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DTC. The Elders' Visit Part 2

Continued from here

Magnus: *stumbles over and nearly falls in the fire* Where's Jazz?

Ironhide: Helping Gracie Farmer sift barley seed.

Magnus: Good. Safe. Girls? ACK! *suddenly beset by two little coffee skinned dimpled darlings who want to hug Papa*

Carlita and Telaria: Dang, Papa, you're COLD!

Magnus: *sighs and cuddles* I noticed.

Old Lumen: *quick headcount, frowns as he realizes someone's still out there* Has anyone seen Mack lately?

Ironhide: *frowns* 'E didn' go out wit' Flash or 'Mia.

Old Lumen: ... I didn't see Omae out there, either.

Ironhide: *frowns* Rahght. 'E's usualleh rahght bah th' door lahk s'me kahnda bouncer. *goes to check*

Omae: *not by the door, or anywhere on the tavern grounds*

Ironhide: *listens for a moment, and then suddenly there's a burst of flame and she's gone*

Old Lumen: *blink*

Calypso: *blink blink* What the 'ell?

Old Lumen: Ironhide went to get Mack and Den Fallbretheren, I'm guessing.

Bumblebee: *tired perk from where she's gone to lay on her shivering husband and shiver with him* Did she dragon?

Old Lumen: Vanished in a puff of flame.

Dion: o.o She can do that?

Downrush: *looks over from ordering hot drinks for all the people affected by the cold* Do what?

Sunstreaker: *tiredly, after pulling his head out of the n00b bucket and then dumping it on his brother* Go poof.

Sideswipe: *blink blink. Shiver. Lights are on, but nobody's home*

Showtime: *moving to wrap husband in a blanket, has a blanket for brother in law as well* *worried fretting in her native language*

Sunstreaker: *tries to get wife in his blanket too. Would add brother, but he sees that Anna has found her husband*

Showtime: *gives Anna the blanket she got for Sideswipe, will focus on fussing over husband*

Anna: Thanks, Show. *takes blanket, soggy husband, and drink the old dwarf guy bought for husband, and brings them all back to her room. Barmaid can tend bar*

Wheeljack: *helping pass out warm drinks*

Wheeljill: *grabs Dion and starts rubbing his hands, telling him that Banshee's gonna kick his aft*

Senaiji: *coming in from the cold, almost unrecognizable for all the wraps he's got on*

Thrrpt: *goes to meet him* Thrrpt?

Senaiji: *muffled, even as he moves to get his wraps off* I'm fine. Where's Batsy?

Thrrpt: *waves hands. Still out!*

Senaiji: *finishes unwrapping himself and nods* I'll keep an eye out for her, then.

Thrrpt: Thrrpt! *goes to stick her head out the door* *yelps*

Desinex: *yelp!*

Thrrpt: *reaches, grabs, and drags her inside* Thrrpt!

Desinex: *grumbles about being dragged inside*

Thrrpt: *gives her a curious look*

Flashpoint: Desi, Hounds wit' 'Mia.

Desinex: *small nod for the War Master, relaxes now that she knows he's safe*

Thrrpt: *cheerfully points to the free drinks happening at the bar*

Desinex: *perks up, heads for the bar*

Old Lumen: *chuckles* *to Downrush* I think you just won over one of the more difficult people to impress.

Downrush: ... Are you sure that's a good thing?

Calypso: Eeeh, suck it up, b'y.

Hormah: *kicks the door open and staggers inside, then faceplants*

Thrrpt: Thrrpt! *goes and grabs the half dwarf girl and drags her to the fire*

Hormah: *halfway to hibernation. Even Earth Mages get hit by it sometimes, it seems*

Old Lumen: *moving to bring Hormah a warm drink*

Hormah: *waves one hand, her green eyes squinting blearily*

barmaid: Don't you DARE start the floor to growing seats again.

Hormah: o.o?

Old Lumen: *chuckles and offers the drink again*

Hormah: *decides to slurp it without taking it*

Old Lumen: *keeping the mug steady for her*

Hormah: *slurp slurp slurp slurp! Pauses and gives Downrush a curious look* *burp*

Old Lumen: One of the elders from my Garrison.

Hormah: Ah. Eh, b'y. How's it arter goin'?

Downrush: Wasn't expecting it to storm.

Hormah: T'wern't fer t'at t'ere stunned wench, t'wouldn' be. *more slurp!*

Calypso: Wouldn' mind goin' a few rounds wit' the *bleep*.

Downrush: Calypso, no.

Sunstreaker: *mumble* Deepdancer'll get her.

Hormah: *curious look for Calypso now* Ye talks some funny, b'y.

Calypso: Ye're one ta talk, b'y. *brat grin*

Hormah: So yer 'n ol' fart from Al'Victus, eh?

Calypso: Only 'cardin' me leg's too broke ta fix right.

Hormah: *thoughtful expression* See t'at Ratchet.

Calypso: Ratchet?

Hormah: Aye. *more slurp!*

Old Lumen: He's a Steeler.

Calypso: *scowl*

Flashpoint: 'E's Exahled.

Sunstreaker: Saved the boss's life.

Calypso: ... *raised brow*

Magnus: *wearily, from where he's cuddling his little girls under a blanket from the hearth* He put my wife back together too.

Bumblebee: And he's 'Hide's Sworn Brother. And Old Lu's too.

Downrush: ... I want to meet him.

Hormah: *says something about a slaggin' big ax*

Calypso: *perk*

Ironhide: *comes in just then, a Mack-sized shape huddled in her arms as a man in a brown robe with a huge ax on his back stumbles in after her*

Ratchet: *pauses to shake like his hairy old dog, and at just the same time*

Den F.: *following closely on Ratchet's heels and worrying quietly*

Calypso: *moving to get up*

Ratchet: *big sneeze, and then takes his ax down, tosses aside his wet cloak, and follows Ironhide to the hearth*

Ironhide: *to Old Lumen* 'Mia's bunch's holed up in Vissy 'n Wish's old place.

Old Lumen: *small nod* Did you find Mack?

Den F.: *says something sharp-sounding in Deadlander, even as she moves to put a hand on the form Ironhide's carrying*

Ironhide: Be nice ta mine while I'm bein' nice to yours, Bonehead. *gruff grin of affection for the Bone Lord*

Den F.: *quiet retort. Is very worried that Mack won't survive, even with being brought inside*

Ironhide: *crouches by the full hearth, leaning back against Magnus as she does, and gently uncovers Mack's face* He's just remorting.

Magnus: *checks to see who's leaning on him* Since when is Ironhide as warm as Flashpoint?

Old Lumen: Since Blackout helped her.

Den F.: *blink blink, shocked exclamation*

Hormah: *looks at Den F* Wassamatter, b'y?

Den F.: He's remorting?

Ironhide: *nods, and then gently rubs her cheek on Mack's head. He's family, and he's not feeling good, so he's getting cuddles*

Mack: *not very aware right now*

Mack's dogs: *sitting by Ratchet's old critter over near the door. And worrying, to go by all that pitiful whimpering*

Ironhide: *strips away Mack's wet outer stuff, and then snags the last fur blanket and wraps him in it before settling him on the hearth* Come set by 'im and hold 'im, Bonehead.

Den F.: *moving to do so* *says something curt*

Mack: *not even shivering at this point*

Ironhide: Common, Bonehead. Common. *grins and goes to get the bath going*

Eruiste and Young Lumen: *grumble as they come out of the nice warm bathing room. Go to grab a free drink before they join the guys under the table in the corner*

Old Lumen: *giving the barmaid enough coin to pay for Mack's bath*

Ironhide: *is the sound of a rush of flame after the water's stopped running. She's heating the bath the fast way*

Sludge: *peeks out of the erstwhile fort* Me Sludge hear Mamafire!

Den F.: *small smile* Good.

Ironhide: *calls* Bring 'im in!

Trailbreaker: *startles slightly at the call, then groans*

Old Lumen: *will move to help Den F. move Mack*

Downrush: *moving to help as well*

Bumblebee: *watches, and then looks at Calypso* You talk like Hormah.

Hormah: *tiredly sniggerfits herself over with her head in the fire. Sits up again rubbing her hair thoughtfully*

Calypso: Ye t'inks so? *considering expression is a go*

Trailbreaker: *soft mutter, and then an upset sound*

Bumblebee: *distracted and loving on him, her big blue eyes once more leaking tears* 'Breaker, you're an idiot, you know that?

Trailbreaker: *more murmur*

Flashpoint: *soft snerk*

Desinex: *confused look for Bumblebee* What'd he do?

Bumblebee: *face crumples* He was hurt, but he insisted on carrying me back because I was so cold. And he died.

Dion: *you didn't see him wibble*

Desinex: *soft chuckle* I'd always heard there were guys who'd fall so head over heels in love that they'd die for their beloved... Didn't think I'd ever meet one.

Bumblebee: *hides face on husband and gets his chest all wet*

Calypso: *quietly* Mus' be some nice t' be t'at loved.

Moonracer: *softly, her teeth chattering a bit still as she hugs the side of the fireplace* I think there are a lot of men here who would do it.

Calypso: *soft snort*

Torque: *just made it back to the tavern after having gotten turned around in the snow* *makes a beeline for the fireplace*

Moonracer: *sees him and manages the usual greeting. So now Torque is laying on his back on the floor and being kissed stupid*

Calypso: *slight quirk of a grin as she sees that Ironhide isn't the only tallfolk woman here with a Dwarven husband*

Torque: *trying to fuss over Moonracer, which is a bit difficult with her snogging him stupid*

Ironhide: *comes back out of the bath with Old Lumen* Ah toldja DenF wouldn't 'ave no butt dimples. Pay up, ya yahoo.

Old Lumen: *amused grumbling as he hands over some gold*

Ironhide: *goes to buy him another drink with some of it*

Old Lumen: At least we know Mack'll be alright.

Mack: *bitter protest of that assertion from behind them*

Magnus: *wince of sympathy*

Torque: *wince wince wince*

Moonracer: *looks around, her face showing her compassion for the poor frozen merchant turned adventurer*

Flashpoint: *biting her lower lip*

Ironhide: *brings back two handfuls of pints* Thawin' out always 'urts. 'E'll be fahn.

Flashpoint: *small nod*

Mack: *pained yell*

Den F.: *talking soothingly to the merchant/adventurer*

Ironhide: *passes out the rest of the mugs, then brings warm buttermilk in for Mack. Remembers well Heatwave's warning about alcohol when you're frozen to the point of no longer shivering*

Thrrpt: *razzes her drink and pours it into Calypso's mug once there's room*

Calypso: *inspects her mug for a moment before having a taste*

horsetail cider: *is mulled!*

Calypso: *surprised sound, works on finishing the mug's contents*

Thrrpt: *does the aforesaid refill, and then gathers up empties*

Magnus: For the love of all that's shiny, DON'T get us any mead!

Thrrpt: Thrrpt!

Dion: *yelps as he bites his tongue due to shivering*

Magnus: *reaches over and slaps him to make him feel better*

Dion: *CUSS*

Sunstreaker: *looks over quizzically, then offers him a piece of oat cake*

Dion: *sulks as he accepts the offered oat cake piece*

Sunstreaker: *not really all there, so he's in automatic dad mode* *grins at the younger lout* It's not that bad.

Showtime: *patpats Sunstreaker's shoulder*

Sunstreaker: *muzzy grin* Where are the kids?

Showtime: *tips her head toward the fort that was set up for the kids*

Ironhide: *hunkers down near Calypso's chair and looks over at the blue haired archer* Nemo's 'n th're too.

Calypso: Nemo?

Showtime: *chuckles*

Ironhide: Crazeh greenhorn fr'm th' city th't kept comin' till 'e got t' where 'e w's actualleh wort' s'meth'n'. 'E's a War Master now, but serves 'n th' squads 'stead.

Hormah: Got hisself a *bleep* o' a XP debt, the *bleep*. *sips her drink and sighs*

Calypso: *small nod as she gives the young man a studious look*

Ironhide: *looks around at the louts and her sister, then looks at the Dwarven elders* Will Ah do? 'Cause Ah don't got time ta dillydally. Th're's work ta do. *obviously wants to be taking care of people instead of being social*

Downrush: Anyone has a problem with it, I'll sort them out.

Calypso: Aye. Have fun wit' t'at, 'Rush. I'm stayin'.

Downrush: ... *facepalm*

Old Lumen: *excuse him, he just has to crack up at that*

Ironhide: *snerks and then gets up and starts getting tired louts properly tucked into their own familiar bedding and favourite places*

Den F.: *startled curse from the bathing room*

Wheeljill: *hears the curse and drops Dion to hurry and look in there* Bonehead? What'samatter?

Den F.: *staring at Mack, who is now surrounded by a golden glow* I didn't do it!

Wheeljill: Ahahahaha! He's gonna have fluffy wings. Those'll be fun ta snuggle.

Den F.: Bhuh?

Mack: *sudden gasp, and then there's feathers flying every which way as he sprouts sizable white wings*

Wheeljill: White? Pretty! Oooo, feathers. *grabs a couple that fly past her*

Thrrpt: *sticks head past Mom, and then goes after feathers* Thrrpt!

Den F.: *boggling... until she realizes that the door's open, then she's squawking and scrambling for a towel to cover up with*

Mack: ... *realizes he's currently devoid of clothes, and that there are women other than Den F. present* 0_0 *SO MUCH BLUSH as he also scrambles for a towel*

Wheeljill: Oops! *laughing as she exits*

Thrrpt: *laughing so hard that she runs into the doorframe on her way out* *door closes with a bang*

Flashpoint: *snickering. Heard the commotion*

Wheeljill: Mack's okay! He's hidin' his aft!

common room: *roar of tired but hearty laughter*

Old Lumen: *laughing along with the rest of the group*

Flashpoint: *small, amused headshake. Will never understand where her brother picked up the need to feel embarrassed about his butt*

Ironhide: *pauses as she comes back from escorting Showtime and Sunstreaker and their four little ones to their hut to wonder who's had enough energy to already write an announcement about Den F's lack of butt dimples on the wall*

Flashpoint: *to Ironhide* Mack's alrahght. 'E's bein' a yahoo 'n coverin' 'is butt.

Ironhide: *glances over from the writing on the wall* Whut colour're his wings? *yup, knew without ever seeing them yet*

Flashpoint: Ask 'Jill. She saw 'em.

Thrrpt: Thrrpt! *holds up her handful of feathers*

Ironhide: *looks, face palms* He won't be flyin' fer 'whahl.

Flashpoint: *soft snerk*

Wheeljill: *shows her Name brother the feathers she caught, asking him if he thinks these big flight feather quills will work for that doohicker they were discussing the possible construction of*

Wheeljack: *holds his hand out for one of the feathers so he can inspect it* They might work.

Ironhide: *snorts at them, and then hugs Bluestreak as she stumbles into the room. Soft laughter* Y'u ain't even cold.

Bluestreak: Nope! DRUNK! One of my looted bottles cracked, and I didn't have anything to put the wine in, so I thought that a stomach's a lot like a wine skin and I put it all in there, and it was really good and *BURRP!* Wow, was that me?

Wheeljack: Blue! *moving to get up so he can show her one of the feathers*

Bluestreak: *gleeful chatter at her husband* And I'm so glad to see you! *grabsnog*

Wheeljack: *pleased sounds*

Ironhide: *shakes her head and walks back to the hearth* Swoop, Mama's 'ome.

Swoop: *beeline for Mama from where the blanket fort used to be!*

Ironhide: *leans against Trailbreaker and Bumblebee and listens to Den F and Mack softly arguing in the bathing room* Alrahght now, let's jes' sit a spell 'n rest bef're Deepdancer gits 'ome.

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras))