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Name:Den's TF Den
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Story telling and role playing
This is a collective catch-all for several role-playing journals, as well as fanfics, and the occasional character information piece. There may be the occasional bit of swearing (generally in the fanfics. The RPs and character information pieces are pretty much G-rated, language wise.), odd humor, cross-dressing, mentions and descriptions of death, injury, and other 'traumatizing' things. Overall, it's about a PG-13 level community, though Den-mod is a bit of a prude and thinks that movie ratings are way too relaxed nowadays. She also thinks that Michael Bay's Transformers is alright, so use your own judgement when viewing this community.

For a definition of how Den-mod views the ratings:

G Rating: No cussing, suggestive situations, or serious injuries (bumps, scrapes, and every day kid injuries fall under this category. Basically, nothing worse than what would be attained through playing and kids being kids), and no death.
Y7 Rating: The worst word you'll read is "Sucks". If it even gets used. There's flirting and some cuddling, but no kissing, and there might be more serious injuries (IE: the occasional black eye or broken bone), but over all, this is fairly tame, and for the most part, is the default level of the logs.
PG-13 Rating: Censored cussing (which is all you'll ever really see if you read the logs. The fanfics might have cussing, 'cause Den-mod does cuss in her daily life, and sometimes writes how she talks....), mentions of death up to witnessing the deaths in the story, and actual kissing.
R Rating: Bit more descriptive of injuries and death, and somewhat suggestive situations. We likely won't actually get up to this in logs, and it might not even appear in most of the fanfics, but this is the absolute limit of writing level for this community. Most all the stuff written at this level will be fanfic, and since those are few and far between, it's likely not going to be used.
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