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Backwater Nexus. Sanctuary of Primus. Lost One Found

Tarop-Tim: *darts in and offers a warm meganoodle to his mother*

Showtime: *slight start before she can stop herself. Was humming quietly to Optimus and not paying attention to her surroundings*

Tarop-Tim: *click click click click* Nom. *click click pop squeak deedle* Megadoodle.

Showtime: *blinks for a few moments, then nods* *quietly* Thank you, Tarop-Tim.

Tarop-Tim: *other bitty hand goes toward Optimus' face and gently pokes the end of a straw into his mouth*

Optimus: *starts drinking without opening his eyes*

Tarop-Tim: Beef tea. *click pop squeak*

Showtime: *slowly works on eating the meganoodle, clicking softly between bites*

Hormah: *comes in, talking to hsvRatchet* I's seen some changes since t'at udder church started prayin' too. Will ye be arter lookin' t' see if ye sees 'em too?

hsvRatchet: I'll have a look. *pause* How aware of herself is Showtime today? *did his research before coming* I do not wish to frighten her.

Showtime: *looks up* Did Ratchet eat the rest of the meganoodles?

Hormah: *snerk!*

hsvRatchet: *soft snerk!*

Showtime: *very slight frown as she works out what she wants to say* *then* Should I get up?

Hormah: *gets over her pleased surprise and shakes her head* Nah, b'y. Ratchet kin scan wit' ye t'ere.

Showtime: *small nod once she's processed what Hormah's saying, attention going to Optimus*

hsvRatchet: *will move to scan Optimus, clicking softly to Showtime as he does*

Hormah: *hears Rap talking to someone in the front room* Scuse me. *turns and jogs out*

front room

Rap: *looks around as he hears his wife coming over* We gotta sitch here, Lady.

Hormah: *questioning look for the lilac girl standing there* Eh, Carina. What's got ye purdled?

lvCarina: *looks up to speak to Hormah, revealing that she's got a spark pot held in a careful but firm grip* *quietly* He was found in Diehard's workings...

Hormah: *steps over and scans the pot* In 'is workin's?

lvCarina: *small nod* *quietly* He's not very strong. But he feels familiar.

Hormah: *sucks in air* *softly* It's 'n Optimus.

lvCarina: *soft sound of surprise* Diehard's father?

Hormah: *slowly* Nah. Tim-Tim's. *reaches to take the pot*

Rap: Whaaaat? o_O

Hormah: *looks up from the pot* T'at's why we couldn' find 'im. 'E was stuck in the chaos.

lvCarina: Tim-Tim?

Tarop-Tim: Yeah?

lvCarina: *attention going to the voice that just spoke up* You are Tim-Tim?

Tarop-Tim: *sunny Optimus grin* Yeah.

lvCarina: *small nod of understanding* I see.

Rap: *offers the girl a hug* You gotta be anyplace, baby?

lvCarina: *small headshake as she moves to accept the offered hug* I am on my downtime, and I can set my teleporter back.

Rap: *gentle squish* Y'bring us any material?

lvCarina: *hugs and steps back with a nod. Then she's getting big pieces of Tyraborg chitin out of subspace and her non-subspace storage compartments* We stopped a small swarm of them from attacking a station on the rim.

Rap: Saweeeet! We ain't had any white in a loooong time. *glances over to give his wife a loving grin as she waves and turns to go back down the hall*

back in Showtime and Optimus's room

hsvRatchet: *as Hormah returns* The radiation damage he's showing is less than it was the last time I scanned him. *looks up, raised brow ridge* A spark pot?

Hormah: *nods, her bright eyes flicking over to check on Showtime*

Showtime: *went back to her usual state of total focus on Optimus and his comfort once Tarop-Tim scooted off to see what Hormah was doing. Is sitting and humming softly again, the notes of the song flowing much more easily than words ever do for her anymore*

hsvRatchet: *small frown, will scan the spark while Hormah's attention is on Showtime*
*startles, glancing to the human Showtime is humming to, wondering why he didn't think to buy a wish or two from Nemesis when he was at the Black Dog earlier* Hormah?

Hormah: *looks up* Eh? *eyes are brighter than usual as she gently hugs the sparkpot*

hsvRatchet: Would a wish help in this case?

Hormah: *softly* We're gonna be needin' some.

hsvRatchet: *nods and moves to get his PINpoint out, intending to go to the Black Dog and buy a jar from Nemesis* *is also contacting WakeJumper's hospital and having the staff there ready the operating room for surgery*

Mira: *is that chirp and clickstorm coming down the hall as she talks to Tarop-Tim*

Hormah: *glances at the PINpoint* *quietly* Nay. The babbies is bringin' 'em.

hsvRatchet: Ah... *small nod, puts his PINpoint away*

Hormah: D'ye call Wake?

hsvRatchet: *nods* He and his team are readying the operating room.

Hormah: Tell me when t'ey're ready. *looks toward the door*

hsvRatchet: *small nod, letting WakeJumper know to tell him when they're ready*

Mira: *click, pop, chirp, weedledeedle*

Tarop-Time: *pop pop pop car alarm*

hsvRatchet: *nods* *to Hormah* They're ready.

Tarop-Tim: *much deedle as he and Mira stop beside Ratchet's leg, holding the wish jar between them*

Bbbrl: *peeeeeeeks around the door jam* *with his ears*

Mira: *soft clicks and pops for Uncle Ratchet*

Showtime: *beginning to realize that there's more people in the room again, will look up from Optimus*

Hormah: *steps and leans on Ratchet, then PINpoints everyone to the hospital*

Nightwind: *squeaks and scoots away as they appear in the hospital foyer, then scoots back to Hormah* I'm ready.

Eclipse: *from the doorway* WakeJumper's waiting for you in the OR, Hormah, Ratchet. *moves to lead the way down the short hallway*

hsvRatchet: *blinks, will ask about Nightwind later. After Optimus has been tended to*

Hormah: Hold on, ye stunned *deedlebeep*. *has knelt next to the little purple Minicon*

Nighwind: *softly* Energize.

Eclipse: *amused optic roll, even though her earlights are giving away her concern* Yeah, same to you, Hormah.

hsvRatchet: *really wants to ask, but knows now is NOT the time to do so*

Hormah: *armour opens as she leans forward a little more*

Nightwind: *leaps into the air, folding into a solid brick, which vanishes into Hormah's armour as it closes again*

Hormah: *blinks a couple times, deedling softly and deedling back with a different code*

Showtime: *quiet clicks, is circulating slowly and trying to keep calm*

hsvRatchet: *boggling muchly. He's seen combiners both in his own reality and here in the Nexus, but he'd had no idea that Hormah had a combining partner*

Hormah: *turns toward him* *Nightwind's voice, though very confident* I'm ready, Doc.

hsvRatchet: Er... *small nod, moves to follow Eclipse, ignoring the orange femme's amused snort*

Hormah: *attention to pulling out a wish as she trots along beside Ratchet* Gotcha. Nope. Got. Nope. *deedlebeep!* Hormah, that was nasty. Whoops. T'at un's escapin'. Oh! Got it!

Eclipse: *as she holds the OR door open* Do you need my help with that?

Hormah: Here, ye kin put the lid on. *offers the jar*

Eclipse: *soft snort, will do so*

WakeJumper: *waiting to relieve Ratchet of the patient*

hsvRatchet: *will gently set Showtime on her feet and explain that he and the other medics are going to help Optimus*

Showtime: *eventually understands what's going on, will carefully set Optimus' bed where WakeJumper shows her to set it* *squeaks and looks to Eclipse with confusion on her face*

Eclipse: *soothing clicks, moves to help the lightly sedated femme sit down where she'll be able to see Optimus but won't be in the way*

Hormah: *checking all her tools and talking to herself in two voices*

hsvRatchet: *checking over his tools now*

WakeJumper: *soft hum as he scans Optimus*

Hormah: Alright. *holds up the wish* Tell me when you're ready.

hsvRatchet: *nods* I'm ready.

WakeJumper: Same here.

Hormah: *softly, still in Nightwind's voice* I wish for this Optimus to be the way he's supposed to be. *watches as the sparkles surround the frail form on the table and sighs with relief* *Hormah's voice* It kin work now.

WakeJumper: *small grin* That's good. Means we can do a lot more now to help him.

hsvRatchet: *grabs the life support and applies it!* *to Hormah* How is his spark?

Hormah: *scans* Some stronger.

Nightwind: But we can totally fix that. Well, a lot of it.

WakeJumper: *moving to help Ratchet get Optimus' shell ready for his spark to be put back in place* He's going to need a lot of rest and quiet recovery time, but I don't think that'll be too difficult to get set up... *chuckles at his own bad joke*

Eclipse: *optic roll and a subtle boot for her mate's ankle as she plays nurse and fetches tools*

Hormah: *comes over and starts working to repair the damage to Optimus' spark compartment* He'n Show don't like quiet.

WakeJumper: *blink blink* Oh.

A few hours later the bulk of the repair is done

Hormah and Nightwind: *checking everything over for the third time as they talk to each other in quiet Minicon*

WakeJumper: *well used to this, is working on minor adjustments and repairs*

hsvRatchet: *getting a bit of wounded pride as he helps with the minor adjustments and repairs*

Hormah: *more quiet conversation, and then she goes to get the sparkpot*

hsvRatchet: *will reach for the spark pot*

Hormah and Nightwind: *very Hormahish snort as she hands it up to him*

hsvRatchet: *snorts back, will scan the spark in the pot again*

Optimus: *strong enough now to gently bump against the top of the spark pot in a quietly curious manner*

hsvRatchet: *soft chuckle, will move to transfer Optimus' spark back into his shell*

Eclipse: *is that soft clickstorm as she comforts Showtime and keeps the sedated femme calm*

Optimus: *sucks in air as his systems sync with his spark and the colour comes back into his shell* Nnnnnn...

WakeJumper: *gently* Easy... *scanning and getting a painkiller tab ready in case it's needed*

Hormah: *pushes past Ratchet, deedling softly as she scans again*

hsvRatchet: *harumphs softly*

WakeJumper: *gentle hand on Optimus' shoulder to keep the red and blue mech from sitting up before Hormah says it's okay for him to do so*

Optimus: *turns his head slightly, but isn't making any other moves*

Hormah: *absently, in her own voice* He ain't arter goin' nowhere. *then, in Nightwind's voice* Everybody step back, okay?

WakeJumper: Alright. *moves to herd hsvRatchet back, despite the older mech's protests*

Nightwind: *gentle words as she puts Hormah's hands on the ailing mech's chest* Okay, brace yourself, this might feel a little weird.

Optimus: *soft rasp of assent*

hsvRatchet: *small frown as he watches Hormah and Nightwind work*

Eclipse: *keeping Showtime in the chair the femme is settled in, and talking quietly and soothingly to her*

WakeJumper: *helping Eclipse keep Showtime calm, is also keeping an optic on Ratchet*

Hormah: *flash of purple-edged pink shoots from her hands*

-----needs looked at below this line----

Optimus: *grunts as his mods suddenly get amped and the purple light highlights every crack in his armour*

hsvRatchet: *startles at the flash*

WakeJumper: *makes sure Ratchet stays put*

Showtime: *quiet, dazed fuss*

Eclipse: *gentle, soothing murmurs and shoulder rubbing*

Optimus: *shuddering sigh as the cracks and dents fade and the monitors show him getting stronger*

hsvRatchet: *will try and scan Optimus again* *consternation on his face as he gets strange readings that don't seem to make any sense*

WakeJumper: *soft, amused chuckle at Ratchet's expression* *quietly* Just hold your horses.

Showtime: *clicks softly*

Hormah: *and then the light is fading as she steps back* T'ere. Best we kin do right now.

hsvRatchet: *stinkeyes WakeJumper, then moves to scan Optimus again, hoping he won't get the strange readings a second time* *quiet rumble as he sees that Optimus is no longer injured, though the red and blue mech is still very weak. Soft snort as he also sees that the mech's built-in modifications are amplified*

WakeJumper: *also scans Optimus, then he's moving to get a spark booster. Said spark booster is soon installed in Optimus' frame, and the younger medic is again scanning the patient*

Showtime: *quietly and dazedly, looking a bit cross-eyed from the light sedative* Optimus?

Optimus: *optic shutters lift slowly as realization dawns on his weary face* *head turns again* Showtime?

WakeJumper: *will get Optimus' chest closed and then move to get the sedated femme* *to Optimus* She's right here. She's safe. *moves to gently tuck the femme next to her husband*

Showtime: *quiet little clicks, careful snuggles*

Optimus: *ghost of a grin* Found. You.

Showtime: *sleepy little smile, and more snuggles* Yeah.

Optimus: *sighs and sleeps*

Showtime: *echoing sigh, will shutter her optics and sleep as well*

Eclipse: *moving to get a blanket to cover the couple with*

Hormah: *softly* Les' git 'em back t' the Sactuary.

hsvRatchet: *quietly, as he nods his agreement* We shouldn't PINpoint. It might disturb them.

Hormah: *cheekily* Yer arms broke? Ye so old 'n rusty?

hsvRatchet: *stinkeye for you, Hormah.*

WakeJumper: *sternly, to Ratchet as he sees the older medic gearing up to snark* Don't.

Hormah: *gentle hand on Optimus's arm as she deedles softly in two voices*

Eclipse: *quickly darts over and biffs Ratchet right in the PINpoint, sending the yellow mech back to his home reality*

WakeJumper: *facepalming with his vocalizer muted to keep his laughter from waking the sleeping couple*

Hormah: *looks up and blinks* ??

Eclipse: *sweet grin* Now our Ratchet won't have to get up from enjoying his Java.

Hormah: *face palm* Ye gonna carry t'ese two home, t'en, ye stunned *deedlebeep*?

WakeJumper: *moves to gently lift the blanket-covered couple* No, she's not. That's my job.

Hormah: *Minicon comment as she kicks Eclipse on the butt. Hah! Just the right size*

Eclipse: *squeak!*

WakeJumper: *soft chuckle, moves to head out the door, showing no strain whatsoever as he carries Optimus and Showtime*

later that night

Hormah: *smiling from where she's sitting beside the empty bed that Nightwind's sitting on. Is watching Tarop-Tim cuddle his parents*

Optimus: *soft wonder on his face as he sleeps with an arm around his wife and his other hand on the back of his newfound son*

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras))