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Backwater Nexus. Black Dog. Intro to the Multiverse Part 2

Continued from here

Tarantulus: *about to ask if the little bot is alright, attention going to a sudden arrival that startled Showtime*

kvRatchet: *swatting at the arm of the mech who has him in a headlock, and TELLING them off without cussing*

kvViisaus: *quiet amusement as he makes his way over to where he can hear his sister reading someone the riot act*

kvJazz: *visor bright as he laughs and gets thumped on by kvRatchet*

asRatchet: There. Now they'll shut up. *turns his attention back to his platter of gummi ham bites, and then suddenly gets a wicked smirk and stuffs some of the fuel into davRatchet's potential question*

davRatchet: *just pulled an epic funny face, from a combination of unexpected flavor and being fed*

davEclipse: *yap chatter yap, squeak!*

kvNightbird: *clickerbug just slipped away from her dad to come see who all the Uncle-colored peeps are*

lbRatchet: *offers the youngster a seat on his knee and a share of his meal*

davOptimus: Ratchet, are you alright?

davRatchet: *trying to chew without biting his tongue, will get back to you, davOptimus*

kvNightbird: *click click pop, will carefully sit on the yellow guy's knee*

kvRatchet: *just pointed out something that made kvJazz go "Awk!" and let the medic go*

kvJazz: *looking for his kid!*

kvRatchet: *headshake, will move to join the Ratchet table* Did anyone bring cards?

asRatchet: *looks around from sniggering at his newfound brother's expression* Rustbrain's got 'em.

pmvRatchet: I still have trouble believing that you're a Ratchet, you foul mouthed old curmudgeon. *slaps the deck of cards down on the table* And there will be NO looking through these.

lbRatchet: *ignores that comment as he feeds the sparklet and reassures her parent*

kvRatchet: *amused chuckling* Good luck with that.

kvNightbird: *having a clicky conversation with the tiny Eclipse*

davEclipse: *teaching babby fun things to say in Minicon!*

davRatchet: *pinches the bridge of his nose when he hears a particular phrase get repeated* Eclipse, that was not polite.

lbRatchet: [Unicron is a skidplate.]

davEclipse: *SO much giggling now!* *gleefully* [Knew that one! And now Birdy does, too!]

davRatchet: *STINKEYE for you, lbRatchet*

kvJazz: *curiously* Do I wanna know?

lbRatchet: *calmly* There's no shame in children speaking the truth. *to kv* Right, Ratchet?

kvRatchet: *shrugs and puts a bag of new pennies on the table where they can be easily reached or passed around* There's a time and place for everything.

kvNightbird: *deedlebeep, looks to Yellow Uncle and the tiny Eclipse to see if she got it right*

lbRatchet: *soft and approving sound, and then gives her a spoonful of softboil*

davOptimus: *to the other Ratchets* Do any of you have families?

kvRatchet: *offers a handful of pennies to the new Optimus* I've got a brother, sister, wordmate, a brother-in-law, and a grown child. *chuckles* And I'm an uncle to quite a few sparklets.

davOptimus: *curiously, as she accepts a couple pennies and offers them to Eclipse* A grown child?

kvRatchet: *as davEclipse chirps her thanks* *nods* My wordmate and her brother were raising a sparklet on Cybertron, then they transferred to Earth and he was brought later. Then, he went with the children he imprinted on as siblings to the reality where one of them was being raised, and that reality had a time shift. Torque is an adult now, though a young one.

davOptimus: *startled* A time shift?

lbRatchet: *waving kvJazz away* Go have fun. We're good here.

kvRatchet: *nods* It happens sometimes. In our reality, *indicates kvNightbird and kvJazz* we got closed off from the Nexus for seven years. In the reality our Torque went to, the time shift was closer to thirty years. And I've heard of realities where there's been shifts of a vorn or greater.

kvJazz: Alright... *to kvNightbird* Be good fer yer Uncles, 'Birdy.

kvNightbird: *muffled chirp around her mouthful of pennies and softboil*

davOptimus: *tries to conceal her dismay, but it seeps past* Are the shifts that common?

kvRatchet: *slight shrug* Hard to say, for sure. But I've never heard it happening when someone was in the Nexus from any reality.

davRatchet: *frowning at that answer*

davEclipse: *scoots to grab some more pennies*

lbRatchet: *smoothly, as he feeds Nightbird and himself some more* And Ironhide and I have a son.

davRatchet: *gives lbRatchet a startled look*

lbRatchet: *looks back with calm irascibility* Yes?

kvNightbird: *clickerbug* Nova *clickclickpop* 'Forge *more clicks and pops, plus a few deedles* 'Rina. *nodnod* Unca 'Hide babbies. Love 'Forge.

davRatchet: You and Ironhide?

kvRatchet: *watching this with calm amusement*

lbRatchet: Yes. *lifts his head slightly and sticks out his chin* It was her idea. *and he plainly had no problem with it*

davOptimus: *watching her Ratchet and the yellow one quietly*

davEclipse: *calmly, as she noms on a penny* [If I can be a compact model mech in another reality, then there's no reason Ironhide can't be a lady somewhere.]

lbRatchet: *to the tiny bot* Oh, is that the problem? And don't let her hear you call her a lady.

davEclipse: [Prolly is.] *dirty rotten stinker grin* [Should I call her a 'broad' then?] *learned a new word the last time Wheeljack was around, clearly*

davRatchet: Eclipse, language!

davEclipse: *SO MUCH RAZZ*

lbRatchet: *to dav* It's what she calls herself.

davOptimus: *speaks up to try and divert chaos* What is your son's name? How old is he?

lbRatchet: Nomad. And he's only a baby, though our babies can run almost from the moment they come out of the tank.

Dove: *friendly sharing of gummi ham. FLING*

kvNightbird: *squeeeeeeee!*

pmvRatchet: Yupyupyup! Dove, we don't throw fuel!

Dove: ^_^

pmvRatchet: *sighs and mutters about her being her mother all over again*

davEclipse: *giggling and yapping about the flying noms now*

kvNightbird: *trying to eat noms off the table. And off of Yellow Uncle*

lbRatchet: *quiet speech as he helps the little one clean the gummi ham off his plating*

davRatchet: *quietly as he looks down at the plate of fuel that just got set in front of him* It's been a very long time since there were any newsparks...

pmvRatchet: Well, it's not like it's hard to get them. Especially around here. *accepts platter of meganoodles and sauce* Thank you, Archiva.

kvRatchet: *nods in agreement with pmvRatchet* And sometimes just being bonded is enough to trigger it in femmes. *pleased hum as he sips at the mug of Java he just received*

davRatchet: *boggling a bit at that* That... How?!

asRatchet: *snidely* You want the long explanation?

davEclipse: *frowwwwwns at asRatchet. Doesn't like your tone, 'specially not to one of her friends!*

kvNightbird: *clickerfit, yaaaaaaaaaaawn. Snuggles against Yellow Uncle*

lbRatchet: *clicks to Nightbird and wipes her gently with a napkin*

pmvRatchet: *to as* Your sleep deprivation's manifesting again.

asRatchet: *ignores pmv and quirks a brow at dav*

davEclipse: *deedles*

davRatchet: *frowns at davEclipse*

asRatchet: Do you want to know or not, bot?

davRatchet: *frowns at asRatchet again* I want to know.

asRatchet: *launches into a very technical and scientific explanation for the whys and hows of spark budding*

davRatchet: *recording all the data*

Athena: *to Eclipse* Do you like dolls and pets?

Dove: *perks and reaches down to lift something and set it on the table*

tiny bot: *beeps and blinks lights and looks cute. Is a simple little toy that Dove's daddy made for her*

davEclipse: [That's really more of MiniCee's thing. I like learning about humans though.] *smiles sweetly*

Athena: Oh, I wasn't talking about things like Buggy. I was talking about drones that can learn and seem organic.

Dove: *gently pats Buggy flat*

davEclipse: *blink blink blink* [Drones that seem organic?]

Athena: Yes. *shows her an image of a little thing a bit under a foot tall, with fin-like wings, a soft furry wig, pointed ears, big eyes in a little humanoid face, and a curiously lashing tail with a spaded tip*

davEclipse: *soft deedling as she studies the image*

Athena: She plays with her toys when her master doesn't have time for her, and she knows three games to play with her master. She can recognize different people and learn to react to them depending on how they treat her.

Dove: *lets Buggy up, and then pats him flat again*

davEclipse: *deedles and chirps. Datapad out, and already jotting down notes and ideas*

Athena: The reason I'm asking is because my friend Myrrh told me that this little bot would find her master today. *sets a box on the table*

Dove: *intently curious look at the box*

davEclipse: *headtilt, deedle?*

Athena: *slides the box out of the cover box, matchbox style, then sets the cover aside and tips up the inner box so that Eclipse can see the little bot inside* See? She's a different colour from the one in the holo, but she's the same model.

davEclipse: *soft deedle. Pokes the foam surrounding the drone*

Athena: What do you think?

Dove: Bug. *soft chuckle*

davEclipse: [It's cute, but I don't know if I'm the right person for her.]

Athena: *smiles* That's alright. *reaches to get the cover, as she does she glances toward davRatchet, who just exclaimed about something*

davEclipse: *looks* *deedle?*

davRatchet: *complete and utter gobsmack on his face. His blue-faced counterpart explained about spark budding, and once that lesson was done, the subject of Improbable Nexus Kids came up, and how they can come about*

asRatchet: *testily* I'm telling the truth.

Athena: In a way, I'm an Improbable Nexus Kid.

davRatchet: *attention going to Athena* *pause. Then* Howso?

Athena: *simply* My mother got me because she was turned human by an LOL.

davRatchet: *puzzled look* LOL?

davEclipse: *explaining what that is to Optimus*

Athena: An inexplicable and impossible event that happens.

davRatchet: *very concerned now* I see...

asRatchet: *hits him in the head with the LOL Encyclopedia*

davRatchet: *unintentionally furthered everyone's vocabulary!*

pmvRatchet: *SUCH a disproving look for his build twin* Yupyupyup!

Athena: *shakes her head at as* Uncle Ratchet, what would Aunt Optimus say?

asRatchet: *scowl turns to eek as he glances at her*

lbRatchet: *so amused as he eats, holds sleeping sparklet, and looks at his cards*

kvRatchet: *absently humming and looking over his cards* *then* Who else is in this hand?

asRatchet: *absently waves his hand. Is still worrying about that firm look that Athena's giving him*

pmvRatchet: *stink eye for kv even as he picks his cards up and looks at them* Harumph!

kvRatchet: *immune to stink eyes from alternates, is busy sorting his hand*

kvNightbird: *soft clickerfit, is searching for something in her sleep*

lbRatchet: *softly to the sparklet* What are you looking for?

davOptimus: *gentle interest as she looks at the black sparklet*

kvRatchet: *looks up from his hand* Oh! *calling kvJazz*

kvJazz: *hurrying over from laughing about something with a black man with dreadlocks, is digging in his storage compartments*

Dove: *to kvJazz, undaunted by having to speak over the table* Buggy?

Athena: Is she missing her doll?

davOptimus: *attention to Jazz*

kvJazz: Yeah. *triumphant grin as he pulls a big teddy bear out of a compartment. Moves to tuck it under his daughter's arm*

kvNightbird: *little sigh as she cuddles the toy*

davOptimus: *finds herself smiling at the cuteness*

Athena: *smiling too* I still have my first doll. I can remember the day my father got it for me here in the Backwater.

kvRatchet: *soft chuckle* Megatron gave Nightbird her teddy bear when she first got her spark.

kvJazz: *making sure kvNightbird is alright*

davRatchet: *disbelief clear on his face* Megatron gave her the teddy bear?

Athena: *quiet and slightly crisp* Remember what I said about differences between realities.

davOptimus: *expression is sad now as she looks down at the plate of fuel she's just been presented with*

Tarantulus: *quietly, as he sets down the plate* As long as they're still alive, there's still a chance you can help them see the darkness.

pmvRatchet: *massive sigh from where he's sorting his hand*

davOptimus: *quietly* I wish I could still believe that.

Tarantulus: *bluntly* What's stopping you from believing it again?

davRatchet: *optics downcast*

davEclipse: *wibble, hugs her datapad close*

davOptimus: *softly* Several million years of evidence to the contrary.

Tarantulus: *can't help but snort at that* That's still not too late for them to change.

pmvRatchet: Ours only saw the error of his ways after dying and being brought back and enslaved by Unicron.

kvRatchet: Ours got turned into a sparklet, grew up, and was forgiven by two bots he'd killed during his first time being grown. He's a good guy. *makes his bet*

asRatchet: That's him back there on the DDR machine. *bet* *eat*

kvRatchet: *soft chuckle at the wolf whistle he hears* And there's his wife. They've been close ever since they were sparklets.

davRatchet: ... *looks toward the whistle, boggles*

davOptimus: *studies the strapping young mech over at the old game, a bit of wistfulness in her eyes*

kvRatchet: *seriously* He remembers his past. And he works hard to not go down that path again. I've seen it with the rest of the former Decepticons, too.

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