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TPF. Demo Derby. Family Reunion of Sorts Part 1

Groundpounder: *jumping up and down and holding his foot as he howls with pain. Is keeping an eye on the Caterpillar-based derby rig that just ran over his toes, and feeling very pleased to see the amused grin on the face of its sixteen-year-old deaf driver*

Kriti: *sitting in the audience with Bumblebee, a black scowl on her face*

Bumblebee: C'mon, babe. He's been clean for years, and have you EVER seen such great cheesy acting?

Bad: *braaaap*

Two: *intent on the show*

Kriti: He's still a jerk. *huff, doorwings buzzing with irritation*

Bumblebee: He's also teaching Jordan the ropes of the sport. *gentle, soothing hand on his wife's back as a sleepy little chitter comes from his babbyhat*

Groundpounder: *dodges a charge from Battlecat, then flips the rig a few times to make the crowd cheer*

Jordan: *bibble sounds as Battlecat lands on its treads, then grins and burns a doughnut with it and charges again, swinging wide this time*

Bumblebee: *awed* ...How did he make a cat tractor do that?

Kriti: Scrap if I know... *attention going to the flash of orange she can see* *optics narrow even more*

Groundpounder: *glances toward the beautiful carrot-top who's sitting on the hood of the Maserati MC12-XX in the entrance, his grin telling her what he thinks of this human kid's brains and tenacity. Shows off his new dents as the crowd roars, then thumbs up to Jordan and gets ready to win*

Jordan: *spins Battlecat again, and then comes out of that spin unexpectedly, the momentum causing him to plough into Groundpounder at high speed and irresistible force*

Groundpounder: *whoop of surprise as he's bowled over*

woman on the Maserati: *laughing so hard she just fell off the car*

Kriti: *doorwings parallel with the ground*

Bumblebee: *whooping and hollering and waving arms, to Little Bob's disgust*

TwoBad: *so much happy. Has NO CLUE why the happy, but they has it!*

Kriti: *not even paying attention to the match at this point, but boy, are her doorwings buzzing!*

Bumblebee: *notices this as Groundpounder tries to get up and then faceplants* ...Babe? You weren't rooting for Groundpounder, were you?

Kriti: *absent sound, attention fully on the orange Maserati*

Bumblebee: *frowns at her for a moment, and then follows her line of sight* ...I know the outfit's kind of small, but your avatar's worn less.

Kriti: *softly* -She seems familiar...-

Bumblebee: *checks his files* I don't remember anyone with hair that colour.

Kriti: Not the human... the car.

Bumblebee: *puzzled glance at the vehicle* ...Is it wearing tacky bling?

Kriti: No. But she seems familiar. *and she's pretty certain about the car's supposed gender*

Bumblebee: *eyes rotate and zoom in as he looks more closely at the vehicle* Right. I should've realized that was one of us. *frown* I don't see any badges.

Kriti: *much frown* There's just something about her...

Bumblebee: Grab the twins and let's go use the backstage pass.

TwoBad: *yeah. Where are they?*

Kriti: *small nod, will grab the little Predacon, clicking softly*

TwoBad: *complaining babbies! They were looking for hot dogs, Daddy!*

Kriti: *more clicks. We're going somewhere else, and we'll stop for food after*


Bumblebee: *stuffs a packing peanut in each complain point*

TwoBad: *mrrph!* *mrrph*

Kriti: *absent hum, doorwings buzzing*

Bumblebee: *frowns at her with concern* Let's go.

Kriti: *nods* *is still trying to figure out why the orange Maserati seems so familiar*


Bumblebee: Hi, Groundpounder? Muhlisha Prime wanted me to touch base with you.

Groundpounder: *lifts his head from his can of oil to give the yellow bot a blinky, black-eyed look* Can I get some dents knocked out from the last base touchin' first?

Kriti: *soft snort*

Groundpounder: *expression changes to surprise* Woah. They said the Predacons were back, but nobody said they were Minicons.

Bumblebee: ...They're not. Two and Bad are babies. And we're not here to fight. It'd tick Little Bob off even worse than forming dentae is already.

Kriti: *dryly* One of the most painful sounds is an angry baby Insecticon.

Groundpounder: *quick study of both adult bots, and then stands up and finally spots the little scrap clinging to the yellow guy's head* Wow. What did they start making 'em so small for?


Kriti: *Tau accent coming through* That's the size'a frame their sparks c'n support when they're strong enough ta be outta the tank.

female voice: Tank? *orange Cybertronian woman steps into the room and frowns interest from wide-set, large violet eyes* Were they experiments?

Groundpounder: *surprised scowl toward the woman for what she said*

Kriti: *stands a bit straighter, studying the orange woman behind her visor* No. Perceptor said he got the process for makin' new bots mostly right before he left Cybertron, 'n he built all the equipment on Tau when he got there. Fixer would'a pounded the scrap outta him if he hadn't gotten it down before he started makin' the Tau Enforcers.

orange woman: *puzzled quirk of the brows as she studies the smaller woman* ...Have we met?

Kriti: *frown and a slight headtilt* Dunno. You tell me.

woman: *steps closer and absently catches flying baby Preds* Halcyon of Iacon. Sparked on the 11th of Solar cycle *so and so*.

Kriti: Kriti of the Tau Enforcers. Sparked on *date* 'n decanted on *different date* 'a Solar Cycle *so and so. She's a LOT younger than you, lady*

Halcyon: Hmm. *absent cuddling of bitty Preds under her chin as she scritchies a little belly with delicate, clawed fingers* I've never been to Tau.

Kriti: ... *hand up, will let her claws out... and her visor will retract at the same time* *seriously* Who were yer code donors, Hal?

Halcyon: *slight, non-angry but warning frown at the nickname* My mentor never told me. Her name was Desinex.

Kriti: ... *boggling now, and her knees just went weak* Holy scrap.

Bumblebee: *whirls from chatting with Groundpounder to grab her* Babe??

Groundpounder: *worried scowl*

Kriti: She'n I're sisters! Like 'Lisha 'n me!

Bumblebee: *runs over Kriti and Halcyon's conversation* ...Because Desinex mentored her?

Halcyon: *watching them quizzically*

Kriti: Lookit'er claws 'n optics!

Bumblebee: *sucks in air* You're right. She's made from Desinex. *slight frown as he leans over to study Halcyon more closely* ...Is it me, or does she look like Sunstreaker?

Halcyon: o.O?

Kriti: ... *looks. Doorwings UP!* Holy scrap, she does. *calling her older half-sister*

Bumblebee: No. Don't call Muhlisha. She's got a lot to do, and this'll just make her want to come. *frowns and thinks, then perks* Call Mira.

Kriti: ... Yeah... You're right. *small nod, will call the Wrecker instead*

Bumblebee: *to Halcyon and Groundpounder* Sorry, guys, we just need to figure something out. *gently* You have family, Halcyon. Besides Groundpounder.

Groundpounder: *perks with relief at that addition*

Halcyon: *takes a hand from bitty scritchies to pat the big lug*

Kriti: *arguing with Mira now, doorwings moving expressively*

Bumblebee: *hacks in* //Mira, what's the problem?//

Mira: //I'm busy! *squeaks!*//

Bumblebee: //We just found you a sister.//

Mira: *awk* //Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!// *inadvertently shares her shock with her mate*

Ultra Magnus: //OUCH! For scrap's sake! I just walked under Euroclydon's foot!//

Bumblebee: Wow... Magnus cusses now.

Kriti: *falls over laughing. The sheer absurdity of that statement got to her*

Mira: //Slaggin' tell me where, 'Bee!//

Bumblebee: *quietly, with amusement as he thinks of how Mira said there'd be nothing interesting to see at the show* //Smash City stadium.//

Mira: //I'm on my way.//

Kriti: *in between gasping laughs* //Someone's gotta tell Sharpshot, too, 'n Sunstreaker!//

Bumblebee: //Er... Let's tell Sunstreaker last.// *just databursted info to Perceptor*

Perceptor: *pings Kriti*

Kriti: *inadvertently fills Perceptor's comm with gasping laughter*

Keepsake: //Keep that up, and I'll fill yer gob with sulphur grease.//

Kriti: *urk sound!*

Perceptor: //Thank you, love. Kriti, are you certain as to the lady's relation to Desinex?//

Kriti: //TwoBad's cuddlin' 'er like 'e does ta me 'n 'Bee. 'N Halcyon said 'er mentor was Desinex.// *databursts the clip*

Perceptor: *soft sound* //She does indeed seem to be the new spark that I created from the CNA of Desinex and Sideswipe.//

Kriti: //...She looks like Sunstreaker. But you used Sideswipe ta make 'er?// *so surprised*

Perceptor: //...Have you not studied the brothers closely since they reemerged from the Well?//

Kriti: //...// *asking 'Bee if he noticed anything*

Bumblebee: Uh. Their taste in music still stinks?

Kriti: //We... didn't.//

Perceptor: *databursts an image*

Kriti: *shocked squeak when she sees the image*

Bumblebee: Woah, they're like human identical twins.

Kriti: Brawn used ta tell stories about 'em, 'n how different they were...

Perceptor: //They're too young yet to be thinking of individuality, so they have yet to accessorize.//

Kriti: *quiet clicks as she thinks this over*

Groundpounder: *drink can flies as two women suddenly appear in the room* Don't do that!

Halcyon: *quickly puts her weapons back into storage without interrupting TwoBad's cuddles*

Bumblebee: *standing on one foot in a very ballet-ic pose* D8

Kriti: *startled into a battle stance before she can help herself* *low growl of warning*

Keepsake: Awww stick a rock in it, Bitty. *shoves at Mira* Get off, ya jumpy *bleep*.

