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Nexus. Question Square. Double Wedding Part 1

Question square: *decorated sweetly for the double wedding that it just witnessed. Chairs have been moved around tables now, and there is plentiful good cheer flowing* *oh, and impromptu entertainment*

tosCatscan: *trying to rip her doppelgänger's arm off*

mvCatScan: *ditto that! With additional cursing in Seeker!*

tosCatscan: *forehead to the face, double-goer!*

mvCatScan: *SKREEEK! Will go for the eyes!*

ToSRatchet: Release me this instant! *worried and upset*

mvSixshot: *sitting on the red-haired guy in his human alt mode, his arms folded as he watches the fight with calm interest* No.

ToSRatchet: They'll damage one another!

mvJazz: *taking bets!*

lioLumen: *protecting his new bride and their daughter* Since when is Catscan scary?

jvCat: Thrrrpt. Just 'cause yours hasn't met anyone who hasn't annoyed her to the point of being violent yet...

lioLumen: No. She'd cry.

jvCat: ... *frown*

Optima: Ira, I saw you pass that money to Jazz.

Monster Mash: *hiding on Mama from the fightings*

Ira: *innocent expression* No idea what you're talkin' about.

mvJazz: *innocent grin for Optima* C'mon. The winnin's 're goin' t' the newlyweds.

Optima: That doesn't make it right. *winces and looks over with wide eyes as something cracks*

tosCatscan: *just introduced her head to one of the tiles of the square* *growls and kicks upward*

mvCatScan: *grabbing hold of her doppelgänger's ankle and giving it a vicious twist*

tosCatscan: *just used her nanobots to make a blade form around her hand!*

Optima: *winces and covers her son's eyes*

ToSRatchet: *stunned silent*

mvCatScan: *aims a kick at her double's ribs*

Nika: *scoot scoot scoot!* *pauuuse under the nearest table*

Aoife: *spots the child and points Nika out to her new husband* They started it, and Nika's going to finish it.

Mr. Toudou: That's the blanket factory owner's child, right? *watching the purple elfkid*

Aoife: Yup. Her mom's the one hiding under her table and giving everyone a cussing lesson.

Mr. Toudou: *looks. Boggles* She looks like the President of the United States!

Aoife: *chuckles* I know. *and then she winces and hisses softly through her teeth as Nika springs from concealment and starts beating the combatants with the silver punch pitcher*

mvCatScan: *startled skreeek! Will protect her kneecaps!*

tosCatscan: *bewildered by this new assault, but then turns onto her stomach and frowns at the little terror that's beating on her*

Nika: *unprintable!*

jvCatscan: ...Nika won. Give all the money back, Jazz.

mvJazz: Aww. *chuckles and moves to hand back money to everyone who bet*

mvSixshot: //All done, Catscan?//

mvCatScan: //Yes. I want to scan her though. I want to know what she made that blade with.//

mvSix Shot: *as he gets off of his seat and then turns to rub Rocket's head* //Looks like nanobots.// Who's a good girl, Rocket?

Rocket: *happy teakettle, leans into the touches*

ToSRatchet: *moving to get up so he can fuss over CatScan*

mvCatScan: ...You're pregnant.

Aoife: *just put wine out her nose when she heard that*

Legacy: *boggling*

ToSRatchet: ... What?! *scanning ToSCatScan now*

ToSCatScan: *frowning*

lbRatchet: *as he limps over from where he'd been sitting by his wife, son, and newer family members* How far along?

mvCatScan: Around four weeks.

ToSLegacy: ...Cat, who did you...?

ToSRatchet: *loud throat clearing* Never mind that.

ToSCatScan: ... *just showed ToSRatchet her right uppercut*

Legacy: *SQUEAK! Hides behind Lumen*

mvCatScan: *blink. Blink. Looks to mvSixshot with both brows raised in confusion*

mvSixshot: *pays no mind to the sock or Lumen's startled growl* 'Sup, Scanner?

mvCatScan: She hit Ratchet's alternate.

mvSixshot: Oh, is that all?

ToSHide: Should you be doing that when you're carrying?

