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Backwater Nexus and New World. Black Dog and Bot Home. Family Reunion

Blackout: *sitting and talking to the techno-organic Miranda about Stupidly Adorable Things Husbands do. Pauses in mid story as she sees the virtual woman that looks like an anthropomorphic displacer beast walk in carrying the living Jazz plushie* Dawn, put that down and come talk with us.

Jazz dolly: Whaaaat? Now I'm a that? That's hard! XD

Dawn: *glances at Jazz dolly to see if he really is hurt by that, or if he's just joking*

Jazz dolly: *grins up at her* You wanna go girl talk, baby?

Dawn: *considering for a few moments* Where do you want me to set you down at?

Jazz dolly: *attention goes to laughter and his grin widens* I'll go see what 'Flight 'n 'Racer got goin'.

Dawn: *small nod* Alright. Stay out of trouble. *will gently set Jazz dolly on the floor*

Jazz dolly: *laughs out loud* Since when do I git inta trouble? *turns to run away* 'Cept when I git rained on.

Dawn: *soft chuckle* Have fun.

Jazz dolly: *waves as he goes*

Dawn: *more chuckle, moves to join Blackout's table*

Blackout: *lowers a hand for the six foot tall woman to step onto* Surprised you're awake this early after what you and the squish were up to all night.

Dawn: *soft snort* It's not our fault he was tanked.

Blackout: *snorts back as she wiggles her fingers at Dawn* His being overcharged doesn't automatically require you to run around all night and sing and groan loudly.

Dawn: *as she moves to climb onto Blackout's hand* Yes, it does.

Blackout: Dressed as an ancient TV? *lifts her up swiftly*

Dawn: *chuckles* That part was just for fun.

Blackout: How would you feel if someone did that to you? *dumps her on the table*

Dawn: *three point landing! Hand, foot, foot!* *snort* Jazz would troll them.

Blackout: You've never seen a hungover Jazz, have you? *glances toward the other woman on the table* Miranda, this is Dawn. Dawn, you know who that is.

Dawn: *nod* I do.

Blackout: *to Miranda* Furball's part of Iron Squad.

Miranda: *snort* Wah 'm Ah not surprahsed?

Blackout: She's also part of you.

Dawn: *LOOK*

Miranda: ...Alrahght, th't's surprahs'n'.

Dawn: *still giving Blackout a LOOK* *to Miranda* I'm a digital copy of another reality's Miranda.

Blackout: *snorts at the LOOK, and then quirks a browplate at Miranda*

Miranda: *visually trying to figure out how that sort of thing works*

Blackout: What's wrong? *very gentle fingerflip to Dawn in retaliation for that small finger jammed into a joint*

Miranda: 'Ow th' 'eck d'd th't 'appen?

Dawn: *dryly* Ask Charlie.

Blackout: Charlie likes sticking his nose into things. At least this copy's not as annoying as others that clutter up this nexus.

Miranda: *okay, she can understand that. Will nod and give Dawn a questioning look as the anthro displacer beast snorts and flicks at Blackout's hand with a tentacle*

Blackout: Better constructed too. *gentle tap on Dawn's back below the tentacles* That's unbreakable glass.

Miranda: *blink* Unbreakable glass?

Dawn: *gentle, fond swat for Blackout's hand* Yeah. There's a guy here who can make glass that doesn't break, even when dropped from a really high place.

Blackout: *snerks and taps Dawn's back again* It's plasma proof too. And the scrap bounces.

Miranda: *soft snerk*

Dawn: She's just grumpy about that because Sparta got a ball of it and she lives in a cave system.

Blackout: *snorts at her* I can imagine how your fancy little organic house would look after a ball of that was launched in it.

Dawn: *snorts right back*

Miranda: Oh, deah... *amused*

Blackout: Anyway. This... *taps Dawn's head* Isn't her. This is. *indicates the huge, deep blue gem on the cat-like woman's chest*

Miranda: ... *raised brow*

Dawn: The gem's my matrix.

Blackout: *picks up the lump of blue painted metal from her plate and bites off a chunk, causing a noise like something out of a horror movie*

Miranda: ... Matrix?

Dawn: All the data that makes me who I am. Voice data, memory files, personality data. Hard light configuration data.

Blackout: *swallows* That reminds me. Charlie's no light artist. You get help from Blazer?

Dawn: ... *blank look* Who's Blazer?

Blackout: *snort* Bridge and light artist. The best I know.

Dawn: Huh. Never met them.

Blackout: So who did this? *taps her on the head*

Dawn: I did. I adapted a base avatar and put it together with the shell and my matrix.

Blackout: Huh. *actually sounds impressed*

Dawn: I do most of my daily life in a virtual world. It's just something I picked up on how to do.

Miranda: ... *raised brow* Wh't's th't lahk?

Dawn: *slight shrug* For me, it's normal.

Blackout: *as she taps her finger against Dawn's head to annoy her* There're virtual worlds on most Earths that're like primitive versions of it.

Dawn: 'Second Life' and 'Roblox' are nothing like it.

Blackout: I said they were primitive. *snort*

Miranda: Huh. *trying to picture what Blackout and Dawn are talking about*

Blackout: *to Miranda* What's that face for?

Miranda: Ah'm trah'n t' 'magine wh't y'all 're talkin' 'bout.

Dawn: *snort* Good luck.

Blackout: I'll show you sometime. *takes another bite of her stuff* *to both women* There's a cybernetic Beau too.

Miranda: *startled expression*

Dawn: O_O There is?

Blackout: *nods* *to Dawn* From your origin reality. Denver told him to get varnished.

Dawn: *quietly* Oh. I see.

Miranda: *frown* Whah'd she do th't f'r?

Blackout: *snort* Glitch has a chip on her shoulder. She attacked one of her alternates the other day, too. *doesn't much like the young dragon after that time she told Paean off*

Miranda: Oh, deah.

Dawn: *worried frown*

Mutt: She just had a lot to work through. Aren't your lackeys helping renovate the William D Porter for her?

Blackout: The Constructicons are Nemesis'.

Mutt: The Mini-Constructicons are there too. And they're yours.

Blackout: *snort*

Mutt: *snorts back, and then looks at Dawn* You want anything?

Dawn: *to Mutt* The usual.

Mutt: You want the avatar or just the program?

Dawn: The avatar.

Miranda: *will study the menu, and debate with herself about what to eat*

Mutt: *to Miranda* Hash?

Miranda: *headshake* Ah'll be sick aftah 'f Ah do 'ash...

Dawn: *blinks and gives her counterpart a puzzled look* Are you alright?

Blackout: She's got one in the tank. *grinding scream of metal as she takes another bite of her snack*

Dawn: ... One in the tank?

Blackout: *simply* She's getting Dante.

Dawn: *soft sound*

Miranda: *blink* Huh. *kind of likes the name*

Blackout: *sets her snack down* Did he get the mail delivery route?

Dawn: *small nod* Yeah.

Miranda: Mail delivereh?

Blackout: *finds what she'd been looking for on the interwebs. Shows hologram of a rangy, black-haired twelve year old boy running easily down a forest trail with a pack on his back and two big dogs flanking him* *and then a big muscular black cat darts into the image and out again*

Dawn: *quietly* Aww.... That looks like Tinker.

Miranda: Tinker?

Dawn: *small nod* Yeah. He was always by my original's side.

Blackout: *watches the cat dart back through the image* It looks like you.

Mutt: How about some beef and gravy?

Dawn: *quietly* Yeah...

Miranda: Th't mahght be alrahght.

Mutt: Alright. *turns to go get the meals*

Blackout: *snigger as the cat in the image hangs off the running boy's butt*

Miranda: ... Th't looks painful.

Dawn: He's not using his claws.

Blackout: *looks more closely at the image* He's not?

Dawn: Tinker knew how to do soft paws. And if that's one of his kids, then he taught them how to do it too.

Blackout: Huh. Guess that's important when you're little and squishy.

Mutt: It's important when you're not made of metal. *sets down two plates*

Dawn: *quietly thanks Mutt*

Miranda: *digging in once she's got her plate of food*

Blackout: *thoughtful as she watches the clip of boy and pets end*

Jazz: *noisy and happy over at Fireflight and Moonracer's table*

Dawn: *glances toward that table*

Blackout: They've rounded up the outcasts again. *didn't need to turn her head to see what the party's about over there*

Dawn: *small nod*

Miranda: Th' outcasts?

Blackout: *quietly* The people that stand on the edges. *quirks a brow plate as a metallic head peeks up from the other side of the bar, and then swats it* Don't let Nemesis catch you there, Scorponok.

Scorponok: *PINpoints gone!*

Dawn: *soft snort*

Miranda: ...Friend'a y'ur's?

Blackout: *as she picks up another piece of her scrap* My symbiont. How's your fuel sitting?

Jazz dolly: *dancing like a WoW orc in the middle of Fireflight and Moonracer's table*

Miranda: 'T's sitt'n' jes' fahn.

Dawn: *absent response, is watching Jazz dolly dance. Has a slight smile on her face*

Miranda: *puzzled by the response of her counterpart, looks to where she's looking. Blinks a bit as she realizes Dawn is smiling* Er...

Blackout: *looks down* What?

Miranda: *small nod toward the table* 'M Ah seein' wh't Ah th'nk Ah'm seein'?

Blackout: *looks, and then grins* They're word bonded.

Miranda: *confusion clears* Ooooh. *small nod, works on finishing her meal*

Blackout: *soft snerk at just the tone that she knows Dawn tends to notice*

Dawn: *startles and looks to Blackout* Huh?

Blackout: Wipe your chin.

Dawn: *ears back, wipes at her face*

Blackout: *snigger*

Dawn: *RUDE gesture*

Miranda: *pretending not to notice*

Blackout: *to Miranda* Does yours dance?

Miranda: 'E does.

Blackout: *nods toward the plushie* Like that?

Miranda: Nope. *just noticed how the little dolly is dancing. Wonders if her counterpart is nuts*

Blackout: *snerks that snerk again*

Dawn: *"Get buffed" gesture* I wiped my face.

Blackout: *nods to the gobsmacked Miranda*

Dawn: *snort* Yeah, he's my guy.

Blackout: That's not what she's staring at, furball. *turns her head to look toward the door*

Dawn: *blinks and looks that way as well*

Blackout: *on her feet* Ratchet, what is it?

Ratchet: *optics nearly white. Somehow maintains his composure* Blackout. Do you have a source for *medicine code*?

Blackout: *quick check over her comms and then a scowl as she finds all the skilled local medical staff absent* What do you need that for?

Ratchet: *quieter* The Lieutenant Colonel is ill. *and the old medic is scared for his patient*

Blackout: *scowl deepens* It's gotten that bad?

Ratchet: *small nod* *despite everything Ratchet has tried, he's running out of options, and being in that position is so rare for him, that he's frightened*

Blackout: *even as she searches for a source for the code* Dawn, your son needs you.

Dawn: ... *seriously* What do you need me to do?

Miranda: *worriedly* Will Beau be alrahght?

Ratchet: *pure and utter gobsmack on his face. He'd always been told that the Miranda of his reality of origin was dead*

Blackout: *offers her hands to the smaller women, then notices how Ratchet sounds and frowns at him* What're you glitching for now?

Dawn: *as she moves to climb into Blackout's hands* He didn't know.

Ratchet: *mouth moving, but no sound coming out*

Blackout: *grabs him by the shoulder and lifts him* Are you coming, Miranda?

Ratchet: *bit of a squeak at being lifted by his shoulder*

Miranda: S'me'un sh'ld tell 'er fellah.

Dawn: He'll be alright. If he can't find me, he'll just meet me at home.

Miranda: ... *small frown, moves to approach Blackout* Alrahght...

Blackout: *PINpoints to the reality after calling ahead to let Breakdown know she's incoming*

hpRatchet: *steps forward from where he'd been standing over the groaning bruiser, holding a program applicator out to the mech in Blackout's grasp* Don't just hang around, bot! You've got work to do!

Miranda: *quiet meep*

Ratchet: *hurries to approach once he's set down, optics bright with worry* Less talking, more helping! *will drag his counterpart to where Beau is*

Dawn: *silently fretting and praying*

Blackout: *watches the doctors go, and then turns her attention to Breakdown*

Breakdown: *twitch* He tazed me!

Blackout: You need to stop trying to chase off people I send.

Miranda: *sympathy wince* Poor gah...

Dawn: *moving to climb down from Blackout's hand* It was just a tazer. Nothing fatal.

Breakdown: Where do you get off sending people here? It needs to be... quiet?

Arjay: *grins at Dawn and Miranda* Hi! I'm donna go see babbies over dere! *points to the lovely smelling giant pelargoniums that boarder the entrance area*

Blackout: *scans the bushes and then rumbles a soft chuckle*

Dawn: *glances that way, ears flicking a bit*

Blackout: *quietly* They're related to my runt. *to the bushes* You can come out. You're safe here.

bitty voice: Only my daddy kin tell me that.

Blackout: He's busy saving a life. Look. Here's another sparklet. *stoops down and puts a big finger on top of Arjay's head*

Arjay: *falls on his butt and yaps about it* :D

Dawn: *can't help but snerk softly, tail flicking a bit with amusement*

bushes: *rustle* Sissy's stuck, anyhow.

tiny chuckle: *sounds SO familiar*

Dawn: *ears up, moves to approach* Do you need help getting her un-stuck?

little voice: She's holdin' on, man.

Blackout: *snerk* What're your names?

little voice: Indy 'n Libby.

Blackout: *glances over toward where Breakdown's woozily replying to Miranda sympathy, then looks back toward the bushes and Arjay*

Arjay: I'm Arjay! I gots no off button!

Indy: Me neither, 'cept when we're hidin'.

Dawn: *soft chuckle. Reminded of her guy* Is that so?

bushes: *rustle again, and then a little white sparklet with black and red accents and a blue optic band is dragging out a smaller sparklet who is a pretty red and black*

Indy: *as he grunts with the effort of hauling the smaller baby by her head* Zat's what Unca Carmine sez.

Dawn: *amused snort, moves to help Indy with the smaller sparklet* Nothing wrong with that.

Libby: *wriggles as she's lifted, and then tilts her head and studies the lady who's lifted her* *quiet clicks to herself, and then looks down at her brother*

Dawn: *soft, soothing hum* *thinks the two sparklets are adorable. Kind of wishes her Jazz were here so he could see the cute, too*

Indy: *goes over and looks up at Breakdown* You okay, man?

Breakdown: *has a SULK going on* He tazed me.

Indy: You tried ta thump 'im. *tilts his head and concentrates, then manages to scan the big bot's foot*

Breakdown: Doc said Mack needs quiet...

Indy: *as he carefully manipulates something that he took from a carrying holster that folded out of his leg* Daddy's a Doc. He kin help. *touches the end of the something to Breakdown's leg and presses the button to apply a light painkiller and energy program*

Breakdown: *still gonna sulk a bit*

Miranda: *gentle patpat for Breakdown's foot* Ah th'nk 'e's jes' gonna sulk, no mattah wh't y'u say.

Indy: *chuckles just like his sister, though that grin doesn't fit the original owner of that chuckle* Zit hurtin' anymore?

Breakdown: *bit of a grump* No.

Indy: *big grin, and then he pulls a tiny chunk of blue plastic out of another pocket and offers it up to the disgruntled bruiser*

Breakdown: *still a bit grump, but will gruffly thank the sparklet for the plastic piece as he reaches for it*

Blackout: *offers Arjay to Dawn, holding him between thumb and finger as he wriggles and yaps happily*

Dawn: *will carefully cradle the sparklet close so he doesn't fall* Well, aren't you cute? *small smile*

Arjay: :D So's she. *points to the other baby Dawn's holding*

Libby: *sticks her hand over the yap and makes a tiny Ratchet smirk*

Dawn: *soft snerk*

Blackout: *quiet and gruff* You don't have time to play with the scraplets. MacKenzie needs you.

Indy: *looks over from where he was chatting to Miranda and Breakdown*

Dawn: *small nod, will move to head for where the Ratchets went* *Blackout said nothing about setting the kids down!*

Miranda: *can't help but snerk at the quietly smug look on Dawn's face*

Blackout: *soft snort as she offers Breakdown a hand* You know you can't keep those.

Dawn: Doesn't mean I can't bring 'em with to sit with Beau. *and now she's gone inside the building*

Breakdown: 'Cee might have something to say about that. *scowls at the hand and shakes his head*

Indy: Later, Cats. *scoots after the lady with his sister*

Miranda: *amused headshake* Yup. Th't's def'n'tleh mah sister.

Blackout: *snorts at her, and then settles down on her skidplate to wait*


Cliffjumper: *hand out of a doorway to snag a little purple chatter* Heyyyy, that's where that went.

Dawn: *startles at the sudden babby snag* Er...

Arjay: Dada! Look, other babies!

Cliffjumper: *peers through the doorway, his single optic questioning*

Libby: *smirks as she curls her fingers in a little baby wave and leans against Dawn*

Indy: *skids to a stop and looks up with that grin*

Cliffjumper: Well, look at that. There are more anklebiters. Did you guys come with that grumpy looking red and white guy?

Libby and Indy: *too much laughings to answer*

Dawn: *snerk* That's a yes.

Cliffjumper: *scarred face cracks into a grin* A kitty lady. Hi. I'm Cliffjumper. Arjay's my older kid.

Dawn: *soft snerk* Displacer beast, actually. *see the tentacles?* I'm Dawn. Beau's my original's son.

Cliffjumper: *grin fades slightly* Your original? Are you another ghost?

Dawn: I'm a copy of the original Miranda MacKenzie's personality, memories, and voice.

Cliffjumper: *starts to say something else, but stops and looks toward a cry from further down the corridor instead* *quietly* Scrap...

Arjay: *hide on Dad*

Libby: *frowwwn*

Dawn: *looks toward the cry as well, ears up* That was Beau?

Cliffjumper: *quietly* Yeah. That's him.

Indy: *arm around Dawn's leg. Might be a little wibbly*

Dawn: *bends to pick Indy up as well*

Indy: *gives her a sober look* We better get goin'.

Dawn: *nods* Yeah. *squares her shoulders and moves to head down the hall*

Beau: *cries out loudly*

hpRatchet: Eeeaassy. Come on. *voice goes sharp* Will you stop that fussing? You're a shame to the name of Ratchet!

Cliffjumper: *is the sound of a door closing hastily*

Ratchet: *just got belted right out of the room up ahead*

Dawn: *quick to duck out of instinct, then she'll walk past where the local Ratchet landed with a "tsk" before heading into the room* *quietly, to Indy and Libby* Sorry about the scary stuff.

hpRatchet: *glances over from where he's rumbling to the shivering form on the bed* They've seen worse.

Beau: *moaning softly. Seems to be saying a name that begins with a D*

Dawn: *will move to find a spot to set Libby down so the sparklet and her brother will be able to see what's going on, but won't be underfoot*

Indy: *climbs up with sister on the chair, then puts his arms around her. Startles as a light flies over to hover in front of them*

Navi: *quietly* Hey, look.

Beau: *listless, barely turning his head*

hpRatchet: *to Dawn* Were you just bringing the babies?

Dawn: No. I came to see my son.

hpRatchet: *slight frown* *quietly* Your son?

Dawn: *serious displacer beast lady is serious* I'm a copy of his mother.

Beau: *quietly* Ma...

hpRatchet: *surprised glance. Gently* Do you want your mother, son?

Beau: *tiredly* Want mah Ma.

hpRatchet: You've got to stay on the bed, then.

Beau: *will be good and stay on the bed*

hpRatchet: *steps aside warily, then takes his eyes from the patient and nods to Dawn*

Dawn: *four arms make it easier for her to climb up to the bed!* Shhh, Beau. I'm here. *will gently smooth the ailing bot's helm*

Beau: *soft sigh, shutters his optics* *softly* Denver...

Dawn: *gently* I'll talk to her later. After you've rested.

Beau: *absent sound and a slight nod* *one hand searches for his blanket*

Navi: *scoots over* Hey?

Beau: 'M cold...

Navi: *all around the room, and then out through the door* *faintly* Hey! Look!

hpRatchet: *out he goes* You took his blanket away???

Ratchet: *in full fuss mode* He's at risk of falling if he tries to get up!

hpRatchet: Go get it! NOW!

Beau: *flinches at the shout*

Ratchet: *scampers to get the blanket!*

Dawn: *more forehead smoothing for Beau, and she's humming softly*

hpRatchet: *sound of growling, and then he comes back with the blanket and starts spreading it over Beau*

Beau: *comforted by the warmth of the blanket, and by hearing a familiar humming. Systems start to slow as the mech enters sleep mode*

hpRatchet: *pulls out a datapad and taps in a code* Denver! Wake up!

Denver: *groggily* //Whut?//

hpRatchet: *harshly* Are you awake?

Denver: //Kahnda...//

hpRatchet: *voice softens* I need you to talk to your brother. He's here with me.

Denver: //... *quietly* 'S 'e 'wake?//

hpRatchet: *looks over at Beau* Beau, do you want to talk to your sister?

Navi: *hovers over the datapad* Hey! Look!

Beau: *sooo not wide awake* Denver...

hpRatchet: I think that's as close as you're going to get right now. Say something to him.

Denver: *quiet for a few moments, then* //Beau, y'u git s'me rest. Ah'll see y'u latah.//

hpRatchet: *scans his patient to see how this affects him*

Beau: *settling into a stable sleep mode* *looks a bit less stressed now*

hpRatchet: *to Denver* He's sleeping now. Quietly.

Denver: *quietly* //Good.//

Dawn: *to Denver, quietly, and a bit sternly* You'd better be serious about visiting.

Denver: *squeak* *if she were there in person, you'd get to see a big noodle going 0_0*

Dawn: *still quiet and stern* Don't think I won't track you down, young lady.

Indy: *is the sound of very quietly putting his hands over his mouth to hold in giggles*

Dawn: *seriously* But don't come now. Beau needs to rest.

Denver: *meekly* //Yes'm.//

Dawn: And tell that man of yours to keep his butt out of trouble. *she heard about the tiff with another Knockout over who was shinier*

Denver: //Yes'm.// *sounds a bit spooked now*

Dawn: *quieter* See you soon. *glances to hpRatchet*

hpRatchet: *ends the call and puts away the datapad* Do you have anywhere to be?

Dawn: I'll let my guy know where I am. *gets comfortably situated, will send Jazz a message*

hpRatchet: Alright. *sighs and turns to scoop his children up, then walks out of the room to look at his alternate*

Ratchet: *holding Twilight and quietly praying*

Twilight: *gentle little lady lifts her head to give the visiting Ratchet a stern look that is offset by muffled baby giggles* *blink blink*

hpRatchet: *quietly, to his alternate* He's going to be alright now.

Ratchet: *small nod* *quietly* Good.

hpRatchet: *gruffly* And now you'd better have something to eat.

Ratchet: *another small nod, will give Twilight a gentle hug and then move to try and get up*

hpRatchet: *frees a hand to offer it when he hears Twilight grunt* *gently* Here. Don't crush her.

Ratchet: *will reach for the offered hand*

hpRatchet: *heaves him up carefully, then gives him a thump on the back*

Ratchet: *quiet 'oof' at the thump* *circulates and lets the air out in a sigh*

Indy: *grins and gives him a double thumbs up* Liberty 'n Independence!

Ratchet: *blink blink* Er...

hpRatchet: *smirk* He said hello, mech. Are you deaf?

Ratchet: *slight stinkeye for his counterpart* It's not one I've heard before.

hpRatchet: *quieter* It's a catch phrase that's come up since the Reaper War. *looks down at the bitties in his arms* It's everywhere.

Libby: *crooks a thumb at herself* Liberdy!

Indy: *laughs* 'N I'm Independence.

Twilight: You mean you're named after the phrase?

Indy: Yeup.

Ratchet: ... I see.

hpRatchet: *quiet and gruff* These are my children. Their mother had to go north with the President, so they're with me today.

Libby: *holds in brother laughs for him*

Indy: *mirthful about this!*

Ratchet: I see. *small nod* *remembers, vaguely, seeing the President on tv, giving a speech at one point, because the human children had to watch for a school assignment* *quietly, indicating Twilight* This is my wife, Twilight.

Indy: *holds out a hand* Pleasedtameetcha! :D

Ratchet: *will gently shake hands with the sparklet* Likewise.

Twilight: *takes the little hand when it's her turn* You look like Jazz.

hpRatchet: That's because she's his mother.

Ratchet: ... *brain broken expression is a go*

hpRatchet: But this isn't getting you fed, mech!

Twilight: *blinking stops, and she grabs her husband and pulls him in the direction of the end of the corridor and the cafeteria*

meanwhile, outside

Blackout: Dallas, get over it. He's not hurt.

Breakdown: *holding wife, and feeling fervently glad that the yelling isn't pointed at him this time*

Dallas: *expression is very dark. Found out that Breakdown got thumped on, and is not a happy wife*

Blackout: *lifts her head and looks over Breakdown's shoulder* Do you want to teach that language to babies?

hpRatchet: *as he steps past the human kids in the entrance* What's going on?

Dallas: *turns that dark look to the Ratchet she doesn't know*

hpRatchet: You have a problem, miss?

Indy: *griiiiin*

Libby: *smirk*

Dallas: What makes you think it's okay to taze someone who's just trying to do his job?! *glower*

hpRatchet: *calmly* Oh, you wanted Beau McKenzie to die?

Jack: Eeep! What?

Dallas: *more glower* Scrap, no.

hpRatchet: Well I barely got to him in time.

Breakdown: D:

Dallas: ... *a little pale now*

hpRatchet: *calmly stern to Breakdown* You need to learn to listen.

Breakdown: *squeak*

Miko: *is a quiet sniffle as she turns and runs back inside*

Dallas: *quiet now, her lips pressed thin. Is wondering if she shouldn't go and drag Denver here, too*

hpRatchet: *steps toward them*

Breakdown: *wince, cringe*

hpRatchet: *holds out his babies*

Indy and Libby: *hugs you, big red-faced guy!*

Breakdown: *surprised expression is a go* Er...

Dallas: *distracted from gearing up to scold younger cousin by the cute*

Indy: *sweet Jazz grin as he leans up to kiss that lady on the cheek*

hpRatchet: Tsk. Independence...

Indy: *grin for Daddy. To Breakdown* Sorry.

Dallas: *soft snerk, will reach and patpat her husband's chest*

Breakdown: *distracted from worry by cute. Is grinning at that cheeky little baby*

hpRatchet: *shakes head sternly at his bitty son, then turns to Dallas* Your cousin should be here sometime in the next couple of days. She's in a protein coma right now.

Dallas: ... *snort* Figures. Does Beau have a comfort item?

hpRatchet: *gruffly* He's got his mother.

Indy: Pretty beasty lady. *nod nod. Ducks Sissy bap*

Libby: *bad bug on Bubby! Bap bap bap!*

Dallas: ... *brow up* His mother?

hpRatchet: *firmly* She's as much his mother as he is Beau McKenzie. Enough that she saved his life.

Raf: *rubbing his face to wipe away tears as his drone offers his plant monster*

Dallas: ... *quietly* Oh. *remembers Miranda, and what she was like*

Breakdown: *frowning* Why does she look like a cat?

hpRatchet: That's a displacer beast.

Breakdown: ...Why's she look like one of those?

hpRatchet: How should I know?

Dallas: ... *snerk* I'm guessing it's because they look like her old cat, Tinker.

hpRatchet: *gruff, but not unkind* You'll have to ask her. But I have to get home before I'm missed. Your Ratchet should be able to take care of the patient now.

Dallas: *small nod* We'll hold down the fort here.

Jazz: *from where he's come to lean in the doorway with Miko in one hand* Got that right.

hpRatchet: *glances at the white and black mech, wondering what's made him so grim, then nods to Blackout and the locals before teleporting himself and his children away*

Blackout: *studies Jazz and then snorts*

Dallas: *attention going to Jazz* ... 'Sup?

Jazz: *shrugs as he turns to go back inside*

Blackout: *snorts again as she watches him go, and then looks at Dallas* I'll send supper.

Dallas: *nods* Alright.

Breakdown: *flinches slightly as the huge black woman vanishes, and then sighs and moves to set his wife down so that he can take up his guard position again*

Dallas: *will get comfortably situated on husband's foot*

Breakdown: *stands to watch the door, not moving as Raf comes to snuggle up to Dallas*

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras))