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TPF. Autobot Outpost Omega One. Waking and A Traveller's Arrival

Heatwave: *has been laying and listening to earnest female conversation for about half an hour or so. But now the conversation has turned to some of his embarrassing moments* *raspy* Denver and Kriti, tell a different story. And you're going to have to find another chest to warm your butts on. Because that one's taken.

Kriti: *startled awk! JUMP!*

Denver: *CUSS!*

Heatwave: *shaky but gentle hand comes up to support the girls as he turns onto his side* It's good to see you too.

Kriti: *calling 'Lisha and WakeJumper!*

Denver: Easy, Heatwave. *moving to check his vitals, and to see if she can spot who Heatwave meant when he said his chest was taken*

Heatwave: *notices the scanning and chuckles quietly* What are you looking for?

Denver: *slight brattiness to her grin* Your gal.

WakeJumper: //I don't hear any alarms. Just let me get this guy out of the vent and I'll be there.//

Muhlisha: *BUSY*

Kriti: //'Lisha! Heatwave is AWAKE.//

Heatwave: *gentle touch for Kriti's back, and then a slight smirk at Denver* She's not in there. *voice goes lower* Is everyone alright? What's the situation?

Muhlisha: *BUSY*

Kriti: *absent patpat for Heatwave, will move to hop down from the table*

Denver: *soft snort, then she's taking a deep breath and letting it out in a sigh* A few weeks back, there was a mining accident on Cybertron.

Heatwave: *gaze sharpens* Who was hurt?

Denver: *quietly* Optimus. There was an unstable energon seam, and she got caught in the explosion and hit with the beam of the cutting laser. She and Ratchet are in medical stasis, but she's showing signs of getting stronger.

Heatwave: *coughs* *then* Who shot the Prime?

Denver: I'll tell you, but first, you have to promise you won't yell at them. They've been moping around base and feeling like scrap for it since it happened. Even though it was an accident.

Heatwave: *rubs his face* Don't yell much anymore. Tends to attract zombies.

Denver: *silent blinking. Then* I'll ask about that later. Calypso was the one wielding the laser cutter. We've had to set her husband on her to get her to quit moping, but that's not been very successful.

Heatwave: Cat'll straighten 'er out. *perks and looks toward the door as the distant sound of the space bridge reaches them* *softly, gentleness softening his voice's usual rough edge* Now we're talkin'.

Denver: *raised brow, looks toward the door* The scrap?

Muhlisha: //Where the scrap is everybody?//

Kriti: //En route to the comm center!// *scooting down the corridor*

WakeJumper: //Trying to get Lumen out of the vent before Eclipse blows a gasket.//

Muhlisha: //So stuff her in after 'im.// *turns to meet baby sister*

white femme: *turns also, looking hopeful and quizzical despite her visor and mask*

WakeJumper: //It's one of the smaller vents, one she can't fit in, 'Lisha.//

Kriti: *blink blink* Er... Hi?

Muhlisha: //So git some flavoured silicone.// *indicates the white lady* She jes' crawled outta the Well 'n made Micronus leak oil.

white femme: *softly* I'm not sure why Primus didn't tell him about me.

WakeJumper: *thrrpts over comms*

Kriti: *snerk* Nice.

white femme: *still softly* My name is First Aid. But I'm not originally from this reality.

Muhlisha: What she said. *walks over to the bridge controls*

Kriti: *doorwings up. Blink blink* Not originally from this reality?

First Aid: No. But I'm not from any reality anymore. *head turns to look toward the corridor*

Kriti: *small frown* Huh.

Muhlisha: *as she pushes down the lever to activate the space bridge* Micronus, stick a gear in it. Primus knows what 'e's doin'.

First Aid: *looks over there with concern*

Kriti: Muhlisha's our Prime.

First Aid: *softly* I know. And she threatens Micronus with all kinds of terrible things.

Muhlisha: *does just that as she drives back through the bridge to Cybertron*

Kriti: *snort* Knew that last bit. At least the babies like Micronus.

First Aid: Do they? *looks down at Kriti* *so softly and shyly* May I see Heatwave?

Kriti: *nod* They'll try and follow him around the nursery when he visits them. *blink blink at the request, but nods* Yeah. C'mon. I'll show you where he is.

back in Heatwave's room

Heatwave: *such a smile on his gruff face* *quietly* Here she comes.

Denver: Alright. Mind telling me how you got that scar on your cheek, when you've just been laying in bed since the attack?

Heatwave: *blinks and looks at her, then lifts a hand to his cheek* You mean it followed me back to this body? *slight smirk* And I've been doing a lot more than layin' in bed.

Denver: *raised brow* Oh, really?

Heatwave: *arm that's not holding Denver is going up to encircle the white lady who just hurried over to lean down and hug him* *gruff and gentle* Told you not to worry so much. And you're beautiful in this body too. *pushes her back gently and looks at her* *frown* You still can't see?

First Aid: *shakes her head without lifting it* *softly* He said it'd become part of who I am.

Heatwave: *gentle hand to her masked cheek* *gruff tenderness* Yeah. I guess it is.

Denver: *frowns and uses her scanner on the white lady*

First Aid: *body is brand spanking new, though her spark and brain waves show her maturity* *and her spark is in sync with Heatwave's*

Kriti: *cheerfully* Yuck, mush.

Denver: *snort* Says th' gal who pats her husband's butt whenever she walks by 'im.

Kriti: *THRRRRPT!*

First Aid: *softly* Ohhhhhh! I see what you mean about Denver, Heath. *quiet, sobby laugh* I wish the Runner could have been born in a world like this one.

Heatwave: *gently rubs First Aid's back and rumbles comfort*

Denver: *blink blink* Th' Runner?

Heatwave: *turns his head slightly* It's part of that thing I mentioned with the zombies.

Kriti: *doorwings perk* Zombies?

Heatwave: *attention to her* Yeah. *small huff of air* Farah... First Aid and I have been... travelling to other worlds. Probably for a lot longer than I've actually been out.

Kriti: *shares a baffled look with Denver before looking back to Heatwave and First Aid* What?

Heatwave: *remember something Kriti told him once about a TV show she was watching* It's timey whimy stuff.

Kriti: *and now she's cracking up*

Heatwave: It was even weirder than your show. We travelled around righting wrongs and helping people.

First Aid: *very soft snort at his wording* *doesn't lift her head or let go of him, though*

Heatwave: And in one of those worlds, the zombie apocalypse had happened. *more quietly* And we met a version of Denver.

Kriti: *squeak!*

Denver: *blink. BLINK!* What?

Heatwave: *gruff gentleness that isn't directed toward the lady he's holding* Other realities have different versions of us. *to Kriti* Remember what Sabrina said about her dad? *back to Denver* Well in the reality with zombies you were about sixteen years old. They weren't sure though, because you were found wandering around all alone when you were a baby. They didn't know if your parents had been killed by zombies, or if your mother was a zombie.

Kriti: *wibble*

Denver: *quiet now*

Heatwave: *still gentle* She was the messenger between settlements. Ran across country dressed in just some mud and rags. She didn't even have a goat to protect her. *voice gets a bit of static* And she did that every day. And she was never afraid, even though if she got hurt it could turn her into one of Them.

Denver: *lips pressed thin now*

Kriti: *'scuse her, she needs family snuggles*

Heatwave: *still with static* She ran free, and nothing could catch her. The day we met her she'd come to meet the "Runner" from the city, who delivered things in an armoured car. We went with her to her village and helped a woman with a difficult pregnancy. *gruff again* The place was all underground, thirty people living in a bunch of concrete tunnels, with a chain link square around the main entrances. Big smelly goats guarded the square, because dogs can catch the virus and the goats eat the triffids.

Denver: *small nod of understanding, even though she has no idea what triffids are*

Bumblebee: *from the door, where he's leaning against the jam as he cuddles Kriti and their sons* Triffids? You mean like those man-eating plants in that series?

Heatwave: *gruffly* They're a lot meaner. But they're afraid of goats.

Bumblebee: O_O Meaner? *grip on family gets protective*

Kriti: *hiding against Bumblebee even more!*

Denver: *has to sit down now, at the thought of her other self running around out where things like that are*

Bumblebee: Is that where you got the scar?

Heatwave: *quiet snerk as he shutters his optics* That was a corrupt samurai, and a story for another day.

Bumblebee: *frowns with concern even as he grumbles* Are you guys alright?

Heatwave: We will be. That last job was just a doozie.

Bumblebee: *looks for the doctor*

WakeJumper: *approach is announced by Lumen's happy yapping*

Bumblebee: *slight perk* You got him.

WakeJumper: *nods* I told him there was a new peep to snuggle.

Lumen: *yap yap yap!*

Bumblebee: *grave again* Heatwave hasn't tried to sit up since he got back.

WakeJumper: ... *raised brow ridge, will move to get into the room*

Bumblebee: *lets him past, one hand absently rubbing Kriti's back as he does so*

Denver: *attention going to Lumen's happy yapping*

WakeJumper: *will move to offer Lumen to Heatwave*

Heatwave: *free hand lifts* Farrah's asleep, so I've only got one hand.

Lumen: *will move to snuggle between the white peep and Unca Heatwave* *yap yap yap, happy purrrrr*

WakeJumper: Do you want me to move your wife so she's snuggled against you on the berth?

Kriti: *funny little sound from the doorway*

Heatwave: *cracks a tired grin* That'd be great. Thanks.

Bumblebee: Wife? She's not his girlfriend?

WakeJumper: *nods and moves to gently reposition First Aid so she's laying next to Heatwave* *to Bumblebee* No, they're a bonded couple.

Lumen: *happy clicks and purrs*

Bumblebee: *soft whistle of shock*

Heatwave: *soft snerk* Yeah, Kriti. The bad boy met the right girl. *rests his cheek against First Aid's head and clicks softly to her and Lumen* ...Where's Whirl?

Kriti: She's on Griffin Rock, working with Dani and keeping track of Sundog.

Heatwave: *proud little huff, and then a sigh that seems ripped out of him with weariness*

WakeJumper: Get some more rest, Heatwave.

Heatwave: Hrrm. Got a blanket? *yeah, those things he used to deny being for bots*

Lumen: *waves his bunny and then yawns. Yap is unabated*

WakeJumper: *soft chuckle* Yeah. *moves to get a blanket out of the blanket cupboard, then he'll drape it over the couple*

Heatwave: *has already joined his wife in slumber, his cheek resting against her head as he holds her protectively*

WakeJumper: *will get Denver in hand, then move to herd Bumblebee and family out of the room so Heatwave and First Aid can rest* *behind them, Lumen's yapping slowly dies down to contented sleeping clicks and purrs*

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