ToSCatScan: ... *gonna sock you too, Eric!*

ToSHide: *grunts and winces*

ToSCatScan: *disappointed scowl when the punch fails to knock Eric off of his feet the way it did Ratchet*

mvCatScan: *speaking of, she's tending to the redhead on the ground*

ToSRatchet: *dazedly muttering* Shouldn't be possible... Not compatible...

mvSixshot: What? Wait... you're that Scanner's mate? *catches a flying fist, and then gives ToSCat a "do you mind?" look*

ToSCatScan: *growl*

mvCatScan: *crisply* He needs to be laying down on a berth so the concussion he has can repair.

mvJazz: You know that counts as spousal abuse, right, lady? *miffed at anybody who'd be so mean to a Ratchet*

ToSCat: *scowl for the guy who looks like Jazz but not like Jazz at the same time* *has been seeing speech bubbles the entire time she's been here, thanks to a wish before the ceremony*

jvCatScan: *quietly* Careful. She's mean.

mvJazz: So's my lady.

lbRatchet: *pokes ToSCat* *crisply* Settle down. You're going to give that child a complex.

ToSCat: *SUCH a glower was never leveled at anyone by her before*

lbRatchet: *unruffled in the least by that glower* I mean it. You're responsible for someone's life now.

ToSCatScan: ... *frown* No.

lbRatchet: *stern frown* I beg your pardon, missy?

ToSCatScan: Boss is priority.

lbRatchet: Well the child has to come first now.

ToSCatScan: ... *so much frown*

ToSHide: *phone in hand, calling Denver*

ToSDenver: *groggy sounding when she finally answers, just before the phone goes to voicemail* //'Lo?//

ToSHide: //You should'a come with us, Mac. We crashed a party and it's a hummer.//

ToSDenver: //...// *groggy snerk* //'Less some'un's Brave'eartin', Ah ain't budgin'.//

ToSHide: //We had a *beep* fight between CatScan 'n one of her alternates. And then the alternate found out our Scan's budded.//

ToSDenver: //...Budded?//

ToSHide: *bluntly* //She's pregnant.//

ToSDenver: //...Ah'm up.// *ignoring the sleepy protest to come back and snuggle* //Now how th' *beep* do Ah git t' where y'all are?//

ToSHide: //You're hicking.//

ToSDenver: //Shut up 'n tell me how th' *beep* t' git t' where y'all are, 'Hide, or Ah'll put mah boot up yer *butt*.//

ToSHide: *nods to ToSLegacy* //Try clickin' your heels together.//

ToSDenver: //Ironhide, y'u-// *string of obscenities gets beeped out as she suddenly arrives*

ToSHide: *gives her that grimly unrepentant grin* Toldja.

ToSDenver: *beep* y'u, 'Hide.

ToSLegacy: Is it just me, or are her swearwords being beeped out like on TV?

mvJazz: ... *cracking up now*

mvCatScan: *frowns at the black-haired woman, scanning as she does so*

Aoife: *sniggering softly into her hand at the success of her conversation with ToSCat's nanobots*

Mr. Toudou: *amused look for his wife, has a hunch he knows what's going on*

ToSRatchet: *still babbling about incompatibility and probabilities*

ToSDenver: ... *frown* Who broke Ratchet?

ToSHide: Ask him who the other side of the kid's coding is. *saunters over to examine the big roast on the buffet table*

ToSDenver: ... *SNERK*

ToSCatScan: *looks to her commanding officer, just a bit worried now*

ToSRatchet: It's not POSSIBLE, I tell you!

ToSDenver: *dryly, to ToSRatchet* Y'u're part human, ain'cha?

ToSRatchet: No! I only look human!

mvCatScan: It's because of her nanobots.

ToSLegacy: ... Huh.

ToSRatchet: *dead stop of gobsmacked horror* *then* Those little *BLEEEPERS*!!

ToSHide: *comes back and stuffs a chocolate chick in his brother's mouth*

mvCatScan: I wouldn't mind knowing who made those, because they could help bots and humans in our reality, too...

ToSRatchet: *extracts the truffle from his mouth and slaps at his brother* They're standard self healing bots.

mvCatScan: ... *frowns and reviews what medical data she has*

ToSRatchet: With a little extra programming.

lbRatchet: I'm thinking that bots of my sort of reality have different healing bots from yours, Miss.

mvCatScan: I think so... I have very little information on healing bots.

lbRatchet: *gives her a look like she just announced that she's got three heads and one's name is Elvis* Well, there's no excuse for that.

mvCatScan: Our self-repair... *pause, small headshake* Most of us don't use nanobots for self-repair.

lbRatchet: *points to the library vending machine to one side of the square* That doesn't mean that you can't be informed on the subject.

mvCatScan: *curious, will move to inspect the vending machine*

mvSixshot: Hey, we're partying right now. Remember?

mvCatScan: *skreeks before she can remember to stick with English*

mvSixshot: C'mon! If we eat this stuff we get cake! :D Right, Rocket?

Rocket: *gleeful teakettle hissing*

mvSixshot: And you were interested in the cake, remember?

mvCatScan: ... *small nod, will move to sit next to boyfriend again*

lbRatchet: *to his ToS alter brother* You'd better bring your wife home. She's had a lot of excitement.

ToSRatchet: *groggy blinking as the effects of the punch make themselves known again*

ToSDenver: *talking quietly with ToSCat, and explaining that she wants the redhead to focus on caring for the baby, and that it's not disobeying to do so*

ToSCatScan: *small nod of understanding*

Amy: *is one of the cooks today, and she just prepared a big box of goodies for ToSCat to bring home* *softly, as she offers it* Congratulations.

ToSCatScan: *very small nod*

Amy: *small slender hand pats the much larger and broader one* *softly* It'll be alright. Enjoy the okra.

ToSCatScan: *slight perk at the mention of a favorite food* *softly* Thank you.

ToSDenver: C'mon, 'Hide. Let's get these two idiots back t' base.

ToSHide: *way too amused as he nods and uses his PINpoint to bring the others back. Leaves Legacy here, since the young blond man is actually a part of the wedding party*

ToSLegacy: *absently, as he moves to help LioLumen calm Legacy down* I wonder how long it'll take 'Hide to figure out that Denver was snuggling with the Jazz of our reality?

lioLumen: *snort* You think Ironhide doesn't know that?

ToSLegacy: *blink. Blink. Slight headtilt as he listens* *very soft snerk* He knows now.

Legacy: *very quiet giggle*

mtmteLegacy: *sudden speaks up from zonked silence* Wait'll the other baby comes.

ToSLegacy: Huh? *looks to his other counterpart* What do you mean?

llvLegacy: *isn't sure he wants to know. Is very glad to be wearing his blocker right now*

mtmteLegacy: *gleeful gigglefit*

lioLumen: Hey. Spill.

mtmteLegacy: Let's eat! :D

Steve: *face palm*

lioLumen: *and now he's laughing, because the youngest of his wife's attendants just decided that the boy that she brought for her "date" at the wedding needed kissies*

kvLegacy: *kissymonster!!!*

Robin: *is a Schale Drach flail!* Pttui! Ack! Tooy!

Mr. Toudou: *laughing as he moves to help poor Robin. Will offer kvLegacy a clean handkerchief*

kvLegacy: *squeakerfit!*

Aoife: Is everyone ready to eat now? *grins from where she's standing next to her husband*

ToSLegacy: I think so. *looks around for confirmation*

guests: *sitting at their tables, discussing what just happened, or being swatted as they try to make off with noms before the blessing*

Legacy: *calming down now that things have gotten quieter*

lioLumen: So there's been enough excitement, right? You're not mooshing cake on me after all? *charming grin for his new bride*

Legacy: ...Keep dreaming. *grin*

lioLumen: But then you'll have to help me clean it out of my fur. *wibble makes his braided goatee tremble* And Bandit will hit me for smelling funny.

Legacy: You don't even care when he does it, Lu.

lioLumen: I do too! *not*

Legacy: Uh-huh. *doesn't believe you*

Aoife: *watches the younger couple at their table, and then looks up at her new husband as he puts a hand on her shoulder* Hey, married man. Are you hungry?

Mr. Toudou: *chuckles and nods* I am.

Aoife: *starts to say something else, but instead laughs as she hears Makoto say, "Stop fussing, Juuzo."*

Mr. Toudou: *laughs*

Saejima: I'll fuss if I want to when we're celebrating.

Makoto: Listen here, Mr. Ruffle shirt. ...We sound so funny when it sounds like we're speaking English.

Saejima: *snerk*

Makoto: *reaches up and messes up his hair flip*

Saejima: *quick peck for her cheek*

Makoto: *flaps hand at him* Knock it off. People are going to think you've got a girlfriend.

Aoife: Considering I was at your wedding.

Makoto: Hush. *eyes twinkle amusement*

Patrick: *trying to get everyones' attention so he can lead the group in prayer*

Rachel: *softly* Emi, patting his butt isn't helping.

Emilia: *brat grin* Yes it is.

Patrick: *so much blush!*

Sora: *trying not to smile as she watches the Prime and his wife*

Gunmax: So everyone's looking, baby. Get this show on the road. *sunny grin*

Rachel: *softly* Go for it, Pat. Javan's worried about his masterpieces getting cold.

Patrick: *deep sigh, and then bows his head and quietly asks God to bless the meal and the people. And to keep the party afterward from being too memorable*

Drill Boy: *getting a bit antsy, even with siblings nearby to sit on him* Amen! :D

Tomo: *scoldy sound for Uncle Boy from where he's sitting under the table trying to get Lola's attention*

Fay: *softly* Amen. Oh. Boy!

Drill Boy: :D

Aoife: Let's eat! :D

Later, after everyone's had a chance to eat, and several have gone up for seconds

Aoife: *holds up a piece of chocolate cake to her new husband, her eyes intent and quizzical as she watches him*

Mr. Toudou: *chuckles and offers Aoife the first bite*

Aoife: *nibbles on the rich, blue-black cake, then blushes at a hoot and carefully pokes the bit she's holding toward Ken's mouth*

Mr. Toudou: *will lean to nibble on the offered bit*

Aoife: *happy smile, even as the Lumen who hooted gets cake right in the eye*

Legacy: *hands over mouth as she tries not to laugh at the Baytech Lumen who got cake'd*

lioLumen: 0.o *is nervous and tail twitching as he holds a carefully peeled maple bacon cupcake in his hand and eyes his new wife*

Ira: Quit holding up the show, kid.

Optima: *pats her husband's arm*

Jacob: Cake can't hurt you.

hsvLumen: Says you.

William: She's not going to mash cake in your fur, Lu.

lioLumen: She said she is! *ears flat*

Legacy: Lumen, I was joking. I'm not going to be mean like that. But I will... *uses a finger to scoop up some of the maple bacon glaze and boop her husband on the nose with it* Do this.

lioLumen: *tongue pops out automatically and licks his nose* *blink blink* 0_0 *furpoof* I hope to heck that was clean.

Jacob: *quietly laughing into his hand*

Ira: *facepalm*

William: *laughing*

dDrill Boy: *curiously* Did he eat a b...

Rachel: *hand over drone mouth*

Legacy: *hand over mouth to muffle giggles*

mtmteLegacy: *gleefit, will float upside down and grin at Steve*

Steve: *blink blink*

ToSLegacy: ...Okay, I know I can't do that. Even with being Tesseract-charged.

llvLegacy: ... How is she not getting dizzy?

kvLegacy: *points* Licky! 0_0 *bubbies, you're missing the important part!*

Aoife: *laughs much into the front of Ken's tux*

Mr. Toudou: *much laughter as he holds Aoife close*

Lola: Eeeee! Licky!!! *scoots out from under the table to bounce around gleefully*

Tomo: *follows, clickstorming!*

Jacob: *as Jaime and Amy and others move around offering cake, he looks at his wife* Frosty's mom and dad aren't here? *looks both over and through his glasses to make sure*

hsvWakeJumper: They're at the Black Dog, waiting for the party there.

Jacob: *glances up* They were invited to the ceremony and meal, too.

hsvWakeJumper: Their bitty is in a very noisy mode, and more hyper than Drill Boy right now.

dDrill Boy: *looks up from licking the icing off his cupcake* Buh?

Gunmax: Way for a best man to act, bro. *snerk*

dDrill Boy: Thrrpt.

Gunmax: *wipes off icing*

DB: *brat grin as he looks up at the alt to a dear friend* Frosted's a good look for you, Gunmax. *is in human mode today, because he promised his wife he'd dress up for the occasion*

Gunmax: *looks down at DB, and then gets out his drone and has it get a cake. And then has it lick the icing off...*

Rachel: Max, no.

Denpup: Do it and I'll show you real trouble.

lbRatchet: *sneezes his oil*

Gunmax, dDrill Boy, and DB: 0_0

WakeJumper: *scanning!*

mamaHide: *muttering* The kid's better behaved.

lbIronhide: ... *wiping his face off now, to Mira's delight*

lbLumen and eLumen: *fall over laughing and get swarmed by excited dogs*

Ira: How'd he do that and not get any on any organic people?

lbRatchet: *muttering and wiping his face* *crossly* I'm Batman!

WakeJumper and hsvWakeJumper: *have to support each other now, because it's their turn to crack up*

hsvEclipse: *ramblespaz!*

most the guests: *howling, cackling, or in a couple cases, sliding under the tables*

mamaHide: *facepalmed and muttering as her son looks up at her questioningly over his piece of blitzcake*

Denpup: ...Y'all are nuts. *moves to eat a cupcake*

Kimahri: *speaks for the first time during the party* No. Fruit.

Denpup: *now it's her turn to slide under the table*

DB: *cracking up now*

Jacob: *wheezing a moment later as he sips at water*

Ira: *snort, headshake*

Juuzo: *amongst the people under tables*

Jacob: *shakes his head* Well, I'm ready for the party. *offers his wife his last bit of that amazing chocolate cake*

Marty: *snuggles husband and eats the offered cake* I am, too.

Ira: *rumbles and takes his son as Monster Mash leans over and holds out his arms* Do you want to party?

Monster Mash: *grunts and looks at Dad quizzically*

William: He might like playing with the kids at the Black Dog.

Ira: *holds his husky little son close and kisses him on the forehead* *quietly, as the toddler cuddles* Maybe.

hsvLumen: Well, he could always play with Lucky.

Optima: *gently smooths her son's soft fur and wishes that her daughter could be here* He'll probably stay with us. He can be very shy around new people.

Monster Mash: Uh? Baba? *hand cautiously toward the Lola who just headbutted his foot*

Lola: Notta baba.

Monster Mash: Uh? *turns on Dad's lap and sits so he can see the other fuzzy* Ah?

Lola: Notta baba. *scoots closer to nuzzle the other fuzzy*

Monster Mash: Donka? *gentle fingers touch her nose*

Ira: *pleased rumble as the little boy says a new word*

Optima: *grinning* She's not a donkey. She's a person. A little girl.

Tomo: *nod nod* *clickerstorm*

Lola: *nuzzles and gentle kissies for the fingers*

Monster Mash: *quiet grunt, and then looks at Dad and moves his other hand as though asking if a little girl who looks like Simba will like her ears rubbed like Simba does*

Ira: *rumbles*

Lola: *whickermew, nuzzle, headtilt*

Monster Mash: *blink. Happy grin, and then rubs the ears*

Lola: *purrrrrrrr*

Monster Mash: Kitty! :D

Optima: *softly* Girl.

Monster Mash: *pauses* Oh...

Lola: Am Lola :3 *nuzzle*

Monster Mash: *promptly, to the amazement of both parents and Jacob* Lala.

Lola: EEEE! *must kissie!*

Monster Mash: *scrunches up his face and turns it away slightly, but he's making happy sounds*

Tomo: *CLICK* :D

Legacy: Aww!

lioLumen: *chuckles as he stoops and reaches for his daughter*

Patrick: I think it's time for us to move this party to the Black Dog.

Tomo: Party, baby!

dDeckerd: *LOOK for Gunmax*

Gunmax: *brat grin* I regret nothing!

dMcCrane: *sitting with an arm around Seia* You will.

Deherree: *slugs mate upside the head*

Gunmax: *awks*

Tomo: *seriously repeats something dorky that Gunmax wishes he'd never said, but had thought he'd gotten away with*

Aoife: *sputters and hides her face on her husband's chest*

Mr. Toudo: *facepalms*

dDeckerd: *slight, serious smirk as Yuuta falls out of his chair laughing*

Sora: ... I didn't teach him that.

Rachel: *looks at Gunmax* Regret it now?

Gunmax: Maybe.

Mirage: Let's just go.

Patrick: Agreed.

Sora: Destiny's getting restless.

Emilia: The sooner we get going, the better.

Ira: *son on hip, wife on arm* So stop talkin' and start walkin'. *turns to go*

((Written with [personal profile] random_xtras))

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