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Backwater Nexus. Black Dog Porch. Field Trip

Chase: *sitting on the Black Dog porch with a wide-eyed youngling in his arms. Is discussing North American police code with a long, lean bot named Jazz*

Groove and Streetwise: *sitting by their mentor and also listening intently*

Heatwave: *got suckered into an arm wrestling match with a red femme who has a lot of parts showing*

Hot Spot: *frowning as he watches Mentor's technique* You gotta lean this way.

Chase: *glances that way, and then turns back to Jazz* Yes, myself and my team have recently arrived on Earth.

Jazz: Groovy, how're you diggin' it?

Blackbird: *snuggling with Uncle Blades and sharing candy with him* *is also sharing with Bubby Blades*

First Aid: *sitting on the shoulder of the husky green bot who is talking plants with D'Coda. Alternating attention from that conversation to what the rest of the family is doing on the porch*

Groove: *quiet clicks for a few moments* Eclipse is noisy. But MiniCee's bugs are neat.

Jazz: *soft belly laugh* I think Clipsie's always noisy. But she's a sweet lady. Who's MiniCee?

Chase: *slight smile as he waits for Groove to reply*

Groove: *more soft clicks* Bitty hurt lady.

svJazz: *face gets serious, barely glances toward the slender golden bot who's come to sit by him*

nProwl: *very small frown as he hears what the youngster said about the lady*

Heatwave: *is that squawk as he loses at arm wrestling*

Chase: *looks toward the squawk* Heatwave, perhaps you should have listened to Hot Spot's advice.

Blackbird: *quiet chirp of agreement, feeds Bubby Blades more of the candy, then noms a piece herself*

svJazz: *soft snerk* It wouldn' a helped, man. Flash's the champ.

Heatwave: *grumbling a bit, but his mood improves when the red femme offers to pay for his and Hot Spot's meals*

Chase: *watches the two fire rescue units go inside, and then looks down as Jazz returns his attention to Groove*

svJazz: So this lady's hurt? Don'tcha got Ratchet?

Groove: *more soft clicks* Uncle Ratchet's helpin' her. Says gonna take time.

svJazz: *grins* Well if Ratch's on the case, that lady's gonna be A O K.

nProwl: *small nod of agreement, though his thoughts are going to the Showtime from his reality, and what he knows of her past*

Groove: *small nod* Uncle Ratchet's good at fixin' people.

Chase: *quietly* What is the war situation in your reality?

svJazz: *snerks* What war?

Blackbird: *around the piece of candy in her mouth* Bad peeps fightin' our peeps.

Blades Sr.: *just a bit too hyper to remember to remind Blackbird not to talk with food in her mouth*

svJazz: *sobers* Yeah. They tried that where I come from too. But Optimus 'n his cats got things all straightened out.

Groove: *click click pop* Optimus is nice. *nodnod*

Streetwise: *speaks up for the first time* Is yours a girl or a boy?

Chase: *looks down* In English, "his" denotes a male person, Streetwise.

Streetwise: Okay.

Blades: *chipmunking now!*

Blackbird: *ditto that!*

Blades Sr.: *fussing over the kids*

Chase: *looks toward the two Blades and sighs* Blades Senior, are you overcharged again?

Blades Sr.: I didn't have high grade! I just had some candy!

nProwl: *soft snerk* Too much candy, it seems like.

Chase: Might I remind you again that any source of fuel, if consumed in excess, can contribute to overcharge.

svJazz: *chuckle*

nProwl: In this case, it's similar to a sugar rush in humans, rather than a true overcharge.

Chase: *doubtful look* That is not what Ratchet said.

Blades Sr.: *blink blink* Wasn't he overcharged when he said that though?

Blackbird: *muffled giggle*

Chase: Going by this bot's definition, he was only experiencing a sugar rush.

nProwl: I can smell the Cybertron Sunrises. It's a type of fuel that is equivalent to candy.

Blades: *wibble* I wanna go home.

Streetwise: We can't go home. We don't live on Velocitron anymore.

Blackbird: *gonna hug Bubby Blades and clickstorm softly*

Chase: *soft sigh* Outpost Omega One is our home now, children. And we may return to it at any time.

Strongarm: *stirs in mentor's arms* I think it might be prudent to do so now.

svJazz: *blinks at hearing such precise decisiveness coming from such a young bot*

Blackbird: *gonna start trying to herd Uncle Blades and Bubby Blades over to Chase!*

Chase: *politely excuses himself to Jazz and the golden bot even as he calls Heatwave to let him know that he, the Bladeses, and their charges are returning home*

Heatwave: *responds with a "wait for us" message, emerges a few moments later with a takeaway bag, and Hot Spot at his heels*

Chase: //Very well.// Boulder, are you coming?

Boulder: *blinks and looks over* I'll come back a little later. D'Coda knows so many fascinating things about plants!

Chase: Very well.

Blackbird: *herd the Bladeses, herd the Bladeses*

svJazz: *watches the visitors group together and then vanish with a swish and a slight flash. Soberly looks down at Prowl*

nProwl: *quietly* May their war end soon, without further loss of life.

svJazz: Only two people know Arcee ain't dead.

nProwl: *blink* The hurt lady Groove mentioned is her, correct?

svJazz: *quietly* Yeah. Lil' spark frag in a drone.

nProwl: *small nod* I have seen their Eclipse here before. She's quite fond of the drone.

svJazz: She don't know.

nProwl: *very small frown and a nod of understanding* In time, she may figure it out. From what I have seen of her, and her various counterparts, she's quite intelligent.

svJazz: *laughs and turns to go inside* She's too busy courtin' Fowler.

nProwl: *now he's curious. He'll move to follow svJazz* Fowler?

svJazz: *curious look* Like that cat that hangs out with Bender, man.

nProwl: Ah... *has NO idea who Bender hangs out with, because he doesn't hang out with the minicon himself*

svJazz: *shakes his head at his friend* I'll show ya over a drink. C'mon.

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