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TPF. Demo Derby. Family Reunion of Sorts Part 2

Continued from here.

Mira: *rude gesture as she steps out of striking range* *mutters under her breath about nutbars and "Slaggin' brat kids"*

Halcyon: Are we talkin' pregnant?

Keepsake: *stops wrangling with Kriti* Ewww. Yeeeah.

Kriti: Yup.

Halcyon: *blows air through her intakes* So who's Muhlisha?

Kriti: She's my half-sister, 'n yours, too. 'Cause we've all got coding from Desinex. But 'Lisha's also got coding from Brawn.

Halcyon: *slow head shake of disbelief* How'd she get to be Prime?

Keepsake: *rolls eyes at the question*

Kriti: The old farts in the Matrix chose 'er. 'N she only took the job ta yell at 'em ta leave Optimus the slag alone.

Halcyon: ...Saywhat?

Mira: They were tryin' ta bring Optimus ta the collective wisdom of the Primes 'r some scrap like that. *shrug. She's only got second-hand information*

Keepsake: She keeps threat'nin' some mook called Micronus, too.

Mira: ... Who the scrap's Micronus? *puzzled look for you, Keepsake*

Keepsake: Dunno. But 'e floats. *snerk*

Kriti: The babies like 'im. 'R they at least think 'e's slaggin' hysterical.

Halcyon: What's he look like?

Kriti: *shrug* No slaggin' clue. 'E's invisible except ta Primes 'n babies.

Halcyon: Because the Prime with that name looked like this. *holds up hand and shows hologram*

Kriti: *SNERK* 'E's smaller than you, Patch!

Mira: *frown* Not much though...

Halcyon: *shakes her head slightly* *then* Anybody got a picture of Muhlisha?

Keepsake: *hand up! Image of Muhlisha covered in pink cake icing, with a shocked expression. Yeah, the one Keepsake was threatened for ever showing*

Kriti: I'm not gonna save ya from 'er if she finds out you still got that picture, Keepie.

Keepsake: *blinks, then snorts* It wasn't 'Lisha that threatened me. It was Fixer.

Kriti: ... Okay, I'll save you from 'er, but only as long as she ain't chasin' us.

Keepsake: Not scared'a Fixer. *questioning look to Halcyon as the orange woman makes a small sound*

Mira: *looks to Halcyon*

Kriti: *puzzled look for her older half-sister*

Halcyon: *bemusedly* I'm bigger than nearly everyone I'm related to.

Mira: *snort* Ain't bigger than the twins, or my husband 'n kids.

Halcyon: *brow quirk* Am I related to your husband and kids?

Mira: Mags 'cause he 'n I're bonded, 'n you'd be Aunt t' the kids 'cause'a that.

Halcyon: Are the kids made from you?

Mira: *headshake* Adopted, but honorary family's the same as related family. *seriously* Especially ta Wreckers.

Halcyon: Yeah, but it doesn't count with my size comment. I'm just talking about people from the same code, or the code we came from.

Mira: *shrug* You're still smaller than 'Streaker or Swiper.

Keepsake: Though not by a whole *beep* of a lot.

Kriti: Desinex was pretty big, too, fer a dame.

Keepsake: Not Oppy big, but yeah.

Mira: *snort* Scrap, no, she wasn't. She jes' had a big presence, 'n was feisty enough ta back it up. *holo of her unit on display now!*

Halcyon: *smile looks sad* I can remember what she looked like.

Mira: *nods to the two mechs trying to poke each other in the optic* The two dumb*afts* 're 'Streaker 'n Swiper, before they got rebooted.

Halcyon: *studies them* One's got a foot-shaped dent on his kneecap.

Mira: *snort is a bit sad* Yeah... Gave 'Streaker that myself, 'cause he 'n Swiper were ignorin' Calyx tellin' 'em ta knock it the slag off 'n behave fer a few clicks. *small headshake* Desi gave me a good shake by the scruff bar fer that.

Kriti: Desi did?

Mira: Slag, yeah. Calyx was too little ta.

Halcyon: *expression shows some sad wistfulness as she looks at the holo and listens to the conversation*

Kriti: Anyway, aren't Sharpshot, Showtime 'n Brawn comin' fer a visit soon? *looks to Keepsake*

Halcyon: *surprised look* How're they doing that?

Keepsake: Probably by bus.

Kriti: If they don' jes' bridge in... Anyway... *attention back to Halcyon* When they come 'n visit, you c'n talk ta Sharpshot 'n find out what she knows 'bout stuff.

Mira: When yer not gettin' fussed over by Brawn.

Halcyon: *surprised and confused* I thought she was dead.

Kriti: Perceptor had a sample'a Desi's spark codin' 'n used that ta make Sharpshot. 'N did the same thing with Calyx's codin' ta make Showtime.

Keepsake: 'n Desi stayed around 'n fused with Sharpshot.

Halcyon: ...

Kriti: *blink blink, looks to Keepsake* 'Sat what happened?

Keepsake: Yup. So Sharpshot's Desi.

Kriti: Huh. *small nod* 'Kay.

Keepsake: 'N the twins were some of the first that the Well *put* out.

Kriti: We're gonna wait 'til after Sharpshot's been told ta tell 'Streaker though...

Keepsake: Remember when 'Swiper tried beatin' Magnus up? *snigger*

Mira: *snort* Yup.

Keepsake: Still think that was Jazz's fault.

Kriti: Naw. Blaster dared 'im ta.

Keepsake: *snort* Figures.

Kriti: 'Bee heard 'im doin' it. *chuckles* 'N decided ta see if Swiper'd do it.

Mira: *shows holo of Magnus' quizzical expression as he's threatened and then pounded on, and then his protest as a very large human woman in a uniform strides over and scolds Sideswipe*

Kriti: *laughs* Osk is awesome.

Halcyon: *eyes glued to the holo* Who's Osk?

Mira: The human. She's friends with one'a Optimus' adopted kids.

Halcyon: Adopted kids?

Mira: *nod* Optimus adopted a soldier who didn't have any family ta worry about 'er after she got hurt really bad durin' a trainin' exercise. *pulls up a holo of Maria that the little Portuguese woman would likely grouch at her for having, showing the black-haired woman snuggled against Soundwave*

Halcyon: *brows shoot upward* What's she doing?

Mira: Snugglin' her wordmate while they're sittin' in the waitin' room on Cybertron.

Halcyon: Wordmate? You're pulling my fanbelt.

Mira: Like scrap, I am. I was one'a their witnesses.

Halcyon: *nonplussed and confused expression as she stares at her younger sister*

Kriti: Soundwave fell in love wit' 'er awhile back, 'n then 'e got sick 'n went ta the Well... 'N when 'e came back, 'e snuck past the guards 'n came ta Earth ta be with her again.

Halcyon: But... she's human. *so perplexed*

Mira: So? She ain't the only one shacked up with an ex 'Con.

Halcyon: *questioning look*

Mira: *holo changes to one of Dallas and Knockout* Dallas married Knockout.

Halcyon: *looks at the insufferable smirk on that red guy's face* ...Who's Knockout?

Keepsake: *snigger* Ouch.

Kriti: *dryly* A jerk our ma used to like, 'til he dumped her, 'n Lockdown wanted his head on a pike. Now, they get along.

Halcyon: I think I remember him.

Keepsake: Huh?

Halcyon: He brought her something once.

Kriti: Sharpshot'd know what it was, prolly...

Halcyon: *shrugs* I never realized organic races would think bots were mate material.

Kriti: *shrug* Ta each, their own.

Halcyon: *looks around the modified garage room they're standing in, and then puts her finger to her ear. Nods, and then looks at Kriti and Mira* Will you go out back and get that can from Adrien?

Mira: Sure. *grabs Kriti and drags her off to get the can*

Kriti: Awk! Hey! Leggo! *trying to get free from the older femme's grip*

Mira: Cool yer jets, kid. *circulates slowly before letting the younger femme go*

Kriti: *getting her footing again*

Mira: *swats the younger femme upside the head*

Kriti: *more awk!* *SWAT!*

human driver: *presses herself against the wall as they go past* Hey! Watch out for squishy people!

Mira: Sorry! *headlock for Kriti* We're lookin' fer Adrien.

human driver: The dragon? He's by dock three.

Mira: *winglets up at hearing that Adrien is a dragon, but will nod and move to drag Kriti in the right direction*

Kriti: *cheerfully cussing and trying to escape the headlock*

brown drach: *looks around alertly as they push up the dock door, then blinks* Oh. You're not Halcyon. *wearing a heavy leather space suit that's obviously seen a lot of wear*

Kriti: *muffled as she pushes at Mira's arm* 'M 'er younger half-sister!

Mira: *as she lets Kriti go* 'N I'm her older half-sister.

drach: Ah. Do you haf names? I am Adrien.

Mira: I'm Miracle. Mira fer short.

Kriti: My name's Kriti.

Adrien: *sweet, shy smile* Ah, Halcyon said zhat she vhanted zis. *offers a fuel can*

Mira: *soft chuckle as she moves to grab the can* We'll make sure she gets it.

Kriti: *wings fluttering a bit as she moves to help Mira with the can*

Adrien: *watches them for a moment, then points one brown finger* Zhere's a dolly.

Mira: *looks, nods and moves to bring the dolly over* Thanks

Adrien: *smiles, his hand out to help the two small women with the big can*

Kriti: *glad for the help, and says so*

Adrien: *soon has helped the girls get the can situated. Then he stands to watch them, a wing down to the pavement to take the weight off what the sisters might now notice is a rough prosthetic foot*

Mira: *tells Kriti to wait, will move to help Adrien sit down more comfortably*

Adrien: *quizzical expression as he sits* Was?

Mira: I know a guy who might be able ta make ya a better foot.

Adrien: *surprised glance at his prosthetic, as though he'd forgotten it existed* Ja? Ach, but I am broke.

Mira: Wake wouldn't charge.

Adrien: *and now he's really surprised* Was? Ist zhis a joke?

Mira: No. WakeJumper's an Autobot like the blue brat 'n me. *ignores the hand gesture Kriti throws up*

Adrien: *quizzical brow quirk asks what being Autobot has to do with giving away things for free*

Kriti: What the old broad's sayin' is that ya'd jes' have ta pay it forward.

Adrien: Aahhhhhh. *looks at his foot again before looking up again* *gently* Halcyon vants zhis fuel.

Mira: *nod* We'll make sure she's got the info ta call Wake ta get ya a new foot, too.

Adrien: *again with the sweet, shy smile* Danke.

Mira: *another nod, then she and Kriti are bickering quietly in Cybertronian as they wheel the fuel can back to Halcyon*

Halcyon: *looks up from nuzzling TwoBad as they come in*

TwoBad: *SUUUUUCH a happy pair of babbies!*

Kriti: *says something to Mira that has the older femme squawking, smirks and looks to Halcyon* You know Adrien's gotta crush on ya, right?

Halcyon: *quietly* Thought so. Huh.

Mira: *as she hip-checks Kriti aside* At the very least, 'e needs a better foot.

Halcyon: *face drops into a frown of concern as TwoBad chirps upside down at their mama* What?

Mira: That prosthetic'a his. It's pretty rough-lookin'.

Halcyon: *frown deepens* He's worn it since we had that run-in with the space wasp. Is it causing trouble?

Kriti: *slight shrug as she moves to offload the fuel can* Hard ta tell... but 'e had ta take weight offa it fer a bit.

Halcyon: *voice holds a slight edge of anger that's not aimed at her sisters* I have no idea where to find a Drach doctor.

Kriti: We know a guy who c'n build 'im a better foot.

TwoBad: *chirp chirp chirp chirp chatter BURP* :D :D

Halcyon: *blinks at babies*

Mira: Mech named WakeJumper. 'E's 'n Autobot like Chuckles 'n me, 'n won't take payment.

Kriti: *rude hand gesture number two!*

Halcyon: *catches rude hand and gives it a gentle squeeze without looking toward Kriti* Okay. Where do I find him?

Mira: 'E's here on Earth.

Halcyon: *amused* Earth's a big place.

Kriti: *rolls optics, calls WakeJumper. Will argue with the medic for a bit* Dumb*aft*'s on 'is way.

Halcyon: *surprised again* Oh. Er. Thanks.

Bumblebee: *ping Kriti*

Kriti: //Yeah, 'Bee?//

Bumblebee: *sounds strained* //We really have to go home, Babe. He's going to wreck his vox.//

Kriti: *wince wince wince* *to Halcyon and Mira* Kid emergency. C'n I git TwoBad from ya?

Halcyon: *blinks and then visibly remembers what she's cuddling* Awww. *soft chuckle as she offers bittymonsters*

TwoBad: *much chirping and burping of questions*

Kriti: *soft clicks, explains to the tiny predacon that they're going to go get bubby and daddy*

TwoBad: *soft sympathy cheeps as they think of bubby, and then a flurry of kissies for Aunty*

Halcyon: *calm is finally cracked* Ahhh! Eeek! *laugh!*

Kriti: *snerks* C'mon, TwoBad. We'll come back 'n visit 'er soon.

TwoBad: *jumps to Mama and kisses her too!*

Mira: *snort* Get going, doofus. *will usher Kriti and TwoBad out the door*

TwoBad: *sass Aunty all the way out, and then start to cry with sympathy as soon as they hear Little Bob's squealing*

Bumblebee: *looks so frazzled*

Kriti: *hurrying over to Bumblebee and Little Bob*

Bumblebee: *shakily* Can you call for a bridge? *can't think himself hear, and is feeling so guilty for not being able to make things better for his bitty*

Kriti: *nods and proceeds to do so* *shortly thereafter, the family is returning to Outpost Omega One for quiet time, while WakeJumper has bridged to the stadium to begin the process of getting Adrien a new foot*

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