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Backwater Nexus. Black Dog. Intro to the Multiverse Part 3

Continued from here

asRatchet: Besides Deadend.

kvRatchet: *long suffering sigh* Yes. Deadend is a special case.

davRatchet: *looks up* Special case?

kvRatchet: He's cheerfully morbid.

asRatchet: *snort*

lbRatchet: *bet*

Athena: He's also a little baby like Dove.

pmvRatchet: *indignant look* Dove is nothing like him!

kvRatchet: Oh, cool your circuits. Athena just means they're in the same size class. *raises his bet*

pmvRatchet: *once more finds that Athena is immune to his Looks. Sighs and turns attention back to the game*

lbRatchet: *to the little Eclipse, as he offers her a human size bracelet that he just found in a pocket* How about this?

davEclipse: *headtilty, chirps and scoots closer*

lbRatchet: *hands it over, his huge fingers careful* It's one of the cheapest holo-pets that they make.

davEclipse: *curious chirp, will study the bracelet and see what kind of programming it has, and if she can improve upon it* *soft snort and a bit of deedling as she realizes that the programming is just a simple action and following image*

lbRatchet: *mildly* I did say it was the cheapest kind.

davEclipse: *SO much deedling and talking to herself. Is thinking out loud and brainstorming programming upgrades*

lbRatchet: *gives her a credit chit* Just go buy one of the fancier ones that hasn't got an image and tricks added.

davEclipse: *blink blink, chirps her thanks, will PINpoint to the Mall*

davRatchet: *long suffering sigh* We won't see her for a month, unless someone needs poplar fluff cleaned out of their inner workings.

davOptimus: *quietly amused* You won't.

davRatchet: ... *trying to counter that, realizes davOptimus is right, sighs* No, perhaps not.

davOptimus: *smiles at him, and then turns her attention back to Dove and Athena*

lbRatchet: *brow quirk at davRatchet* Poplar fluff?

davRatchet: *nods* It tends to stick to everything, and work its way into our internal wiring. If it builds up, it can cause overheating. Eclipse is quite skilled at removing it. *slight smile* And it's quite entertaining to observe certain members of our team being cleaned out.

pmvRatchet: *looks over, frowning with interest*

lbRatchet: Are they ticklish?

davRatchet: *soft chuckle* Some of the team is, yes. However, there's just something amusing about seeing large amounts of poplar fluff being expelled from someone's seams.

pmvRatchet: *dry amusement* I can imagine.

davRatchet: Eclipse likes to gather the fluff and stuff her berth with it.

lbRatchet: *hologram pops up on the table in front of him. In the image is a strapping lady who can only be an Ironhide. She rubs her intakes a couple times, and then inhales deeply before covering those intakes* *and blasting fluff out in all directions*

asRatchet: *sniggerfit*

davRatchet: *amused snort* A very similar visual happens when Eclipse is in cleaning mode.

pmvRatchet: *puts out a hand and causes a little Bumblebee holo to appear on the palm. HoloBee looks around, then laughs and hunches down slightly like a sumo wrestler*

lbRatchet: *brow quirks at the image, and then looks at the alternate that's showing it*

davRatchet: *raised brow, looks to his counterpart with a puzzled frown*

kvRatchet: *bit of a grin going now as he watches the image. Is reminded of mamaBee, and is anticipating funny*

pmvRatchet: *holds other hand up in a "wait for it" gesture, then gives a slightly grim grin as dust suddenly shoots out of holoBumblebee's seams in all directions*

kvRatchet: *cracking up now*

davRatchet: *startled squawk!*

lbRatchet: *snort* Let me guess, he did it somewhere you'd just cleaned up.

pmvRatchet: *fond exasperation* Every time. I cannot begin to imagine how his sparklet will turn out, with that example.

asRatchet: *snort*

kvRatchet: That will depend on who the bitlet's mother is. *chuckles, thinking of how Kriti turned out*

davRatchet: *hand out, palm up. Holo footage of Tailgate and Cliffjumper sitting on Bulkhead's legs as the bruiser squirms and flails on the floor*

lbRatchet: *shifts in his seat with much creakings* That Bumblebee is married to a lady named Vesper. The quiet, unnoticed, but indomitable type.

kvRatchet: *chuckles* Then their kid could turn out either way.

asRatchet: *dryly* Bumblebee's infectious.

kvRatchet: *slight shrug* The ones I know are alright, even if the little one has a mouth to rival Kup and Ironhide.

lb and as: *both of them snort with amusement*

pmvRatchet: *face-palms and mutters*

kvRatchet: *datapad out, will call up a video from when Kriti knocked the block off of some snotty human woman's boxing robot. Sound on, presses play*

davOptimus: *attention caught by the music, she blinks at the hologram and then watches with a curious frown*

Athena: *hands over Dove's ears*

Dove: :)

davRatchet: *brows up as he watches the video*

lbRatchet: *has seen this before, so he's going to shift and see if he can't get some weight off where it aches*

asRatchet: *fierce grin as he watches*

pmvRatchet: *usual deep frown for the footage. He likes the victory, but not the language*

davOptimus: *winces and gasps as the head flies*

davRatchet: *meeps at the head flying*

kvRatchet: It's just a human-made drone. Its owner was an egotistical, spoiled brat.

davOptimus: *simply explains her concern and her reaction* It could have hit a human.

as, pmv, and lb: *all look at her with slight smiles that hold fondness*

kvRatchet: The event organizers made sure the ring and arena were designed to prevent that. *sympathy on his expression. Understands your reaction, davOptimus*

asRatchet: Look at that little booty go. *snerk*

Dove: *can shake her booty even with Sissy's hands over her ears*

Athena: *has to chuckle at baby sister's antics*

pmvRatchet: *still wincing at the language the tiny bot in the holo used*

davRatchet: *boggling a bit now at the amount of obscenities the tiny Bumblebee used*

asRatchet: *his turn for a hologram! That time bittyBee got a bath in a basin at a table in the Black Dog. You thought she was cussing in the fight vid?*

davOptimus: :o

davRatchet: O_O

kvRatchet: Yeah, she doesn't like baths very much. *amused*

lbRatchet: You know, someday we have to let her and Nickel meet.

pmvRatchet: *squeaks and spittakes his drink*

asRatchet: *sniggers even as he stink eyes pmv*

kvRatchet: *snerk* What size is Nickel?

lbRatchet: *shows them with his hands* She's a mini.

kvRatchet: That's not going to be enough to save her from Bumblebee.

asRatchet: Nine foot tall.

lbRatchet: The hard part'd be getting her to the pits. I wouldn't want that meeting to happen anywhere else.

kvRatchet: *nod* Yeah, I could see how that might be a problem.

davRatchet: O_o

asRatchet: We could let it happen in some Decepticon's base.

lbRatchet: *whacks as with his cane*

asRatchet: *language!*

davRatchet: *can't help the snerk that escapes*

kvRatchet: *amused snort* Serves you right. *lays his cards face up on the table* Full house.

davOptimus: *distracted from the quarrelling and card flipping that follows as she calls Eclipse to see where the Minicon is*

davEclipse: *just got back from the Nexus Mall. And hoo boy, listen to her ramble and hiccough!*

davOptimus: *grave smile for the little one even as she offers her more fizzy* What did you get?

davEclipse: *between sips of fizzy* [I got one of the programmable holo-pets and there's all kinds of pets for organic people too and I met another me who was there with a sparklet and she said her mate is WakeJumper...] *going on about that and a few other tangents*

davOptimus: *looks at the package* "For Advanced Programmers". You're going to have fun.

davEclipse: *nodnodnod, hic!* *will scoot over to lbRatchet and deedle and hic at him now, waving the bracelet he loaned her above her head*

lbRatchet: *blinks down at her, distracted from launching cards at his brothers* Oh. Thank you. *bats other cards away* How old are you, people?

kvRatchet: *snerrrrk*

davRatchet: *dodged a few flying cards*

davEclipse: *rambling and hiccoughing, even as she sets the bracelet by lbRatchet and scampers back to davOptimus*

kvNightbird: *clicky talk to the hics*

lbRatchet: *chuckles and looks down at the black sparklet, then offers the bracelet to her* *sees that she's still sleeping and sets it on the table by his drink*

kvRatchet: *soft chuckle* Prime's kid. Hard to believe she started out as a human-made drone that the Decepticons reprogrammed.

lbRatchet: I've seen stranger beginnings.

davOptimus: *arm up as she answers her communicator, and then looks at her CO2* Ratchet, we have to go. The Decepticons are attacking a site in Florida.

davRatchet: *frowns and nods, moving to get out of his chair*

davEclipse: *says something foul about the Decepticons* [We didn't even get to eat any good fuel. Besides what got stuffed in Ratchet's mouth.] *huff, sulk*

davOptimus: *sets a box on the table* I've got that. *on her feet and holding out her hands to her teammates*

davEclipse: Eeee! *grabs her purchases and scrambles for davOptimus' hand*

davRatchet: *will move to put his hand on davOptimus'*

as, lb, and pmvRatchet: *all wish the visitors well. And some of them wish they could go with this Optimus and Ratchet and help with that attack*

Athena: *soft farewell as Dove waves*

kvRatchet: *also wishes the visitors well, has a feeling the trio will be back soon*

davEclipse: *yap yap yap deedle chat!* *will bring davRatchet and Optimus back to their home reality*

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