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Kraken are massive cephalopods who live in a huge gas giant. Toxic industrial waste has been dumped on this planet for several centuries. This has served to improve the environment for all native life forms. The planet looks like a flaming toxic hell to outsiders, but to its sentient inhabitants, it's home sweet home. The kraken are as toxic as their world, but they're also the guys to go to for the best raw metals and plastics and such (mining, smelting, and refining is the limit of their industry, other than a few weapons for hunting, and some recreational explosives). They take the stuff the little sprites leave, and they make incredible insulation material with it. They have the hearts of drunken Quadriates, and to them life and their world is one big party.

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Kikkers are massive, obese folk who resemble frogs (colouring is similar to that of a white lipped tree frog). They are good-natured, but can be fierce if provoked. They have a symbiosis with another sentient race that came to their planet long long ago. This other race, called the Omas, is semi parasitical, in that the eggs have to grow inside and get nourishment from another living being, and they've found that the babies are healthier if the other living being is a Kikker instead of an animal. Eggs are always removed just before hatching, and moved to an animal in order to prevent injury to the host. Only the male Kikkers are used for hosts. The Omas say that Kikker women have their own babies to carry. Omas are a very long lived race, who lay more sterile eggs than fertile. These sterile eggs, when consumed, cause the Kikker who eat them to experience greatly increased life expectancy. The warmth of fertile eggs also improves the health of their hosts.

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Bulls of the plain. Technology is analogue/steam, like the Drachs. They're one of the first races, one of the founders of the Coalition. Ilban-ui Hwangso are also one of the first races, along with the Drachs, to be strongly inclined for skirts for women. They don't have tails. They do have hooves. Very fine, close fur, of various colours, just enough to colour their skin, and large, drooping, floppy ears. Neither sex has horns. Men and women have two completely different cultures, which are strongly bound to one another.
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