!*

Kriti: *trying to keep calm*

Sharpshot: *puzzled sniffing of soap, and then looks up as Ironhide shows her to rub the nice smelling stuff on Snarl's back*

Snarl: *will hold still so his back can get scrubbed*

Kriti: *quietly* Viisaus can tell you where exactly we were when we got found by Sharpshot.

Ironhide: *sudden grin flashes the scowl from her face* She found y'u?

Kriti: *nod* She got the wood elves that were pinning us down behind a big rock... and the one that had snuck around behind us.

Sharpshot: *helpfully* Wabbits. *sniffs Snarl's back and makes a pleased sound*

Snarl: Noms?

Sharpshot: *looks over the edge of the tub, wondering where that nommy smell is coming from*

Raoul: *waves the meat slightly*

Sharpshot: *trying to use Snarl as a ladder now*

Deepdancer: Hey, now...

Snarl: *gonna try climbing out of the tub too!*

Deepdancer: *catches the lizardboy and his clingy little backpack and sets them on the floor* Stay near the fire.

Raoul: *offers the meat to Snarl, because his hands are empty*

Snarl: *nod. Knows you eat by the fireplace! Will reach for the offered meat*

Raoul: *gives meat* Share.

Ironhide: *grinning at her grumpy boy. Knows there's no worry about him hogging the meat*

Snarl: *gives Raoul a puzzled look for saying that. Has never been one to hog food*

Raoul: *just grins at the sturdy almost five year old*

Snarl: *decides Raoul is just trying to joke, will bring Sharpshot over to the fire and share noms with her*

Sharpshot: *snuggles against Snarl and eats everything he pokes in her mouth. Doesn't even care that he chews some of it for her*

Snarl: *knows how you feed meat to babbies!*

Ironhide: *softly* Y'u readeh t' c'me out, Bitteh?

Kriti: *small nod* Yeah.

Ironhide: *scoops Raoul up and steps back*

Deepdancer: *grabs the towel and stands to hold it open* Here you go.

Kriti: *will move to get out of the tub, cradling Ridgeback close to her chest*

Ridgeback: *cuddled close and sound asleep, his bushy dark hair tickling Kriti's chin*

Deepdancer: *smiles at the thin little baby* He's small, but he'll probably catch up.

Kriti: *small nod* That's good.

Ironhide: 'E's 'ealt'y. Y'u wanna go 'ome, Bitteh?

Raoul: *nods. Wants to be somewhere quiet with the new baby*

Kriti: *nod* Yeah. We need to get clothes for both of them, too.

Sludge: *looks in, Piryasha a looming frown behind her* Sludge has clothes for babies. *such a homey little person in her dress and apron, and such a contrast to Piryasha's backbone necklace and loincloth*

Kriti: *smile for Sludge* Thank you, Sludge.

Sludge: *happy grin, and then a questioning look toward the little growl from the hearth*

Sharpshot: No.

Sludge: Sludge is Snarl sissy.

Sharpshot: No. *not arguing about sissy. She's glaring at the dress in Sludge's hand!*

Kriti: ... *very soft snort* Sleep clothes.

Sharpshot: No clothes!

Deepdancer: *quiet snerk* That's Lumen's granddaughter alright.

Kriti: *frowning and trying to think*

Deepdancer: *small smile* Snarl, if you wear clothes, then Sharpshot'll probably wear hers.

Ironhide: ... *poker face!*

Snarl: *blink blink, frowwwwn. Trying to figure out what you're selling, Aunty!*

Piryasha: *vanishes and comes back with Snarl's shirt from where he hid it*

Ironhide: *MORE pokerface*

Raoul: *slight wince as he waits for an explosion*

Snarl: *frowwwwn* *looks at the shirt with one eye, then the other*

Sharpshot: *watching him intently, ready to follow his lead*

Snarl: *realizes this is the shirt with the pocket that his lovie fits in! Will reach for the shirt*

Piryasha: *chortles as she hands the ragged shirt over. You are wearing clothes, Snarl!*

Snarl: *putting the shirt on. Plans on going to get his lovie and then sitting on Daddy*

Sharpshot: *muffled little growls as the little nightgown is pulled over her head. SO much growl*

Kriti: *soft hum as she gets Ridgeback dressed*

Ridgeback: *doesn't wake up at all. He just tries to snuggle through the whole process of buttwrap application and blanket wrapping*

Sharpshot: *repeats a word Sludge just said* Butt?

Sludge: *nods* Yup. This goes on butt.

Sharpshot: *looks at Snarl. HE hasn't anything on HIS butt*

Snarl: *to his cousin* Where kilt?

Piryasha: *grabs him by the leg and applies a skillfully wrapped and tied loincloth* Here kilt.

Sharpshot: *can NOT believe what you're doing, splotchy girl!*

Snarl: *grumbling a bit at being grabbed by the leg, but once he's dressed, he'll settle down a bit*

Sharpshot: *squeaks as Sludge gently lifts her and slips a comfy buttwrap on her*

Raoul: *pulling at the soft under dress that Ironhide tucked between him and her belly*

Kriti: *will trade Raoul baby for dress*

Raoul: *cuddles the little boy against his chest, his chin trembling slightly as he touches Ridgeback's soft hair*

Ironhide: *eyes slightly misty as she watches him meet his new son*

Kriti: *will get dressed quickly, wants to get her family home where she can watch over them and keep them safe*

Raoul and Ironhide: *and then both of them snerk as a poot sound comes from Sharpshot*

Deepdancer: *face palm*

Snarl: *snort* Stinky.

Piryasha: *snerk* *POOOOT!*

Sludge: *squeals and runs*

Snarl: *will wallop Piryasha!*

Sharpshot: *and she'll bite Piryasha!*

Ironhide: *stands on one foot to boot the combatants* 'Ey! Wh't'd Ah say 'bout who y'u fahght?

Deepdancer: *Snarl in one hand, Sharpshot in the other. Both get gently shaken and scolded with quiet ire*

Sharpshot: o.O

Snarl: *sulk*

Piryasha: *chews on Ironhide's boot and growls*

Sludge: *here she comes to rescue Momma! SLAP!*

Piryasha: *squeaks, and then stalks out of the room*

Snarl: *huff and sulk*

Kriti: *moving to get Sharpshot from Deepdancer*

Sharpshot: *clings! Little human toes are clinging too!*

Ironhide: D'awww. Poor babeh.

Kriti: *much cuddling and reassuring humming*

Sharpshot: *blink blink* Nom?

Kriti: *soft snerk* We'll get some more food and head home, then.

Sharpshot: *quizzical look. Not sure what you're telling her* *looks down* No butt.

Ironhide and Raoul: *snerk*

Deepdancer: The buttheads are all out building you a bed.

Sharpshot: o.O

Ironhide: *looks over her shoulder* Y'u readeh, Bitteh?

Kriti: Beds are a good thing, most of the time.

Ironhide: *grins* Ah'll bring y'u t' Gerreh 'n Dancer's spare bed f'r now.

Kriti: *small nod, thinks that'll be a nice, cozy place to sleep for now*

Ironhide: *brings them out and gets them tucked in comfortably. Comes back into the tavern chuckling over Gerard's glee over the two dark haired bitties. Scoops up an armful of toddlers seeking milk, and then goes to kick her passed out husband*

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras))