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DTC. Out in the Wilds, and the Tavern. Newcomer

The wind was howling as it drove snow down upon the mountain pass. Nearby, a puff of smoke and swirling balls of light heralded the arrival of a big troll. This was unusual in and of itself, but was made extremely unusual by the fact that this particular troll had a petite human woman riding on his shoulders.

"...Me Grimlock think we lost..."

The petite woman looked around, the frown on her face obscured by the thick wraps she wore to keep the cold out.

"I think you're right... The Starsinger probably has a reason for bringing us here though, Grimlock..." She turned her head to visually scan the surroundings, and then she was tensing as something caught her attention. "Do you smell anything besides snow and cold?"

Grimlock frowned and turned his head toward the direction his companion's voice was coming from. "... Me Grimlock smell human blood from that way."

"Let's find whoever it is that's bleeding, and see if the Starsinger will let my amulet work to bring them to the tavern."


Consciousness came suddenly to Heatwave. He was laying down. That alone let him know something wasn't right. Usually, he recharged in his stasis tube or in alt mode... And never on anything that felt remotely like what he was laying on. There was also something sitting on his midsection... Something that was making chirps and squeaks as well as what sounded like a baby human...

And then he was having something that smelled strange poked at his mouth. Sputtering, Heatwave tried to sit up and unshutter his optics, only to be stopped by a strong hand on his shoulder.

"Easy, friend. You need to rest. Even with the way the tavern works, you still have to recover your strength." The speaker was a male, and when Heatwave finally got his optic shutters to cooperate, the sight before him startled the Rescue Bot. Someone had draped a tarp of some sort over his lower half, and there was a baby human, as well as a strange, scaly creature that reminded him strongly of one of those iguana things Cody had showed the team a picture of the other day. The male who spoke had hair that was almost the same shade of orange as Blades' paint job, blue green eyes, and was clad in clothing like the soldiers from that one video game Graham had showed to the team during the evening down shift.