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Nexus. The Black Dog. Sparkeaters and Wet Shirts

Hormah: *comes out of the room where she just sedated a big strong man to snap him out of an anxiety attack to see what little Oppy's calling her about. Absently wonders if Kimahri's going to survive Jenny's pregnancy* Whaddaye want, runt?

Little Oppy: *mix of amusement and exasperation* I found him on the ground. Primus said to bring him to you. *will show his mother the tiny scrap of red and teal that is currently mauling a teddy bear with tentacles, claws, and a barbed tail*

Hormah: o.o *reaches a finger toward the tiny horror*

tiny horror: *hisses and snaps at the finger. Looks like he may have been a mech at one point, but clearly met with something that mutated him into a tiny sparkeater*

Hormah: Eeek! *zaps him with a shot of her pink Minicon energy*

sparkeater: *pained screech, nearly topples out of Little Oppy's hands. But then, he's retching and heaving. Moments later, a few tiny pinpricks of light are being ejected from his mouth before fading from sight, and the tiny terror is reduced to a trembling mess of spiky armor, tentacles, and the barbed tail* *whimpers and curls up into a ball*

Hormah: ... o.0 *gentle poke*

sparkeater: *soft groan* *quietly* P-Please desist.

Hormah: *gently* Percy. What happened t' ye, b'y?

Perceptor: *quietly* T-there was a v-virus... *shudders* I-I was s-seeking a cure...

Hormah: *takes him carefully, and the slightly battered teddy bear too* Go wash yer hand, Oppy.

Little Oppy: *nods and goes to do so without complaint*

Perceptor: *circulating and trying not to be sick again*

Hormah: *takes out a little glowing point of light* I wish's Percy was cured 'o t'at virus.

Perceptor: *slight start as he's surrounded by red and blue sparkles. Once they fade, he's sagging with a mix of exhaustion and relief. His appearance hasn't changed much overall, but the glowing core near where his fuel tank had originally been has been replaced with proper fuel systems once more, and the plating over it has been restored to the way it was before*

Hormah: Some better?

Perceptor: *small nod. Doesn't have much energy at the moment, but at least he's no longer in pain or feeling out of touch with his senses*

Hormah: Oppy, yer in charge. No hazin' t'at *beep* cat. I's takin' Percy t' the 'Dog.

Little Oppy: Aww. *laughs quietly* See you later then, Mama.

Perceptor: *don't mind him, he's just resting his optics*

Hormah: *boots her strapping son in the ankle, and then heads out. Gentle boot for the husband who's sleeping on the front step with Mira and Bbbrl, and then goes down the steps and away to the Black Dog. Can hear Lumen's spinning wheel whirring already as she passes the blanket factory*

Legacy: *coming back from a brief delivery run, will call Hormah's name as she approaches*

Perceptor: *slight startle at the call*

Hormah: *stops and looks down at the girl with a quizzical deedle*

Legacy: Hey, Hormah. How are things at the Sanctuary?

Hormah: *deedles a chuckle* Kimahri's havin' a sleep 'n Jenny's playin' wit' a doll.

Legacy: *soft chuckle and a sympathetic look in her eye* Kimahri was really worrying.

Hormah: *chuckles again, her yellow eyes dancing* 'Mazin' what a lil' needle poke kin do.

Legacy: *nod* *slight headtilt as she catches a brief glimpse of spiky red plating* Did you get a new pet?

Hormah: Nope. *looks at the little guy in her hand* ...Maybe. New ward.

Legacy: Ah... Baytech?

Hormah: *shakes her head* Tiny tech. He's jes' seen some trouble.

Legacy: *wince* Poor guy.

Hormah: Aye. He'll be alright. *gentle touch for her passenger* I's bringin' 'im t' eat now.

Legacy: *small nod* Alright. I'll get out of your way, then.

Hormah: Lu tol' 'is ma 'bout t'at wheel yet?

Legacy: Nope. *chuckles*

Hormah: *shakes her head and chuckles* I'll see ye later, b'y.

Legacy: Later. *will head into the factory*

Perceptor: *soft sigh as he goes comfortably limp*

Hormah: *soft deedle for the little bot as she continues her way, soon reaches the place between D'coda's garden and the Black Dog. Nods to the little hedgehog who is busily planting pansies at the base of the hedge that surrounds the garden. Then turns and goes up the steps, where she stops and looks thoughtfully down at tDesinex*

tDesinex: *sticks out her chin* 'Sup?

Hormah: *listens to Primus for a moment, and then hunkers down slowly and shows her tiny passenger* Ye after knowin' t'is b'y?

tDesinex: *was about to reply, but then something about the red mech's appearance triggers a panic response* *scampers back with a very undignified squeal* Sparkeater!!!

Perceptor: *slight twitch*

Tarantulus: *coming to see what tDesinex is shouting about*

Hormah: Shut yer trap, Desi. He ain't no sparkeater no more.

Tarantulus: ... *raised brow ridge* What's a sparkeater?

Hormah: *glances up* Somet'in' he ain't.

Tarantulus: *small nod* What reality is he from?

Hormah: *nods to tDesinex* Hers.

Tarantulus: ... *blink blink* Huh. Table, booth, or bar?

Hormah: Devcon in 'is usual spot?

Tarantulus: Nope. He got hauled off to that one house in the suburbs.

Hormah: *stands* I'll sit t'ere.

Tarantulus: Alright. What can I bring you?

Hormah: Can 'o Nem's special, 'n a bubble 'o mild sparklet pink blend.

Tarantulus: *nods and goes to get the requested fuel*

Perceptor: *startles awake*

Hormah: *pokes the teddy bear closer to him and hums a soothing tune as she walks to the booth over in the dark corner* Hush, b'y. I's after gittin' ye some energy.

Perceptor: *shivers and hides his face against the teddy bear*

Hormah: *takes a napkin out of the bot size holder and tucks it around him, then glances toward the bar as she overhears her name*

tKriti: *trying to convince Galeas to bring her over to Hormah, wants to see what spooked her sister*

Hormah: *looks over toward the little green guy that usually serves the tables under the bonsai mountain, then grins as she sees him glance at her and crooks a finger at him*

Galeas: *will gently pick tKriti up and move to bring her over to Hormah's table*

tKriti: *gonna move so she can perch on Galeas' head*

Hormah: *reaches down a hand as the two youngsters reach the booth* *affectionately* Whaddye be wantin', eh?

tKriti: What's got Desi so freaked?

Hormah: *glances at Perceptor, who only has his head showing now from his bundle beside that of the teddy bear* I'll show ye. *wriggles her fingers invitingly*

Perceptor: *circulating air and trying to calm down from his bad dream*

Galeas: *curious, will move to hop up, catch Hormah's foot, and then climb her leg. Is very careful not to shake tKriti loose during the journey to the hand that's waiting to lift them to the table top*

tKriti: *leans forward, trying to be careful about not blocking Galeas' view* ... That looks like Perceptor.

Hormah: *as she settles the kids on the table* *softly* Tis a Percy. He's arter bein' from yer reality.

tKriti: *surprised squeak, nearly topples off of Galeas' head*

Galeas: Whoops! *quick to catch the tiny femme*

tKriti: Why's he here? *worried* Has Show been told?

Hormah: He jes' got here, 'n jes' got the cure fer the sparkeater virus. *gently touches Perceptor's head and deedles to him* Ain't told nobody 'bout 'im.

tKriti: *blink* ... Sparkeater virus?

Galeas: ... What's a sparkeater?

Hormah: *to Galeas* Somet'in' like a vampire.

Galeas: 0_0 *meeps quietly*

Perceptor: *mumbling about formualations and innoculating the rest of the Autobots*

Tarantulus: *back with the fuel*

Hormah: Shhh, Percy. Oppy's seein' t' it. *looks up* T'anks, b'y.

Tarantulus: *small nod, sets the drinks down and goes to see what Showtime needs help with*

tKriti: *persuades Galeas to set her down on the table as well, will move to scale Hormah's hand with the intention of helping Perceptor take in fuel*

Hormah: *gently touches the little mech* Percy? Kin ye drink, me son?

Perceptor: *quietly* I-I believe so.

tKriti: *gentle patpat for the scientist*

Galeas: *look of deep concentration, then he's scampering off to retrieve something*

Hormah: *takes out a drinking tube of the right gauge and offers it to tKriti, then moves the bubble closer and turns it so that the soft spot for poking a straw through is uppermost*

tKriti: *will get the drinking tube situated in the bubble, and then help Perceptor sit up enough that he'll be able to take in fuel without sputtering it all over himself*

Perceptor: *grateful for the assistance*

tKriti: *blinks and looks to the tail that just wrapped itself around her wrist*

Hormah: *softly, as she sips from her own can* Shhh. He's jes holdin' on. T'won't hurt ye, b'y.

tKriti: *small nod, will resume helping Perceptor*

Perceptor: *only manages about half the bubble's contents before he's nodding off again*

Hormah: *soft deedle, but then lifts her head slightly as the ping she sent to tShowtime goes through*

tShowtime: //Hello?//

Hormah: //I scared the oil outta yer sister.//

tShowtime: //... Which sister?//

Hormah: *muted mirth* //Desi.//

tShowtime: *sputters, and then she's laughing* //How did you manage that?//

Hormah: *sends an image of the little mech in his nest of napkin, clinging to teddy bear and tKriti's wrist*

tShowtime: //...That's Perceptor, isn't it?// *worried* //What happened to him? Is he alright?//

Hormah: *explains what she knows, including the fact that Primus made it clear that she needed to show the mech to the three sisters*

tShowtime: //Does he need anything?//

Hormah: //Ye arter knowin' 'im?//

tShowtime: //He was one of my mentors.//

Hormah: //Figured t'at might be so.// Percy. *gentle shake* Ye wants Show?

Perceptor: *quietly, with groggy confusion* Showtime is gone...

Hormah: *softly* Nah, b'y. She ain't. She's jes' Exile.

Perceptor: *brow ridges up with more confusion*

Galeas: *back with a square of fleece that's been hemmed to make a doll-sized blanket*

tShowtime: //Let me get Mirage and Knockout, and then we'll be there.//

Hormah: //Alright, b'y.// *grins and lowers her hand for Galeas* *to Perceptor, as she reaches* Ye'll see, Percy. She's comin' t' see ye.

Galeas: *soft clicks as he moves to gently wrap Perceptor in the blanket*

tKriti: *contemplative look*

Perceptor: *startles as, despite Galeas' best efforts, the teddy bear he was tucked in with takes a tumble*

Galeas: *squeaks and tries to re-situate the blanket, bear, and mech*

Hormah: *picks up the bear and holds it where Perceptor can see it* Ye wants t'is back, me son?

Perceptor: *quietly* Y-Yes, please.

Hormah: *deedles softly as she tucks the bear beside him, but then pauses and starts laughing*

tKriti: *looks up* What's funny?

Hormah: *shares with tKriti and Perceptor the video yOp just sent her. Which shows a lot of happy 'Bots and 'Cons chasing each other around with toy guns*

tKriti: *sputter*

Perceptor: *blink!* O-Oh, my.

Hormah: T'at's Oppy's vaccination program. *deedles mirthfully as she shares the part of Ironhide, toy gun in one hand, and other hand in a fist as he pursues Sideswipe*

tKriti: *snickerfitdie*

Perceptor: Oh, dear...

Hormah: I's tinkin' Swiper aimed fer the caboose. *more deedling*

tShowtime: Knowing Sideswipe, yes, he did. *just arrived with Mirage*

Mirage: *offers to lift his wife up toward Hormah's foot*

tShowtime: *will move to scale Hormah's leg once she's within reach*

Hormah: *reaches and snags her, then gently deposits her on the table next to where tKriti and Galeas are watching over Perceptor, the one softly singing a song from Lucky's favourite TV show*

Knockout: I want up too.

Mirage: You'd better wait.

tShowtime: *moving to approach, isn't entirely sure what to expect*

Perceptor: *attention going to the footsteps, then he's donning a confused expression as he sees the beautifully translucent armor of the femme that just knelt down beside him*

Hormah: *notices new golden tracery designs winking softly on tShowtime's face, chest, and wrists, tiny gemstone accents on her forehead and wrists, and the new iridescent glass over the small woman's eyes. Thinks she looks like a denizen of the Towers* *softly* T'is Showtime, Percy.

Perceptor: *raised brow ridges as he starts to see familiar features now that he's been told who the delicately lovely femme is*

tShowtime: *gentle clicks, will smooth Perceptor's helm* It's alright. You're safe now.

Knockout: Can I go up now, Mentor?

Mirage: *cultured voice full of loving patience* Not yet, Knockout.

Hormah: *distracted. Gives a soft deedle of amusement*

Perceptor: *surprised to find himself crying*

tShowtime: *soothing murmurs and clicks, will gently fuss over her mentor, even as tKriti and Galeas do the same* Shhh... You'll be alright, Mentor.

Knockout: *delete this word*, he's crying!

Mirage: Shhhh.

tShowtime: *calmly* Language, Knockout.

Knockout: Can I come up now, Mom? *tough facade in danger of crumbling in her concern for this stranger who mentored her female mentor*

tShowtime: *humming quietly, has repositioned Perceptor so he can use her shoulder to cry on*

Perceptor: *trembling and slightly dizzy by the time his crying dies down to muffled intake hitches* *feels better for having had a good, long crying session*

Hormah: *gently touches tShowtime's back comfortingly* *quietly* Tell 'im yer hitched, b'y.

Perceptor: *confused* Hitched?

tShowtime: *small nod* Wordmates, for now. We've been planning out when the best time to bond fully is, though.

Knockout: *calls past Hormah's hand* Soon!

Mirage: *soft sound of admonishment*

Knockout: *pouts at him*

Perceptor: *curious about the unfamiliar voice*

tShowtime: *quieter* And I'm a mentor.

Perceptor: *so surprised!*

tKriti: *gonna heckle her sister for a bit about being a Tower Princess, and then she'll duck and laugh as tShowtime tries to bap her*

Hormah: *gently lifts Knockout onto the table as Mirage climbs up with soft apologies to Hormah before going to one knee and studying his father in law with a serious expression of concern on his handsome and expressive face*

Knockout: *triumphant engine rev, but then pauses and looks at Perceptor with a frown* Good. He has a blanket.

Galeas: And a teddy bear. *grins at the red and grey youngling*

Knockout: Hmmph. Dolls.

tShowtime: *telling tKriti off without cussing, don't mind her*

Perceptor: *very confused now, as he's certain he's seen the other mech before*

Mirage: *sees the expression* *quietly, in that cultured voice* Hello. My name is Mirage. This is Knockout.

Knockout: *pauses in mid rev to be shy and duck behind Galeas*

Mirage: Please forgive her. She's young.

Perceptor: *blink. BLINK! Though... now that the other mech has introduced himself, he's seeing the similarities to the Mirage he knows* *quietly* If I recall correctly, Showtime was similar, when she was younger.

Mirage: *polite disbelief on his face and in his golden eyes* Surely you're mistaken.

Hormah: He's after meanin' she was shy, 'Raj.

Mirage: *embarrassed* Oh. That I can understand. Sorry.

Hormah: *don't mind her soft snerking*

Perceptor: ... Is she similar to Kriti, then?

Hormah: Nah. Jes' some rough 'round the edges. Nobody's scared 'o 'er.

Mirage: *winces at the Servant's wording, thinking it rather blunt and perhaps impudent toward Perceptor. But then he's never very sure of Hormah*

tKriti: *smug grin*

tShowtime: *talking quietly to Perceptor now, asking if he's refueled or not*

Perceptor: *mentions that he had refueled earlier, and that he isn't sure he would be able to take in more fuel at this point in time*

Hormah: *softly* He's had enough fer now, Show. He's needin' t' rest. *then looks toward the sound of an irate Den voice*

Denthe: LOOK at this, Heatwave! *aims a kick at the butt of the tall burly man who is with her as she holds out the front of her blue tunic, which is wet* If you'd helped me, this wouldn't have happened to my new tunic! *aims another kick*

Heatwave: I couldn't do it in public! *swats at her hand as she kicks him again*

Denpup: *followed the pair in, and is now laughing hysterically as Red Rum and bitty DB clickstorm at each other in her arms*

Denthe: *unprintable as she kicks again!*

Hormah: *blinks, and then lowers her face to the table and succumbs to a fit of the snorting deedles*

tShowtime: *distracted by the shenanigans*

Heatwave: *just changed to bot. And got kicked again anyway* Stop kicking me!

Denthe: *cussing him out but good*

Knockout: Did he spill something on her, Mentor?

Mirage: *looks at her, but then glances toward the shouting, which his Towers training caused him not to notice* I don't know.

Heatwave: *just became unprintable himself as another kick landed right on his ankle joint*

Denpup: *has to sit down, because now her sides are hurting*

Denthe: *getting positively VILE as she yells at Heatwave*

Heatwave: If you keep this up I'm leaving! *turns and stomps toward the door*

Denthe: Fine!: *will get Red Rum and stomp off toward the bar in a huff*

Denpup: *to Heatwave* ... Dude. Not cool. *frowning at the mech now*

Heatwave: *growls at her and continues his stomp toward the door and out of it*

Denpup: ... *sighs and then she and Glitterbitty are heading to the bar to try and console Denthe*

Heatwave: *...sounds like some Blackout sprog decided to pick him up by the feet and donk his head on the porch bench*

Hormah: *laughing again till tears run down her face*

tShowtime: *facepalming*

Perceptor: *worried expression is a go* O-oh, dear.

Mirage: *expression shows his incomprehension of the situation as he holds his daughter closely and protectively*

Knockout: *totally confused, yo* *looks at Perceptor* Hi, Grandpa.

Perceptor: *blink* Grandpa?

Knockout: *starts to talk. Decides to hide her face against Mirage again instead*

Mirage: *slightly startled blink, but rubs her back and looks at his wife*

tShowtime: It's quiet at the Towers. We can get everything to set your lab up again.

Perceptor: I... I believe it would be wise for me to remain with Hormah.

Hormah: *looks down alertly when she hears her name*

tShowtime: *surprised expression is a go*

Perceptor: *quietly* I think it would be for the best to have her monitor my recovery.

Hormah: *nods quietly* *softly* He's still some shaky, b'y.

Mirage: *expression shows his concern*

tShowtime: ... *small nod*

Hormah: *gently, in Cybertronian* [You have his frequency, right?]

tShowtime: *another small nod* [When he feels ready, he's welcome with us.]

Hormah: *small deedle of laughter* [This will give you more time to set up something really nice. Just don't try to give the bot the entire floor under yours. He'd get lost.]

tShowtime: *very soft chuckle and a nod*

Hormah: *gentle touch for the smaller woman, managing to flick tKriti as she does* He'll be after needin' a lot 'o quiet time. *glances toward Knockout* I's not t'inkin' brat revvin'll be noise.

tShowtime: *small nod*

Perceptor: *gives himself a bit of a shake, was starting to nod off again*

tKriti: *soft razz for the flick, will move to fuss over Perceptor*

tShowtime: *soft clicks, will gently touch Perceptor's back*

Galeas: *quietly, as he bites his lip with concern* Maybe he should go to bed now. It's nice to be in bed when you're sick.

tKriti: *will move to try and bundle Perceptor up with his teddy bear*

tShowtime: *helps with that*

Hormah: *lays her hand back down. This is Percy's bed right now*

Perceptor: *quiet little murmur as he hides his face on his bear*

Hormah: *curls her hand slightly as the little mech is laid in it* *softly* I'll carry 'im wit' me, Show.

tShowtime: *small nod*

Mirage: *gently, as he stands and puts his hand on her shoulder* Let's go home.

Knockout: *isn't on Dad's back, so there. Clings and watches*

tShowtime: *small nod, will move to hug Mirage*

Mirage: *picks his wife up too, then turns her so that she can see her younger sister*

Galeas: *squeaks and puts a hand up as he acquires a tiny Kriti hat*

tKriti: Just don't over do it when you two bond. I don't want a processor ache.

Mirage: *throat clearing and a strong attempt not to show embarrassment or anger at how rude his wife's sister can be to her*

Knockout: *stink eye for Aunty. Noooo clue what was said-wasn't listening. But Dad made that sound, so she can give a Look! Right?*

tKriti: Get going. *gonna transform and sit on Galeas' head in alt mode*

Galeas: Okay. *turns and heads for the edge. Thankfully there's a Bet to pick him up and bring them to the bar*

Mirage: *sighs very softly as he watches them go, feeling a little thankful for Galeas' misunderstanding*

tShowtime: *quietly* Let's go home.

Mirage: *gently* Yes, dear. *nods to Hormah, and then steps out of range before teleporting his family home*

Hormah: *sniggers and calls tOptimus*

tOptimus: *sounds like he's laughing as he answers. In the background Megatron can be heard ranting* //This is Optimus Prime.//

Hormah: *sends him an image of what's in her hand*

tOptimus: //Is that...?//

Hormah: //T'is. He's Exile, like Show 'n Kriti.//

tOptimus: *quietly* //I see. I will let Ratchet know. He was concerned.//

Hormah: //He wished fer the cure t'at Oppy brung ye.//

tOptimus: //His wish saved a lot of lives.//

Hormah: //Yup.// *gently* //He's gonna be alright.// *promises with her words and tone to take care of the little scientist*

tOptimus: //Thank you for taking care of him, Hormah.//

Hormah: //Doin' me job, b'y. Peace out.//

tOptimus: //Optimus out.// *will close the line with a soft click*

Hormah: *gets up and walks over to the bar. Pauses when she's there to look at the tiny purple Seeklet who is squeaking and happily clambering all over on Vi*

Seeklet: *sees her and scoots into Aunty's arms. Peeeeks!*

Vi: *looks over* Hey, Hormah.

Hormah: *soft deedles to the Seeklet* Who's t'is, eh?

Vi: ... Dance, I think. One of Lumen's sons in Link's reality.

Hormah: *watches the baby bot look up alertly at sound of the name* Ye t'inks? Do t'at mean what I's t'inkin' it do?

Vi: Well, Song and Dance ate their ID tags last week... so nobody's been able to tell 'em apart... *blinks a bit* Link brought him.

Hormah: *soft, mirthful deedle* T'at's what I t'ought it meant. *grins at the bitty, who squeaks, peeks, and stays "hiding"* D'awww. *then looks at Vi with quiet approval* Didn' know ye was here. Wasn' no noise.

Vi: *frown* If I'd'a gotten loud, it would've scared the bitlet.

Hormah: *pats her with gentle gruffness on the shoulder, the approval still clear. Then quietly excuses herself and walks over to look at where Denpup is sitting and protecting the smoother of the female Rattrap's sons from Glitterbitty pokeage* What ye got, b'y?

Denpup: One of the kids of the Rattrap that is staying in that big house across the way from mine. *small grin* Isn't he cute?

Hormah: *deedlechuckle* T'ey always are at t'at age. Even Lumens.

Denpup: Yeah... Here's hoping the Maximal one doesn't pick up the brain vacuum habit his alts like to do.

Hormah: He's on the roof bakin' 'is belly.

Denpup: Awww

Hormah: 'N Clipsie 'n Mutt's takin' the chamomile cure. *laughter*

Denpup: So they both had tea? *blink*

Hormah: *snigger, deedle* Nah. T'ey's sleepin' in the chamomile bed.

Denpup: ... Huh. Guess that's one way to do it.

Hormah: *more laughter, and then checks on Perceptor there in her hand*

Perceptor: *one foot twitching slightly, but he's almost completely asleep at this point*

Hormah: *softly* D'aww. *closes hand again, and then looks over to where Denthe is sitting in her nice clean blue tunic and talking to the furrier of lady Rat's sons, who is having a stare down with Red Rum*

Denthe: *still pretty miffed at Heatwave, but the furry kid's cute*

Hormah: Hey, Den. I's Hormah, the local pastor.

Denthe: *looks up* ... How do you know my name?

Hormah: *dryly, as she crooks a thumb at Denpup* I knows her.

Denthe: *looks* *blink* ... She looks like Den Fallbretheren, without the runic tattoos.

Hormah: *blinks* Ye ben hangin' out wit' the broad, 'n ye don' even know who she be?

Denthe: ... I was kinda distracted.

Hormah: *looks at Denpup* *also ignores lady Rattrap's sniggerfit*

Denpup: *thrrpts*

Hormah: *sigh* Den, meet Den.

furry baby: *burps and dribbles milk. His tongue is still stuck out, and he is still having that stare down with Red Rum*

Denthe: Well met.

Denpup: Same. *rude hand gesture for Rattrap. She's trying to teach the Maximal new swearies!*

Hormah: *looks back to Denthe* 'N a pastor's kinda like a priest. *in other words, friendly listening person here*

Denthe: ...

Denpup: She's like a bartender.

Denthe: *understanding dawns on her face*

Hormah: *deedles laughter* 'Cept me sister never was the listenin' sort.

Nemesis: *flips older sister in the face with bar towel in passing*

Hormah: *snigger*

Denpup: *snerks*

Denthe: *snickerfit*

Hormah: *hops up on the stool that rises from the floor for her, and then rides it up to a comfortable level* So. How ye feelin', me son?

Denthe: I'd be feeling better if Heatwave would quit being an idiot.

Hormah: *quietly, just checking* Ye knows tis 'gainst the law t' flash t'ose t'ings in public?

Denthe: ... *blink blink*

Hormah: *nods* *even more quietly* 'N most folk here never t'inks 'o t'at as a fadder's job. He do it when he's to home wit' ye?

Denthe: *nods* It took the other fathers cornering him and lecturing him to help out...

Hormah: *slight head shake* 'N he's bot. He's not bein' cruel, b'y. Tis all new.

Denthe: He's human back home.

Hormah: 'N t'at's new too. Changin' form don't change yer mind 'n learnin'. *gently* His folk never even had no babbies.

Denthe: ...

Hormah: *winces and puts a hand to her head, then looks toward the door* Scrap, Apoleia jes' dropped 'im.

Denthe: ... *on her feet now and setting babies by her Name Sister*

Rattrap: *over in a flash to take her fat and full son*

Hormah: *empty hand hovering near Denthe*

Denthe: *no hesitation as she moves to climb into Hormah's hand*

Hormah: *holds her gently and tucks Perceptor in his bed into a pocket as she weaves through the crowd toward the door. Even ducks between a couple bots' legs, leaving startled sounds in her wake*

Denthe: *worried about Heatwave, but also a bit angry that someone damaged him*

Hormah: *sees Jetfire standing in the doorway. Goes between his feet too!*

Jetfire: *string of curses as he lifts one foot with surprise*

Hormah: *turns and kicks him in the shin, and then hurries over to where lbEclipse is bent over the unconscious Heatwave* Report.

lbEclipse: I think he's got a concussion, but I can't be sure without my scanner... Wake was repairing it for me, and I was on my way to the supplier so I could get more parts...

Hormah: *scans and frowns with concern as she sets Denthe down, then goes to Heatwave's head and removes his helm before opening an access panel* Bit 'o a crack here. Not in the memory t'ough. *sets to work with tools from her fingers, her expression intent as she deedles softly and steadily*

Apoleia: *now has Deherree in a full nelson out there on the path and is showing her what he thinks of being pounced on and caused to drop bots on their heads!*

Deherree: *screeching and cursing with fury*

Denthe: *worried and fretting now*

Heatwave: *optics shuttered, and a slightly pained expression on his face as he lays there in the shadow of the bench*

Hormah: *doesn't look up as a shadow falls over her work* He's gonna be alright, Optimus.

lOptimus: *frowning with concern as he goes to one knee* What happened?

Hormah: Deherree went lookin' fer somebody t' smack down fer a prank the boys pulled t'is mornin'. Apoleia was the first she seen, 'n he was after playin' wit' t'is guy when she hit. *can hear Requiem breaking the fight up now. Can also hear Dreadnought teasing lOptimus' Requiem*

Denthe: *quietly* They damaged him.

lOptimus: *turns toward that quiet voice* *in his own deep, slightly rough edged but still gentle rumble* It was not intentional, Miss. Are you his friend?

Denthe: He's my husband.

lOptimus: Ahhhh. *no protest, and only a little surprise. He's seen so much since he first stumbled across this nexus* *quietly* Hormah says that he will recover.

Hormah: *is saying a lot of things right now, but nobody knows how to translate them*

Denthe: *much frown*

lOptimus: He's going to be alright.

Apoleia: *young mech nearly a dead ringer for the one already speaking to Denthe, but black and silver, with cool red eyes* *drops to one knee* *quietly, to Denthe* How is he?

Denthe: The Pastor said he'd be alright.

Apoleia: *relieved sound* Good. *then scowls at lOptimus and leaves. Doesn't like that guy*

Denthe: *torn between going to demand restitution from Deherree, or staying by Heatwave in case he wakes up and asks for her*

Hormah: T'ere. *closes the panel and scans Heatwave again*

lOptimus: *turns back from watching something in the crowd that has gathered to watch Hormah work*

Denthe: *moving to gently patpat Heatwave's face*

Heatwave: *slight flinch and a quiet groan* Boss? Morning?

Hormah: *sits back on her heels to watch, ignoring the hand that lOptimus has put on her shoulder*

Denthe: *gently* Easy... You got hurt.

Heatwave: What...? *tries to turn his head, and manages slightly as he unshutters his optics*

Denthe: *soothing sounds* You got dropped on your head.

Heatwave: *groans again faintly, then shutters his optics again* Tired. Can't... work.

Denthe: Then rest, Heatwave. *intends to demand restitution from Deherree after all*

Hormah: *quiet whistle* He'll heal better like t'is. Optimus, will ye bring 'im t' the sanctuary?

lOptimus: I will. *gently scoops the smaller mech into his arms, then looks at Denthe* Can you climb up?

Denthe: I need to get our son. My Name Sister is watching over him.

Hormah: *looks toward the door* She's bringin' 'im.

Glitterbitty: *is a happy yap as he talks to Red Rum*

Red Rum: *is a big scowl of concern. And a bit of uncertainty since he lost that stare down with that other bitty*

Denthe: *small nod, moves to get her son*

Red Rum: Mama! *scowl returns and deepens as he sees the big stranger holding his dad* *bitty growl*

Hormah: T'at's Heatwave's sprog alright.

Denthe: *soothingly* He's helping get Heatwave to a quiet place to rest.

Red Rum: *worried look for his mother* XP?

Denthe: *soft hum*

Red Rum: XP debt? *worried scowl now*

lOptimus: *waits for Denthe and the baby to come aboard*

Denthe: *nod* *will move to try and scale the red and blue construct*

Hormah: *gentle hands help her up* *to the local Den* See ye, b'y. Ye's gotta tag sticker on yer back. *rises to her feet as lOptimus does*

Denpup: ... Who ninja tagged me?!

Hormah: I don't know! *snorts at her and accompanies lOptimus down the steps*

Denthe: ... Ninja tagged?

lOptimus: It's a game of tag that Den and her coworkers play. The object is to stick a small sticker onto someone and so tag them as "It".

Denthe: ... *bewildered expression is a go*

lOptimus: Do you know what tag is?

Hormah: *sighs and shakes her head, but thinks she'll be glad to get home, even though she knows the first thing she'll have to do is to stop little Oppy from getting Binky to try and fetch Rap*

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras))