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Kritiverse. Harbor. Light Up

Kriti: *sitting and hugging her knees and staring out to sea*

Broadside: *sitting next to the little blue girl as he chats with the epic class lady on his other side. The three are waiting for General Abernathy to come and meet the newly arrived lady*

Abernathy: *and here he is* Hi, Broadside. So who's your friend?

Broadside: *thinks a minute to translate from Cybertronian to English* This is Light on the Water.

Abernathy: Hmm. *smiles at the lady* That's a little too long for easy calling. How about we call you... Seasparkle?

Kriti: *snort!*

Light on the Water: ... Yeah, no.

Abernathy: *nonplussed* No? But it's pretty.

Kriti: *snort!*

Broadside: *gravely* All due respect, sir, but my wife doesn't sparkle.

Light on the Water: Agreed. I light targets up.

Abernathy: Well how about...

Kriti: Light up.

Abernathy: *blinks and looks at the little blue girl* I beg your pardon?

Kriti: Write her down as Light Up.

Light on the Water: *sounding out the nickname, soft snort* I like it.

Abernathy: *uncertainly* Are you sure? It's not very feminine.

Light Up: All due respect, sir, but I don't really understand what that word means.

Abernathy: Well... women usually like pretty names. Ones that sound graceful, or make you think of something pretty.

Kriti: *SNORT!*

Light Up: ... *being totally serious here* You mean like watching targets blow up from the edge of your weapons range?

Abernathy: *startled pause that lasts for several minutes* *finally* Err... You think that's pretty?

Light Up: It means I've done my job well.

Abernathy: But what about...

Broadside: *interrupts* Sir, she lead the Academy class for bots of our size class. She's survived battles that made me urk. And her favourite ornament is that line of tally marks on her arm.

Kriti: *snerk*

Light Up: *shows that line*

Broadside: Oh. Babe, you're going to have to erase that red mark. Trypticon's gone.

Light Up: *blink. Blink! Surprised look for her husband* He is?

Broadside: He's a retirement community on Zamojin.

Light Up: ... *snort*

Broadside: I'm not joking. Oh. There he is.

Abernathy: *startles as little hands pull on his pants leg* *looks down* Hello, which baby are you?

Light Up: *attention going to that tiny form*

Motormaster: *gives the human an offended look* Are you joking?

Abernathy: *slight flail and a begging glance at Kriti*

Kriti: *rolls her eyes* Of course he's joking, Motormaster.

Motormaster: *happy again* I'm me!

Light Up: *glances to her husband, a question in her optics*

Broadside: All the 'Cons had that happen. Megatron's big again, but he's a pretty good guy. A little square, but...

Kriti: Finish that joke and I'll urk on you.

Light Up: ... A little square? *Earth humor is lost on her*

Kriti: *sighs and rolls her eyes again* It can refer to how my husband's built. It's also English slang for someone who doesn't get jokes.

Light Up: Oh.

Kriti: *to the General* Do you have what you need? Because I'd love to go home and and make the Prime's time in the hospital miserable.

Abernathy: *blinks* What happened to Jazz?

Kriti: Black ice right where he tried to do a fancy transform. *snort*

Light Up: *blink blink* Er... *looks to husband again*

Broadside: Black ice is nearly as slick as that zero friction stuff you accidentally poured on the floor that time.

Light Up: *wince wince wince* I see.

Kriti: And he was crossing the dam when he did it.

Light Up: Ouch.

Kriti: Yeah. And nobody else could come see you today. *doesn't realize she's absently giving General Abernathy a mild stink eye*

Light Up: The Prime'll be alright, won't he?

Kriti: Yeah. Probably. *quizzical frown as she notices Abernathy giving her a "meep!" look* What?

Abernathy: Are you alright, Kriti?

Kriti: *blink blink, and then a grumble as she shifts and hugs her knees* I'm morning sick and I want to go home and go to bed.

Abernathy: O_O Morning sick? *fumble fret worry* I'm done here. As a matter of fact, I was just going. It was nice meeting you, Light Up. I look forward to working with you. *turns around, stumbles over Motormaster, and heads for his car*

Kriti: *snort*

Motormaster: *puzzledly* Did he hafta pee bad, or somefin?

Light Up: I have no idea.

Kriti: *grumbles again as she gets to her feet* You guys go on home. I'll see you sometime.

Broadside: *nods* Alright, Kriti. Drive carefully, alright?

Kriti: *snorts at him*

Light Up: *small nod for Kriti, will ask her husband about some of the things that were brought up today*

Broadside: *gets to his feet and gives himself a shake, then offers a hand to his wife* The dock's this way.

Light Up: *takes her husband's hand* You're not getting out of answering my questions.

Broadside: I know. But I am giving you the best bath you've ever had and then the best fuel you ever tasted.

Light Up: *soft snort* Alright, then.

Broadside: *leads her away*

Kriti: *watches them go, and then snorts a last time before picking up Motormaster and teleporting home to her room at Perceptor and Kia's place*

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras))