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Otherverse and Multinets. Dinobot Island and A Digital Club. Socializing

WakeJumper: *going through his evening routine of walking his brick paths on the island to check for loose bricks. As he walks, his thoughts turn to Cragbuster and Maj. LaFitte*

squirrel: *chirks at him softly and then wings a dried mushroom at him, fully confident that it is sharing nicely*

WakeJumper: *laughs and clicks back to the squirrel after stooping to pick the mushroom up*

squirrel: *friendly squeaks, and then scoots away*

WakeJumper: *soft chuckle, will stow the mushroom to show to Clementine and Swoop later. Knows that it will likely be shoved in Tarantulus' face at some point, as well*

tickle: *touches the back of his mind*

WakeJumper: *more soft chuckle* //Hello, Halwe.//

Halwe: //Hi, Wake. I was chatting with Myrrh. She says you're worried about two new people at base because they're so withdrawn.//

WakeJumper: *small nod, careful checking of some of the bricks* //Yes. I'm not sure what to do to convince them not to isolate themselves as much as they have been lately... It's not healthy to do that...//

Halwe: *shows him a shining blue path* //Do you have time to come see something?//

WakeJumper: //I have time.// *will access the path in his mind*

Myrrh: *soft mental touch as he arrives in what's readily recognizable as a sim in the multinet virtual world* -Welcome to the fairy's ball.-

WakeJumper: *much amused chuckling. Knows now that Myrrh and Halwe were hanging out where dancings happen* -Swoop would be jealous... She's been watching those ballet videos again.-

Myrrh: *soft laughter as her avatar trots over to take his hand. Tiny, glowing, pale green fairy woman looks up at him and projects peace over his worries*

WakeJumper: *makes his avatar gently nuzzle Myrrh's. Big orange and black Stringer strain Shoulder Angel must fuss over his wife!*

Myrrh: *soft laughter as she passes him a file* -Formal wear.-

WakeJumper: *will dress his avatar with the scarf that was in the file, then* -Alright.- *will also add the top hat he got from a Hollowbean event*

Myrrh: *soft laughter as her wings flutter her up to his shoulder* -Look over toward the centre of the floor.-

WakeJumper: *will look that direction* -Hm?-

man: *generally human in outline, though with metallic angles and a yellow and white colour scheme. He's gravely looking at the woman he's dancing with as he twirls her carefully through the steps of the dance*

woman: *tall and strongly built, with the same robotic look as the man. She's a sandy tan colour, and the avatar is clothed in a "let it go" style gown in the colours of the US Marine Corps*

WakeJumper: *quietly* -Awww.-

Myrrh: -Do you recognize them?-

WakeJumper: *looking and studying...then, sudden recognition* -Cragbuster and Maj. LaFitte.-

Myrrh: *nods* -Yes. According to the red bull and the unicorn over there, they come to this club every night.-

WakeJumper: -That explains why they isolate themselves...-

Myrrh: *softly* -I think they are reaching out, they're just going in a direction that the Major can go more easily.-

Cragbuster: *spins Charleen as the song ends, and then laughs at something a tall grim reaper says and snarks with shy irascibility as he puts his arms around Charleen*

Charleen: *snorts at the reaper, who laughs*

WakeJumper: -Aw.- *if his avatar could grin, it would be*

red bull: *goes over and teases Charleen about her dress. Gets swatted at and laughs as the hand passes through her*

unicorn: *is wandering as his lady visits. Pauses to study WakeJumper's avatar* //Nice. Is it a dinosaur?//

WakeJumper: //It's a Shoulder Angel. They're native to a planet in the Quadriate system in most realities.//

unicorn: *cheerfully* //Oh great, more non-Earthers.//

Myrrh: *soft tinkle of a chuckle* //Actually, we live on an Earth, and I was born there.//

WakeJumper: //It's home.// *makes his avatar headtilt*

unicorn: *sincerely* //Sorry. So, I was meaning to ask where you got your avatar, Myrrh.//

Myrrh: *waves a hand that trails a soft mist of glitter* //I made it from scratch. WakeJumper's is adapted from one for another venue.//

WakeJumper: //It's a custom pet from a game made by a DenYa race.//

unicorn: *curiously, as his leonine tail swishes* //What are DenYa?//

WakeJumper: //From what I've found on the multinets, they're kind of like Guardians, and a lot of them resemble creatures from Earth mythology.//

unicorn: *tilts head and flicks ears* ... //Cooool. Oh. The next dance is starting. See you after?//

WakeJumper: //Sure.//

unicorn: *grins and trots over to where his lady's waiting on an empty spot*

pink pony girl: *wearing a long pink tutu with a black layer underneath, a black body suit with sparkling pink balloons on it, black and pink combat boots, and a pink up do with black streaks* *stops by WakeJumper* //Are you guys using this dance track?//

Myrrh: *looks at her husband* //Do you want to dance?//

WakeJumper: *avatar blink* //Does this avatar have dance moves?//

Myrrh: *soft tinkle of laughter* //You put your feet on the glowing footsteps, and the program will dance you or lead you through the dance.//

WakeJumper: *surprised dino!* //Oh. Let's try it out, then.//

Myrrh: //Sorry, Pinkie. Oh, I think Scattershot has one over there.// *points toward where the pink anthro peacock in the colonial suit is waving and trying to catch the pony girl's attention*

pony girl: *looks* *SQUEALS! and runs over there, waving and bouncing all the way*

((written with [personal profile] random_xtras))