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Backwater Nexus. WakeJumper's Hospital. Awakening

((three months after the fighting tournament, where Lumen went up against his father, the wanderer))

Sunstreaker: *sitting by Lumen and watching the little humming bird that's perched on one of the curtain rods*

hummingbird: *flitted about the room earlier, is now watching Sunstreaker and Lumen. Totally not plotting to divebomb the yellow warrior or anything like that, nope*

Nickel: *looks in, and then snorts as she spots the bird* If you two start fighting again I'm slaggin' throwing both your afts out.

hummingbird: *ruffles her feathers and manages to look SO offended*

Sunstreaker: *SO much scowl for the minibot femme*

Nickel: *ups the stink eyes to defcon ten* The blue lump's been mentally MIA for the past three months, and it SHOULD have been quiet in here. But you jerks took care of that... *head snaps around, and her big eyes narrow as she studies the monitor at the head of Lumen's bed*

hummingbird: *flits to perch on top of the monitor and study it herself*

Nickel: *scales Sunstreaker and then hops off to stand on the side of the bed* Lumen, stop playing possum.

Sunstreaker: Awk!

hummingbird: *excited flitting about!*

Nickel: *frightening scowl as Lumen fails to reply, but then it changes to dismay and concern as she spots oil leaking from under the optic shutters of the ancient soldier* Hey...

hummingbird: *quick flash of motion, then she's become a translucent image of a petite orange and black femme of identical tech to Lumen and Sunstreaker*

Nickel: *tiny hand touches Lumen's face* You've got people worrying about you, *boy donkey*.

Lumen: *soft buzz* [Make 'em go away.]

Nickel: *looks from Sunstreaker to Eclipse, and then back to Lumen* Why?

Eclipse: *quietly* You know that isn't going to happen, Lumen.

Lumen: *quiet and bitter* [No I don't. Why should now be any different?]

Nickel: O.O

Eclipse: *much concentration, then she'll reach and box Lumen's audio*

Lumen: *flinches and then turns his head away* [Frag off. You left when I needed you, and I don't now.]

Eclipse: I didn't want to leave, Lumen. I couldn't hold on any longer, but it wasn't out of wanting to leave.

Lumen: *silent*

Nickel: *questioning big eyes are focused on Sunstreaker now*

Sunstreaker: *looking back and forth between Eclipse and Lumen*

Nickel: *and then she's unprintable as she dives to fix what's making Lumen's monitors scream*

Eclipse: *gently touches Lumen's forehead* *quietly, ducking her head* I'm sorry I hurt you when I went, Lumen.

Lumen: *has started shaking as his weakened systems overreact to the stress he's under. Soft whine* ['Halo...]

Sunstreaker: ... Is she okay? *worrying now*

Nickel: *insults his IQ* He's calling for his wife, you *unprintable*. I'm calling her now.

Eclipse: *surprised sound. Had no idea that Lumen and Sunhalo got married*

Sunstreaker: *repeats something Desinex insults him with regularly, and no, the mun isn't going to translate it*

Nickel: *intent on her patient* Nananana! Don't make me throw your aft out of here!

Sunstreaker: *thrrrpt*

Eclipse: *back to hummingbird and flitting about above the monitors, out of Nickel's way*

Nickel: *whirls and SHOCKS Sunstreaker but good*

Sunstreaker: *YELP!*

Eclipse: *quiet, twittering laughter*

Lumen: *monitors complaining for a different reason briefly as he snerks*

Nickel: *tiny fury roars at Sunstreaker* OUT!

Sunstreaker: *RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE!!!*

Ordnance: *grunts as the golden mech runs into him*

Sunstreaker: *oofs as he falls and lands on his aft*

Ordnance: *frowns at his father-in-law* Where's the fire?

Sunstreaker: Nickel's after me! *trying to get back up to his feet*

Ordnance: *picks him up by one arm and looks back the way he came* ...No she's not.

Sunstreaker: ... Well, she was. *sulk*

Ordnance: *shakes his head, beard ringlets bouncing* You fighting with Eclipse again?

Sunstreaker: Not this time. Nickel insulted me, so I taught her one of Desi's favorites.

Ordnance: ...Did all those millions of years of being *peed* up damage your brain?

Sunstreaker: If Desinex were in there, she'd have lost a finger. *so Sunstreaker does have SOME self-preservation instincts!*

Ordnance: *flat look* You cussed at a medic.

Sunstreaker: She cussed at me first.

Ordnance: *shakes him a bit* She's a medic, grease brain.

Sunstreaker: *making funny sounds now*

lbEclipse: *coming to see what all the fuss is about*

Ordnance: *stops the shaking and lifts Sunstreaker up to eye level* Rule number five thousand and eighty four. NEVER lip off at the medic.

lbEclipse: Was he fighting with Nickel again, or was he giving my counterpart a hard time again, because both of those are a really bad idea and depending on who he slagged off it could end really badly.

Ordnance: *still staring Sunstreaker right in the eye* Claims he taught Nickel a new word.

lbEclipse: *SNERK* I'll believe that when there's solid proof of it because Nickel knows a lot of bad words and a lot of other words, even though she hasn't been in the Nexus as long as my mate and me, and we both know words that we learned from Ironhide because neither one of us knew Thetacon before we came here, and I don't know if Nickel knows any Thetacon words but maybe she'll want to learn the swear words too...


Ordnance: Ooooo. Nice.

lbEclipse: *blink* Oh, dear. *looks toward the room* Nickel, do you need an extra set of hands that aren't a hard light hologram?

Nickel: *tells her to do something impossible to herself*

Ordnance: *shakes Sunstreaker again* Yeah. The only person learning anything here is you, Sunflower.

lbEclipse: *goes to get her toolkit even as Sunstreaker makes more funny sounds*

Ordnance: Anybody woke 'Halo up yet? *absently drops Sunstreaker on his golden aft*

lbEclipse: *as she and her alternate fuss over Lumen and stay out of Nickel's way* Nickel said she was calling her.

Nickel: *mun's not writing THAT*

Sunhalo: *from the mouth of the stairs* I'm right here. What's wrong?

Ordnance: *turns his head to look at her. Gravely* Lu's goin' weeboo.

Sunhalo: *frowns at the portly bot, and then walks over and pushes past him*

Ordnance: *flails slightly and steps on Sunstreaker*

Sunstreaker: Awk!

Ordnance: *repeats Nickel on a mild day*

Sunhalo: *ignores the men* Eclipse? How is he?

lbEclipse: Which one are you asking? *will step aside to reveal the translucent form of her counterpart*

Sunhalo: *quietly, with a nod to her mother in law* The doctor.

Lumen: *groans and turns his face toward his wife's voice*

lbEclipse: *as her wanderer counterpart moves to give Sunhalo a hug* He woke up today, and he's a bit stressed.

Sunhalo: *gentle hug for mother in law without taking her eyes from the blue form on the bed* May I come in?

lbEclipse: *nods and moves so Sunhalo can get to the blue mech*

Sunhalo: *lets go of mother in law and walks over to look down at her husband* Lumen, what's wrong?

Lumen: *still shaking* Make 'em get lost. Don't need 'em now...

Sunhalo: *frowns* Do you mean your parents?

Lumen: Not my parents. Left. Like everybody else.

Sunhalo: *brow quirk* Including you?

Lumen: O_O *squeak*

Eclipse: *back to hummingbird form, will perch on top of one of the monitors*

Ordnance: *softly, with admiration* Burrrrn.

lbEclipse: *quietly shushes Ordnance*

Eclipse: *flits down from the monitor to perch on her son's head*

Sunhalo: *softly, with gentle finality in her beautiful voice* All through those years, you were always leaving.

Lumen: *gulp*

Ordnance: *wince wince wince*

Sunstreaker: *quiet now, even though he's still squished under Ordnance's foot*

Lumen: *looks up into those steady blue eyes* *whisper* You hate me?

Sunhalo: I've always loved you. I knew you were needed somewhere else.

Lumen: *another tiny squeak from the big man, and then he's sobbing*

Eclipse: *flits about and hovers near Sunhalo's head*

WakeJumper: *is a creak and a grunt from Ordnance as he shoves the green bot off Sunstreaker and then steps on the golden bot himself while passing into the room*

Sunstreaker: *squeak!*

Sunhalo: *turns her head and looks toward the approaching footsteps*

WakeJumper: *holds a hand toward his wife as he looks at his son*

Eclipse: *will flit over and perch on her husband's hand*

lbEclipse: ... *sighs and goes to get her own husband unstuck*

Lumen: *has to stop crying due to lack of energy. Opens his eyes and looks up at his parents*

WakeJumper: *looks back* I didn't leave you alone.

Sunhalo: You didn't leave. You were sent.

Lumen: *wibbles as he silently nods in agreement with his wife*

Eclipse: *quietly* I couldn't hang on... I wanted to stay though.

Lumen: *shutters his eyes and shudderingly sucks in air*

WakeJumper: *quietly, in his flat way* Lumen?

Lumen: *eyes still shuttered* Can I have a hug?

Eclipse: *off of husband hand, back to the translucent form, will hug son!*

Sunstreaker: Hey, I've never got a h... *just got his face stepped on*

WakeJumper: *gently lifts Lumen and hugs him hard*

Eclipse: *gives much hugs!*

lbWakeJumper: *to Sunstreaker, once he's stepped away from the golden warrior* You had your wife with you, and the two of you got plastered with Desinex and Hound. Quit whining.

Ordnance: *eyes glued to the scene inside* Yeah. *pauses and looks at the bots beside him. Incredulous grin*

lbEclipse: *trying to get the duct tape off of her hand. Not having much luck*

lbWakeJumper: *still wearing a lot of duct tape from where his counterpart stuck him to the floor*

WakeJumper: *gently lays down his sleeping son and nods to Sunhalo, then steps back. And heads toward the floor*

Ordnance: Oh *bleep*! *tries getting through the door at the same time as the doctor. That didn't work*

Nickel: *unprintable as she bails out of the way*

Eclipse: *startled back to hummingbird form and flitting about excitedly again!*

lbEclipse: *notcuss!*

Sunstreaker: Awk! What happened?! *getting to his feet*

Ordnance: *silent pause* *then* How bad're we stuck, Doc?

lbWakeJumper: *sigh* We might need a wish to get unstuck. Or a pry bar.

Nickel: *walks over and shrink rays them both*

Ordnance: AWK!

lbWakeJumper: *startled curse*

Nickel: And you're another. Get out of there so I can put you back.

Ordnance: *thinks about it, and then hits his little bitty PINpoint and goes to show his wife the cute and tiny*

lbWakeJumper: ... *one with his face palm, even as he scoots away from the door*

Nickel: *puts him back to his right size and then holds out the shrink ray* Oh yeah. I found this under your bed.

lbEclipse: Oh. That's where it got to.

lbWakeJumper: *as he accepts the shrink ray* And today's been so quiet. *stows shrink ray and moves to get his counterpart off the floor*

WakeJumper: *points to the other bed in the room* There. Please.

lbWakeJumper: *nods as he brings his counterpart to the bed and gets the mech tucked in* Now stay put this time.

Eclipse: *flits between the bed her son is on and the one her husband is on*

WakeJumper: *sighs, and then sleeps*

Nickel: My shift is over. *how can something that tiny stomp that firmly?* *kicks Sunstreaker as she passes him*

lbEclipse: *distractedly, as she moves to check monitors* Okay, Nickel.

lbWakeJumper: *makes sure both sleeping mechs are comfortable and have blankets*

Sunhalo: *settles down beside her husband and puts an arm around him. Just going to stay in reach now even while she has the rest you insist she needs, WakeJumper*

lbWakeJumper: *will scan Sunhalo, even as his wife bustles about and his counterpart's wife continues to flit about overhead*

Sunstreaker: *finally gets up again and peeks inside* *soberly* Is he going to be alright?

lbEclipse: *quietly* He should be.

Sunstreaker: *hesitates* Is that WakeJumper going to be moving into our base?

lbWakeJumper: I'm not sure.

Sunstreaker: *deep frown as he turns and walks out*

lbEclipse: And now he's weeboo.

lbWakeJumper: *had been drinking. Just put it out his intakes*

((written with [personal profile] random_xtras))