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kv. Autobot City. A New Family

Megatron: *dancing to Nasa style with Kriti, Shockwave, Soundwave, and Witchblade. Is trying to get Perceptor to join the other people who are up now during the wee smas and dancing with Blue Crew, but the red scientist is too distraught at how independent Shockwave's last growth spurt has left the youngling*

Soundwave: *singing his heart out as he dances*

Mistfire: *watching from where she's cuddling Cecily Jane and leaning on her husband* Percy's losin' it.

Torque: *small nod* *quietly* Yeah. He wasn't ready for Shocky ta be big.

Mistfire: Kids don't usually get that big that fast, do they? *watches the leggy Shockwave's joyful dancing*

Torque: Dunno. 'Parently Eclipse got to full size in about seven years.

Mistfire: Hmmm. *sudden snerk as she sees an Ultra Magnus bobbing his head from his wheelchair over on the other side of the dancers*

Magnus: *watching his wife and daughter dance and wishing he could play with them*

Torque: *watching Perceptor fuss* *quietly* He needs a bitty that'll stay bitty for a long time.

Mistfire: We kin look for one tomorrow. *sits up suddenly and looks toward the city gate, then hands the sleeping dragon child to Torque and runs over to where she can see Prowl leaning against the post and holding Tailgate in his arms*

Torque: *will cuddle Cecily Jane and rumble quietly for her*

Megatron: *sees Mistfire running, and then sees where she's going. Follows quickly, calling to the others*

Soundwave: *follows the Captain, his wife on his heels*

Kriti: *following after her husband, wondering about what Mistfire saw or sensed*

Torque: *bringing up the rear*

Prowl: *quietly, as the others reach him* Mistfire... It was gas. *quiet cough* I... I think I fell on the attacker. Need... Ratchet.

Mistfire: Shhhh. Let Meggy carry ya in.

Prowl: Spark... let. *grunts as his knees buckle*

Megatron: *arm out to support him* Easy, sir. Easy.

Kriti: *calling Ratchet and letting him know what's up, will check for the sparklet and click softly to Tailgate when she sees that the tiny lady is holding the bitty close for all she's worth*

Mistfire: Prowl, you gotta let go. *is trying to take Tailgate and the newspark*

Prowl: *fuddled and confused look that's accompanied by a soft sound of exhausted discomfort*

Torque: *soothing rumbles, will offer cuddles*

Tailgate: *even in her exhaustion and discomfort, she'll go to Mistfire, because she knows Prowl's got to be feeling as cruddy as she is right now*

Mistfire: *soft clicks as she quietly praises the new mother, and then she's turning to pass mother and newspark to Torque to stop the big cowboy from worrying* Shhh, Gorgeous. Bring 'er ta hospital.

Torque: *nods, gently cradles Tailgate and the sparklet close to his chest, and moves to walk to the hospital so he doesn't make the discomfort worse, rumbling quietly all the while*

Prowl: No! I have to... *pass out from exertion*

Megatron: *frowning with concern as he lifts the CO2* *turns his head* Jazz. I don't think Prowl can work tomorrow.

Jazz: *nods* Gotta see what Doc says, but I think two days'd be even better for Prowl 'n Twilight ta be restin'.

Megatron: *nods* I'll bring him to Ratchet now.

Jazz: *nod* I'll go get Percy ta go ta bed.

Megatron: *looks toward the scientist, and his face drops into deep sadness* *softly* Shockwave, you'd better help Jazz take your mentor to bed.

Shockwave: *small nod from where he'd followed after Megatron. Then he and Jazz are moving to take Perceptor to the scientist's quarters for rest*

Perceptor: *fussing over Shockwave, even as he's gently ushered to quarters*

Megatron: *quiet sigh and looks to Kriti and Soundwave, mutely asking if he's done wrong by letting Shockwave spend the day with them*

Kriti: *moves to give hugs* -Perceptor wasn't expecting Shocky to be so independent yet. Part of him is worrying about whether that will affect Shocky later in life or not, and part of him is sad about the fact that his bitty son's not bitty anymore.-

Soundwave: *patpat*

Megatron: *quietly, as he starts toward the hospital* But he knows we'll take care of Shockwave.

Kriti: *nods as she falls into stride at his side* Give him time. He'll relax eventually. *remembers how fussy her mentor would get sometimes when she was still growing*

Megatron: *still quiet* Shockwave loves him too. He'll never leave him.

Kriti: *nod* Maybe we should find Perceptor a girlfriend.

Megatron: *funny look* He has one.

Kriti: ... He does? *surprised*

Megatron: That purple and yellow lady. Lancer.

Kriti: ... Huh.

Megatron: Prowl told me they've been dating since before Cybertronians came to Earth.

Kriti: *blink* Wow. I didn't even realize...

Megatron: They're even quieter than Perpetua and Grapple. *looks sideways at her* You knew Perpetua is Greenlight's daughter?

Kriti: *quiet for a few moments, then she's nodding* Showtime knew before. And she told me again.

Megatron: *looks down at Prowl* Perpetua sounds a little like Hoist, too.

Kriti: *small nod* Yeah...

Megatron: I guess that explains why Grapple accepted her so fast. *care for the bots he's talking about is in his deep voice*

Prowl: *soft snerk without waking. Is comforted by good reports, as always*

Kriti: *soft snerk, doorwings fluttering with amusement*

Megatron: *slight grin as he looks down at the snerk, and then he'll hurry the CO2 to the hospital*

A few days later

Prowl: *groans softly and switches his eyes on* Star... scream?

bitty: *lifts head from where he's cuddled against Daddy's chest after his last big fight with Uncle Jazz* *serious frown of concern*

Eclipse: *little sound where she's snuggling Starscream on one of the other berths*

Prowl: *turns his head toward the sound and frowns worriedly when he sees how tired the young Seeker looks* *and then he's startling as the sparklet on his chest slides down to the side of the bed and presses the call button*

Fixer: *from somewhere outside* Ratchet, stop fussing and go check on Prowl!

Ratchet: *enters the recovery room a few moments later, looking worried about something*

Prowl: *quietly, without trying to move* Ratchet? What's happened?

Ratchet: Kriti got sick on Jazz. *glances over his shoulder, back the way he came*

Prowl: *frowns* Is there a virus going around?

Ratchet: No, thankfully. But Blaster's going to be a grandparent in a few months.

Prowl: *quiet moment of confused thinking. Then* Why have I been in the hospital for three days?

Ratchet: The stress to your spark from your son's creation.

Prowl: *slight startle, and then he's looking down at the baby sitting on the side of the bed next to him* My son?

bitty: *glances over while nomming fist. Hopes Mama brings noms soon*

Ratchet: *nods* You and Tailgate got caught in an LOL.

Prowl: *sharp with concern* How's Tailgate?

Ratchet: She went to get some fuel for you and the sparklet.

Prowl: *intakes deeply, his frown showing again as he tries to understand how the delicate little lady is up and around, and he himself feels flattened by a city's foot*

Ratchet: You strained your spark carrying Tailgate and the sparklet back to the city after you arrived a few miles away from it.

Prowl: *quietly, half to himself* So that's why the memory files didn't save.

bitty: Mom.

Prowl: *startles at the sudden comment, then winces and puts a hand to his chest* Ack.

Ratchet: *attention going to the door as Tailgate enters carrying a couple helpings of pasghetti with aged grease sauce* He's awake.

Tailgate: Oh, that's good! *will bring the pasghetti over* Prowl? How're you feeling? Can you eat some of... whoops!

bitty: *snagged a handful of nom and stuffed it in Dad's mouth*

Prowl: Mrrph! O_O Mmmm. *chews carefully, savouring the strange, rich flavour*

Ratchet: *muffles his snerk with his hand*

Tailgate: Oooh, be careful! *setting up to fuss over both Prowl and the sparklet*

bitty: *grins gravely at Mom, and then opens his mouth so that she can feed him*

Tailgate: *will carefully feed the bitty* What do you think of your dad, huh? *glances up shyly at Prowl*

Prowl: *sees the question in the look and smiles at her* *quietly* He's beautiful. Like his mother.

Tailgate: *ducks her head a bit and blushes* Oh sheesh...

Eclipse: *sleepily* I'll witness...

Starscream: *quietly* Am I old enough?

Prowl: *sucks in air and looks toward the youngsters, then moves his questioning gaze to Ratchet as Tailgate looks back and forth wonderingly*

Ratchet: *soft chuckle* If anyone says you're not, they're wrong, Starscream.

Starscream: Really? *sits up* Even though I'm only a youngling?

Ratchet: *nods* You're old enough to understand what's going on, and you're a good judge of character.

Eclipse: *sleepy nod of agreement as she moves to give more cuddles*

Prowl: *gently* Just let me ask Tailgate. I don't think I got to... that night. *looks to the little white and blue lady, who shakes her head and drops fuel on the floor*

Starscream: *little wiggle that shows his age* Okay.

Eclipse: *happy little clickstorm*

Prowl: *smile is full of affection as he turns back to Tailgate and looks at her*

Tailgate: *is a massive blush* Oh, wow....

Prowl: *softly* Tailgate, I can't kneel to ask you, but will you-GERK!

Tailgate: *glomped Prowl and is now hugging him tightly around his neck*

bitty: *can NOT believe Mom just squealed like that and dropped the nom. Is looking down at it*

Starscream: *up off the bed and crouching to pick up the bowls* It's alright, little brother. It landed right way up. Only a little bit spilled. *looks up to watch Ratchet rescue Prowl*

Ratchet: Easy, Tailgate. He's still pretty weak. How about I sit you here beside the baby?

Tailgate: Oh. *blink blink behind her visor* Whoops! Okay.

Eclipse: *sleepy clicks as she stretches and tries to wake up the rest of the way*

Starscream: *lifts baby brother and one of the bowls of food, then goes to sit by Eclipse*

bitty: *tiny hand in the noms as he clicks quietly*

Eclipse: *soft clicks as she stretches again, earlights a cheery yellow color*

Ratchet: *gets Tailgate sitting* Alright, since the baby's moved, why don't you sit by Prowl? *scans Prowl as he speaks*

Tailgate: *small nod, will move to carefully sit by Prowl, still blushing massively* Okay. Is he okay?

Ratchet: *soft chuckle* You couldn't hurt him, Tailgate, and he's fine. Aren't you, Prowl?

Prowl: *reaches to gently take the little white and blue lady's hand* *quietly and firmly, though his senses are reeling slightly* Tailgate, I claim you for my wife.

Tailgate: *and now she's blushing even more* I... *fumbling with her words now, will blurt out* You're mine!

Eclipse: *grin* Witnessed!

Starscream: *gravely but promptly* I witness.

bitty: *much click*

Jazz: *from where he snuck back in to stand by the door* Seen it too, Prowl, Tailgate. Congrats. *grin*

Ratchet: *soft snort as he's preempted of being the third witness, and then he's handing the second bowl back to Tailgate* *quietly* Here, make sure he gets some more of this. *gentle hand squeeze for her shoulder* Congratulations.

Tailgate: *another nod* Will do, Ratchet. Thank you. *will turn her attention to carefully feeding Prowl now*

Prowl: *eats the bite as carefully as it's fed to him* Mmmm. What is this?

Tailgate: Pasghetti and aged grease sauce. Showtime said it'd be easy to process.

Prowl: *swallows the bite and looks at the eating tweezers* Aged grease?

Ratchet: *as he turns to check on the kids* Yeah, Pipes and Hoist got to clean up a pit truck that'd been left sitting for a few years. They brought that stuff home, thinking they could eat it all themselves.

Jazz: Nightbird ratted 'em out.

Prowl: *as he carefully chews another bite* You mean this is more of your cooking?

Jazz: Naw. Showtime had the idea 'n bullied me outta the cookin' area.

Prowl: It's good. *takes the next bite and sighs as the light in his eyes fades toward sleep*

Jazz: Git some rest, Prowl. We got stuff covered.

Eclipse: *amusedly* We definitely do, if Showtime's not letting Jazz cook.

Jazz: *razzzz*

Prowl: *snerks without waking, though his hand is seeking his wife*

Tailgate: *will set the bowl of pasghetti where it won't get tipped over on accident, then she's moving to snuggle against Prowl's side, mindful of his doorwings*

Prowl: *cuddles the little lady with a sigh as his eyes shut off the rest*

Ratchet: *makes sure the newly claimeds are comfortable* Don't you have work to do, Jazz?

Jazz: Had t' make sure Prowl was okay.

Ratchet: *soft snort* I told you he'd be fine. Once he and Tailgate bond his spark'll be fully recovered. *realizes he's made the little minibot squeak and blush again* Shhh. Sorry, Tailgate.

Jazz: *soft chuckle as Tailgate ducks her head* I got someone ta cover Prowl's paperwork duties fer now.

Ratchet: He's sleeping too deeply to hear you. *turns and waves his hands at the Prime, grinning* Don't make me call my wife.

Jazz: *amused snort, "yeah yeah" hand gesture, will head out of the infirmary*

Starscream: *grins as a little chuckle comes from his bitty brother* You have to stop biting Uncle Jazz.

bitty: *looks up seriously* No take baby from Dad.

Starscream: I know. But it's still wrong to bite.

bitty: *troubled expression* Baby bad?

Starscream: *kisses the little helm* You didn't know. Just be nicer after this?

bitty: Baby be good. *looks at Eclipse as she stoops to offer him a kiss, then carefully pokes fuel at her mouth*

Eclipse: *earlights flash with surprise as she's fed*

bitty: Sissy nom. *grave little grin* Love Sissy.

Starscream: *happy grin as Ratchet d'awws softly*

Eclipse: *soft, happy, muffled clicks as she noms*

bitty: *little clicks of reply as he considers what side of the bowl to get the next handful from* Now bubby?

Starscream: *leans forward* Alright.

Ratchet: *turns away from the cute scene with a grin*

Brawn: *helping bully Gears into coming in to have a checkup*

Cliffjumper: *helping with that, or trying!*

Gears: *bitter complaining and trying to resist* *Fixer scares him glitchy!*

Ratchet: ... *sighs and shakes his head before going to get what he'll need to save Fixer the trouble of denting Gears' head. Again*

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras))