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DTC and Backwater Nexus. Gas Babies

((OOC: There are mentions of non-graphic feeding of babies later in this log. Also some mentions of the hot place that starts with 'h'.))

Heatwave: *running from his owner, a determined scowl on his face. Yes, he's started thinking that kissing is nice, but he's still mad at the woman for putting herself in such danger and not allowing him to assist her*

Denthe: *trying to catch up to Heatwave, wants to talk to him and try and explain things to him. Okay, and maybe snog him stupid for a bit... But at least she means well!*

Ironhide: *lounging on a stump of wood that she parked in a snowdrift in the sun, her hands absently kneading the knots out of her husband's shoulders. Lifts one brow slightly as Heatwave and Denthe vanish with a flash* W'utd'ya figure th'y'll come back wit' th's tahm?

Old Lumen: Hopefully more of that rum. *is feeling a bit lazy at the moment, and will sit still while Ironhide attacks the knots in his shoulders*

Ironhide: Mmm. Rum. *grins lazily and continues her assault on the knots*

Backwater Nexus

Heatwave: *stops short as his surroundings change and he's suddenly seeing them through a display of readouts* What the hell?

Denthe: *manages to trip on a flat surface, but at least has the coordination to twist so she lands on her butt instead of her face* *soft 'oof' as she lands* If this is Ratchet's idea of a joke...

Heatwave: *quickly kneels to scan her, his hand surrounding her protectively* How could Ratchet do this?

Denthe: *startled curse, will try to scoot away from the construct*

Heatwave: *gruffly* Hold still. You've twisted your back slightly and I need to realign it. *that voice is bigger, but still familiar, no?*

Denthe: *very wary now* ... *hesitantly* Heatwave?

Heatwave: *scowls at her* Yes. Heatwave. Now hold still.

Denthe: ... *brain-broken expression is a go*

Heatwave: *very gently realigns her back, and then scoops her up and absently holds her close to his chest as he looks around* Do you recognize this place?

Denthe: *bit of a squeak as she's picked up* *wide-eyed expression as she looks around* It almost looks like that Nexus place Ironhide mentioned.

Heatwave: *scowl deepens as he continues to study their surroundings* *absently* Any good loot?

Denthe: From what I've been told, there's a place that sells rum. *very slight shrug*

Heatwave: Ugh. *looks up* *startled explicative. Yes, he's been around the tavern far too long*

Denthe: *looks up out of habit, reaching for a weapon*

Heatwave: Those are mountains!

Denthe: ... They're flying. *eyes starting to show that glint that means she's considering exploring an area she's not familiar with*

Heatwave: There's a giant cat in clothes sitting on that little one, looking down at us. *sudden growl at what the "cat" just did*

Hchee: *sitting on his little island home. Rude gesture to the scowling bot!*

Denthe: ... And he's too far away for me to throw anything at him. *scowl*

Heatwave: *deep consideration. Quick glance all around* *returns the gesture with one he learned at the tavern!*

Denthe: *ditto that, cat person!*

Heatwave: *hand over optics* I did not need to see a giant cat butt.

Denthe: Ewww.

Heatwave: *drops hand and looks around with a thoughtful frown* Alright. Now what?

Denthe: ... See if we can find good loot?

Heatwave: I know that! You're the captain! Which way? *scowwwl*

Denthe: *scowls right back* How the %$$#% should I know?

Heatwave: *narrows optics as he turns his attention to her* It's your job to know.

Denthe: Look, I know the area around the tavern like the back of my hand, and I even know the more dangerous areas like the Blight just as well. 'Cause I've been to 'em before. I don't know this place yet. *scowling muchly now*

Heatwave: You're still the... *startled explicative as something shatters against his face, washing himself and Denthe in some sort of gas*

Denthe: *startled curse, and then she's tensing and crying out as she's blindsided by pain*

Heatwave: *finds himself suddenly on one knee, trying to shelter Denthe from unseen assault as his sensors grey out. It feels like his spark is being sliced up* Rrrrrr.... Denthe... what's... wrong?

Denthe: H-Heat...Wave.... *even having remorted twice, this pain is more than she can take. Goes limp as she loses consciousness*

Heatwave: *grim curse, but then startles and lashes out at the being that just appeared by his knee*

Hchee: *somersaults away from the swat, and then returns, his hands held up to show that he means no harm* Don't freak out. It's going to be alright. The pain'll pass soon.

Heatwave: *scowls at the stream of soothing chatter from the big cat, which he now sees is some sort of man* Get stuffed.

Hchee: And watch what you say. Cusses are some of the first stuff they pick up.

Heatwave: *growl* Who pick up? *then looks where the cat man is pointing and sees a form taking shape in that soft glowing area* What?

Denthe: Nnn... *trying to wake herself up and having no luck*

Hchee: That's your baby. It looks like it's gonna look like you.

Heatwave: *shocked right past the pain* BABY!??

Denthe: *very soft groan, barely has her eyes open*Shouting? *feels like she just got a massive XP debt*

Heatwave: *looks down at her, his optics white from pain and shock* I... You're a mother.

Denthe: *brows drawing together with confusion* Huh?

Heatwave: *confused himself, and very worried* You're a mother. *head jerks toward a yowl and scans* Our son just bit the cat.

Denthe: Our... son? *trying to understand what she's been told, but the pain and lack of things making sense has her head in a fog, leaving the Necromancer reeling*

Heatwave: *reaches down shakily to take something, and then tucks something warm and trembling next to her. A tiny voice clicks frantically* *dizzily* Trigger your amulet.

Denthe: *understood that much, at least. Will activate her amulet of recall*

Heatwave: *appears in the common room, in human form, flat of his back, passed out cold, and holding tightly to Denthe and a beautiful little red and white sparklet with silver bone detailing*

Old Mira: *startled curse* *hollers for Anna*

Denthe: *passed out cold, still holding her amulet of recall*

Deepdancer: *turns from the hearth and hurries over there, slapping WakeJumper on the shoulder in passing, then pauses warily as the little construct that's clinging to Denthe growls at her* ... *narrowed eyes*

WakeJumper: *sputtered his drink when he was slapped, will move to see if anyone's bleeding this time*

Anna: *out to the bar and looking over it with amazement*

bitty: *growls at the man too. Is gonna protect his parents!*

Old Mira: ... Where'd they get a construct?

Deepdancer: How the flying slag should I know? Someone put a bucket over the thing or something!

Old Mira: *scoots to get one of her blankets*

WakeJumper: *going to try and pick the construct up, since he can't see any obvious sharp teeth or claws*

bitty: *gonna bitechoo!* *and squeal!*

WakeJumper: *startled cuss, can't keep hold of the little thing*

bitty: *so much wriggle!*

Denthe: *very soft groan, heard that squeal*

bitty: *bite!*

WakeJumper: *more cuss, lets the construct go*

bitty: *falls onto the floor and squeals again. Suppressed crying as he crawls back to Denthe and Heatwave and resumes his protective position*

Deepdancer: *cussing as she studies it* Where's that bucket?

Denthe: *very slight hand twitch, is fighting to wake up*

Old Mira: *back with her big bearskin blanket* Will this work, Deepdancer?

Deepdancer: *Look* Just get the thing. *and then she's cursing more as Ironhide suddenly bursts into the common room from outside*

Ironhide: *full of wrath* Who's 'urtin' th' babeh??

Skyfire: *cheeping on Mamaback! Issa scared*

Old Mira: *shrug, moving to try and wrap the construct in the blanket* No idea... Denthe and Heatwave just showed up with it.

WakeJumper: *nursing his bit hand* Careful, it bites...

Deepdancer: Baby? *another scowl for the construct*

bitty: *sees that big thing coming at him. Clings to Mama and SHRIEKS*

Heatwave: *sitting bolt upright!*

Denthe: *awake! And then she's gagging*

Heatwave: *attention to Denthe* I need a bucket!

Deepdancer: Good slaggin' luck with that. *looks around for the item in question*

Wheeljill: *also looking now that the commotion's woke her up*

WakeJumper: *looking under tables for the bucket*

Ironhide: *grabs Denthe and the attached baby, hauls them both outside, and then aims Denthe away from anything important*

Denthe: *hurk!*

Sludge: *standing at Daddy's feet with her siblings and cousins and staring with amazement*

Old Lumen: *worried, but has a feeling it's best if he keeps an eye on the kids*

Ironhide: *handful of soft hay to wipe the pale necromancer's mouth* Easeh, 'on. Y'ur gonna be alrahght.

bitty: Mama. *worried scowl on his tiny face*

Denthe: *shaking and sweating now, with a slight fever* Hurts...

Ironhide: Ah kin feel. But y'u gotta gitcher babeh t' stop bahtin' folk th't're trahn t' 'elp.

Denthe: *quietly* B-Baby?

Ironhide: *gently* Y'u gotta son. Fahn li'l gah, 'n alreadeh set on protectin' y'u.

Denthe: *trying to lift her head to get a look at the baby*

bitty: *looking at her with smoky grey optics as Ironhide helps her with the head lifting. Such a serious scowl of concern on that bit of exquisitely sculpted cute*

Denthe: *brows up* Looks... like Heatwave... *slight smile*

Ironhide: *studies the little one thoughtfully* 'Ow d'y'u figger?

Denthe: Heatwave turned into a construct in the Nexus... *wants to cuddle the little construct*

Ironhide: *slowly* So 'e w's tellin' the truth. *turns to bring Denthe back inside, and then stops as she sees WakeJumper trying with all his might to keep Heatwave from getting up as Deepdancer crouches and nurses a new black eye while watching them*

WakeJumper: *trying to pinch that one nerve that will stop Heatwave from moving* Quit struggling, Heatwave!

Heatwave: *tries to headbutt him in the face*

Denthe: *trying to turn her head to see what's going on*

WakeJumper: *hasn't lived out here this long without learning a few brawling tricks for close-quarters, Heatwave. He's also bigger, and stronger*

Heatwave: *yelps and is now slightly stunned*

bitty: *sees that! Angry shriek!*

Denthe: *winces at the shriek* Shhh...

Ironhide: Wake! Back off. Y'ur stressin' a new daddeh.

Deepdancer: *surprised look for the dragonsoul*

WakeJumper: *moving to get up, a surprised expression on his face* He's a dad?

Ironhide: *slight scowl on her face* Th's's 'is 'n Denthe's babeh.

bitty: *look promises that he will GET you, Wake*

WakeJumper: ... That's a construct. *trying to make sense of this, Ironhide*

Old Mira: ... Did they get yanked to that Nexus place?

Ironhide: So wh't 'f 'e is? Ah got construct name brothahs.

Denthe: H-Heatwave was one... *just a bit shaky still*

Heatwave: *on his feet suddenly and stumbling over to check on Denthe* *gruffly* Don't strain yourself. New mothers need rest.

Ironhide: *gives him a slight hairy eyeball* Looks lahk th' new daddeh does too.

Heatwave: *ignore you, Ironhide!*

Denthe: *turns her head slightly towards Heatwave* *softly* L-looks good in red... *juuust a bit out of it due to fever*

Deepdancer: *frowns, and then looks to WakeJumper* It's quiet in here today. Get a pallet for two set up on the hearth.

WakeJumper: *nods and moves to do so* Should have a couple of good skins to pad 'em with...

Deepdancer: Denthe's got a good bed roll.

Ironhide: *now supporting the weight of Heatwave as well as Denthe* 'Urreh up, gahs.

WakeJumper: *getting the pallet set up on the hearth and making sure Denthe's bed roll is set up right*

Anna: *over to put a rock in the fire, so that the new mother can have warm feet* Someone better explain all this soon.

WakeJumper: No kidding... *small nod, thinks that the rock is the last thing that needs to be added to the pallet before the new family can be set there*

Heatwave: *meanwhile, is in a staring contest with his son* *finally drags brain out of fog* *gruffly* Report.

bitty: Red Rum. *bitty snort* Hungry.

Heatwave: *sudden helpless look* I don't think there's any fuel here.

Denthe: *had slipped into a light doze, squirms a bit and dazedly mumbles something about a wet shirt*

Heatwave: *looks at her blankly* But he can't eat that.

bitty: *has caught a scent and is trying to find the source* Mama smell nom.

Denthe: *trying to get her shirt off, since the dampness bothers her*

Ironhide: Wah cain't 'e eat th't? 'E's a babeh, ain't 'e? *shoulders Heatwave aside gently, then goes to the pallet to lay Denthe down and help her get her son situated. Covers them with blankets and turns to get the bewildered new father*

Heatwave: Because he's not organic. You're going to make him sick. *nearly falls down, but continues to fuss*

Denthe: *slips back into a fevered doze, expression looking slightly less strained than before*

WakeJumper: Well, why else would her shirt be damp?

Heatwave: ... *mouth open, but he's too tired and dizzy to be able to come up with a response*

WakeJumper: C'mon. Let's get you laying down and resting. *moving to help Heatwave lay down next to Denthe and the baby*

Ironhide: *lays Heatwave down with Wake's assistance and then looks at Red Rum* He's fahn.

Red Rum: *unshutters those big grey optics to give Ironhide and WakeJumper a watchful look, but doesn't stop his hungry drinking*

Denthe: *sleeping a bit more deeply than before, still seems a bit peckish*

WakeJumper: *ganks the bear skin blanket Old Mira originally brought for the baby, will use it to cover Heatwave*

Ironhide: *adjusting the blankets so that Heatwave's in there with his family. Knows Denthe's snuggle urge well* Anna, gimme th't broth.

Anna: *give* Too bad Bee's not here, they could use fake rum punch.

Heatwave: *too tired to argue at this point, will just shut his eyes and try to not think about things for now*

Ironhide: *pokes the end of a flexible tube that someone picked up in loot and is now used for a drinking straw for the ailing at his mouth* 'Ere, drink.

Heatwave: *drinking as best as he can*

Deepdancer: *watching him as she sees if she can't get Denthe's wrist to check the woman's pulse* *growls back at Red Rum as the bitty growls at her*

Red Rum: *stops drinking and looks ready for war*

Denthe: *pulse slightly erratic, but is slowing to a more normal rate*

Ironhide: *softly* 'Eatwave, talk t' y'ur son. *takes away straw*

Heatwave: *sputters a bit* *frowns as he looks to see what Red Rum's doing* Knock it off. *warning tone to his voice*

Red Rum: *quizzical look for Daddy*

Heatwave: Let her check Denthe.

Red Rum: *uncertain look toward the woman with the blue robe and the glowing eyes*

Ironhide: *gently* Deepdancer won't 'urt y'ur mama, babeh.

Heatwave: She's trying to help... *surprises himself with a yawn*

Red Rum: *clicks to Daddy with concern, then moves to snuggle between him and Mama*

Ironhide: *sees if she can't get Denthe to drink a bit*

Denthe: *awake! Ish! Enough to attempt to drink, at least!* *just awake enough that her brows go up slightly at the flavor of the broth*

Ironhide: Shhh. Y'ur sharin' with 'Eatwave, 'n he don't lahk th' hard stuff. *watches Red Rum hide his face against his father's side*

Heatwave: *hesitantly puts an arm around Red Rum*

Denthe: *very small nod, and then just the barest hint of her eye color is showing as she fights the urge to go back to sleep* *wants to check on Heatwave, is worried about him*

Ironhide: Shhh... Y'ur famileh's raht here. *reaches to pull Denthe's antler hair fork out so she's not laying on it*

Denthe: *shuts eyes as she relaxes, trusting Ironhide's word*

Ironhide: *glances to the side as Anna adds another warm rock to the foot of the bed, then watches till Denthe stops drinking*

Heatwave: *snores when he sleeps!*

Red Rum: *soft squeak as Mama elbows him instead of Daddy*

Denthe: *soft sound, is soon slipping back into slumber*

Ironhide: *finishes laughing at the elbowed bitty squeak, and then turns Heatwave onto his side. Thinks, and then pulls his arm over Denthe and Red Rum before covering them all up with the blankets*

Old Lumen: At least the bitlet'll have easy access.

Ironhide: *nods as she finishes fixing the blankets, then straightens and reaches back to pat Skyfire's little butt as he cheeps cheerfully* Yeah. ...Think we sh'ld git back t' that stump? *feels that her friends will be alright now*

Old Lumen: *chuckles* Sounds good to me.

Ironhide: *grins and grabs a few babies into her arms, then heads for the door* Wake, Jill, y'u comin'?

Wheeljill: I wonder if the sunfish are awake yet?

WakeJumper: *laughs*

Wheeljill: *grins at her husband, and then turns and runs out to go see*

WakeJumper: *amused headshake, will go out after her*

Deepdancer: *settles in her chair by the fire to watch over her patients and muse on the silence of the tavern. Thinks she just might bring Gerard in tomorrow, if it's this warm and nice then too. Checks the stone that will let her know if he needs her, and then turns her attention to darning a sock*

Jazz: *wanders in a few moments later and gets the whole story* *goes to find husband and tell it to him!*

Magnus: ... That's freaky. *frown*

Jazz: *pauses with a slight wibble* *quietly* Aww. I wanted one.

Magnus: *clarifying what he means* I didn't think the Nexus would turn Heatwave back into a construct like that.

Jazz: *blinks* Hey, if it got 'im a cute lil' kid... *grin*

Magnus: ... I wonder if Ratchet can open the portal.

Jazz: *grin widens* You know where he's at?

Magnus: Last I saw of him, Chromia was trying to dunk him in the river, and their kid was yelling at them.

Jazz: *blink blinks, and then goes running in the direction of the path down the cliff to where the river runs shallow over gravel below the village*

Magnus: *acks and hurries after*

Jazz: *moving without any pain today as she bounds down the stone and wooden stairs with the agility of an elf* *or at least an elf that's not as drunk as the one laying passed out over on that ledge with his wife*

Magnus: ... *snerks as he sees Young Lu and Eruiste*

Jazz: *nearing the bottom when she stops and starts laughing uproariously*

Magnus: *climbing down with the skill born of years of practice* What's so funny?

Jazz: *looks up at him with a big grin* Ya never said they were swimmin' in their birthday suits!

Magnus: ... *doesn't get why that's funny*

Jazz: *sees the confused look on his face and laughs harder, then turns and bounces down the rest of the stairs* 'Ey, Ratch! We wanna go ta the Nexus 'n git a robobaby!

Ratchet: *looks up from where he was defending himself against thrown water* What?

Magnus: Heatwave and Denthe have a construct baby.

Chromia: ... 'Ow'd th'y git th't? *frown*

Jazz: *hunkers down and holds out arms to their little son* HW turned back ta bot when he got there.

Chomper: *toddling over as best as he can in the shallow water*

Chromia: *brows up*

Jazz: *scoops the lizardbaby up and cuddles him* Yer missin' all the fun up top, little guy.

Chomper: *cheep*

Magnus: And apparently, somehow, they got a construct baby from that.

Ratchet: And you want one too. *brow quirk. Hand on wife face as she creeps up on him. Has sat down on a big rock on the river bottom, so only his head is sticking out of the icy but refreshing water*

Magnus: That, and I want to see if Jazz gets changed by going there, too.

Ratchet: *expression goes slightly incredulous* Why?

Magnus: Curiosity.

Chromia: *will try washing your face, Ratchet*

Ratchet: *sputters and goes under, then wrestles his wife till she's dunked too before surfacing* Give me a minute.

Jazz: *laughing at the antics and hiding her face on Chomper*

Chomper: *cheep cheep cheep!!!*

Magnus: I've got time. *smile*

Ratchet: *under again and thrashes around a bit, then surfaces once more with wife firmly held as he scrubs her face*

Chromia: *shrieking obscenities and trying to get Ratchet in a headlock to try and drag him under*

Ratchet: *finishes scrubbing, and then tickles her till she sputters!*

Chromia: *flailing as well!*

Ratchet: *then cheerfully drops her and swims for shore. Is soon wading out* Alright now. You're not taking my son to the Nexus.

Chomper: Grr.

Jazz: *snerks and looks up from babby cuddles, then shuts her eyes* Raaaaatch, I didn' needta see that.

Ratchet: *puzzled*

Magnus: Apparently, they don't swim like we do where Jazz is from.

Ratchet: *shakes head and rolls eyes, then points to a smooth part of the cliff side* The portal's right there. Get a PINpoint to bring you back. *quick turn and playful growl at his wife*

Chromia: *will move to gank Chomper then* :P *at husband*

Jazz: You ain't cold, 'Mia?

Magnus: Alright. *looks to Jazz* Ready to go?

Ratchet: I suggest going to the Primus sanctuary. The priestess there has the original stuff that makes impossible nexus babies, and she can keep an eye on you.

Jazz: *as she gives Chomper to Chromia* Priestess?

Magnus: ... *raised brow* Priestess?

Ratchet: *nods* Priestess of the Star Singer. *has noo idea that that isn't what you usually call clergy of that particular Being*

Magnus: Ah... Alright.

Jazz: *looks like she's not sure about going to some priestess as she walks over beside Magnus*

Magnus: *arm around Jazz's waist*

Jazz: *grins at him, doubts forgotten* Might wanna step back a bit when we go through.

Magnus: Alright. *small smile, moves to bring Jazz to the portal*

Back up near the tavern...

Heartstone: *sitting out in the sunshine, mending one of her husband's tunics. Has her hair twisted up today and held with a long comb that looks like a spider*

entings: *beetling around and playing with some of the other babies from the tavern*

Mushie: *issasleep. Sooo asleep*

Chagrin: *notices the spider* ...Where did you find that comb?

Heartstone: *looks up with a smile* It was in some loot that I got from the Blight. It seemed like something I could use, and Ironhide showed me how it works. *pleased with self for remembering the red haired lady's name*

Chagrin: Huh. It's nice. ^^

Heartstone: *happy* I found some earrings for Randomly in the loot too. They were birds, but I think she changed them.

enting 1: *beetles over and gives Daddy a piece of green grass and a little handful of snow* *squeak squeak!*

Chagrin: Heh... huh? *takes both*

enting 1: *tells him all about it! And then scoots off to play with brother and friends again*

Heartstone: Ohh. That's a live leaf! Things are growing.

Chagrin: Isn't it time for it here?

Heartstone: I... guess so. *smiles* I was surprised, because the snow is still here too.

Sludge: *runs up and offers Unca Chagrin a snowdrop!* Sludge liiiiike! :D

Chagrin: Huh... *takes the snowdrop carefully*

Sludge: Flower! Snow go bye bye. *happy laugh. Isn't so fat as she used to be, but is a lot taller than when the winter started, a strapping and beautiful baby girl*

Chagrin: We don't get much snow in the Deadlands. Of course, there isn't much of a growing season, either...

Sludge: *serious face* Flower gooood. *then hugs his leg*

Heartstone: *softly* Awww.

Chagrin: Yes, flowers are good. *small smile*

Sludge: *runs away happily to play with friends and siblings and cousins*

enting 2: *just brought Daddy a bug!* *squeak!*

Heartstone: EEEEK!

Chagrin: The bugs are back, as well. At least the small ones. *smirks and takes carefully*

enting 2: *points to the sleeping Mushie* Om nom nom! *giggle*

Chagrin: *facepalm*

enting 2: *runs away happily*

Heartstone: ...I think Mushie is full.

Mushie: *sleeeeeep*

Chagrin: Sleeping as well... *carefully lets the bug go. Away from Heartstone.*

Heartstone: *smiles at him and slides over on the bench, tucking her skirts and wings against her* Want to sit? I'm mending your shirt thingie that got ripped.

Chagrin: *sits next to her*

Heartstone: *leans against him happily as she starts sewing again* It's nice and warm. I couldn't stay inside.

Chagrin: That it is...

Heartstone: The doctor and his wife are down in the river, swimming with no clothes on. *sounds mildly shocked*

Chagrin: *blinks* Really... It's warm enough for that?

Heartstone: *little shiver* I was afraid to see.

Chagrin: *chuckle*

Heartstone: You mean... it's normal to swim like that? *studiously working on the torn seam, making it nice and strong again*

Chagrin: You mean it's not?

Heartstone: *looks at him sideways* There were clothes to wear for that where I grew up. Light gowns that dried easily.

Hormah: *pauses while walking past* Dresses fer swimmin' in? *isn't even wearing a dress to walk around in, but is enjoying weather warm enough for her under shirt and furry shorts!*

Chagrin: Sounds like they'd get in the way.

Heartstone: *nods to Hormah, then looks back to her husband* I suppose. But I never had much chance to swim.

Hormah: River'd grab it 'n haul ye down t' the bottom. *grimace* Slaggin' pit 'o an XP debt.

Heartstone: *winces at the thought*

Chagrin: *winces as well*

Hormah: *waves and turns to continue on her way* Later, b'ys.

Heartstone: ...She calls everyone boys.

Chagrin: True...

Heartstone: She knows we aren't, right?

enting 2: *back! Gives Daddy a bright red wood chip! Then off again*

Chagrin: I believe so... *takes chip* Hmmm..

Heartstone: *looks at the chip* Oh, that's pretty. *chuckles, though her slight frown says she's still wondering about Hormah's verbal idiosyncrasies*

chip: *slightly butterfly shaped*

Chargrin: Oh... interesting.

Heartstone: *looks up to his face* The wood is interesting?

Chagrin: *shows Heartstone*

Heartstone: *studies it closely, but then gasps softly* It looks like a bug.

Chagrin: Yes.

Heartstone: That is pretty. *smiles, then looks over as Ironhide comes into sight to stop Piryasha from jumping on Slag's head* The babies are practising for when they're old enough to adventure.

Chagrin: *snerks at that*

Ironhide: *gently swats two little bottoms, then gives cuddles. And advice on who the babies should be jumping on*

entings and other babies: *over there to get in on the cuddle time!*

Chagrin: *smirk*

Heartstone: That's so cute. *finishes mending tunic and holds it up* All done!

Ironhide: Ack! C'mere, y'u! *chases a nudie little Snarl out of sight, Skyfire a happy cheep cheep in his carrier on her back*

Chagrin: *laughs at that, then looks over* Looks good.

Heartstone: *shy smile and offers the tunic to her husband, her big blue eyes sparkling*

Chagrin: *takes and looks it over*

tunic: *as good as new, even the embroidery that had been a little worn has been all refreshed and is once more sparkling softly*

Chagrin: Nice.

Heartstone: *happy smile as she puts her supplies away in her sewing basket, and then she offers to take the tunic* Do you want to just sit here for a little while and enjoy the warmth?

Chagrin: I would.

Heartstone: *folds the tunic and sets it on top of her work basket, then leans down and scoops Mushie out of his little basket cradle to cuddle him in her arms as she leans against Chagrin*

Mushie: *quiet squeak and opens his eyes. Sees Daddy and grins at him, then goes back to sleep*

Chagrin: *hugs Heartstone*

Heartstone: *snuggle. Shyly* May I sit on you? *thinks this will make it easier for hugs to happen*

Chagrin: You may.

Heartstone: *settles on his lap and leans against him, their little son tucked slightly between them. Head against Chagrin's shoulder and a big sigh* You smell nice.

Chagrin: I do?

Heartstone: Mmmhmmm. I think you walked through wood smoke.

Chagrin: I may have...

Heartstone: *inhales deeply, and then she's happy to just sit and cuddle Mushie and her husband, and accept the occasional gift of a rock or a bit of wood or grass from their other babies for the rest of the afternoon*

Meanwhile, in the Nexus...

Jazz: *steps through, and then looks at her hands with a disappointed frown* Aw nuts.

Magnus: *bit of a disappointed pout on his face*

tenor voice: Something wrong?

Jazz: *looks up, her dark face looking a bit lost and sad* I didn' change back.

orange, dark blue, and white bot: Bummer.

tan lady with short orangish-red hair: Change back from what?

Jazz: *quietly* I'm supposta be a 'Bot. My buddy jes' changed back when he was here. But... *looks at her hands again, face crumpling toward tears*

lady: *pokes her companion* Den, do we still have some wishes left in that jar?

Denbot: I think so...

Magnus: *hugs for wife, as well as much snuzzling*

Jazz: *quietly, as she hides her face against her husband's tunic* Wonder if that priestess could explain what went wrong?

Magnus: *quietly* She might be able to.

Denbot: Priestess? *shares a confused look with his companion*

Magnus: Ratchet said she was a priestess of the Star Singer, and that she's located at the Primus sanctuary.

Denbot: Oh! You mean Hormah. *grin* She knows a lot about the Nexus,

Jazz: *startled snerk as she turns to look at him* What kinda name's Hormah?

Magnus: ... So she's Name Sister to one of Blackout's daughters?

Denbot: It means something like 'sacrifice of a religious nature'... I think. I could be wrong . It's definitely a Destron name, though.

Jazz: *turns her startlement to her husband* Blackout's gotta Hormah? Which one?

Magnus: The short one.

Jazz: The redhead that nobody kin' understand?

Magnus: *nod*

Denbot: Hormah's accent's fun to listen to. *grin*

lady: *snickerfit* 'Specially when you come to visit after talking to her.

Jazz: *looks over* Huh?

Denbot: *sheepish grin* I tend to pick up accents easily... 'N when I go visit Drill Boy in his reality, I annoy the heck outta his older brother, Power Joe, 'cause I tend to talk like a Newfie.

Jazz: *snerks at that, but then looks at Magnus* You wanna kid anyway? *knows that Ratchet feels that because of the injuries she sustained, and his follow-up surgery, that she won't be able to have any the usual way*

Magnus: *nods and hugs her* I do.

Jazz: *cuddles husband, and then looks curiously toward the couple they're talking to. Starts to say something, but instead hits the dirt as a massive, shiny black bot pauses nearby*

Dreadnought: Yo, Hchee, what's kickin'? :D *stoops to scoop a guy who looks like a ten foot tall bald cat into his hand*

Hchee: I got bit for trying to help. Give me a hand back up to my place?

Dreadnought: No prob, man. *throw*

Hchee: *after a distinct thud* I hate you.

Dreadnought: *rollicking laugh* Love you too, man. *turns and strides off singing*

Denbot: That's gonna leave a mark.

lady: *cringing* No kidding...

Magnus: *tensed when the shiny black construct showed up* *winces at the thud* That hurt hearing it...

Jazz: *slowly gets to her feet and looks up to see the cat man settling sullenly on his shelf-like bed* *lifts a brow of WTS*

Denbot: Good thing he's felinid... *will set the lady in his hands down* I think we should change back to normal, DB.

DB: Yeah... *bit of a pout* I gotta get back to work soon.

Jazz: *a little shakily* Who the frag was that?

Denbot: *as he carefully fishes a jar out of a storage compartment* That was Dreadnought. He's one of Blackout's kids.

DB: *getting a ball of light out of the jar as Denbot offers it* He's one of the nicer ones.

Jazz: How many kids does the Blackout here have? *frowning after the young giant with the deep voice now* 'N why'd that guy look familiar? We don't gotta name brother fer him at home.

Denbot: *thoughtful expression* Well, there's Pink, Hormah, Requiem, Apoleia, Toryt-mow, Dreadnought... *counting on his hands* Nemesis, Deherree, Sparta, and her newest one. I think that's all of them. *suddenly surrounded by sparkles*

DB: *also surrounded by sparkles for a few moments, and then there's an orange, red, and white bot with a soccer ball in the middle of his chest standing where the lady was* Dreadnought and Paean are both Jazz-kids.

Magnus: *blink blink* *jaw drops*

Jazz: Whaaaaatyousayin'? 0_o

Denpup: *back to her usual appearance, wobble, butt meet ground* Yeah... Blackout had two kids with a guy Jazz.

Jazz: Ewwwwwwww. .>_o

Magnus: *echoing his wife's sentiments*

Denpup: Multiversal Nexus. Any possibility can and more than likely will be encountered. *and then DB is picking her up and fussing over her*

Jazz: *suddenly stops short* ...Bet guy Blackie'd be buff.

Denpup: Prolly... the guy ones tend to be big. *snuggles against DB's chest*

DB: Yeah... They make Super Build Tiger and Fire J-Decker look like toys.

Jazz: *absent and very wide grin on her face*

Magnus: ... That's kind of a terrifying thought.

Jazz: *snaps out of happy daydream daze* *blink blink* Huh?

Magnus: *quietly* Something that could make constructs like him look like toys? *tips head toward DB* I'm not sure I'd want to meet one without being armed.

Jazz: Maggy baby, that guy we jes' saw was fifty foot tall.

Magnus: ...

Denpup: Oh! I forgot about Sheol... *facepalm*

Jazz: *looks over* The grave?

Denpup: That's one meaning of the name 'Sheol'. *nod*

Jazz: ...Scary guy? *hands in the pockets of her tunic*

Denpup: *snerk* Naw. She's not so bad. Deherree's the one with the temper.

Magnus: ... She?

Jazz: Well. *looks at him* Her sister's named Hormah.

Denpup: You two were needing to talk to Hormah, right?

Magnus: Er... Yes.

Denpup: *nod* She's at the Sanctuary of Primus, more than likely. It's just up the road from here, and has pillars up front, and might have a catbot on the steps.

Jazz: *distracted from the conversation again. Once more smiling that absent grin as she very plainly checks out the lines on a red, white, and blue bot who is standing and talking to the little white-haired lady bot from the Visitors' Centre*

Magnus: ... Are you sure that'd be safe to walk though?

Denpup: *blink blink* What do you mean?

Jazz: *piercing wolf whistle!*

Magnus: *startles*

Denpup: Ack!

DB: *startles, and then he's laughing*

Magnus: *looks to see what Jazz was whistling at* *quietly* Jazz...

Jazz: *still looking and grinning* Yeah, baby?

Magnus: *sounding a bit put-out* Weren't we going to start our family?

Jazz: Yup. And right now I'm realizin' how sweet you look as a bot.

Denpup: ... *and now she's cackling*

Magnus: *blink blink, blush* *sheepishly* That's one of my Name Brothers?

Jazz: *looks at him with shining eyes* Yup. *chuckle* 'N too dorky ta even realize he's ben whistled at.

Magnus: *more blush, and now his ears are red*

DB: *to Denpup* Hey, isn't that the Jazz from that one reality?

Denpup: *looks* I think so...

Jazz: *distracted by cute blushing husband and whoops* *grabs Magnus' head and turns it* Look, Maggy, look!

Magnus: *startled sound at having his head turned* *blink blink*

Jazz: That's what I was tryin' ta show ya! That's what I was supposedta look like! *excited and bouncing slightly*

Magnus: She's pretty... But I like you better.

Jazz: *lays her head against his chest* Still wish we could be bots t'gether fer jes' a lil' while.

DB: *looks to Denpup*

Denpup: ... We do have a couple wishes left, if you two want 'em.

Jazz: *turns her head and peeks at them with a frown* Wishes?

Magnus: ... Wishes? *brows up*

Denpup: *nods* Like what DB and I used to change forms.

Jazz: *bites lip and looks up at her husband, a light of pleading laughter in her soulful dark eyes* You wanna?

Magnus: ... As long as it won't hurt you, Jazz.

Jazz: Hurt me? *quizzical slight frown*

Magnus: It could aggravate the injuries you had.

Denpup: *patpats DB's chest and gets set down* You could have Hormah supervise. She knows how to take care of organic peeps as well as robotic ones. She was trained by a Ratchet.

Jazz: Changin' back ta bot shouldn' hurt me, Maggy. Ratchet's got me all put back tagether. *grins, eyes dancing now* *glances over at Den* It don't hurt, right?

Denpup: Naw. It just tickles a little bit. *grin*

DB: Den's got a low pain tolerance. She wouldn't joke about something like that. *nod nod*

Jazz: *looks at her husband again, cheerful challenge now in her eyes*

Magnus: ... *dryly* Guess that's another constant Denthe and Den F share with their Name Sister. *small nod* Alright. We might as well have Hormah supervise, since we're going to see her anyway.

Jazz: *pouts* We don't need no supervision fer that.

Magnus: We'll need it for when we get our child.

Jazz: Yeah, but that's gas. We can change 'n then go see about the bitlet. *grin wheedlingly*

Denpup: There're two wishes in here. *offers the jar*

Magnus: ... Alright.

Jazz: *takes jar. Snags one of the bitty lights, then gives jar and other light back* I wish me 'n my Maggy were folks like I useta be. *snerks at the sparkles that start up*

Magnus: *squirms a bit at the sparkles. The Name Sister of Denthe and Den F. wasn't joking about the tickle!*

Jazz: *and then laughs and weebles a bit as her centre of balance resets. Turns a suddenly bright blue optic visor toward her husband* *wiiiide grin, and music is now playing*

Magnus: *slight stumble as he also adjusts to a different center of gravity* Whoah...

Denpup: *cracking up as a 'bot passing by walks into a lightpole*

Jazz: *flying tackle glomp of husband!*

Magnus: *startled 'oof' as he's flying tackle glomped, slight flinch at the clang that results as his rear meets the ground*

Jazz: *SNOG*

Magnus: *pleased sound, snogs back*

Jazz: *ups the energy. Wants Magnus to see just what a kiss is SUPPOSED to be like*

Magnus: *has to cling to Jazz, his head's spinning that badly*

Jazz: *purring up a storm now, though she doesn't notice. Sounds like a massive cat*

Magnus: *snogged silly, and rumbling quietly*

Jazz: *and then a soft meep as a flash happens and her senses are reeling* Oops.

Magnus: *just conked out*

Denpup: ... *facepalming and getting her phone out to call Hormah*

Jazz: Wait. *dizzy head shake* Kin I... git that other wish? XD

Denpup: ... Alright. *offers the jar. Is still going to call Hormah*

Jazz: *has to chase the little light around, chases it around even after she has it, because she's seeing double. Embarrassed muttering and chuckling as she does, then just squints and wishes* Wish mine 'n Maggy's bond was settled. *cross-eyed look that is very apparent despite her visor, and then lays her head down on Magnus chest with a sigh as her senses even out, but are filled with awareness of his dreams* D'awww...

Magnus: *clings and cuddles as he dreams of doing just what he's doing*

Hormah: *comes walking up with a frown and a hand in Pi's face* What the slag's goin' on 'ere, ye stunned *deedlebeep*s?

Denpup: *dryly* A wish that lead to a snog-session that got out of hand.

Hormah: *scans the two bots* *brow quirk* Bond's done settlin' already. *kicks that g1 Ultra Magnus in the leg*

Magnus: *groggy sound*

Denpup: That was the second wish Jazz used.

Hormah: So what was the first 'un? *another kick*

Pi: *trading insulting gestures with Hchee* XD

Denpup: That she and her husband could be like she was before.

Magnus: *mumbles something about it still being night time, boss*

Hormah: *another kick for Magnus* *frowns at Den* Eh?

Denpup: They were both human when they showed up here.

Hormah: *pauses and scans both bots, then looks absent for a moment as she talks to somebody. Brows up* Ahhh, t'at stunned reality. *snerk* *kick*

Magnus: *groggy, bitter complaining about it still being night, therefore, it's too early to go out and stomp on monsters*

Denpup: Apparently, a couple others from there were yanked here earlier and got a kid.

Hormah: Yeah? *kick!* Wake up, ye stunned *explicative*.

Jazz: Stop kickin' 'im. *moves hand and pokes Magnus in the side*

Magnus: *awake!*

Denpup: *shrug* I didn't see it myself... But from the sound of things, the slagger that's been bombing peeps is at it again.

Hormah: *says something truly, impressively UNPRINTABLE*

Pi: *glances over with a pleased grin. Just added that to his notes*

DB: *trying not to snicker. Is saving that one to teach to Dumpson later*

Denpup: *slight shrug*

Magnus: *trying to sit up now*

Jazz: Lemme guess, yer Hormah.

Hormah: Yeah. So?

Jazz: *blinks and snerks quietly* *looks at husband*

Magnus: *remembers why they came to the Nexus in the first place* Ratchet said to talk to you about getting a child.

Hormah: *brow quirk* Somet'in' the matter wit' the usual way?

Jazz: Don't think I gotta spark when I'm squishy.

Magnus: *has no clue what a 'spark' is, just looks puzzled right now*

Denpup: They heard about the gas from the alt of mine who was here earlier. *yes, she put the pieces together on her own*

Hormah: So what about the squishy usual way?

Jazz: *sadness shows* My pipes got busted.

Magnus: *quietly, putting his arms around his wife again* That's why we came here.

Hormah: Ah. *backhands her son as he reaches to poke her in the audio receiver, and then throws a net bag of little foam soccer balls at DB* Well, gitcher afts t' the Sanctuary 'n lessee what I's able t' do.

DB: *gleeee!* Thanks, Hormah! *grins and moves to pick Denpup up so he can bring her home*

Magnus: *working on getting to his feet without letting go of Jazz*

Jazz: *curls in his arms, her sharp optic sensors missing nothing of DB's happiness with the orange femme's gift* Hey, man, wazzat?

DB: Soccer balls! :D

Jazz: What for?

DB: To play with, and to share with our kid. *grin*

Jazz: Ahhhh. *watches Hormah finish digging through her pockets and flip a little flat package at Den* 'N wazzat?

Denpup: *opening the package* It's a doll! *squee*

Jazz: *looks at Hormah* You Santa Clause?

Hormah: Bite me, b'y. *jerks her head at Magnus and then deedles something ferocious at her son before turning and heading back the way she came*

Magnus: ... *will move to follow, going slow since he's a bit unsteady at walking in this form*

Pi: *reaches up and pokes him in the back*

Magnus: *startles at that*

Pi: *quiet snerk* *pokes again*

Jazz: *quizzical look for husband*

Magnus: *frowning at Pi* Stop that.

Pi: *blinks innocent green optics* Stop that.

Magnus: ... *going to try and ignore the stranger, will follow Hormah*

Pi: *poke*

Magnus: *can ignore the Seekertwins. Will ignore you, Pi*

Pi: *plots his next move, but then startles and grins as Jazz suddenly peers over her husband's shoulder at him*

Jazz: Kid, I know 'zactly whatcher thinkin'. So cut it out.

Pi: o.o *scoots ahead to go see if Oppy's home yet, but gets distracted along the way*

Magnus: *shaking with silent laughter now* *loves his wife very much*

Hormah: *without turning to look at the two following her* My ol' man's a Jazz brat.

Magnus: ... Huh.

Hormah: *turns toward the big white building with pillars now, pauses to pat someone invisible on the head*

Magnus: *puzzled, will stop short*

Hormah: *senses his puzzlement and turns toward him quizzically* 'Sup, b'y?

Magnus: Are there spirits here that I can't see?

Hormah: Ahh. Nah. Jes' a freespark.

Magnus: ... Freespark?

Jazz: *quietly* A spark that's gone out. *looks over at the little white and blue guy* A ghost.

Magnus: *quietly* Oh...

Jazz: *sadly* Looks like a lil' kid.

Magnus: *sad now* Oh...

Hormah: *as she pauses in the door and turns back* Ghosts're the memory 'o things that've passed. Cloudtrader t'ere never was. *goes inside, and then makes a puzzled sound as she sees a tall young Optimus with wings talking to the Showtime who is staying at the Sanctuary*

Magnus: *following and puzzling over Hormah's words*

winged Optimus: *turns at the sound, and then he's grinning sunnily* Mama! *will scoot to approach Hormah, has a Mira on one shoulder, and a Bbbrl on the other*

Hormah: Mama? What the... oof!

trShowtime: 0.o *soft clicks*

winged Optimus: *snuggle, happy sounds* *softly* I missed you.

Mira: Is bubby! :D

Hormah: *wriggles* How the flamin' slag'd ye git t'is big, b'y? What the *bleeep!* ye ben inta?

Jazz: 0.0 *at Hormah language*

Magnus: 0_o *at Hormah language*

Oppy: *so serious* I couldn't get back. My reality and the sister one were closed off till now.

Hormah: What? *stops wriggling and looks up at her now tall and handsome son with concern* What d'ye mean? I never got told 'o not'in' like t'at.

Oppy: *small nod, will explain as well as he can* It was a time wrinkle, Mama. I got back as soon as I could.

Hormah: *exasperated sound and rests her forehead against his chest* I's really startin' t' hate t'em slaggin' t'ings. 'N nobody even had time t' lemme know about t'isun. *looks up again* How long were ye gone, me son?

Oppy: *quietly* Three vorns.

Hormah: *intakes sharply, and then hugs him* Ye ain't ben gone an hour here.

Oppy: *hugs* *quietly* Time works in strange ways, I guess.

Mira: *cuddle, purrr*

Bbbrl: *ditto*

Hormah: *softly* Primus said ye'd be back t'ere t' stay someday.

Oppy: *nod, small smile* He's glad that we've been rescuing newbots from Cybertron.

Hormah: *shakes her head slowly, deedling quiet complaint and shock at the sudden to her change under her "breath"*

Pi: *comes running in after sensing familiar feelings* Oppy, I... *skids to a stop* Huh?

Hormah: *sudden rotten snigger as it occurs to her that Pi might just be getting a big brother's comeuppance very soon*

Oppy: *grin* Pi! *gives Hormah Bbbrl and Mira before letting her go and scooting to get Pi in a headlock for noogies*

Hormah: *as beeping, cussing, flailing and laughter ensues* *to Magnus and Jazz* Ye still after wantin' kids?

Bbbrl: *looks up at them from where he's cuddling Mira and purring loudly*

Mira: *happily close to conking out. Has warms, and snuggles*

Magnus: *nods* Yes.

Jazz: *wide grin* Slag yeah!

Hormah: *snerks at the couple, but then turns her head to check on Showtime and Optimus*

Optimus: *still comatose, but resting contentedly in his special portable bed*

Showtime: *gently smoothing Optimus' hair, and playing soft classical music*

Hormah: *gently* How ye after feelin', Showtime?

Showtime: *quietly* Sleepy.

Hormah: Ye wants a hand goin' t' bed? *gently touches the smaller femme's shoulder*

Showtime: *small nod* Please.

Hormah: *gently lifts Showtime, then turns toward the hall. To Jazz and Magnus* T'is way.

Magnus: *as he moves to follow Hormah, he's wondering if this name sister of Showtime's is hurt*

Hormah: *softly, to Showtime* How's Optimus feelin'?

Showtime: *quietly* He was restless earlier... *careful as she smoothes his hair a bit more*

Hormah: *slight frown of concern* Restless? Magnus, don't ye startle Show, peekin' o'er me shoulder like t'at.

Magnus: *backs up, is concerned and wondering if this Optimus is a name brother to his cousin*

Showtime: *small nod* He was twitching and moaning softly...

Hormah: *scans the injured human man* *softly and reassuringly* He's alright now. Even some stronger. *turns into Showtime and Optimus' room and gently lays the small femme on the berth*

Showtime: *small smile and a nod* *will carefully set Optimus' bed over her spark, since she's laying on her back* *shutters her optics*

Hormah: *gets the huge, soft fleece blanket with Optimus Prime all over it and uses it to cover Showtime and Optimus, deedling softly and comfortingly as she does*

Showtime: *soft sigh as she powers down, comforted by the weight and warmth of the fleece blanket over her, and the padding of the heavy wool blanket she's laying on*

Hormah: *turns toward the door, praying mentally, just in time to see Smallfoot put a shy hand on Ultra Magnus' shoulder*

Magnus: *blinks and looks over his shoulder* Hello?

Hormah: She's jes' wonderin' if she kin' help ye. *shoves the pair away from the door, and then tells said door to slide shut* *looks up at Magnus then* Ye were wonderin' somet'in' about Optimus t'ere?

Magnus: Is he a name brother to my cousin?

Hormah: Who's yer cousin? *tilts head slightly and deedles softly to Smallfoot, who leans against her and watches the visitors with gentle dark eyes*

Magnus: King Orion Pax of the Mountain Kingdoms.

Hormah: *starts laughing* Mmm'yup.

Magnus: *concerned* And he's hurt?

Hormah: *sobers and turns to lead them down the hall a bit* Aye. But he's some better'n 'e was.

Magnus: *very slight frown as he tries to think of things that might help* *will follow Hormah*

Hormah: Afore I got Smallfoot 'ere t' gas 'im, he was dead. *nods into a room next to her own and Rap's, on the other side of the hall and the opposite end of it from Showtime's* Go in t'ere.

Jazz: Dead?? *dismay plain on her face and in the tension of her body as Magnus carries her*

Magnus: ... *brain broken expression is a go* Dead?

Hormah: *gives him a little push to remind him that she asked him to move* Aye, b'y. 'Is spark's gone. But what was left 'o 'is mind wouldn' let 'is body rest.

Jazz: *tears leaking from under her visor now*

Magnus: *much dismay on his face as he enters the room* *will hold Jazz close and rub her back*

Jazz: But... but he's human.

Hormah: *as she and Smallfoot follow them inside* Aye, me son. 'At's one o' the t'ings Smallfoot's gas kin do.

Magnus: ... *quietly* He'll be alright, won't he?

Hormah: *looks him in the eye* Depends on yer definition 'o alright.

Magnus: ...

Hormah: He's alive, 'n 'is mate's got 'im. But 'is mind's gone 'n 'is body's broken.

Magnus: ... So he's a bit like Young Lumen, then.

Hormah: Howzat? *bit of a frown and quizzical deedle*

Magnus: He's a Moon Elf. He used to be a Ranger, but then he fell and hit his head enough times that it stuck. Now he's retired, because he can't see well, and he can't speak. But he has his wife and he's happy.

Hormah: *databursts him a general outline of Optimus' injuries, just the data that is alright for a physician to give a non family friend*

Magnus: *mystified expression as he sees a line of text scroll past in his brain, and then he's wincing as he figures out how to open that little package of information*

Jazz: *looks up at him worriedly* Maggy baby? What's wrong?

Magnus: *very quietly* He's hurt, and it's worse than what Young Lu went through. *not sure how to share the information, or if he should share it*

Jazz: *lips press together with worry* *then* How much worse?

Magnus: *will whisper the information*

Jazz: *darkens her optic band and hides her face against him* Slaaag.

Magnus: *gentle backrub*

Hormah: *suddenly brisk* Alright, now siddown t'ere 'n lemme have a lookit ye so's I knows yer up ta gettin' gassed.

Magnus: *small nod, will sit down where he's told to*

Jazz: *settles beside her husband, feeling a little apprehensive now* So you gotta gas that turns bots human' n a gas that gives folks babies?

Hormah: *busy scanning and talking to Primus* Same gas, b'y.

Jazz: 0.o *looks at Magnus*

Magnus: *blink blink* Huh. *very surprised*

Homah: Ye all by yer lonesome, 'n ye changes race. Ye wit' somebody 'o the opposite sex, 'n ye gets a kid.

Magnus: *surprised expression is a go*

Jazz: 'N it hurts.

Hormah: No slag, Sherlock. *steps back and looks at them* Yer bot' healt'y enough.

Magnus: *small nod* *quietly, to Jazz* It's up to you.

Jazz: *softly* I really wanna lil' bot baby, Maggy.

Magnus: *small smile, nuzzles her helm*

Hormah: Ye wants painkiller?

Magnus: *blinks and looks to Jazz*

Jazz: *is looking uncertainly at him*

Magnus: *to Hormah* Might be a good idea.

Hormah: *gets what looks like a big handgun out of her pocket and adjusts settings on it*

Jazz: *squinches her face and holds out her arm*

Magnus: *hesitantly holds out his arm as well*

Hormah: *injects the program into Jazz, and then grabs Magnus' arm and does likewise*

Magnus: *wince at the sting*

Hormah: Wimp.

Magnus: *frown* I am not.

Hormah: *deedlebeep*

Magnus: ... *confused*

Hormah: *stinker grin that has Jazz chuckling woozily* Ye ready?

Jazz: *nods, then decides to lay down since she feels a bit zonked right now*

Magnus: *small nod as he moves to lay down as well* *will hold Jazz close*

Hormah: *steps back and starts laying out cookies and blankets on the other berth* Hit 'em, Smallfoot.

Jazz: Wait. With you still in here?

Hormah: *without turning from her work* I's immune.

Magnus: Huh...*puzzling over this now*

Hormah: *glances over to him as Smallfoot lets loose a cloud of gas from a nozzle on her wrist* I was the first couch baby.

Jazz: *choking as she inhales the gas*

Magnus: *coughing as he also inhales the gas*

Jazz: *and then she's yelping as her view of the world changes. Seems somebody really wants her and Magnus in human form*

Magnus: *startled sound, will cling to Jazz as he returns to his normal form*

Hormah: *looks over her shoulder, and then goes to get a package of diapers and a newborn outfit*

Smallfoot: *comforting and protective hand over the two humans as she sees the pain hit them*

Jazz: *curls up, gritting her teeth*

Magnus: *eyes shut tight* Nnn!

Jazz: Slagslagslagslag! *feels like part of her is being ripped away, even with the painkiller. Woozy, disoriented...*

Magnus: *can't help but cry out in pain. This is worse than getting killed while out in the field!*

Jazz: *gasps suddenly as she notices something over on the berth where Hormah is leaning* Maggy! Twins!

Magnus: *turns his head* Twins? *so surprised*

two little forms: *taking shape in a sparkle of light over there on the berth*

Magnus: *quietly* Wow.

Jazz: *winces slightly as further pain comes to her awareness* *quiet mutter* So glad I got doped.

Magnus: *gentle backrub, even if he's feeling pretty 'ow' himself right now*

Jazz: *and then she's forgetting the last of the pain, which is fading, because there are two little baby humans over there crying, and all she can think of is holding them. Even if they aren't the kind of baby she longed for*

Magnus: *moving to sit up*

Hormah: *without turning as she skillfully and gently diapers both babies and then slips the little outfit onto one of them* Stay down, b'y. Smallfoot, git me anot'er footie.

Smallfoot: *out of the room to do as requested*

Hormah: *wraps the dressed twin and brings her carefully to her parents, tucking the little bit of life between them, then turns back to take the garment that Smallfoot has brought and dress the second twin, who is fussing and wriggling*

Magnus: *softly* Awww...

Jazz: *tears running down her face as she looks at that plump little coffee and cream darling, and then looks for her sister* Dang... they're beautiful.

Hormah: *sets the second baby by her sister* Ye needs help gittin' 'em hooked up?

Magnus: *knows what to do here, sort of. Will help Jazz get her shirt off*

Hormah: *nods and puts a call button near them, then ushers Smallfoot out and closes the door*

Jazz: Hooked up? Huh? *still dozy from painkiller and now distracted by her babies' fussing*

Magnus: They need to eat... *will work on unlacing Jazz's chest wrap* Like how Flashpoint used to feed Rose.

Jazz: *squints one eye* Never really paid attention ta that. *both eyes wide then as she soon understands what he means* Whoa. Handy.

babies: *quiet little sounds as they eat*

Magnus: *small smile as he watches his girls*

Jazz: *tired grin* No botbabies.

Magnus: *quietly* But they're just as beautiful as their mother. *gentle forehead nuzzle for you, Jazz*

Jazz: *chuckles* Lil' brownies. *rubs one baby's back and is rewarded with a grin and a slight dribble of milk as the newborn continues to eat* Whoops!

Magnus: *soothing sounds, will look around for a cloth to wipe the milk up with* *soft chuckle as he finds a pile of something that looks like the trail bread he gets sometimes when the merchants have it, as well as a package of what looks like thin cloth wipes*

Jazz: *quizzical look as she hears the chuckle, and then a grin as one of the twins echoes it*

Magnus: Hormah left us food, and something to clean up with.

Jazz: Good, I feel like my throat's ben cut. 'N this one's droolin' again. *nuzzles the little drooler*

Magnus: *more chuckle, will get the food and the wipes and bring them over*

Jazz: *smile is sleepy when he comes back, and both twins have their eyes closed*

Magnus: *will set to cleaning, after offering Jazz one of the cookies*

Jazz: *snerks* Hands're kinda full.

Magnus: Well, then... *will hold the cookie so Jazz can eat it*

Jazz: *pauses and studies it* Heyyyy, I know what this is. *bite!*

Magnus: *chuckles and continues to hold the cookie*

Jazz: *finishes it quickly* Spike was right. Chocolate chip cookies are good. *checks her babies again*

Magnus: *nomphs a cookie and checks on the girls*

babies: *sleeping now, and their drinking is slowing down* *tiny round faces look content*

Magnus: *soft chuckle*

Jazz: *quietly* So now what?

Magnus: *quietly* We should head home.

Jazz: *sleepy blinking* Yeah. You wanna call the docbot?

Magnus: *small nod, will eye the call button before pushing it*

Rap: *sticks his head in. Grin* You rang?

Jazz: o.0 XD

Magnus: *blink blink* Er... We're ready to go home.

Rap: Okay. *comes in and scans, then pulls out a bigger blanket and puts it gently over Jazz and the twins* Jes' gotta cover Mama up.

Magnus: *small nod* *moves to help Jazz get her chest wrap and shirt back on*

Jazz: Jes' take the girls.

Rap: *grins. Should have realized a girl Jazz would be that feisty* Or that.

Magnus: *soft chuckle* Alright. *will carefully get the twins, humming softly as he does so*

babies: *wriggle a bit, and then settle down, their tiny faces turned toward him. Are plump little people*

Jazz: *sits up a little shakily and gets her clothes fixed, then grabs the blanket and puts it over her shoulders before putting out her arms* Okay, gimme.

Magnus: *gentle kisses for his daughters' foreheads, will carefully transfer them to Jazz*

Jazz: *holds the bitties close and manages to get them all covered up with the blanket* *looks up with a grin* Ready.

Rap: *identical grin back* You guys need a teleporter?

Magnus: *nod* I don't have an amulet of recall.

Rap: *scans him and then takes out a small amulet style teleporter and programs it* This's a one use model. It'll turn inta bling once yer home.

Magnus: ... Bling?

Jazz: *reaches over and gently tugs on the shiny medal her husband's wearing around his neck* Bling.

Magnus: *blinks* Oh. *doesn't quite get it, but he's sure someone back home will like the shiny* *to Rap* Thank you.

Rap: *grins that grin as he offers the (pretty!) medallion* Doin' my job, man.

Magnus: *small nod as he accepts the medallion*

Rap: Jes press the green jewel. *grin softens as he looks at Jazz* Go safe, Mama.

Jazz: *grins back* You should talk, kid. *can see who this guy is made from*

Magnus: *small smile, will hold his family close and press the green jewel*

Ironhide: *was waiting for them. Moves to take Jazz and the babies from Magnus* Here. We's got a bed set up fer y'u.

Kriti: *bringing a couple bowls of broth over* Here.

Magnus: *quietly* Thanks, Ironhide. *now that he's home, he's feeling exhausted*

Ironhide: *over to the table in the back corner, which has furs and blankets set up on it. Gently lays Jazz down and exchanges a grin with the woman* Kin Ah see?

Jazz: *moves a bit, and then opens the blanket, only to gasp as she sees her daughters*

Magnus: *worried, moves to look*

babies: *two beautiful little plump bot babies with their mother's bot detailing and their father's bot colouring*

Ironhide: *quizzical look from Magnus to Jazz* Wh't's wrong?

Magnus: They changed... *but he still thinks they're absolutely beautiful*

Jazz: Bot babies. *wibbling and grinning* What the heck?

Ironhide: *relaxes* Oh, is 'at all? Lay yur aft down, Magnus.

Magnus: *small nod, will lay down beside Jazz*

Kriti: *parking her butt near the bed so she can feed the new parents*

Ironhide: *covers them up, then looks at the two tiny heads peeking from the blankets and smiles before going back over to check on Denthe and Heatwave*

Jazz: *soup? Yesplz* Maggy, did you grab the rest'a those cookies?

Magnus: *small nod* Yeah... *and then he's squeaking as Kriti pokes a spoonful of soup at his mouth*

Jazz: *smug* We kin share cookies later. *thinking of what the cake loving Kriti will think of chocolate chip cookies*

Magnus: *small nod, will offer Kriti the amulet Rap gave him*

Kriti: *slight quirk of a grin as she accepts the shiny, will then continue to feed the new parents*

Jazz: *quietly* We gotta name 'em, Maggy.

Magnus: *small nod, and a bit of a frown as he thinks*

Kriti: That can wait 'til you two are more awake. *feeds a Magnus* *then feeds a Jazz*

Jazz: *chuckles, and one of the babies echoes it* How's Denthe?

Kriti: Sleeping and using Heatwave for a pillow.

Jazz: She feelin' better?

Kriti: She was still pretty warm when I checked on her, but Ratchet said she'd be alright. *offers more soup* And Ironhide's not worrying so much anymore.

Jazz: That's a good sign. *eyelids drooping*

Kriti: *feeds Magnus another spoonful of soup* Get some rest, Jazz.

Jazz: Why we on this table? *slight chuckle* We get kicked outta Deepdancer 'n Gerry's house?

Deepdancer: *snorts from where she's coming back inside* Better to keep new babies away from a sick old man. There'll be time enough for them to sleep on his chest later.

Kriti: *small smile and a nod* Yeah.

Magnus: *absent sound of agreement, is close to conking out again*

Jazz: *grins herself at that mental picture* Gerry gonna wanna love on bot babies?

Deepdancer: *gives her a look for asking such a stupid question*

Jazz: XD

Kriti: If he didn't, there'd be something really wrong with him. *brat grin*

Sunstreaker: *zonked from sleeping in the sun* Who, Gerry? Meh. Babies're babies.

Kriti: *nod nod of agreement* Yup.

Sunstreaker: *winces and pulls a toddler off his leg* I'm not food, Hot Shot.

Hot Shot: *bored and hungry babby, Daddy!* *fuss!*

Sunstreaker: *sighs* You want roast?

Hot Shot: *gleee!* Om nom nom!

Sunstreaker: *perks, is glad there isn't going to be insistence on pickles* Okay! *hauls the little guy over to the bar to get cold roast*

Jazz: *quiet chuckle, her eyes closed now*

Magnus: *snuggles close*

Deepdancer: *adjusts their blankets, touching the faces of the new twins. Then smiles and stoops to pull her own son out from under the skirt of her robe* Let's go have pickled cabbage and salt meat.

Hot Shot: PICKLE!

Sunstreaker: *groan*

Jazz: *chuckles in her sleep, will probably not wake up till morning now, unless things get really quiet*

Magnus: *will wake at the first odd sound he hears, ready to protect his family. But for now, he's sleeping peacefully*

Deepdancer: *keeping an eye on them with little Gerry till Ratchet gets back*

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras and [personal profile] swindle_blitz))