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Herobots. Mansion. Ties That Bind

Lumen: *sitting on the roof and listening to Perceptor sing in the attic below as he absently blows bubbles in a big botshake*

Mira: *having a nap on a nearby roof section, and is totally dolly-cuddling her husband*

Perceptor: *not really the best singer, but at least he's not terrible?*

Lumen: *scratches a healing dent from their last mission, then takes the straw out of his mouth and joins in with Perceptor, his deep voice carrying the scientist's weaker one along on its rich, warm tones*

Mira: *it's a good thing she ganked a babycarrier from Desinex, or she'd have dropped Ordnance by now. Especially since she's relaxing even more at hearing Lumen sing*

Lumen: *pronounces the words a little more clearly, hoping that it'll help Percy remember the lyrics*

Perceptor: *falters a bit on the next verse of the song*

Lumen: *continues the verse, still pronouncing the words clearly and carefully*

Perceptor: *a bit subdued as he picks up with what he can remember. Eventually, he'll fall silent as he tries to think of another song*

Lumen: *ignores the squawk from below as Sideswipe gets ganked by his wife while caught up in listening to the beautiful old ballad lullaby* *gentle and strong* I'll take the high road and you'll take the low road, and I'll get to Scotland a'fore ye...

Mira: *softly, without unshuttering her optics* But me and my true love will never meet again, on the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond...

Lumen: *smoothly* By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes,
Where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond,
Where me and my true love will never meet again
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond...

Mira: *will sing the chorus again* O ye'll tak' the high road, and I'll tak' the low road,
And I'll be in Scotland a'fore ye,
But me and my true love will never meet again,
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond.

Perceptor: *is that soft sound*

Lumen: *eyes bright as he gets up and walks over to give the milkshake to his sister* As weel may I weep, O yet dreams in my sleep,
We stood bride and bridegroom together,
But his arms and his breath were as cold as the earth
And his heart's blood ran red in the heather...

Mira: *quieter, as she accepts the shake* O ye'll tak' the high road, and I'll tak' the low road,
And I'll be in Scotland a'fore ye,
But me and my true love will never meet again,
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond.

Perceptor: *crying softly now*

Lumen: *sings soft counterpoint to his sister as he swings gently down onto the leads and then walks through the open French doors and into the attic. Eyes go toward Perceptor's lab corner*

Perceptor: *curled in on himself and shivering as he cries, optics nearly white*

Lumen: *walks over and sets a gentle big hand on the scientist's shoulder, then pulls him close in a protective and supportive hug*

Perceptor: *flinches and gasps, trembling as he's hugged*

Lumen: *gentle, parental rumble* *soft and gruff* Let it out. I've got you.

Perceptor: *quietly, voice cracking a few times* S-Shoot... Sh-shootout. *shutters his optics and hides against Lumen even more* S-shootout... d-did it.

Lumen: *rocks gently on the balls of his feet* Yeah. Optima dealt with him while I was in the hospital.

Perceptor: *very small nod, is just going to continue to hide against you for now, Lumen*

Lumen: *slight quirk at one side of his mouth, and then he's very softly singing in Cybertronian again. This time it's a gentle lullaby that sings of family, safety, and turbo fox cubs in the moonlight*

Mira: *carefully and silently climbing down to check on how Perceptor is* *Slight quirk of a grin as she watches Lumen and the scientist interact. Is gonna send a feed of this to Optimus*

Optimus: *sharp edge of concern in her frowning though calm voice* //What happened? I thought Lumen was going to the Black Dog.//

Mira: //He and I were chilling on the roof, and Percy started singing.//

Optima: *sound of an intake over the line* //Singing?//

Mira: //Yeah. Started off with [The Ferrofalcon's Nest], but he forgot some of the lyrics.//

Optimus: //Oh scrap. I'll be there in a few clicks.// *concern trembles her voice as she speaks*

Mira: //Lu's got him.//

Optimus: *softly* //Yes, but that was the song that his murderer sang as he left Perceptor to die.//

Mira: //Lu's singing [Turbo Fox Cubs Playing in the Full Moon's Light] now.//

Optimus: *as a portal opens behind Mira* //I shouldn't be surprised that he knows it.// *turns concerned yellow eyes toward where Lumen and her husband are*

Perceptor: *quiet sound, heard the familiar sound of one of Optimus's portals*

Lumen: *turns as the portal closes, then gently carries Perceptor over and offers the scientist to Optima*

Perceptor: *gonna cling to whoever is closest now*

Optimus: *softly, one hand reaching out* Perceptor?

Perceptor: *and now he's going to cling and hide against you, Optima*

Lumen: *watches as she holds Perceptor close, and then turns away* Mira, dungeon? *doesn't want to be noisy when Perceptor's feeling like that*

Mira: *quietly* *beep*, yeah.

Lumen: ... Ordnance tanked again?

Mira: *soft snerk, indicates the baby carrier she's wearing on her front*

Lumen: *turns to walk out of the room* We can dump him at Aoife's.

Mira: *more snerk as she moves to follow her brother* *quietly* He's gonna get mugged by kids. *so amused*

Lumen: *voice comes back softly as he jumps down from the leeds* That's the idea.

Optimus: *listens to them go, and then looks down at the man in her arms* Perceptor?

Perceptor: *without moving from how he's hiding* I... I remember his voice...

Optimus: *softly* I know.

Perceptor: *shivering despite knowing that he's safe in his wife's arms*

Optimus: *gently* Think of Lumen's voice.

Perceptor: *will do so, circulating slowly as he's been taught*

Optimus: *takes one arm from him so that she can use that hand to gently wipe the tears from his cheek*

Perceptor: *gonna snuggle close and continue to circulate slowly*

Optimus: *considers. Listens. And then lifts Perceptor up and gives him a gentle kiss* *quietly* Marry me?

Perceptor: *surprised sound at the kiss, but then he's blinking with surprise, and blushing softly. He understands what Optimus is asking, and he'll nod* *quietly* We should relocate to the berth...

Optimus: *gentle, shy smile* Of course. *sets him on his feet as she turns toward the four poster*

Perceptor: *will lean against her and reach for her hand*

Optimus: *strong but feminine hand, which has crushed tyrants, is gentle as it slips into his smaller one*

Perceptor: *small, shy smile as he gives her hand a gentle squeeze*

Optimus: *yes, she can still blush* *and let him take the lead*

Perceptor: *will move to lead her to the four poster. Then he'll reluctantly let go of her hand in order to get the covers turned down so they can easily get comfortable*

Optimus: *knows that she has to help him with this. It's the work of a moment before she's pulling them back up and turning toward her husband as she hopes she actually still has the bonding program*


Vector Prime: *standing in the library, talking to Showtime about possible choices for the next story to the sparklets. Suddenly gasps, staggers, and goes translucent*

Showtime: *startles and moves to fuss over Vector Prime. Will try and comm Optimus as well*

Vector Prime: No. *shakes his head, and then gropes for a chair* Please. Do not disturb Optimus.

Showtime: *concerned* But you need assistance...

Vector Prime: *shaky but joyful smile as he settles heavily into the seat* No. No! I do not. *softly* They truly are married now.

Showtime: *blink. BLINK!* Oooooh. *small nod* I'll go get them some fuel, in that case.

Vector Prime: *gentle, insubstantial hand on her arm* Let them rest for now, Showtime. *leans back with a sigh* Do you think Chromia will be affected at all?

Showtime: *small headshake* She doesn't have a sibling bond with Perceptor. She chose to go back and help him.

Vector Prime: *smiles* You had better go and check on her.

Showtime: Alright. Take it easy?

Vector Prime: Of course. *leans back with a sigh, though he's still smiling*

Showtime: *soft chuckle, will go find Chromia*

Chromia: *frowns and wonders what that twinge she just felt was*

Ironhide: *worried frown* 'Mia? Darlin', 're y'u alraght? *ready to give up the snack they'd been quibbling over*

Chromia: Ah th'nk so...

Ironhide: *offers her the snack, his frown turning dubious*

Chromia: *will reach for the offered snack*

Showtime: *humming a song she learned on Earth, will look into the room* Oh! There you are.

Ironhide: *guilty!* Hi, Show.

Chromia: *nods to the sniper in greeting, still puzzling over what that twinge in her spark was*

Showtime: ...You two got into my stash again, huh? *amused*

Ironhide: Wahl. This's th' one ya fergot on th' counter. But... Heh. *scratches the back of his head*

Showtime: *blink blink* Oh. Alright, then.

Chromia: *soft snort*

Ironhide: *pauses and studies the small blue femme's face* *frown* Whut happened?

Showtime: Optimus and Perceptor are bondmates now.

Chromia: *surprised cuss!*

Ironhide: *mouth falls open, and then he's whooping and grabbing both ladies for a bearhug*

Showtime: Awk! *laughing now*

Chromia: *affectionate whap on the arm for husband!*

Ironhide: *dances the ladies around a bit, and then carefully sets them down and looks toward the cupboards as he wipes his eyes* We oughtta have cake. Where's that Swiper?

Showtime: We should save the cake for when they wake up, so they can have some, too.

Ironhide: *thinks of Optimus' love of sweets and rumbles a chuckle* Yu're raght, Show. *more frown, and then an "Oh Scrap!" expression* 'Mia, y'u hear th' babeh?

Chromia: ... 0_0 No. *moving to find Kimchee*

Ironhide: *will go the other direction*

Showtime: *going to help with finding Kimchee!*

Ironhide and ladies: *soon locate the little Sewercon in the Backwater with Hound and the other sparklets, and quickly decide that all waking members of the team will join them there for celebratory pasghetti and the watching of a few matches in the rat pits. Of course, it's a fairly regular evening activity anyway, but it's nice to invent reasons for it*

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