Mira: *unprintable in her reply*

Kriti: *grumbling and getting up from her stance as Mira drops to the floor from where she jumped on Keepsake upon the startled reactions*

Groundpounder: *scowl* You scared the baby.

Bumblebee: *suffering expression as he soothes Little Bob*

Mira: *meeps and moves to help soothe upset babby, clicking softly*

Kriti: Halcyon, this 's Mira, 'n the dame that brought 'er is Keepsake.

Little Bob: *so mad! The whole day is nasty teefs!*

Mira: *offering a teething treat to the upset baby*

Little Bob: *bitty beep word*

Bumblebee: *sighs and takes the blue plastic treat* I'd better take him outside and walk with him.

Groundpounder: Yeah. I'll help. *already halfway out of the door to get away from that tiny green legend there*

Mira: Aw. *will turn her attention to Halcyon and TwoBad and offer the baby Predacon two of the teething treats since she's got them out anyway*

TwoBad: *happy little purrs as they peek at Aunty, but they're too busy cuddling to take the nommies*

Halcyon: *looks down at the tiny green woman, her brows drawing together as she searches ancient memories to see why this woman looks as well as feels familiar, and then those brows lift slightly as she remembers a news feed watched by a youngster just getting her transform right* Wrecker Patch?

Mira: *soft snort* Yeah, that's one'a my nicknames.

Halcyon: My mentor never mentioned my sharing coding with anyone. *quizzical frown that looks so familiar*

Mira: *intakes hitch softly when she sees that frown*

Halcyon: What's wrong?

Mira: You look like 'Streaker...

Halcyon: *brows UP as amusement twitches both sides of her mouth* Excuse me?

Mira: Sunstreaker. One'a my mentors... *quieter* He, Sideswipe, 'n Calyx taught me how ta survive as a Wrecker.

Halcyon: Did people call him that to his face?

Mira: *soft, wibbly snerk* All the *bleeping* time. 'N he hated it. Sideswipe jes' laughed at 'is nickname 'a Swiper...

Halcyon: *snerk* Not the brightest?

Mira: *similar snerk* Naw, he jes' didn't let it bother 'im. Thought it was fun ta rile 'is twin up, too. 'Bout the only person who could scold 'em both 'n get away with it was Calyx...

Halcyon: *slight snigger, and then a searching look* So how are you related to me? *gaze flicks to seek Kriti and check to see if she's still here*

Kriti: *leaning on the wall slightly and watching*

Mira: I'm related ta the twins. No idea which one, 'cause they both sounded good ta me when I was new... *one shoulder shrug, winglets moving absently*

Halcyon: *to Kriti* And you're from my mentor.

Kriti: *nod* 'N from Calyx. Don't ask me how it works. Perceptor'd be able ta tell ya, prolly.

Mira: Calyx's Showtime. I'm related t' her too.

Halcyon: *quietly* So the two of you are sisters.

Kriti: Half-sisters. Same as you 'n me, 'n me 'n Muhlisha Prime, 'n you 'n Muhlisha Prime, 'n Sharpshot 'n you, me, 'n 'Lisha, 'n me, Mira, 'n Showtime.

Halcyon: *slight scowl* Who's Muhlisha Prime? I thought Optimus was the Prime.

Keepsake: *quiet snort from where she's leaning by Kriti*

Mira: *quietly* Optimus ain't Prima anymore. She's retired.

Halcyon: *slowly* Why?

Kriti: 'Cause of a scrapload of bad luck in an energon mine.

Halcyon: *sucks in air*

Keepsake: *cuts in* Not dead. Just got things she needs ta do right now.

Mira: *somber nod*

Halcyon: *frown* Like what?

Mira: *quietly* Like get stronger so she c'n be taken outta stasis.

Keepsake: 'N deal with a chest burster.

Halcyon: 0_0!

Kriti: *whaps Keepsake on the arm* That's not what the kid is called, 'n you slaggin' know it!

Keepsake: Ow! *girl dog!* It's what I call mine.

Kriti: I hope Ratchet scolds you fer callin' his 'n Optimus' kid that.

Mira: *soft snort*

Halcyon: *quiet command* One of you *dizzy dames* better explain.

Kriti: Keepsake knows the most 'bout it, 'cause she's got the experience.

Keepsake: Damage t' the spark caused a piece ta break off. That piece's become somebody else, but he's too small ta take away from Optimus' spark.

Halcyon: *stare*

Mira: 'N Optimus ain't strong enough ta be outta medical stasis yet, so she 'n the kid have ta wait.

Halcyon: *stare*

Keepsake: ... *bird flip*

Kriti: *whap a Keepsake*

Keepsake: Hey! *whaps back*

Kriti: *more whap!*

Mira: *optic roll* Slaggin' Tau nutbars.

Keepsake: *uses two hands this time. One for Kriti, and one for Mira so she doesn't feel left out*

Mira: *CUSS*

Kriti: *gonna try and get you in a headlock now, Keepsake!*

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Continued here.